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Chapter 63: Three Graves 26


The laptop of the young comrade Wang Chao is very consistent with his original temperament.


The carbon fibre shell is covered with sticky notes and offset printing.

The animation stickers on the keyboard film can clearly see the change of his own hobbies.

There are also two NERV groups cut out from the magazine in the upper left corner.

In short, it is very complicated, vibrant and exuberant.

[T/N NERV German for "nerve"; is a special organization that was put together to combat the Angels after the Second Impact and is the organization responsible for the creation of the Evangelions.

(from wikipedia)]


As for the computer screen, the computer screen is now completely black, except for the play button in the lower left corner, and the other colors are generally the same as the face of Housekeeper Chen.


Perhaps it was stimulated by the computer screen that was specially turned towards him, Chen Ping straightened the hem of his suit, pushed away the swivel chair, and walked towards the door with an arrogant look that was too lazy to talk nonsense with the common people.


However, he was stopped.


It was a special police officer from Interpol who stopped him.


Two black assault rifles crossed at the door.

Chen Ping stopped and tried to restrain his face from turning red.

He turned around, pointed his chin at the boss of the group, and said: "Restricting the personal freedom of others at will.

Is this the working process of Interpol"


"Actually not." Ren Xian is very sorry, "But there is a very important one in the training I received.

It roughly means, don't **ing mess with your instructors, because they will cross your transcript.

At that time, you know what a hopeless future means." Ren Xian spread his hands, expressing helplessness.


"Oh, oh, how can it be so serious, I generally don't do dark things." Wang Chao laughed, then hooked his hand and motioned to Butler Chen to sit back.


"What do you want to do This is Yongchuan, the realm of the Chen family.

Xing Conglian, I tell you not to be too arrogant!" Chen Ping's eyes finally had madness.


Corresponding to the craziness, Xing Conglian's slow tone, he replied: "Me Of course I want to prove my innocence." 


The two special police officers took guns and invited Butler Chen back to his seat.

Everything seemed to be quiet for a while, like the sea under the clouds, without a trace of wind.


"Excuse me, you are"


Beside him, Xing Conglian turned to the operation team leader, opening his remarks with a polite question.


"Ren Xian, the leader of group C of the INTERPOL Yongchuan branch serious cases division." Ren Xian didn't know whether he should salute or not, but he finally chose to sit upright and answer the question respectfully.


"Hello, leader Ren." Xing Conglian nodded very familiarly, and brought the conversation back to the normal process of solving the case.

He said straightforwardly, "I want to prove that the drugs you found in our hotel room were planted in our room by others."


"Please continue." Ren Xian said.


"Since self-certification is required, the timeline is very important." Xing Conglian was like talking with an old friend in a gentle temperature.

"I would like to ask leader Ren, when did you receive the news about the possible possession of drugs in Room 2801 of the Coen May Hotel”


Ren Xian was shocked when he heard this.

In the current situation, he has changed from an interrogator to an interrogated person.

According to law, he can't answer this question in front of everyone, but he is like a ghost.


"11:44 minutes." He said.


Xing Conglian nodded.

He turned his head and looked at Zheng Dongdong with the smile of a hunter looking at his prey, and asked, "So, Mr.

Zheng, is the surveillance camera on the 28th floor of the hotel still working today"


Hearing this, Zheng Dongdong seemed to be shot by a sharp sword and was very nervous.

He looked at Xing Conglian with a horrified look like a dying prey.

After a long time, he replied tremblingly: "Today...today...28th floor monitoring is being repaired." As if to prove something, Zheng Dongdong added: "This is as early as the hotel work plan, not my arrangement!"


This was an expected answer.


Xing Cong Lian raised his eyes slightly.

With his emerald green eyes, he stared at the hotel manager who was so weak that he was about to fall down in the next moment.

"Oh, this means that the hotel's surveillance camera cannot keep track of when each of us enters and exits the room And, whether have other strangers entered our rooms, right "


"Who lets you hide drugs in your room, can you blame our hotel" Zheng Dongdong continued to argue.


