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Chapter 61: Three Graves 24


Anyone who is scolded for mentally retarded will be angry.


But fortunately, Rong Rong likes surfing the Internet very much, and he is also very young, so he probably knows that the phrase "Are you mentally handicapped" is more like a mutual greeting between the mentally handicapped persons.


So he became even more angry.

What a joke, he now represents the law enforcement agency, he doesn't even need to give any reason, just flash the arrest warrant in front of the suspect, and he can drag the person away, not to mention that it is a gun.

He dared to make jokes with his head held by a gun, his guts are really big...

Rong Rong glanced at the young man in the corner again.

The young man was wearing a peaked cap and the logo of an underground rock band was printed on his black T-shirt.

His eyes are bright, and the cheeks move as he chews gum, the air has the sweet smell of lemon mint.


Perhaps it was the bright eyes of the teenager, Rong Rong suddenly felt that the situation was not right.

In the arrests he had carried out in the past, he had experienced that the calmness of prisoners is often proportional to their viciousness, that is to say only the really vicious criminals will face a group of hunters with guns and live ammunition calmly and invite you to sit down and have a cup of tea.


Then, Rong Rongzhen heard someone ask him: "Do you need some water"


He looked around.

It was a young man in a white shirt.

The young man’s hair was dark and he spoke very calmly.

Maybe because he was standing by the drinking fountain, before he could answer, the man poured a glass of water for him.


Rong Rong felt that his back was a little stiff, so he moved his gaze to look at the last guest in Room 2801.


A black gun was placed directly on the forehead of the last guest, so he had to take two steps forward to see that person's face clearly.


That's a policeman, yes, the intelligence has long stated that among the guests of No.

2801, there is a police officer.

Where does the ordinary police officer live in a top hotel like Cohen May, so this must be a dirty policeman.

Rong Rong calmed down, and suddenly felt that he had some confidence, so he looked into the eyes of the policeman.


He couldn't tell what color it was, like sea blue and lake green, and the expression in his eyes was very calm, like an absolutely still sea, without any wind or waves.


He heard the man say: "Drop the gun."


Instead of "Slow down" or "Wait a moment," he said, drop the gun.


This is an order, not a request.

Although the voice is kind, it is still an order.

No matter how vicious a gangster is, he dare not say such arrogant words to the police.


Rong Rong didn't plan to waste any more time.

He raised his palm to his ear and gave his subordinates the order of direct arrest.


But the low, gentle and cold voice sounded again, but instead of talking to him, he was asking the boy in the corner.


"Wang Chao, have you called"


"What call" The young man was obviously taken aback, and then quickly reacted, "No!"


"Then why do the people from IPCO come"


"Isn't it because we are hiding drugs"




The conversation ended.

It was simple and casual.

Rong Rong felt cold sprang up from the last section of his tailbone along his back.


Not only him, but every special police officer in the house subconsciously looked at each other's clothing and epaulettes.

However, all the configurations on their bodies are the same as those of the local special service team in Yongchuan, without any flaws.

Of course, this is to hide their true identity.

However, the person leaning on the back of the chair easily guesses their identity.


Rong Rong held down the gun, he was very nervous.


As the person said, he is from ICPO and belongs to the Yongchuan branch of the International Criminal Police Organization.

Because of a sudden incident, he was on a mission to arrest a suspect in a drug possession case, but the suspect refused to follow him.


This sounds like a joke, but it's a **ing fact.


The policeman leaning back in his chair seemed to see through his thoughts and explained very intimately: "In fact, it is a tactical movement problem.

The training place is different, so there will be differences."


Who cares about this!


Rong Rong stabilized his breath and decided not to dwell on these details.

He glanced at the name on the arrest warrant and said: "Captain Xing, please come with me."


"Sorry, I think I have the right not to cooperate."


Rong Rong sneered: "Captain Xing, since you can guess our identity, you should be very clear about the seriousness of the case you committed, and I hope you will stop resisting."



it's not the reason.” Xing Conglian said politely: “Article 3 of Chapter 5 in the ICPO management regulations clearly stipulates that Interpol must obtain the consent or approval of the local police when performing official duties in the secret service of various countries.

In the case of emergencies such as a red arrest warrant etc., you also need to notify the local police in writing and get permission afterwards...

But I think my case does not meet these two items, right"


This time the words are a bit long, and it took a while to reach Rong Rong, before he fully understood the meaning.


It means that you have no right to arrest me because you have violated the rules.


Rong Rong looked at the policeman named Xing Conglian again.


Xing Conglian's hair was very short, and the stubble of the same length grows on his chin.

He looks very unruly and unrestrained.

When he said those words, it was as if he had not assault guns on his forehead, but branches under the spring breeze, and everything that happened here seemed to be a very indifferent and trivial episode.


Rong Rong frowned.

Judging from years of experience, this kind of temperament can often only appear on the real giants.

He pursed his lips.

In the current situation, he is indeed unable to advance or retreat.


At this moment, the young man in the corner suddenly came to his senses.


"It's really an ICPO person, are you so free to come to catch the drug criminals" Wang Chao jumped up from the ground, and also ignored the guns on his back, pointing Rong Rong's face with his fingers, and said arrogantly: "Let you guys come over to see me, remember, find someone above the team leader level!" Then he raised his head proudly, and added, "Mom! mentally retarded!" (T/N mom 媽 is used in exasperation)


Xing Conglian was noncommittal about this, he just reached out his hand , Patted Jiang Chao on the shoulder, and said: "Trouble you Captain Jiang, first send the students' family members back to rest."


