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Chapter 57: Three Graves 20

 It was almost noon, but it is still not noon.

The bell for lunch has not yet rang, and the last class before lunch is not over. 

 The sun is shining obliquely from above.

Between the two buildings, there is a large area of ​​shadow.

There is no one outside the building. 

 The school security has begun to wash the blood on the ground.

The blood stains and the water flow made the entire square wet.

 Walking up from the bottom of No.

3 teaching building, one can occasionally hear the voices of teachers in lectures.

Those voices are high or low, floating back and forth in the cold corridor, but there is no feeling of liveliness, because it is clear, and it makes people feel more that the surroundings are too quiet.

 On the rooftop of the teaching building, the old iron door was pushed open again.

 At the place where Xu Haozhen jumped off the building two police officers were doing the final site survey, and the sudden sound of the iron chain colliding with the door frame made the two jitter.

 They turned their heads and saw two more people, against the sun, stepping onto the rooftop one after another.


Captain Xing" One of the police officers could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he recognized the person.

 "How was the scene" Xing Conglian walked to the two of them.

He had already seen the live suicide scene.

It was clear that there were no other people waiting on the rooftop at the time, but he still had to ask one more question.

 The outdoor sunlight was still very dazzling.

He raised his eyes and looked straight ahead.

Because of the offset of the sunlight, the shadow of the teaching building on the opposite side covered it.

It is necessary to be very careful to see the surveillance camera on the top of the building.


The angle of the camera has been adjusted, and everything seems to be traceless 

 "It should be a suicide.

Judging from the footprint analysis, there is no trace of pushing." One of the police officers straightened up and replied.

 It's just that despite the police officer's answer, the expression on his face was very ugly, and he even stopped talking.

 "What's the matter, what happened just now" Xing Conglian asked sharply when he noticed his slightly opened mouth.


"What do you mean by this" The police officer took off his hat, brushed his hair, and put on the police cap again.

He looked very irritable.

"The school leader just came over downstairs and quarrelled with the Jiang team.

Said that we did not handle the case properly and did not stop the students from committing suicide in time..."

 "Can they blame us This is because the school's mental health education is not in place." Another police officer in charge of trace inspection interrupted.

 Seeing the depressed look of the two who couldn't help but voice it, the one downstairs who had come, should have been extremely quarrelsome.

 It's just that the school leaders, how can they accuse the police for no reason.

 Xing Conglian did not continue to ask the reason, but subconsciously turned his head and looked for Lin Chen's figure.

 It's just that when he turned his head, he almost stopped breathing in fright.

 Lin Chen stood on the edge of the rooftop sometime unknowingly.

The long wind was fierce, passing across the sky, his clothes and his hair were all blown into chaos by the wind, it was as if the next moment, he would also go with the wind.

 In Xing Conglian's mind, a scene from a long time ago suddenly appeared.

 It was also such a wind and such a person.

At that time, the bridge railing broke, and he watched the young man in white on the bridge fall suddenly.

 His face was pale, he walked a few steps hurriedly, and came quietly behind Lin Chen.

 However, just when he stretched out his hand and was about to hook Lin Chen.

 Lin Chen seemed to have eyes on the back of his head and suddenly turned his head back.

 He was very close to Lin Chen, and the shadows between the buildings were like ink, making Lin Chen's face dark and unclear.

 "The feeling of standing here is terrible, isn't it" Lin Chen asked suddenly.

 "You get down first, don't make dangerous moves."

 Xing Conglian stepped forward again, trying to hold the person, but Lin Chen cleverly avoided his hand.

 Because he was standing on the edge of the rooftop, with Lin Chen's voice, he subconsciously looked downstairs.

 The wind is getting stronger.

 Looking down from a height, the floors here are actually higher than imagined.

 "Why would she be so happy when she jumped from here" Lin Chen asked again.

 "You come down first and talk about it."

 "In fact, things like that exist."


 "It makes you excited, makes you agitated, makes you happy, makes you feel like you are omnipotent, and makes you never able to leave it..."

 Lin Chen said suddenly, his eyes were dark and bright, as if there was light.

 In Xing Conglian's ears, there was only the sound of the fierce wind.

He watched Lin Chen speak, looked at his expression, knowing that he was talking about very important things, but those voices, no matter what, could not enter his mind.

 Xing Conglian discovered that he was really scared, as Lin Chen said.

 He quickly stretched out his hand and held Lin Chen's arm, trying to pull the person from the edge of the roof, but the next moment, he held it empty again, and Lin Chen's figure had been lost in his vision.

 The sense of fear is like the kiss of a poisonous snake, and it makes people fall into an ice cellar and feel cold all over.

 "How does it feel to secrete adrenaline" 

 A light voice came from under him.

 Upon hearing this, Xing Conglian quickly lowered his head slightly and found that Lin Chen was sitting on the edge of the rooftop.

 That posture was exactly the same as Xu Haozhen before jumping off the building.

