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Fantasy Assassin in a modern world Chapter 1 - The Legendary Assassin

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In a world were people could destroy gigantic boulders with a single punch, unleash balls of flames to burn an opponent, and slice hills with a single sword slash, there was a legendary figure that made all shiver upon hearing his name.

Fade, a name laced with fear. A legendary assassin that could kill anyone as long as the price is right and the reason is just. Even if you're the king of a country, a powerful warrior, a knowledgable mage, or a sneaky thief. None could escape his grasp, the moment you were targeted you were already dead.

If one wanted this legendary assassin to kill someone, one needed to do a lot of things. You need to write a detailed letter of who you are and why you would want that person to die. After this, you needed to head to the foot of Mount Katar and place the letter in a specific tree with the carving of a panther. If the contents of the letter seem to be agreeable, Fade will meet with you in your own bedroom to talk about the kill. Once you two come to an agreement the person you want dead would be a corpse in just a few days.

Many have used this method of contact to lure Fade into a trap. In doing so they met their ends in a very gruesome manner, to serve a warning for others to not be so foolish as to trick him.

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Inside a hidden cave on top of a mountain, a young man about twenty-five years old was cursing out loud as he was stitching the open wound he had.

"That f*cking tyrant! Who knew he had a hidden blade there! Sh*t I let my guard down." This young man was the legendary assassin Fade. Even though he was treated as a legend outside and was rumored to be some old monster, the truth was he was just a young man who just started his assassin jobs a decade ago.

Once he was done stitching up his wound, Fade laid on the floor and sighed as he looked at the empty cave he calls his home.

'How long should I continue being an assassin... Haven't I already fulfilled my promise to you, little sis'


Fade started to reminisce about the past. He was a part of a famous clan of assassins, which trained their children at a very young age. He and his little sister were no different as they started their training at the age of four.

His little sister was a kind soul and didn't like killing, but since she was born in a clan of assassins she had no choice in the matter. So she decided that if she was going to kill she wanted to kill only the ones who were bad. She wanted to be a good assassin, well as good as one can be as an assassin.

Due to her being like that and not accepting the jobs that the clan wanted her to take, she was given the ultimate punishment. Fade who was out on a mission that time came back home too late, as he saw his little sister being killed.

In a rage, Fade killed his little sister's attackers and held onto her dying body. Fade's kind little sister looked at him with a gentle smile on her face as she spoke.

"Big Bro is that you... Heh, I'm sorry that I was a failure of an assassin, and more than that I'm sorry that I was a failure of a sister."

"What are you saying, when were you ever a failure You were and always will be the best little sister."

"Hehe, big bro praised me... Today might've been a good day after all..." The little sister's weak gentle smile was heartbreaking to look at. It was obvious that she was having trouble talking, but still, she continued on.

"Hey... Big bro, can you promise me something."


"Big bro, unlike me you have the talent to become the best... So please... become, my very own... Ideal assassin..."

"... I promise."

"Thanks... Big bro, thanks for everything..."

Those were the last words his little sister said to him, and on that same day, the clan Fade belonged to ceased to exist.


'It's been a decade now. Did I somehow became the ideal assassin you wished for' Those thoughts filled Fade's mind as he fell asleep.



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