Although he said so, his eyes were always fixed on the housekeeper surnamed Chen.


Jiang Chao jumped and he never understood the situation from beginning to end.


But what is strange is that perhaps Xing Conglian’s tone and posture are different from those in normal days.

He actually stood up subconsciously and greeted the parents of the students to leave.


The number of people in the room was reduced by half in an instant.


Looking at the door panel that was still slightly shaking, Rong Rong couldn't figure out who was in charge now!




May Cohen Intercontinental Hotel, 01 28th floor room.


The search in the room had come to an end, and Cao Qian stood by the window, overlooking the vast lake outside the window.


The suite was messy, all drawers were opened, clothing and bedding were carefully checked, two shirts were scattered on the floor, and the expensive crystal lamp was clearly not touched, but it always seemed to be shaking gently.


As the team leader, he knew very well that the arrest and search operations were too sudden and even seemed reckless, but the information was too conclusive.

He has been investigating the case for three years, and of course he cannot let go of such obvious clues.

He was even very sure that he could find what he was looking for.


Sure enough, there was a rush of footsteps behind him.

Cao Qian turned his head and saw his subordinate handing a sealed evidence bag.

He glanced at the contents in his pocket, his eyes darkened, and then announced that he would close the team.


Zheng Dongdong stood outside the door of room 2801, he was very proud, because he only took a small risk to achieve his dream, which is really worth it.


The door was opened again, and special police with live ammunition filed out.

The faces of those people were grim, and the guns were so cold and unfriendly.

Zheng Dongdong was even more happy.


He took a step forward and introduced himself: "Hello police officer, I am the general manager of Cohen May Hotel, my surname is Zheng..."


"Oh Manager Zheng , it's nothing serious.

This is a very large investigation issued by Interpol.

Please check it." Cao Qian interrupted the puffy man in front of him, took out a piece of paper, and handed it over.


When he heard the six characters of Interpol, Zheng Dongdong's face changed and he suddenly became flustered.

He took the search warrant, read it several times, and then became a little stuttered: "This...

how could..."


"Is there any problem" "


“No...no no, I...we must cooperate with the investigation." Zheng Dongdong bowed, feeling cold sweat coming out of his neck.

In his concept, any organization with the word international is big.

Dead man, but things shouldn't have been so big, at least they shouldn't be big internationally, all this seems to have deviated from the established arrangements.


However, things tend to only develop in the worst direction.


He thought this way, when he was about to straighten up, at the end of the corridor behind him, an old and indifferent voice came.


"Who asked you to cooperate with the investigation"


Zheng Dongdong's back stiffened, and he couldn't even turn around.


It's really arrogant, Cao Qian snorted coldly and turned around.


He saw an old man coming from the darkness at the end.

The old man was dressed in plain, black cloth shoes and gray linen.

Some nobody would not have such a walking posture and such sharp eyes, Cao Qian quickly loaded the bullet.


"Isn't it an obligation for citizens to cooperate with police investigations" Cao Qian asked politely, holding his gun.


But the old man seemed to be indifferent to the black hole's muzzle, and even more indifferent to his question of modesty and politeness: "This is a hotel.

It's the duty of hotel employees to protect their parents as children.

(T/N this really gave me a headache, here the old man probably refers to guests as parents and hotel staff as children.)


"Then if parents violate the law, can the children justify their kinship" Cao Qian didn't know who the old man was, but he couldn't help but ask.


Hearing this question, the old man glanced at him from top to bottom and said: "You are all bored, young man, does it have anything to do with you if I fire a subordinate"


Cao Qian was speechless


Hearing that, Zheng Dongdong's head is getting lower and lower, almost unable to stand upright.


As if to put the last straw on the dying camel, a waitress in high heels ran from a distance.

When she saw Zheng Dongdong, she didn't even care about the strange atmosphere around her, and said eagerly: " Manager, the guest in Room 2801 just called the front desk of the hotel, saying that our hotel has violated their legal rights.

Please go to Yongchuan University to explain this clearly, otherwise we will be bankrupted."


When this statement came out, not only Zheng Dongdong or Cao Qian, but even the old man who was about to expel his subordinates felt very strange.


What's the joke about ruining your family


Cao Qian frowned and glanced at his watch.

At this point in time, Group B should control the suspect, so why can the suspect be able to make outgoing calls freely He thought about it this way, and the communication tone from the wireless headset explained it for him.


"Boss, we had a hard time today.

He said that we violated the regulations when performing official duties, so they didn’t go with us.

Please, come to Yongchuan University.

Otherwise, we will be reported to the headquarters.

Otherwise, they will report us to the headquarters.

Why are they so arrogant Ah ".


"Received." The wireless headset was still chattering.

Cao Qian resolutely terminated the call.


He glanced at the poor manager and then at the old man.

He was obviously pondering the situation before him.

He turned around and ordered: "A Rong will send the exhibits for inspection, and the others will go to Yongchuan University with me."


Hearing these words, a smile appeared on the old man's face: "Then let's go together, Mr.

Zheng, and Officer Cao."


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