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Chapter 62: Three Graves 25


Rong Rong finally didn't drink the glass of water that Lin Chen poured.


Young people are always like this.

They have too much fear and distrust of the world.

Because of distrust, it is easy to lose their way.


Looking at the confused and vigilant face of the young special police officer, Lin Chen sat back in his seat.

Handling such scenes was obviously not his expertise.

Fortunately, Xing Conglian was there.


On either side of the long desk, there were a few groups of people who were also confused about the situation.


The college leaders who originally came to deal with the aftermath of student suicides do not know why they are still sitting here.

They obviously should leave with the parents of the students.

They can face the special police with live ammunition and the handsome detective who is now in control of the audience.

They can't give birth to the slightest thought of leaving, anyway, you won't die if you stay there, right


Compared with the black-faced housekeeper sitting in the first seat, Xu Guoqing is very embarrassed.

He feels that he should not sit next to the housekeeper.

Because he has a strange hunch that the closer he is to the centre of the storm, the easier it is to turn into cannon fodder, but he doesn’t seem to have a chance to choose again.


Jiang Chao had just returned to the conference room.

According to Xing Conglian’s instructions just now, he transferred some staff from the bureau.

Most of them were clerks with no tasks.

They were in charge of guarding the door.

Because the door was very thick, they would not hear anything from inside.

Jiang Chao didn't know why he thought of the thickness of the door panel and the sound proofing, but he always felt that something that needed to be kept secret might happen next.


Everyone was nervous, but no one spoke.


Lin Chen supported half of his face with his hand, and moved the paper cup full of water in front of him.

He caught a glimpse of Xing Conglian, waved his hand, and asked Wang Chao to sit next to him.


At that time, the young man just hung up the questioning call to the hotel front desk, and his entire face looked excited.


"Boss, do I need to do something more"


"What do you want to do" Xing Conglian asked rhetorically.


"Oh, for example, isn't there a problem with the school's monitoring system Do I need to fix the firewall and catch the little hacker, or find out which stupid guy posted on the forum about Achen!" Wang Chao said.

When he said these words, he looked provocatively at the housekeeper who was sitting on the long desk, the corners of his eyes and eyebrows were all provocative.


"Continue to do what I arranged for you." Xing Conglian held the young man's head and pressed the person in front of the computer.

"Don't be distracted." He added.


Lin Chen's hand that turned the paper cup paused slightly.

It was rare when he didn't understand Xing Conglian's intentions.


Without touching the surveillance he naturally want those who are secretly monitoring the school to continue to observe the situation here for a while.

After all, if the right to use the surveillance camera is regained, it means to directly tell the person behind the scenes that we already know what you are doing.

But deep in his heart, Lin Chen even suspected that Xing Conglian wanted to control the live death event on the campus of Yongchuan University.

If the surveillance cameras here do not work, God knows where those crazy children will commit suicide.


At that moment, Lin Chen suddenly felt that something was not good.

He tilted his head, Xing Conglian was sitting against the light.

The warm sunlight coated him with a fluffy gold edge, which made his face look good.

It became so blurred, that even his eyes looked dark.


Lin Chen thought Xing Conglian was really good at handling complicated situations, and his focus was often a little terrifying.

For example, sacrificing some small things to take care of the overall situation, such a similar decision is likely to have happened before.


Thinking of this, Lin Chen suddenly turned his head and asked him in a low voice, "How did you tell"


The origins of these police officers can be determined by tactical actions alone.

This is obviously an unreliable answer.

The tactics of most of the movements are mostly the same, how can there be such a big difference


When whispering, of course he was very close, Xing Conglian heard this question, and inadvertently moved his head over.


"Because ICPO people are very good bullies." He spoke very quietly, and Lin Chen also worked very hard to hear clearly.

"They are limited by international treaties, and ICPO tends to pay more attention to all people who have the right to perform official duties.

By law, if I arrest people, I won't talk so much nonsense." Xing Conglian took a gentle breath, and Lin Chen felt that he could smell the very light smell of tobacco on his body.


Really experienced answer.


Wang Chao, who was eavesdropping on the side, couldn't help but sneer and laugh out loud.


As time passed, the sun gradually moved westward, pulling the shadow of the tree longer.


The slightly old door of the conference room finally opened again.


The squeaking made the people in the conference room who were waiting a little sleepily excited.


Walking in the forefront was a heavily armed special police officer with a calm temperament and cold eyes.

From the appearance of all the special police officers in the room standing upright, Lin Chen could tell that their immediate superior was here.

Behind him, another group of police officers stood upright, like tall trees, and they stuffed the door of the small room full.


Lin Chen glanced at the two people next to him, Xing Conglian remained silent, obviously not ready to speak, but Wang Chao sat up straight, raised his hat, for fear that someone would not be able to see his face.


As a result, the special police team leader looked around the room and his eyes stopped on the young man's face, and then he let out a very soft sneer.


Time seems to be stretched at that moment, like a slow action movie.


Everyone opened their eyes wide, looking at the cold and arrogant little head of Interpol.

He straightened his combat uniform, stood upright, put his feet together, and paid a more standard military salute to the direction where the young man was sitting.


