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Chapter 60: Three Graves 23


When Lin Chen looked out the window; on Jun Mountain, a few kilometres away, there were also people overlooking the scenery outside the window.


In the afternoon, the air in the mountain is very good.

In the bamboo forest at the foot of the mountain, row upon row of small buildings are dotted.

The spring breeze is soft, the birds are singing on the branches, and the people who party all night have already dispersed.

Quiet moments as such, are of course suitable for a nap.


But Xing Fu did not sleep. 


To be precise, he was awakened after lying down.

After all, an elderly person like him really needs sleep.

If there are no major issues, his subordinates would not specifically call him out of bed.

He was only surprised when he heard the problem described by the young man.


"There was a suicide case in the school.

The Chen family repeatedly pressured the police to obstruct the investigation.

What is this”


The old man's tone was very leisurely, and he even prolonged the ending sound, as if he really felt that disturbing his sleep because of such things is not worth it.


Upon hearing this, the young man's mood also changed from apprehension to panic.


After all, he did his own thing without the old man's order, and sent someone to follow the gentleman.

After learning that the Chen family was ready to do something, he also thought about whether to disturb the elderly for this.

But in the end, he still used the excuse to report the suicide case in Yongchuan University and mentioned to the elderly the obstacle that the gentleman might encounter now.

Looking at the old man's attitude, he didn’t seem to think it was a big deal.


The young man felt that he is a little confused about the relationship here, but that the old man rolled up his cuffs and personally cooked the peanuts last night, he felt that his analysis was not wrong.

The gentleman who likes to drink cold beer and peanuts should be very important or even honorable, so he must bite the bullet and continued : "However, the investigation between that gentleman and his friends has encountered obstacles, is it necessary to go say hello "


“Hello, say what hello" The old man lightly fastened the buckle of the front collar.

He was still overlooking the verdant bamboo forest outside, without even shifting his sight.


"It's..." The young man stopped talking.


The old man finished buttoning the last button.

When he turned around, his voice was still flat, even drowsy.

He said, "Saying hello is nothing more than suppressing others or asking for help.

We Xing jia never do these two things." (T/N jia 家 means family)


The young man heard this, and after being taken aback, they bowed and saluted the old man to show that he understood  




To suppress people with power, you must gain power or borrow power, and then suppress others.

These things are always not open and upright, so the Xing family not knowing how to do it, this is a kind of natural arrogance and pride.


But arrogance is something that can’t be eaten.

Most people will complain if they have grudges, and of course they have to scold them when they are offended.


This is probably the current state of Chen Ping.


He has a stomach of anger and wants to get angry.

Anyone will want to get angry after being refuted.

What's more, he was refuted by Lin Chen mercilessly in front of everyone.

He has been in a high position for a long time.

Except for the big guys from the Chen family, who don't give him a bit of flavour in the whole Yongchuan city, now he is beaten face-to-face by a young man.

Of course, he wants to slap the table and scold him.


However, the room is very quiet, Lin Chen's eyes are clean and clear, and everyone here is looking at Lin Chen, although it is complicated, but full of trust.


Psychologists are indeed confusing.


Chen Ping sneered again.

Of course, it’s not appropriate to touch the popular person, so he raised his hand and looked at the watch on his wrist. 


The time was 1:20 in the afternoon.


The daylight was getting stronger and water in the lake was dazzled by the sun.


As the public holiday is approaching, the entrance of the Cohen May Hotel is crowded with people and is very lively.


In the intercourse, most of them are middle-aged couples with their families, or young couples with intimate attitudes.

They are well-dressed and look either rich or expensive.


After all, this is the best hotel in Yongchuan City, with the best food and the best rooms, of course, including the best service.


The waiter in a bow tie bent down to lift the luggage from the trunk of the taxi for an elderly couple and put it in the luggage cart.


The two old men paid their fare, helped each other, ready to walk into the revolving door, the waiter saw it rushed past, pressed and held the door for the old man.


This was an act of kindness.


And kindness often brings good luck. 


The waiter watched the two elderly people walk into the revolving door smoothly, and then re-turned the door.

The moment he released his hand, suddenly behind him there was a loud crash of the vehicle.


He turned his head, suddenly there was a mess in front of him. 


The car alarm sounded through the sky, and the taxi was hit on the guardrail, the front cover of the car was topped, the car lights were broken, and he was left in the taxi.

The luggage trolley was smashed.

The culprit was a black SUV which suddenly rushed up the slope.


What makes people feel a little weird is that the accident was clearly caused, but the driver of the suv did not intend to get out of the car for inspection.


The security in the lobby responded quickly.

Four or five people pressed the walkie-talkie and rushed from everywhere, but before they left the door, the Suv’s door is yanked open. 


