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Chapter 66: Three Graves 29


"Oh, static image capture system." When it came to technical issues even before Xing Conglian spoke Wang Chao suddenly became energetic and began to talk "This case is not small, it's all through the set of procedures, but if it is a photo of the inside of the drug manufacturing factory that was sent by undercover, it should be top secret.

Did Zheng Dongdong just happen to use this packaging bag In fact, it depends on what he thought.

He probably just wanted to keep us locked up for a few days and didn’t expect the matter to be so serious” Like a detective suddenly possessed, the young comrade Wang Chao’s eyes lit up.

“There is another possibility, that is, someone knows this package and also knows that the bag will definitely be captured by your filtering system!" At the end Wang Chao emphasized his tone and pushed the completely non-existent glasses, "So, is all this a coincidence or a conspiracy!"


"Now, replacing people with Interpol who want to trace clues to international drug cases, what will happen to us"


"Will we be caught and tortured by ICPO" Wang Chao looked at Leader Ren with trepidation, "You don't really have this plan, do you"


"Otherwise, why did he bring special police, to play mahjong"Xing Conglian drew the boy's head back smoothly and motioned for him to be quiet for a while.


"Is there any difference between these two results for you" Ren Xian asked.


Lin Chen looked at Xing Conglian.

This was indeed something he couldn't understand.

Assuming that there was really a behind-the-scenes man, why did they take a huge risk and use the photos sent back by Fang Zhiming to lure them into making Interpol take action


"The difference lies in time." As if already guessing the answer, Xing Conglian did not even pause and think when answering this question.


Lin Chen frowned.


"If we were taken away by the local police, we would be able to see the sun again within an hour." Xing Conglian no longer sold guanzi, but used a calm and scary tone to analyze the dark and treacherous thoughts behind the incident.


For a while, the coldness and tranquility in the room were restored again, as if the warm sunlight that overflowed through the glass windows became ineffective.


No one spoke, Lin Chen thought, he really needed him to ask questions again: "So, what if it's ICOO" He looked at the serious case team leader and asked.


"I will detain your personal free time to the limit of what I can." Ren Xian said.


"Approximately how long is it"


"According to the regulations, it is 48 hours."


"So, all of this is to delay our case processing time"


This conclusion is incredible.


The trivial crimes like hiding hemp cannot do any real and substantial harm, whether the local police or the Interpol are dispatched.

The most important difference is that the latter will interrogate and detain desperately.

They are in custody for 48 hours.


So, looking back, now, who would want them to stop for a cup of tea and not be too in a hurry


The answer is almost obvious to the extreme.


Among all the people sitting, only Wang Chao and Xing Conglian understood the meaning of this sentence.

Wang Chao  chewing gum slowed down, as if he could not understand the brain circuit of the black hand behind the scenes, questioning, "This is too risky.

If we talked about Fang Zhiming or something related to the previous case during the interrogation process, wouldn't the truth be revealed" 


With a pop, the boy blew the chewing gum in his mouth.


"It's very simple.

The so-called Fang Zhiming and his unfinished undercover case are just two different stages of the same trap." People like Xing Conglian, when they say important conclusions, they seem to be calm.

It's like introducing to you which food stall on the food street is more delicious, "In Phase One, we were arrested, interrogated, and released after being detained for a full time.

During this period, if the leader of the team is lucky enough to talk to us about Fang Zhiming or some clues, the story automatically enters Phase Two..."


"What is Phase Two"


"Just like what you said just now, analyze the relationship between the live death broadcast and the murder of Fang Zhiming, and then go astray." He did not smoke, but yawned boredly.


"Boss, can you make it clear" The young man closed his laptop, took off his peaked cap, and rubbed his hair twice.

What he did was probably what everyone in the room wanted to do, "As you said, the boss behind the scenes deliberately led us to investigate the connection between the two cases, but why If they dare to do this, does it mean that the person who framed us and the drug dealer who killed Fang Zhiming was not a group of people.

Then, did the jewellery robbery where Yang Dianfeng modified the driving time of the vehicle have anything to do with the death of witness Cheng Weiwei afterwards What is going on "


In short, the question of the teenager is like a cascade of guns, which makes people unable to resist, but the problem brought up by that small package seems to be far more than the question asked by the teenager.


There seemed to be countless dense spider webs in the air, which made people unable to move or even breathe.

Suddenly, Lin Chen saw Xing Conglian reveal a boring and lazy smile.


"Asking so many questions, I almost fainted." The detective captain bent his fingers and knocked the young subordinate's head.

He did it a little harder this time.

The boy arched his body when he was knocked, and groaned in pain: "Boss, You are bullying the weak like this is very unjust, do you know"


"Do you know why I beat you" the perpetrator asked.


"Because I asked you questions that you couldn't answer, and you felt ashamed..." The boy answered, looking for death.


"Then let me ask you in another way.

Do you know why your grandfather can live to be ninety years old"


"Because he eats vegetables every day and keeps exercising!"


"No, because he has never been nosy." .


The boy widened his eyes, unbelievably looking at the boss who was still trying to tease him.


"But boss, there are so many clues.

The packaging bags of the drug manufacturing factory, the death of Fang Zhiming, the system time modified by Yang Dianfeng, the whole story of the jewelry robbery, the background of the witness Cheng Weiwei, we have too many things to investigate! "


“Speak less" Xing Conglian's face had a rare stern look.


Wang Chao was quickly silenced by his reprimand.


"Thinking about it from another angle, why is the packaging bag not in a suspicious condition behind the scenes In fact, Fang Zhiming's death may also have nothing to do with the case we are investigating." The surrounding air seems to be a stagnant entity by his words.

