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Fantasy Assassin in a modern world Chapter 24 - Reservation

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Loki alongside his pouting little sister and his surprisingly excited little brother were heading towards a restaurant to meet Matsuri. Last night when Loki told the two about the detective who was going to treat them to lunch the two had very different reactions.


"Wha, you met a woman detective and she offered to treat you to lunch!" Alisa shouted as she was placing the plates on the table.

"Huh Someone actually took notice of you bro" Liam who was playing some video games in the living room chimed in.

"She didn't just invite me, she invited you two as well," Loki answered while waiting for the food to be served.

"So is she hot" Liam suddenly asked getting a bit more interested in the subject.

"I can't really tell," Loki answered while shrugging his shoulders.

"What kind of questions is that! Don't be fooled big brother, this woman might have some ulterior motives. How about we not go and you tell her you're busy."

"That would be rude, it's just lunch and it's free so why should we hesitate"

"Isn't my food good enough for you big brother"

"Of course it's enough, but it's okay to rest every now and then. Since we're going to get a free meal why not take it, so that you can rest from cooking. Also, it has been a while since the three of us went out together."

"Muuu, if you say it like that, how can I refuse." Alisa pouted then sighed.


The restaurant where Matsuri invited them was a well-known restaurant, so the three got dressed up. As they arrived near the restaurant Loki was able to quickly spot Matsuri who was wearing rather casual clothing. A Tank top, a jacket, jeans, and military boots. Loki noticed that she had two handguns hidden within her jacket, and based on the way she walked were her left leg seems slightly lagging there might be a weapon hidden in her left boot.

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"Whoah, don't you guys look nice. Hello everyone, I'm Watanabe Matsuri, you can just call me Matsuri. It's nice to meet you two." Matsuri smiled at Alisa and Liam while waving her hands energetically.

When Alisa saw Matsuri she looked at her from head to toe. Alisa couldn't help but think that this person was a rather cool-looking lady. Still, that doesn't mean she approves of her.

On the other hand, Liam couldn't believe that such a hot lady asked his brother to lunch. Also, he couldn't get his eyes off her outfit. As he continued to stare, Alisa pinched his sides.

"It's nice to meet you as well, Detective Matsuri, I'm Alisa Matsuda, big brother Loki's little sister. Thank you for treating us today." Alisa made a formal bow, making Matsuri feel a bit embarrassed as she waved her hands frantically.

"No need to be so formal with me. Like I said you can just call me Matsuri."

"I'm sorry but I can't do that to someone who's older than me and whom I just met today," Alisa responded still talking in a rather formal manner. This made for a rather awkward atmosphere.

"Well, anyway don't mind my stick in the mud sister, Matsuri. I'm the youngest among the three of us. Since I can call you Matsuri you can just call me Liam, or if you want just Li is fine." As the three were done with their greetings, Loki finally interjected.

"I'm rather surprised that you can afford to treat us in such a place."

"The owner of this place owes me one, so I have a permanent reservation in this restaurant. I haven't really tried to eat at this restaurant before this, but since he offered and I did want to treat you guys to a good meal I told him that I would come today. Well, anyway let's continue talking inside."

Matsuri led the three into the restaurant. Upon entering the restaurant the pleasant smell of the food tickled their nose. There was also the sound of a piano and violin playing in the background. The inside of the restaurant was of top quality, the lighting, the decor, everything in it made you feel like you were in some kind of palace. Even the people inside the restaurant were wearing rather expensive-looking clothing.

When the surrounding people who were waiting in the lobby noticed Matsuri and her group they sneered. In their minds, they all thought the same thing, what was a low-class-looking people doing in here.

"Do they think this is some kind of family restaurant"

"Are they perhaps lost"

"Did you see what that woman is wearing"

"How can they be even allowed in here"

The surrounding people started whispering at each other. Matsuri, Alisa, and Liam might not have heard what they were saying, but Loki was able to understand every single thing they were whispering as he could read their lips. Still, he didn't really care since no matter the world there were always these kinds of people.

The moment he entered the restaurant Loki unconsciously looked at each individual and memorized their faces. He also noted several places were they could flee in case of an attack. It was at that moment, he heard someone screaming.

"What do you mean I need to make a reservation! Do you not know who I am I'm the only son of the CEO of Harada Corporation." A young man accompanied by two other young men was screaming at the waiter.

"I'm sorry sir, but no matter who you are, if you don't have a reservation then you aren't allowed inside." As the waiter was talking, four men who looked to be part of security stepped forward. Intimidated by the aura the four were emitting the young man backed away and clicked his tongue.

"Tsk, whatever, you better remember this, I'll have you fired and this restaurant closed down. Come on guys let's leave, this place is a dump anyway." As the young man was about to leave he spotted Loki's group and stared at Alisa and Matsuri. He then approached them with a sleazy smile on his face.

"Hey you two, how about you guys join me and my friends instead. I'm sure those guys with you don't have a reservation as well. Not to mention I'm obviously better than them, since I'm the sole heir of the Harada Corporation, surely you have heard of us."

Alisa and Matsuri didn't bother answering the guy and went past him. Seeing the two girls ignoring him the young man got angry and was about to grab hold of Alisa's hand, but before he could reach he suddenly felt immense pressure. He started sweating as he noticed that the man who was with the two ladies was looking at him with a deadly glare. Seeing the young man's hand stopped, Loki also stopped glaring at him.

Watching them leave without even acknowledging his existence made the young man even angrier, especially after being glared at like that. This was the first time in his entire life that he was humiliated like this. He took note of the faces of Loki's group, especially Loki who had glared at him.

'Hmph, I'll teach you a lesson later. For now, let's see you embarrass yourselves for not having a reservation.'


"Do you have a reservation"

"Yes, it's under the name Watanabe Matsuri." When the waiter checked his list his eyes almost popped out in surprise. Still, he was a professional so he kept his cool. He didn't know who the woman was, but it was stated in the list that if a person named Watanabe Matsuri arrived in the restaurant they were supposed to treat her like the owner himself.

"If you may please present an ID card to verify your identity." Matsuri handed her driver's license and once the waiter was sure that this person was Watanabe Matsuri he immediately bowed.

"This way lady Matsuri. I will guide you to the V.I.P room."

When the young man with the last name Harada saw the way the waiter treated Loki's group he had his mouth opened wide. He then saw Matsuri look at him and gave him a mocking smile. Seeing that made the young man gnashed his teeth in frustration, he stormed out of the restaurant with his two companions. Once outside he took out his phone and made a call.



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