 Xing Conglian took a deep breath.

He saw Lin Chen's face with a sly smile, like a kid who succeeded in a prank.

The smile flashed away, suddenlyXing Conglian wanted to drag someone home and beat him hard. 

 It was just that his thought of beating someone also disappeared in a flash.

 "Stimulating." Xing Conglian said coldly.

 Stimulating, very stimulating, too much stimulation.

 Xing Conglian's voice was low and deep, like the dull sound of ice floating on the sea rubbing against each other.

 Lin Chen turned his head and saw that Xing Conglian's expression wasreally bad, and he was obviously really frightened.

 He hurriedly turned around, grabbed the edge of the roof, and wanted to get up.

The next second, his eyes went dark, and he felt a huge force coming from his waist, and he fell back to the hard concrete floor.

 Lin Chen's knees softened, and he subconsciously supported Xing Conglian's chest and took a deep breath.

 Xing Conglian did not speak.

 Lin Chen released his hand and quickly raised his head, only to see Xing Conglian's eyes turned dark green, and his pupils were also widened, his complexion was blue and his aura was terrifying, this was something that Lin Chen had never seen before.

 "Sorry, I shouldn't use you as a reference." He hastened to apologize.

 Lin Chen's posture was sincere and his voice was a little soft.

Suddenly Xing Conglian couldn't get angry: "What are you referring about Why do I feel that what you said seems to be a drug "

 “Actually, it is very similar.

The physiological mechanism of drugs is to activate the euphoria center of the brain, stimulate the rapid increase of dopamine and release euphoria.

Things like norepinephrine will excite your peripheral nerves, increase your heartbeat and make you feel excited." Lin Chen took Xing Conglian and stepped back away from the roof for two steps, then said: "Whether it is Wang Shishi or Xu Haozhen, they all looked very happy and satisfied when they died."

 "But I remember, The autopsy report did not mention that alcohol or drugs were detected in their bodies." Xing Conglian said.

 "In fact, from a physiological point of view, it is not just alcohol or drugs.

When you eat food, when you are in love, or even when you have sex, your brain will secrete these substances, which make you happy and lustful.

Fairly, this is the essential mechanism of human addiction." Lin Chen said, "Pleasure is something that humans cannot refuse.

In order to constantly pursue such a pleasant and exciting feeling, many people start drinking, doing drugs, and have promiscuity..." 

 “Therefore, Wang Shishi and Xu Haozhen are all pursuing the ultimate thrill, even the thrill of death" Xing Conglian suddenly remembered the expressions of the three young people in the erotic photos in which the three young people were addicted to pleasure.

Those people in the dark network provide pleasure, and they themselves are also enjoying that extreme pleasure.

 Thinking of this, Xing Conglian shuddered.

 "However, the problem is that not everyone dares to deviate from normal moral standards and dare to pursue that kind of pleasure, otherwise the workload of the police will increase exponentially." Lin Chen did not sell guanzi any more, he did not wait for Xing Conglian to ask questions and explained "You can use Freud's most classic psychodynamic theory to explain this problem." Lin Chen paused, intersecting Xing Conglian's eyes, "He said that our personality is divided into the ‘intrinsic self’ ‘self’ and ‘super-self’, for example, the ‘intrinsic self’ is at the bottom of the personality, composed of innate instincts and desires, you can think of it as a wild horse; the ‘super-self’ is at top of the personality, it follows the moral principles and suppresses the impulse of self is just like the rules of the road; while the ‘self’ is in the middle, you can regard it as the rider who drives the wild horse, if the rider has a problem, the wild horse will rush ignoring the rules and causing mental illnesses…."

 Xing Conglian suddenly understood what Lin Chen meant.

He said: "That is to say, Wang Shishi and the others are unable to monitor themselves, making them indulge in the pursuit of the "self"*"

 "Remember the earth-shaking changes that happened to them" LinChen asked.

 "What you mean is..."

 "They have lost themselves.

The Xu Haozhen you see is not the real Xu Haozhen."

 Xing Cong couldn't speak for a long time.

In the end, he calmed his breath and asked: "Why

 What is the reason that causes human beings to lose themselves

 Lin Chen didn't answer this question, because any answers related to it were extremely dangerous.

He looked at the woods in the distance, and the sparkling lake at the end of the woods.

 Just then, the class bell rang.

 The radio suddenly began to play music for the lunch break.

At first it was just a slight piano sound, as if dew dripped from the branches.

Gradually, those noises gradually rose and became louder, like countless streams converging and colliding, they blend and tear each other.

Pentium finally went into the sea.

 "Please remind Jiang Chao that the people we are going to face, they act in pursuit of instinctive pleasure, without shame, morality, or even legal sense..."

 "The next live broadcast will be very dangerous, Right"

 Lin Chen looked down at the campus below his feet and said, "Yes, they are not even afraid of the gun in your hand, but do you dare to shoot them"-

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