But like a sharp blade breaking through those sticky silk screens: "You see, we can make countless inferences, but the only thing that is certain is that because there are too many possibilities, we can't pursue this clue.

This must be a dead end that will waste countless hours of our time but eventually make us return without success..." He looked at the teenager seriously, and at everyone in the conference room, and said, "So, take your thoughts.

Don't even think in this direction."


This is an order, not a discussion.


For a moment, Lin Chen felt that this order was too uncomfortable.


For those who want to solve the case, there is nothing more tempting than the clues in front of them.

It seems to be a sweet fruity hard candy, or an upgraded novel that is about to reach its climax, so it is difficult for you to control it; Withdraw your hands or put down the book yourself.


Because from long ago, they have developed the habit of analyzing and researching all kinds of things.

The inertia of their thinking makes them want to dig up the whole street even if they know it may be a maze set by the murderer and look at what is hidden under the maze.


But now, Xing Conglian seems to have drawn a clear line on the ground, telling them that they must not go around here, because no matter what is buried in front of them, it has nothing to do with them for the time being.


This is indeed tough and unacceptable.


But in the next second, it was like ice-cold water pouring down the top of his head.

The cold, damp feeling made Lin Chen sober up quickly.


He was very fortunate that the person sitting next to him and yawning was Xing Conglian.


After all, most people in this world are constantly analyzing and judging.

Only a few people can break through the fog and see the truth of the matter.

Those who are too lazy to talk nonsense with you and directly tell you what to do are even more remarkable.


From the beginning to the end, the whole planted case is a sinister’s thinking trap.

It is not fatal, but very cold and vicious.

With the ingenious arrangement of the layout, you can't even notice that you are stepping into a well-designed quagmire.


In fact, there are too many ways to cause accidents and delay time, such as killing people, setting fires, causing car accidents, etc., but those methods are too tough and obvious, and it is easy for them to perceive the intention behind them and the drug planting case is just right.

The case of tampering, 48 hours is insignificant like a nail pierced through the wheel.

It makes you only think about how to solve the immediate trouble.

If you are lucky enough to repair the tires and prepare to move on, you will find that you are on the road ahead there are a few bear kids who splattered iron nails.

They made a face at you, then turned and ran.

This will easily make you speed up.

You want to catch those stinky guys and give them a hard hit.

When that time comes, you will go farther and farther away from what is really important.


That's the direction, and the time.


"If all this is to delay our investigation, it means that the next death live broadcast should happen soon." Lin Chen said.


"Yes, but it's not a bad thing." Xing Conglian said.

The stern look in his eyes had disappeared.

Lin Chen found that he was looking at himself with helpless eyes, "We know the time limit anyway."


"What What time frame" Wang Chao said with some impatience, perhaps his family’s Ah Chen face became as ugly his boss's, or maybe from start to end, he couldn’t keep up with the ideas of a detective, after all, he is just a technician!


"I'm afraid, we have at most 48 hours left."


48 hours is the longest time Ren Xian can detain them, and similarly, it should be the end of the future live death broadcast.




For Lin Chen and Xing Conglian, they have already made  the direction clear and they know the worst possibility in the future.

But for Ren Xian, after experiencing today's absurd drama, he couldn't avoid the most important question.

Why would the poorly printed big hemp bag appear again after a lapse of 11 months The internal information of the serious crime team is kept secret.

How can outsiders know the photo sent back by Fang Zhiming


Just as he was confused and thinking about whether to open his mouth, the door of the meeting room was opened again.


The always carefree deputy captain of the second inning stood at the door, his face full of joy of successful interrogation.


"Fuck! Lao Xing you're a bit silly, Chen Ping recruited all of them.

He said that the hemp was given to him by his second assistant, and the goods were also given to him by his second assistant."


Hearing this, Ren Xian's eyes lit up.

He didn't expect Xing Conglian to look like he would not intervene in the case, but he had already secretly sent someone to interrogate the suspect.


"Have you arrested them" Xing Conglian took out a box of cigarettes again like juggling, and threw it over.


Jiang Chao stretched out his hand to catch it, and said, "According to what you told me in your text message, I sent someone to Chen's company early in the morning.

They only waited for Chen Ping's name to be arrested, but Lao Huang and the others were still empty, and there's no one in the assistant office.

Man! is the coffee on the table still hot"


Ren Xian felt like riding a roller coaster.

Hearing that sentence, he slipped into the abyss in an instant, and the surroundings were very cold, without even a trace of light.


"So, at this point, someone is telling the news." Jiang Chao opened the cigarette case and smoked a cigarette in his mouth.


Hearing that sentence, Don’t know if it was the residue of tobacco or some other reason.

Ren Xian felt that his mouth was full of bitterness.


Xing Conglian’s net had been collected close enough, but that person could get away in such a short time.

It can only be explained that there is an inner ghost among the people who have just stayed in this meeting room.


And he remembered that he had assembled a signal jammer here just now, so the people in the room didn't have any chance to tell the news.


But among all the people who went out, Zheng Dongdong was already in custody, and Chen Ping and the Chen family elders were being interrogated, so the only people who might leak the news were his subordinates who had just been taken away.


"Leader Ren."


In a deep chill, Ren Xian suddenly heard someone calling himself.


He raised his head and looked to the window, where the bright sun was overflowing and it was so bright.


In the sun, he saw a vague and lazy smile.


He heard someone say to him: "Now, you can search your cell phone and communication equipment."


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