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Fear, control or love CHAPTER 5: Aiden gets a new Family

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Mrs. Cecilia was in a nasty mood. She asks John to get Aiden to her office immediately. John goes to Aidens room and takes him to Madams office.

Aiden was so scared. He thought she knows about him leaving the room and will surely punish him now. While on his way to the office, he was trembling like a leaf. His fears are confirmed when he sees Madam Cecilia, as she looks at him with so much anger and hatred.

Madam Cecilia wanted to punish this boy so bad, but she couldn harm him now as Mr. Hunt had already shown an interest in him.

"Were you not instructed to stay in your room, boy?" she yells at Aiden.

Aiden jumps up in fear and stutters, "I…I…I was in my r…r…room only."

"Then how did the guests know about you?"

Aiden was confused and didn know what she was talking about.

Looking at his confused look, she further asks, "Did you not meet Mr. Hunts son?"

Aiden was even more confused as he did not know who Mr. Hunt is. He then suddenly remembers the strange boy he met in the backyard. He reluctantly says, "I…I…I met a boy in the backyard."

"Why did you go into the backyard? Had I not specifically instructed you to remain in your room?" screamed Mrs. Cecilia.

Aiden was scared and moved a little back. Mrs. Cecilia was so frustrated, but the damage was already done, and she has to deal with it.

She comes in front of Aiden and holds his arms tightly, and says, "Listen to me, boy and listen carefully. Mr. Hunt has shown interest in you, and there is a chance they might even adopt you."

Aiden was surprised at these words. Of all the things he was expecting, it was never this. Was he really going to be adopted? A bubble of hope was forming in his heart.

His thoughts were interrupted by Mrs. Cecilia. "If at all you are adopted, I want you to be on your best behavior once you are at their house. If you continue with your thievery there, I am sure they will send you back here."

She further threatened him, "If they return you because of your bad attitude, then you can even imagine how I will punish you. I don want to damage my Orphanages reputation because of you."

Listening to the threats, Aiden was in doubt. Nothing comes easy. He couldn do anything but just nod his head.

"Don just nod your head; use your words. Do you understand or not?" shrieked Mrs. Cecilia.

" Y…y…yes Madam Cecilia. I…I…I understand."

She then asks John to take Aiden away. John nods his head and leaves with Aiden.

Aiden was relieved that he managed to escape his punishment. He thought about the strange boy he met earlier. Will he be his new brother? Will he finally have the loving family he always wished for? Aiden didn want to expect much, but still, his tiny little heart couldn help but hope. Hope for a better life and a better future.

Back at the Hunts Mansion, Dylan tried his best to convince his parents to adopt Aiden. "I agree the boys background is bad, and his parents are in jail, but that can work to our advantage."

"How can this be an advantage? The boy is undisciplined and even steals from the other kids," says Mrs. Hunt perplexed.

That was a surprise for Dylan. The boy didn seem undisciplined to him; rather, he was very well behaved. His instincts cannot be wrong. Mrs. Cecilia must have misunderstood Aiden. Anyways it doesn matter now, Dylan has already taken an interest in that guy, and he doesn want anybody else. Even if he was, as they say, Dylan will change him and make sure he behaves as he wants.

"Mom, Look at the bigger picture. If Dad adopts a child who was abused, it will help boost his political career to a new level. Whats so great about adopting someone who is already good."

Dylan looks at his Dad and says, "Dad, If you adopt and take care of that child, you will be able to get the sympathy of people."

Mr. Hunt thought about it and looked at his son in admiration. He was merely 12, but his mind worked like an adult. His suggestion was good, and the more he thought he felt it was the right thing to do.

"What will we do if that boy does not listen to us?" asks Mrs. Hunt.

"Trust me, Mom. I can handle him."

Mrs. Hunt didn seem convinced as she could not digest the idea of adopting a boy of such a terrible background. Even if the boy is innocent, she just felt disgusted by having such low-class people around her.

Mr. Hunt supports Dylan and tries to persuade his wife, "I like Dylans idea. It will be a good strategy for my Election campaign."

Dylan holds his Moms hands and gives her a pleading look. "Please give me a chance, Mom; if we are unable to control the guy, then you can send him back to the Orphanage." Dylan was her weakness, and she could never refuse her son when he looks at her like that.

Finally, even Mrs. Hunt agrees, and Dylan gives her a tight hug thanking her.

Later on, Madam Cecilia gets a call from Mr. Hunt that he was willing to adopt Aiden, and they will come in two days for the adoption process.

She meets up with the student counselor and asks her to meet Aiden and knock some sense in him.

Aiden just couldn believe his luck. He was finally getting adopted and will soon have a new family. He was so excited.

When he met the student counselor, she basically repeated the same things he heard from the past two years; to be good and stop his so-called bad habits and behavior. The session was of no use to him because not their false assumptions, but his past experiences had already taught him what to do to avoid getting into trouble.

The following day, Aiden was fully packed and ready to meet his new guardians. He was nervous as well as excited. The Hunts arrived at the Orphanage, and Aiden was called to Mrs. Cecilias office.

Aiden first saw the boy who was sitting with two adults, probably his Mom and Dad. They looked pretty intimidating. The boy smiled at Aiden, and he smiled back.

Madam Cecilia looked at Aiden and smiled cheerfully. He was initially surprised as he only got disgusting and angry looks from her most of the time, but then he realized they were in the presence of guests.

She introduced Aiden to the guests and said, "This is Mr. and Mrs. Hunt and their son Dylan."

Madam Cecilia gave him a warning look. He smiled at the guests and stuttered a hardly audible greeting. Dylan smirked at his parents as if saying, I told you so.

Madam Cecilia bent down on her knees and held Aidens hands lovingly. "From now on, they will be your new family. She will be your Mom, hes your Dad, and he is your big brother," she said, pointing towards them.

Mrs. Hunt sneered when she heard Mrs. Cecilia addressing her as Aidens Mom, but Mr. Hunt squeezed her hand to remind her to keep up with the act of being loving parents.

Mr. Hunt smiled at Aiden and said, "I am Joseph Hunt; this is my wife Diana and son Dylan. Welcome to our family, Aiden."

Aiden was too overwhelmed as he was not used to such politeness. He had never wished for much; just some care and a bit of love from someone were sufficient for him. He was happy and thanked God for everything. He was even grateful for this family adopting him but was too shy to say or do anything more than a smile.

After all the formalities and the signing of documents, they all get ready to leave. Before leaving, Mrs. Cecilia hugs Aiden and whispers in Aidens ears, "Behave yourself, remember what I taught you, and no complaints."

The Hunts family and Aiden go towards the car. The others sit in the car, whereas Aiden takes a last look at the Orphanage, which was his home for the previous two years, and then sits in the car.

The car was so spacious and flashy. He had never seen such a luxurious car let alone sit in one. The vehicle sped off towards a new destination indicating the start of a new journey for Aiden.

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