"Oh, but I can prove that among the three of us, Wang Chao left the hotel at 11:14." Xing Conglian glanced at the boy next to him and said, "In other words, within 30 minutes, The cleaner of your hotel completed the process of cleaning the room, finding drugs, reporting to the authorities, reporting to the police, and then being captured by the Interpol.

Wasnt it”


Before Zheng Dongdong could answer, the dynasty simply clicked the key to play the video.


That was the elevator surveillance video of the Coen May Hotel, which clearly recorded the time when a young man carrying a red schoolbag entered the elevator.


As if catching a glimmer of light in the dark, Zheng Dongdong looked at the unclear monitoring picture on the screen and shouted: "Who let you hack into our hotel monitoring system This is illegal, a crime, do you know"


Dynasty snorted and laughed again" It's your hotel, it's illegal or criminal..."


Xing Conglian supported him with one hand, he looked interested, and turned to the silent old man who had been sitting in the corner.


As if perceiving something, the old man only said four words: "Of course not." 


The Old man's voice was already very old, but it seemed as if the wind was blowing through the dead branches, it had a sense of freedom and ease. 


Hearing that, the housekeeper Chen, who was sitting on the seat, looked at the old man in the corner with horror.

He had been in the upper class of Yongchuan for so long.

Of course, he knew that the old man's surname was Xing, his first name and the owner's last name came from that family.


All the new families have begun to abandon the family management system.

Only that family still retains the oldest or even feudal habit.

Every year, the housekeeper of the house is sent to inspect the various places, collect rent and check the accounts.

The elderly can be outside.

Sending to Yongchuan to inspect, although it does not represent how high its status in the Xing family, but in the view of the Yongchuan business community, this weight is enough.


Such a person with enough weight, even if it is a light sentence, it also means a statement.


Chen Ping lowered his head and clenched his hands tightly.

All his thoughts have changed from how to deal with Lin Chen and Xing Conglian to when the Chen family offended a behemoth like the Xing family.

You must know that in the ancient family there is always a law of self-survival, the most important of which is to remain neutral and be kind to others.

Therefore, you will hardly see any Xing family making any statements about the political situation, economic situation or even hostile companies.

They will always be humble, but are proud of it.


But why did the Xing family suddenly appear here, and then seriously show their attitude


Chen Ping really began to  panic.


"The hotel's access control system should be considered reliable unless it is violently dismantled..." When Xing Conglian said this, the leader Ren, who had just violently dismantled the door lock, lowered his head.

He retracted his gaze and continued: "So During the period of Wang Chao’s departure, those who can enter and exit the room must be those with access cards, such as hotel employees, right"


Zheng Dongdong looked like a prey with a hunter’s sharp knife against his neck, because he foresees despair.

He started to struggle with his future, "You, what do you mean, it's obviously the drugs you hid, this is biting our hotel, this is planting!" His voice became louder and louder, and it seemed as if he couldn't breathe. 


Zheng Dongdong's performance was too nervous, his nerves seemed to be a string that was about to break.

It was obvious that Xing Conglian was only talking about something very normal logical reasoning.

Those onlookers who didn't know the truth all looked suspiciously at the hotel manager who was almost out of control.


Perhaps it was those gazes that seemed to be too hurtful, or perhaps it was his usual elite disguise that finally fell to pieces in front of the person he hated the most.

Zheng Dongdong's head shook with a very small frequency, and he muttered to himself nervously: "No, no...you don't have evidence...you won't have evidence!"


 "Oh, actually I have evidence."


Xing Conglian maintained his usual calm and steady speech.


But next to him, Wang Chao finally couldn't hold back the smile on his face, as if the gate was opened and the rushing lake rushed out of the dam in the sun, the young man almost couldn't hold back his laughter "The technique is quite unprofessional, so don't play and frame technology, what a man needs is technology!"


Little comrade Wang Chao squinted at everyone in the room, and took another video file from the computer desktop that normal people could not understand at all.

Then, he opened a monitor file and said in a slightly apologetic tone: "The sound and the picture are a little out of sync, everyone, please forgive me~"


Under everyone’s shocked gaze, there was a four-frame picture.

