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Considering the Possibility of Falling in Love With the Villain Chapter 34

Eerie uneasiness

The sky is getting brighter.

The entrance to the secret place of Yuanjiang City in the original urban centre has been blocked by dozens of people.

They wear different clothes with different base logos.

It can be seen that they are not from the same base.

The only thing in common is that they are all powerful, almost all of them are around the level 3 peaks and there are even five powerful levels 4.

There are still many base personnel, large and small, coming here all the way.

They have lost many elite personnel on the way.

They came here after a lot of hardships so when they saw this group of people blocking the entrance, almost everyone became angry and could not help but start to fight.

These people had gone through all kinds of dangers ranging from zombies, mutated plants and animals, and lost countless members of the base, just waiting to be able to enter the secret realm to obtain the greatest treasure.

As long as you can get a little treasure, then all the hard work and death and injury these days are worth it …… but now actually being blocked at the entrance, not to mention this group of arrogant and bad-tempered ability users, even the Buddha will be angry!

A level 3 ability user sneered, “Do you want to monopolise the secret realm alone Dream on!”

Someone echoed, trying to stir up the crowd’s emotions, “Everyone can have what is unclaimed, do you want to make an enemy of thousands of ability users You’re not the only ones with level 4 here!”

“If anyone dares to be so foolish, they will be killed!” The person who spoke out was a powerful level 4 with a faint aura of energy.

As long as there is level 4, even if it is a level 4 beginner who has just advanced, a base can be promoted from a village base to a county-level base.

The hundreds and thousands of psychics who were slowly gathering at the entrance to the secret realm were all in dispute at the same time, their bodies glowing brightly, as if they would fight at the next moment if they didn’t agree, and anyone who wasn’t strong-willed enough to face this scene would probably turn pale and tremble.

However, the dozens of people standing in front of the secret realm were calm and steady, “Of course we are not worth mentioning, but behind us is a temporary alliance of 14 top bases from two provinces, if you don’t want to be turned into splatters of blood as soon as you enter the secret realm, you can go in.”

The atmosphere was quiet for a moment, and the level 4 from before became even angrier, “So your Base Alliance is prepared to take control of this mission alone Aren’t you afraid of causing public outcry!”

“Not so, we in the Base Alliance do not have such an arrogant idea.” The leader said calmly, “This secret realm is unusual and weird, when exploring the secret realm earlier, we found that level 3 from the temporary alliance had little chance of survival if they were not protected by level 4, in order to avoid losing lives and to avoid the weak from fishing in the water, the temporary alliance set a rule that only the base led by level 4 has the qualification to enter the secret realm.”

With just one sentence, the two layers of power at the entrance of the secret realm were split.

The level 4’s expression cleared slightly at his words, and with a cold snort led his base members into the secret realm, and the dozens of people did not stop them as they had said.

Many of the bases with level 4 teams also entered, and the number of ability users gathered at the entrance soon fell by half, leaving a bunch of level 3 ability users looking at each other in disbelief.

The only thing they wanted to do was to get some level 4 to fight, but now that this so-called Base Alliance had done such a beautiful job of dividing and isolating them, there was nothing left for them to do.

“You want to fish in troubled waters, you nasty bastard Do you think we are blind!!!” Someone suddenly jumped out and pointed at a group of people who also wanted to enter the secret realm and cursed.

One after another, many people stood out with mocking smiles on their faces, “Yes, I’ve heard of this Wealthy base, there’s no way they have level 4!”

If they couldn’t get into the secret realm themselves, these level 3 naturally couldn’t let other level 3 in either.

They are all old rivals who know their roots, and they know better than anyone else what their bottom line is.

This was a conspiracy of that temporary alliance and they couldn’t wait to be caught up in it.

Jealousy and pettiness are the deepest and most ineradicable things hidden in the human soul.

The group leader only gave a glance at the dozens of people from the Wealthy Base, but had no intention of stopping them.

Seeing this scene, some of the thoughts in the crowd began to come alive again, yet before they could make a sound, they heard the middle-aged man with casual hairstyle [1] turn his head with a smile, “I’m really sorry, although our Wealthy base is weak we have good luck, two level 4 experts have joined our base.”

Only then did the crowd see the two young girls at the end of the group at the Wealthy Base, one with a large knife hanging from her waist, her delicate face ruthless, the other with a longbow slung over her shoulder, her face aloof, almost indifferent.

The two barely paused for a moment to look at the crowd, as if there was nothing in front of them, and entered the secret realm straight away, acting as if they were arrogant and uncaring, yet no one dared to say a word.

