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Chapter 65: Three Graves 28


Ren Xian didn't know why anyone in the world could switch his mind so quickly.


In short, one second after Chen's departure, the police officer who had been in control of the situation turned his head on him.


Ren Xian was very reluctant to admit it, but when the green eyes swept towards him, he actually felt trembling all over.


"This, according to regulations, it cannot be disclosed." He replied under tremendous pressure.


Xing Conglian was not prepared to accept such procedural prevarication.

Unlike the only modest and polite victim, he suddenly became strong and hardened at this moment.


"I think the team leader should be clear.

If it wasn't for my friend who happened to have such a small hobby, I am afraid that I will be in the interrogation room of the Yongchuan branch for 48 hours of uninterrupted interrogation, and then I will be punished for drug crimes, losing my police badge, and work to support my family."


Xing Conglian finished his last sentence slowly and threateningly.

After he finished speaking, he paused for a while, as if giving Ren Xian plenty of time for thinking.


Ren Xian felt that he was the one who was sitting in the cold and narrow concrete room and was forced to tell some secrets.

Even if there were two groups of special police officers behind him sitting behind him, he did not feel safe.


Although he has been the background board from beginning to end, in fact, when he sat at this long office desk, he had already begun to constantly think and judge the situation.

For example, what happened to the drug case today What's the matter, is ICPO completely used as a tool for framing, or is there other inside information


However, as the incident progressed, he gradually realized that the muddy water he wandered into today was far deeper than those in the past.

If time can be reversed, it would be great if he did not see the live picture of the scene that was passed on.

It really is a big trouble.


However, where does time go back


Ren Xian raised his head and suddenly noticed that the simple surveillance camera glued to the wall with plastic tape, like the eyes of a beast, recorded everything that happened in the room.


Camera, signal shielding equipment...

He seems to understand something.


"Actually, it was because of a clue."


"What clue" Xing Conglian leaned forward slightly, giving people a strong sense of oppression.


"About an International drug case."


Ren Xian touched the black hair on his forehead.

His hair is not long, but his hair roots are a little wet, and some sweat has been pulled out.

He looks like he is finally unable to resist the pressure.

And was prepared to explain clearly what the facts look like.


He turned his head, looked at the team members who had been sitting quietly in the corner behind him, and said: "You go to the car and wait for me."


It is obvious that he wants to talk about important matters.

The special police team members on the ground looked at each other, seemingly not clear why their boss chose to violate the law and cooperate with these people.


However, an order is an order.

They stood up in turn, prepared to go out, and wait in the car for a while.


Just as the person walking in the front opened the door of the meeting room, Xing Conglian suddenly spoke.


"We will end soon.

The meeting room downstairs seems to be empty.

You can go there to rest."


He looked up, and a smile appeared on the original stern face again, looking polite and sincere.


The second station police officer who was yawning at the door of the meeting room suddenly had his eyes lit up.

He stretched out his hands and leaned slightly like leading the way.


Looking at the back of those figures, Lin Chen counted silently in his heart.

These special police officers who left temporarily are already the fifth group of people who have walked out of this conference room today.


Seeing the door closed, Xing Conglian seemed like a ball suddenly deflated, or a young man who had finally finished the banquet, suddenly relaxed.

He no longer sat upright and rigorous, but lazily took out a cigarette.

He ignited without hesitation, after the fire flickered, he took a deep breath, then tilted his head.


As if receiving some signal, Wang Chao stood up like boneless.

He stretched his arm, climbed up the chair, and took off the surveillance camera on the wall.


Xing Conglian took another cigarette from the cigarette case and threw it in front of Ren Xian together with the lighter.


Ren Xian knew that he had no way to refuse.


When the smoke rose, he suddenly realized that today's truly secret but most important topic was finally about to begin.


"Does this Tibetan drug case have anything to do with Fang Zhiming"


As if someone fired a shot in his ear, Ren Xian felt a buzzing in his ears for a moment, and his brain became muddy.

He lost some of his thinking ability, his emotions prevailed.

He quickly became angry and nervous.

He quickly drew his gun and pointed it at the person across the long table: "Why would you know"


Xing Conglian was still smoking.

There is not a slightest intension surrender: "Your reaction tells me, it is really relevant."


Ren Xian's brain is thinking fast, the file should be top secret, even with the authority above the director level, it can't be accessed, every unfinished extraordinarily large cases have their own internal encryption methods, and it is impossible for outsiders to crack them.

What is going on Many possibilities circled in his mind, and he suddenly saw the teenager drinking water in the corner, and he was calm after he understood everything.


Wang Chao was embarrassed, and couldn't help yelling: "Look at what I am doing, am I the kind of person who breaks the law and discipline when nothing is wrong, and intrudes into the backstage of other people's systems when I am in a bad mood"


"Answer my question." Ren Xian still remained in his position.

Holding a gun, he insisted.


“Hey, why are you so nervous...