After just one glance, the security guards decided not to move, not only the security guards, but also the front desk staff who were originally shocked by the car accident, all put down their business and looked at the black SUV in shock.


Because they saw the gun.


Dozens of special police officers carrying guns and live ammunition shot out from the car.

They seem to be more sophisticated than ordinary special police.

If you look closely, you will find that the leader of the captain made a tactical instruction, and a group of 9 people rushed directly to the executive suite on the 28th floor.

The last person left then slowly walked to the front desk of the hotel, as if to say hello.


In the hotel corridor, the hotel manager in a suit and leather shoes leaned on the wrought iron railings and watched what was happening downstairs, but he didn't mean to go downstairs to stop him.


He smiled triumphantly.


Not only at the entrance of the Cohen May Hotel, but also under the white marble archway where the four-character "Zhongzheng Pinghe" was written by Yongchuan University, a black SUV and a group of special police with live ammunition appeared.


The students wandering in and out of the school gate were a little dazed to see the policemen, but perhaps because of the school's successive incidents, the students became calmer.

They watched the police officers rush to the administration building and yawned.


It was still smoky in the meeting room of Yongchuan University.


A strange cry suddenly sounded, it was like an electronic sound in a game, and it was a bit like an alarm sound, in short, it was very strange and harsh.


After all, they were discussing important matters, and the phone should be muted, so the sudden sound of the alarm made everyone frown, and everyone's eyes first turned to Deputy Captain Jiang.


Under the scorching eyes, Jiang Chao raised his hand to indicate that he did not carry this pot.


The call continued, following the voice, everyone's eyes moved to the corner of the conference room.


There is a young man who has been sitting on the ground typing on a computer.


Wang Chao became frantic.


Anyway, he is a computer expert, but for a while, he didn't know why his computer made a strange call.

He quickly screened the running program, and then seemed to see something incredible.

He raised his head and looked for Xing Conglian's figure in the field and then whispered: "Boss..."


"What's the matter"


"Our room seems to be broken into..."


Xing Conglian didn't respond for a while: "What room" "


“The hotel room, the alarm device on the door lock rang.

It's really strange, wait for me to see."




On the octagonal building on the waist of Junshan Mountain, the old man drinking tea put down his wrist, and his tone was also surprised: "What's wrong this time "


In fact, after being interrupted for his lunch break, he could only sit at the table and drink tea, but not long after he sat down, the door was knocked again.

The young man who asked if he needed to say hello, went and returned.


The young man bent down, the look on his face was more worried than before.


"Hotel..." After the young man said two words, he wanted to say it again, as if he didn't know whether he should say it any more.


"If you are on an errand under me , you should know that you should not change your color, there are not so many things worth worrying about in this world..." the old man continued to educate.


"But, that gentleman was in the room of our Coen May Hotel and was rushed in by the special police just now.

Doesn't it really matter"


Hearing this, the old man shook his hands while drinking tea, and most of the water in the tea cup spilled.

The tea was very hot, but he ignored the pain on the back of his hand, and said anxiously: "What are you still doing Go and find out what's going on!" 


The young man left.


"Hold on!" The old man suddenly stopped him again, and his tone became cold.


The hotel room was rushed into by the police, of course it’s not a big deal, but the problem is that this is Xingjia’s hotel and not an ordinary hotel.

If it hadn’t been investigating major cases and had full evidence, how could the police dare to be so arrogant To break into the executive room on the upper floors of the hotel


But the key question is, why did the police do this


They are obviously going to search for something, and since the police dare to act with fanfare, it means that they are very confident that they can search for something like that. 


I am afraid that there will be some nasty things that are indisputable.


"I'll go too." Thinking of this, the old man stood up at the table and said.


Xing Fu is just an old servant, but he has been able to work in the Xing family for so long, and when he is old, he can take care of some family affairs for his master, which shows that his mind is not bad.


So the things he remembered when he changed  his mind were roughly correct.


The conference room of the Administration Building of Yongchuan University is in a mess.


The door that had been kicked open was still shaking slightly, and three guns were aimed at the three residents of the executive suite at No.

2801 of the May Hotel in Cohen.


The rest of the people in the conference room were all quiet, but the three residents were calm and relaxed.


A pair of leather boots stepped on the oak floor, reading the contents of the arrest warrant.


After hearing the righteous words, the young man sitting on the ground rubbed his ears and repeated what he had just heard: "You mean, the cleaner found suspicious white powder while cleaning the room in our hotel.

She called the police, and the police suspected that it was drugs, so they sent someone to search our room.

Now they want to catch us and go back to assist in the investigation"




"Are you mentally retarded" the boy asked incredulously.


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