In the current post-apocalyptic world, strength is the most important reason why you are treated by others of any rank, and the strong deserve to be respected.

The Wealthy Base group slowly entered the secret realm, before the level 3 outside slowly whispered.

 “He Sifa really got lucky, he actually recruited two level 4!”

“Obviously our base is much more powerful than Wealthy Base ……”


Some people were discouraged and ready to return the way they came, while others looked at the entrance to the secret realm with flashes in their eyes, each playing their own ideas in their minds.

Shen Qingjia put down the longbow on her shoulders, silently began to adjust the bowstring, tempering the bow body bit by bit with the supernatural flame.

In any way, this secret realm looks very strange.

It is actually located in the centre of the city, and there are only large tracts of ruins as far as the eye can see.

It is not located in the suburban forest, there is no aura left by guardian beasts, there is no energy escaping everywhere, and it exudes a faint bloody smell… Such a strange secret realm, Shen Qingjia felt a little uneasy in her heart.

The most disturbing reason for her was that she had never heard of the discovery of a secret realm in Yuanjiang, a neighbouring city.

Yes, she never heard of it.

Secret realms are bound to produce secret treasures, but the probability of a secret realm appearing is incredibly small, or else the appearance of a secret realm in Yuanjiang City this time would not have possibly drawn hundreds of bases in two provinces into a big movement.

Her own rebirth is bound to disrupt the development of current events, but the appearance of a secret realm out of thin air such an event …… she doesn’t believe she has that much influence.

Although she is a reborn person, Shen Qingjia has always upheld the code of being low-key, because in the crisis-ridden post-apocalyptic, being high-key is simply looking for death!

The world is full of geniuses, and her rebirth is just a good starting point.

Moreover, if she wants to catch up with those talented people who are using their talents to dominate the world, Shen Qingjia knows very well that she still has a long way to go.

The strange events were bound to be followed by difficult dangers, and she should be careful.

Shen Qingjia turned her head and found that violent Loli had also drawn her sword from her waist at some point, and her heart suddenly became more alert.

As ability users’ level rose, the energy would slowly optimise the body, mental power, perception and mind to an unbelievable level, and the sixth sense of level 4 was already can’t be underestimated in a way.

If she was the only one who was uneasy, it could still be said that it was the shadow left in her mind from the last time she explored the secret realm, but if Xia You was also like this, then there must be something odd about this secret realm!

This time, in order to compete for the secret treasure, all the bases basically sent out their own base’s biggest battle force.

In order not to be targeted, their level 4 peak combat powers needed to be hidden for the time being, so they also joined the Wealthy Base for the time being.

Although powerful in the current battlefield, level 4 beginner is not too rare and will not stand out.

The group walked on for a while, the journey was as safe as a secret realm, and just as the members of the Wealthy Base were letting their guard down, the two men at the front of the group exploded into a cloud of bloody mist as if they had explosives in their bodies.

With only two soft “poof” sounds, the mist slowly dissipated and the two men who were alive just a moment ago had disappeared from this world as if they had never existed.

He Sifa’s face was white, he did not dare to move a step in the face of this strange scene, and held on to his shivering body, “Two Daren, what is going on …… this …… what should we do”

Shen Qingjia frowned slightly, gripped the longbow tightly and took a few steps forward, using the spiritual power to sense for a brief moment, “It’s a gravity abnormal convergence field, people at level 3 will be crushed into a blood mist in an instant by almost tens of times the gravity field …… It turns out that what those people said is true; people at level 3 can barely survive in this secret realm.” 

Xia You casually looked at the large knife in her hand, “There may be something more terrifying, more difficult and impossible to deal with ahead.

Although the two of us are protecting you, there may also be things that the two of us can’t deal with.

Are you sure you want to continue”

A group of people from the Wealthy Base had already flinched, but He Sifa, the leader of the Zhifu Base, gritted his teeth, “If we are successful, we will have it easy for a few years! We have to continue!!”

Greedy people want to swallow elephants! [2] A faint cold smile spread across Xia You’s face as she took the lead and walked forward.

A dark protective shield spread out with her at the centre of the circle, enveloping the crowd.

“The choice has been made; life or death is up to Heavens.”

Translator’s notes :

[1] 就聽見那名為何四發的中年男人笑嘻嘻轉過頭來; alright so well, author only said ‘hairstyle’ so I add the casual hairstyle because honestly I have no idea what kind of hairstyle author means here because even when I Baidu for pictures I don’t get specific one.

So, probably something like this Example pic below

[2] 人心不足蛇吞象; It is a metaphor for the endless greed and never-satisfaction of the human heart.


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