Then they heard the same cold and arrogant voice coming from the group leader's mouth.


"Instructor, hello." He said


It seems to be a strange plot that can only be found in TV dramas.

A middle-level police officer of an international organization who is obviously not young salutes a young dead man who is too young, and then calls him Instructor.


The young man smiled happily.

He didn't mean to hide anything.

He pretended to be serious and coughed.

He raised his eyebrows to the housekeeper who was sitting in front of him, then pretended to be a big guy.

He waved his hand and said, "Ah come on, what are you all doing in a daze, sit down."


Chen Ping's expression was so gloomy that it was about to drip.


There were obviously no more than 12 seats in the room.

Ren Xian walked to the conference table and pulled a chair to sit down.

He waved his hand, and the special police officers behind him naturally walked to the wall one by one.




Ren Xian issued instructions, and the special police officers sat down neatly.


Ren Xian, of course, did not think that he would meet the boy here.

The word Wang Chao in room 2801 cannot make him associate his name with the underage instructor who had crushed them crazily in the cyber security training course. 


That was two years ago.

In order to accept the final assessment before being promoted to team leader, he came to the Interpol headquarters in Lyon, France.

A group of 50 people were dragged to a wild village where birds do not ** and received various cruel training and non-stop assessment.

Among them, the person in charge of network security training is a 16-year-old juvenile instructor.

He still remembers the innocent and pure smile on the young man’s face, and the one who can always play with them in the applause.

Various offensive and defensive battles.


If it is said that his promotion training two years ago was a nightmare, then this unfinished arrest is also a nightmare.

Ren Xian took off his tactical gloves and had already begun to figure out how to write the report of today's action so that he would not appear too embarrassed.


Because the special police gave up their positions, Lin Chen looked up and finally saw the other three standing.


Zheng Dongdong's face was originally pale and fat, but now it is too pale, like a transparent sheet of paper, which will shatter with a single poke.


The dialogue between Wang Chao and Ren Xian is actually very brief and neat, but anyone who hears such a dialogue will understand that the situation in the conference room now has completely changed to another look.


And behind Zheng Dongdong, there were two other people standing, as if they were master and slave.

Lin Chen clearly saw that the moment the old man walked in, the body of Housekeeper Chen trembled obviously, and in Xing Conglian's face there was a slight change.


The change of expression is fleeting.

The original quartet rule has become more chaotic because of the new people.


After everyone was seated, Xing Conglian finally moved.

He patted Wang Chao on the shoulder.

The young man stood up abruptly.

He grabbed his red backpack and poured out a lot of odds and ends.


As if to show his status, he also grabbed two things specially, threw them in front of Team Leader Ren, raised his head and said: "Will pretend, put a show."


Ren Xian glanced at the components in front of him and found that it was a Jammer.

The shielding device can shield mobile phone signals, wireless signals, and even monitor signals...

But looking at the degree of damage to the gadget, it seems that it has been thrown in the school bag by the teenager as a toy.

He is really speechless.


However, Wang Chao's actions did not stop there.

It turned out to be a broken camera with transparent tape from the bag, and then found an angle that could take a panoramic view of the conference room, and installed the camera.


After he did all this, Ren Xian also installed the signal jammer.


Before returning to the computer, the boy confirmed the working conditions of the two electronic products, and then nodded.


Finally, the detective captain, who hadn't said anything, finally started to move.

He just leaned forward slightly, and many people in the room took a breath.


I have to say that human beings are really sensitive creatures to authority and order.


"Vice President Xu, and a few deans, you have worked so hard today.

I hope that our police can still get your cooperation in the work of Yongchuan University in the future." Xing Conglian said, making a gesture indicating that he can leave.


Xu Guoqing was relieved.

He didn't know why he could leave the venue so easily, but looking at the situation in the conference room with the police, the special police, and the camera, would he still be waiting for dinner if he didn't run away When he opened the door, he turned his head and looked at Lin Chen’s eyes which held a trace of awe.


Xu Guoqing and a group of people ran fast, looking at the door panel that was shaking again, Lin Chen was very clear about Xing Conglian's intentions.


The senior officials of the school had to stay and watch how Wang Chao undertook Interpol and let them leave at the right time.

Of course, it was to beat the seniors of the school and the Chen family's dog legs.

Xing Conglian had already made it very clear.

He hopes that the investigation will be smoother in the future.


Such thoughts are really deep and delicate to the extreme.


It was like a premonition that the real drama was about to begin, and Chen Ping moved too.

He put his hand on the armchair and began preemptively: "Captain Xing, such a great official, what do you mean, only those with your consent can leave"


Chen Ping thought that Xing Conglian would be polite, but he heard a very calm voice coming from the other side of the room.




"I think that you are restricting my personal freedom"


"It is true." Xing Conglian said with his hands lightly against his chin, and said casually.


Chen Ping only felt anger rushing to the top of his head.

He slapped the table and scolded: "Now the police are investigating your possession of drugs.

Why must I stay here Am I a criminal suspect The police have no evidence.

Can you detain people casually!"


"Of course, there will be evidence." Xing Conglian smiled, he knocked on the table, and Wang Chao naturally turned the computer screen around


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