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Fantasy Assassin in a modern world Chapter 27 - I'll Only Warn You Once

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The man with scars on his face was being dragged away by Loki as they were slowly heading back to the car were the young master of the Harada Corporation was. As the two of them were walking rather slowly, the man with the scars on his face tried multiple times to escape, yet no matter how he struggled he could not free himself from Loki's grasp.

"It's no use, I have total control of your joints and I can disable them when I please, it doesn't matter how hard you struggle. So instead of doing something as foolish as that, let's have a little conversation instead. Why don't we start by you telling me your name."

"..." The man with scars on his face did not speak, as he started to assess the pros and cons of his situation.

"Hmph, fine it doesn't really matter if I learn the name of a dead man." When the man with scars on his face heard what Loki said, he gnashed his teeth and clicked his tongue.

"It's Lobar, my name's Lobar."

"Oh, finally willing to talk. I see, so your name is Lobar. So what did you want to do with me and my siblings Tell me honestly, let me warn you in advance, if I figure out that you were lying to me, then you'll be a cripple forever."

"... Fine, you win." Lobar started to tell Loki about the young master, Harada Itsuki. When Loki heard the details of what Lobar was planning to do his facial expression changed into a demonic one for a brief second. The only one who noticed that change was Lobar who was looking at him.

'What kind of guy did that bratty rich kid go against!' Lobar was screaming in his mind, as his fear of Loki doubled.

"Hmph, I understand now, let's go and meet that young master of yours, I need to have a little talk with him as well."


Itsuki who was watching things unfold in his car was confused as to why Lobar allowed the girl and the other guy to getaway. He then saw Lobar coming back to the car while clinging onto the man that glared at him.

'What the f*ck is Lobar doing!' Lobar and the man then entered the car. Itsuki was about to shout in anger, but at that moment he once again felt that overwhelming pressure that he felt before when the man glared at him.

"You brat, I already allowed you to get away uninjured before, but you just had to push it," Loki spoke to Itsuki the moment he entered the vehicle, sitting beside Itsuki.

"Lobar why did you bring back this rude bastard! Just finish him off already and bring the girl here!.. On second thought, just beat him up until he's half-dead, and allow him to watch as I violate that girl in front of him." The moment those words came out of Itsuki's mouth, he suddenly felt an intense pain coming from his legs. Something was stabbed onto his thighs, it was a thin needle-like object.

"AAAAAAHHH!!!" Itsuki could not help but scream in pain. Itsuki's driver slash bodyguard took out his gun and was about to point it at Loki, but before he could do so, something stabbed onto his wrist forcing him to let go of his gun. Loki caught the falling gun and pointed it at the driver. Loki sighed as glared at Itsuki. He then spoke with an ice-cold tone that made one's blood freeze in fear.

"You sh*tty brat, I will warn you only once, so you better listen carefully." Loki pulled another hair from his head and used [Enhancement] on it as he stabbed Itsuki's other thigh. The pain it produced made Itsuki want to scream even louder, but no sound came out of his mouth. It was at that moment Itsuki then felt another needle-like object had pierced his throat. The needle-like object didn't pierce too deep into his throat, and no blood came out, but for some reason, it made Itsuki unable to speak.

Loki then proceeded to take Itsuki's hand and started to bend each of his fingers until they were twisted. Itsuki was in so much pain that he almost fainted a few times, but Loki forced him awake. Lobar and the driver who were watching at the side felt pain just from watching what Loki was doing to Itsuki. Once Loki was done breaking all of Itsuki's fingers, he spoke.

"Today, I'm giving you a simple warning, but If you even think of messing with my family again, then I will show you a fate worse than death. You better think properly before you make your next move, since base on what you do that might be the last thing you ever do." Loki then looked at the Lobar and driver as he gave them some advice.

"If I were you two, I'll quit and pick a better person to serve under." After he was done saying his piece Loki was about to get out of the car, but then said something more.

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"Oh right, don't bother calling the police, if you do then I'll let them listen to this." Loki took out his phone and showed the three that he had recorded the entire conversation. "Not to mention I can say that you tried to kidnap me, and the wounds you got were from the mercenary over here. It would be your word against mine since even if they do look around they won't find any trace of me." Loki removed the needle-like hair that was stabbing Itsuki and the driver. Once Loki did that Itsuki screamed in pain and after a while fainted. Once he was done Loki got out of the car.


Loki who was walking on the sidewalk took out his smartphone, stopped the voice recording function, and called Harold. After two rings, Harold picked up the phone, Loki didn't bother with formalities and got straight to the point.

"Tell me everything you know about the Harada Corporation and the Harada family and how do I destroy them."



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