No wonder you will blow up your hair when you see a small clue, and tell the truth at will." The little comrade Wang Chao did not mean to pull the boss, and continued  to stimulate the leader of the crime team.


“Small clue" Ren Xian's voice was cold, like a chipped ice ball.

Wang Chao glanced at him and he couldn't help shrinking his neck.


"I have waited for this clue for a full 326 days."


"It's only eleven months." Wang Chao said casually.


At this moment, he felt Lin Chen patted the back of his hand and said: "The 326 days ago was May 11."


Last year on May 11 last year, a fully loaded passenger car crashed into Yongchuan river, including an anti-narcotics police officer named Fang Zhiming.


Wang Chao soon realized that this was another topic of death and revenge.

He shrank his neck and said sincerely: "I'm sorry."


Ren Xian maintained the action of preparing to shoot, but everyone at the scene knew that it was impossible.

Pulling the trigger, he felt that everything that happened today was very ridiculous.

He went out in the morning, bought a cup of coffee downstairs in the office as usual, and then went upstairs to continue the dark-day file analysis, like many long and hopeless but suddenly encountered destiny.

The story of God's favour0, when it was noon, he saw the alarm go off.


It was not an alarm that terrorists had invaded the Yongchuan branch of Interpol, but a red dot in the lower right corner of his computer began to flash, which means that the interception network they set up intercepted some important information.


And the so-called important information is actually just a cell phone photo with not too high pixels.

The photo shows the suite of the most tycoon hotel in Yongchuan.

Under a large piece of white bedding, dark green leaves are scattered.

Thinking that this was just the silhouette of those wealthy young masters living in adultery, he suddenly saw a colourful packaging bag.

The packaging bag pretends to be a milk tea brand that can circle the earth, but the font is very vague, and it has a clumsy plastic texture that is unique to an underground factory.


Ren Xian shuddered with excitement when he saw only the packaging bag.

The following plot was like a police and criminal film that can be seen everywhere.

He mobilized his men and determined not to let such clues slip away again.

The two groups respectively launched surprise captures.

The work of arrest and search, but the police film has changed into a vulgar comedy.

After that, he saw indiscriminate framing, stupid and defenceless chess pieces, and boring giants fights, all of which made him drowsy, until the moment just now, the plot suddenly jumped back to the main line again, and moved forward extremely fast in an unsuspecting way.


In fact, if time permits, Ren Xian will find that the few people sitting in front of him had saved the life of a colleague’s precious daughter not long ago.

Although, for some protection, the truth of what happened in that piece of reeds has been sealed up in a decent manner, there is really no impermeable wall in the world.

He has actually filled out those who read the documents.

The report was submitted to the local police in Hongjing, and he could get all the details about the whole hijacking case only after the approval was passed.


It's just that everything is right, it's not too late.


Such a wonderful arrangement, of course, may not necessarily come from the hand of fate.


Xing Conglian knows this very well: "The case we are investigating happened to be involved in Fang Zhiming's case." He finally finished smoking the pruning cigarette, as if he had completed a long thought, and finally decided to give it to him.

The leader of the serious crime team trapped in the trapped beast, a glimmer of vitality, "In the case we are investigating, there is a deceased who was once the witness and the only survivor of a jewelry robbery.

Her name is Cheng Weiwei."


"And then”.

The INTERPOL crime team leader, who has not read the file, is a little at a loss.

The deceased is a witness, a jewellery robbery, and a drug case.

These elements seem to be too messy.


"You see, the story is linked by people.

In the robbery that Cheng Weiwei experienced, the criminals used some methods, which are exactly the same the methods used to murder Fang Zhiming."


Ren Xian's brows finally wrinkled.

The body holding gun slackened, he put the gun back into the holster, and the cigarette was thrown on the ground by him pitifully.

He bent over, picked up the cigarette butt, and lit the cigarette again like a wanderer. 


"Fang Zhiming, is an undercover police officer under me.

One year ago, his participation in the investigation finally made progress.

Then, because his identity was exposed, he was forced to terminate the mission and returned to China."


"Fang Zhiming's undercover location is not in the country "


"Yes." Ren Xian said with a cigarette, he and Xing Conglian knew very well that what they exchanged was not information, but trust.


Xing Conglian nodded and said, "I will not go into the details of the case.

I only doubt one thing.

From the time Zheng Dongdong planted the stolen goods to your reaction to the arrest, the response time was less than an hour and a half.

Zheng Dongdong could not directly report to Interpol, he doesn't have this way.

Your reaction speed is too fast.

So, what is it that makes you so nervous"


Xing Conglian's words made Ren Xian's face completely ashamed.

Yes, the case of darkness is always dark.

If there is a sudden light, then the first thing you have to do is to hide and study carefully, what is that light


Ren Xian took a deep breath and replied: "During the mission, he sent back some photos of the inside of the drug manufacturing factory, including some product packaging bags, which are exactly the same as the hemp packaging bags found in your bedroom.



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