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Fantasy Assassin in a modern world Chapter 15 - Intruder

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In a certain room, two individuals were having a serious conversation. One was a man wearing a suit and had some scars on his face. Behind him stood two burly men who were hiding weapons underneath their suits. The person the man with scars was talking to was sitting across his desk, it was a gorgeous-looking woman who was holding a sword. She had long blue hair tied in a ponytail, and her eyes were twinked with the color of azure. Despite her gentle smile, she had an intimidating aura about her.

"The leader said that your business was blossoming, and as one of the first people who offered you a helping hand, he said that he wants more. So the leader wants forty percent of what you're making for protection fees." The woman spoke while tapping the hilt of her sword.

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"Are you serious You're telling us to give you forty percent of our profit as protection fees We already pay you people, thirty percent! If you take more than that then there's nothing left for us!" One of the men standing behind the boss spoke in anger. He was about ready to pull out his gun. Yet despite that action, the woman simply shrugged her shoulders before answering.

"Huh, what are you talking about there's still sixty percent, right"

"Why do we even need protection from a b*tch li-" The man wasn't able to finish what he was going to say as the woman's blade was now by his neck, ready to cut him. Not only that but the lady was emitting a deadly aura that suffocated the man. The man's hand that was holding his gun couldn't even move as he was being suppressed by the aura the lady was emitting.

"Well in my eyes, you weaklings really do need someone to protect you. Also if you call me that one more time then I'll just cut off your head." The boss sighed as he lowered his head.

"Ms. Leila allow me to apologize on behalf of my subordinate, he's just a little bit too passionate. About raising the protection fee to forty percent, of course our group is willing to pay it. We do owe a lot to your organization... Also about our members who went missing two days ago, I hope you can help with that as well. I heard they went out to help some potential recruits, but after that, they never returned. We have no idea who these supposed recruits are. If we try to hit all our suspected spots will catch the attention of the police. So I wish to borrow your organization's strength."

"Well, since you're paying of course we'll help. Now that we're done with that part, onto the next thing, the-" The lady called Leila didn't finish what she was going to say as she suddenly drew her sword, a man then entered the room but before he could speak he was stopped by the sword pointed at his forehead.

"Who are you" Leila asked about ready to pierce the person's forehead.

"Stop Ms. Leila that's one of my subordinates. Hey you, what are you doing You do know that we have an important meeting ongoing." The boss glared at the subordinate that suddenly entered the room.

"Sorry boss, but it's an emergency, we're under attack!"

"Under attack is it the cops, another gang"

"It's neither, the attacker is one person. We didn't get a good look at him, but he already took out four of our men. We currently have him pinned down in the pantry."

"Oh what nice timing. Now I'll show you why you should pay those protection fees." Leila smiled seductively as she licked her lips. She then proceeded to go outside without waiting for anyone to guide her.

The moment Leila left the room, the man who came to report about the attack, spoke.

"Are we going to trust that crazy b*tch"

"Stop calling her that, if she heard you she would remove your head. That woman is a martial artist that took part in that competition. Even though she was one of the losers, she's still a martial artist that reached that stage. You're lucky that she didn't follow through and you still have your life."

When the subordinate heard that Leila was part of that competition he couldn't help but shiver in fear. He touched his forehead and finally noticed that there was a small cut on it.


Leila was walking towards the pantry and as she got closer she could hear the sound of gunfire. Yet the more she got closer to the sound, it was getting quiet until finally there was no longer any sound of gunfire.

'Did they catch the attacker already What a letdown.' Leila sighed as she continued walking towards the pantry. Yet when she got there, she was surprised to see that there were dozens of fallen gang members. Some of them were holding sub-machine guns, while most were using pistols.

The pistols weren't a problem but even martial artists would find it difficult to fight someone with a sub-machine gun in such a narrow area with no place to hide except behind the pantry door. Leila looked at the gang members and was surprised to see that none of them were dead. Still, they had these weird marks on their necks.

As she was looking at the fallen bodies of the gang members, Leila drew her sword and slashed at one of the fallen bodies. The fallen body then moved to avoid the strike and stood up. This person was wearing the same suit as the fallen gang members but he was also wearing a white mask.

"Oh, you're able to dodge my strike, how interesting." Leila licked her lips and smiled seductively at the intruder.



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