The surveillance video is playing slowly.


Different from the inferior picture quality of ordinary surveillance cameras, the definition of the video is very high, and even the petals of the iris on the carpet can be seen clearly.


If you have ever stayed in the most expensive suite of the May Hotel in Cohen, you can clearly know that the shot in the picture is the interior view of the executive suite on the 28th floor.


A frame in the upper left corner records everything that happened in the living room.


At 11:14, the teenager carrying a red school bag hurriedly left the room.


At 11:20, the hotel room cleaner began to clean the room.

According to the cleaning process, she first began to clean up the trash on the coffee table.

When she poured the residue from the dishes into the trash bag, a man in a suit and leather shoes with fat figure entered everyone's sight.


The cleaning lady hurriedly turned her head and saw the hotel manager standing behind her.

She was so frightened that she didn't know what to do, as if she didn't know why the wise manager would suddenly inspect her work.


The simple female worker lowered her head and heard the manager say: "What are you nervous about, you do your work, I will check it."


The manager's voice is proud and slightly sharp, naturally coming from Zheng Dongdong, whose face is ashamed now. 


The picture in the upper right corner records the process of Zheng Dongdong leaving the living room with his hands on his back, walking through the corridor, and coming to the bathroom door.


He pushed open the bathroom door and shouted: "Why hasn't the bathroom been cleaned yet See how dirty it looks.

Come here!" 


The female worker hurried to the bathroom when she heard the call.

She was stunned by the manager.  And then she shut herself in the bathroom and started cleaning up.


After a moment of blankness, the main bedroom door in the lower left corner of the screen was pushed open.


It shows Zheng Dongdong creeping into the master bedroom.

No idea when he wore a pair of white rubber gloves on his hands.

He yanked off the bedding, took a bag out of his pocket, tore it open and poured the green leaves on the bed, pulled up the quilt and went out of the room as if nothing had happened.


Not long after, the female worker cleaned the bathroom and came to the master bedroom.

The moment she lifted the quilt, Zheng Dongdong happened to walk into the room.


He looked at the dry green leaves on the mattress, his face became tense, like a real professional, he pushed the female worker away, squatted in front of the bed, twisted a handful of broken leaves, sniffed at the tip of his nose, and then pretended to be shocked, he said, "It's hemp, call the police!"


He said, and took out his mobile phone and took a photo of the scene very professionally.


At this point in the video, Zheng Dongdong's fragile nerves finally broke down, and the surveillance picture ended on the hotel manager’s grinning smile.


The conference room is as quiet as an ice cellar.


Lin Chen looked at everything in front of him, only feeling that this was a bridge section that can only be found in an absurd drama.


Zheng Dongdong actually went to the hotel room where they were staying and secretly framed them.

Xing Conglian knew this from the very beginning, so he was calm and relaxed from the beginning


However, it's just hemp.

This level of drugs also worthy of Interpol's dispatch


But even if it's a big hemp, where did Zheng Dongdong get this stuff Where did he come from, thinking that a small bag of big hemp can put them in jail


There are too many questions, but all of these questions are inferior to one of them, which makes him feel incredible: "Why do we have surveillance cameras and monitors in our rooms"


Of course, private places like hotel guest rooms will not be installed with surveillance.

The surveillance video with almost no blind spots, is obviously a masterpiece of Wang Chao or Xing Conglian.

He suddenly remembered the weird sirens that had been ringing in the conference room not long ago.

The alarm device on the door lock was probably not something that came with hotel access control


“How many security measures did you two people add to where we live”


When Xing Conglian heard this question, he reacted quickly.

He picked up the young man's neck, pulled the man to Lin Chen, and asked seriously, "What about you, why do so many tricks where we live "


The young man turned his head and looked at his boss with an incredible look, as if he could not believe that there was such a brazen person in this world.


At this time, Xing Conglian smiled, and Wang Chao’s face happened to block Lin Chen's line of sight, so the threatening meaning in that smile became unscrupulous.

"Because I have been out to work since I was young, I feel particularly insecure...hehe." The young man quickly turned around, looked at Lin Chen, and said word by word.


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