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Fear, control or love CHAPTER 8: Controlling Brother

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Warning:?This CHAPTERter contains cursing and mature themes such as violence and abuse(physical and domestic) of a minor, which might be triggering. Reader discretion is advised.

At the mere age of 10, Aiden had become a busy person. Completing Dylans assignments was not an easy feat. He first had to learn all the new topics and then do the tasks. Even though it was tough, he managed to do it nicely, as it was his forte, but finishing Dylans school work and then his own had taken most of Aidens time. Dylan was impressed as his teacher was satisfied seeing him doing his assignments on time.?

Slowly, Aiden had made it a routine to do all of Dylans tasks like arranging his room and doing his assignments. Even Aiden seemed to adjust to this lifestyle.?

As compared to his previous homes, this was way better. He was not physically abused here, nor did he have to do any other chores except for Dylans. Above all, doing Dylans assignments for 7th grade had greatly improved his own performance in his 5th-grade class. As a result, Aiden was the topper of the class in his new school as well.

At the Hunt Mansion, Aiden did not always have to walk on eggshells fearing retaliation. He was scared of Mr. And Mrs. Hunt, but they were busy people, so Aiden hardly met them. Once or twice, Aiden had to accompany Mr. Hunt on his election campaign. Before leaving, Aiden was clearly briefed on how he was supposed to behave and what answers need to be given. He had managed to do it properly, and Mr. Hunt was impressed. Other than that, both Mr. and Mrs. Hunt never bothered Aiden for anything else.

Dylan was a very prideful person. Belonging to a rich and powerful family had always bought a sense of pride in him, but having a person on his beck and call was a huge spoil. Aiden was giving Dylan total control over himself, and slowly Dylan had started to crave the feeling of ownership. It had become addictive to him. Whenever Aiden obeyed him, Dylan felt he had accomplished something great. He looked for ways and means to test Aiden again and again. He soon made Aiden do things just to see whether he would obey, like making Aiden massage his feet and legs. Aiden readily agreed, without questions.

Aiden had a sense of respect for the Hunt family as they had adopted a total stranger and provided him with all the facilities. Even his parents had not shown such concern for him, so he felt obliged towards them. He agreed to whatever they said as he thought he had to repay them for their kindness, but Dylan had started to consider himself as being Aidens master.

Now that Dylan had more time on his hands, he regularly called his friends home to hang out. Dylans friends first visit after Aiden arrived at the Hunt Mansion was humiliating, to say the least. Aiden had tried his best to stay in his room, but Dylans friends were eager to meet him as Aiden was a newfound entertainment for them. They had already deemed Aiden to be lower than them.?

Even Dylan couldn leave the opportunity to brag in front of his friends, so he made Aiden serve refreshments to him and his friends. When they played on the playground, instead of asking Aiden to join them to play, they asked him to fetch the ball for him. Aiden had always wished to play with other kids, but he had never expected it would be like this.

That day, Aiden could not complete Dylans assignments in the daytime, so he decided to stay awake at night, but he was so tired of running around the playground to fetch the ball, he didn know when he fell asleep on his desk.

The next morning, Aiden woke up when Dylan came to his room to collect his books to go to school. Aiden tried to tell Dylan that the work was incomplete, but as usual, he couldn . As a result, when Dylan returned from school, he was angry at Aiden.

Dylan had gotten used to Aiden doing whatever he asked him to, so Aiden not completing his work did not go well with Dylan. He felt like losing control over his possession, and he couldn allow that.?

He knew Aidens weakness. Aiden was scared of getting beaten and abused, and Dylan thought of taking advantage of this weakness.

When Dylan entered Aidens room looking furious, Aiden knew he was done for. For the first time, Aiden had to face Dylans wrath, and it was scary.?

Dylan threw his book at Aiden and asked, " Why didn you complete the assignment?"

Aiden was lost for words and quivered at the corner, wishing he could vanish into the walls.?

Dylan took it as another act of disobedience. The next moment he was beside Aiden and had punched him right on his face. Aiden was shocked at the intensity of the hit. He ended up on the floor, tears streaming down his eyes. He felt the wetness on his lip, and when he touched it with his fingers, it was bleeding. Aiden was a weak and frail boy, and his body couldn handle the hits from a strong and tallboy like Dylan.

Dylan yanked Aiden up from the floor and pinned him to the wall with his arm, and sneered, " When I ask you something, you respond. Do you understand?"

Aiden nodded, shaking his head vigorously.?

The lack of words angered Dylan, and he tightened the hold on Aiden, almost squeezing him. Aiden squeaked in pain, and Dylan spat, " Use your words."

" I-I u-understand, " whispered Aiden.

Dylan seemed satisfied and loosened the grip on Aiden, and he slid down to sit on the floor.

" I am asking again, why did you not complete the assignment?" asked Dylan.

This time Aiden was fast in his response. " I-I fell asleep."

Dylan gave Aiden a look of disgust as if he had made some big mistake." How dare you sleep before completing my work? Do you think your sleep is more important compared to my assignments?"

Aiden whimpered in fear and shook his head, but he suddenly remembered Dylan wanted a response, so he stuttered, " I-I w-was very tired."

" What did you do that you were so tired?" asked Dylan, confused.

"F-Fetching t-the ball for your game."

" Is that all? Are you so weak? Or Are you trying to imply its because of me?" Dylans tone seemed to have increased a pitch higher.?

" No, no, i-its not because of you. I-I don know how I fell asleep. I-I am S-sorry. I-I won do it again, " responded Aiden hurriedly.

Dylan was happy to hear Aiden begging, but he still thought of punishing Aiden so that he would think several times before disobeying him again. He said, " You ignored my work for your sleep, so as a punishment, you will be awake the whole night, even after completing my assignments."

Aiden was shocked and opened his eyes wide while Dylan continued,

?" Don think that you wouldn be caught. There are cameras in the entire mansion, including this room. I will be checking the camera feed tomorrow morning, and if I find you asleep even for a second, the punishment will be worse than this."

Aiden was almost in tears now. Before he could plead, Dylan was out of the door, whereas Aiden was contemplating whether to follow him or not. Finally, fearing getting a worse punishment, he decides to endure.?

That night was complete torture for Aiden. After completing the assignments, he was sleepy as it was already one at night. To avoid getting sleep, he decides to take a shower. After a shower, he felt like he was more sleepy. He didn have any source of entertainment like TV or phone, and reading books now was a big no.?

He looked around the room to search for the cameras location, but he couldn find it. Could Dylan have lied to him? But such a big mansion, obviously they would have hidden cameras everywhere, right? The feeling of uncertainty was even more unbearable.?

Never before had he got such a punishment wherein he would be deprived of sleep. Earlier, whenever he was punished, sleep was like a way out. It would give him relief from the pain. Now taking an extra beating felt a better option.?

Aiden checked the time, thinking it was nearly time for sunrise, but it was only 2 p.m. He was shocked. All this while he was pacing and moving around the room, and only one hour had passed.

He was pacing around his room, trying to avoid getting asleep, when suddenly he got an idea. He goes to his room balcony, checks for a camera, and finds none. Most likely, the balcony wouldn have a hidden camera as well.?

Aiden couldn control his sleep anymore. His face was still throbbing from the hit. Even his legs felt like jelly because of the five rounds around the race track his fitness Sir made them run at school. He decides to take the risk and sits down at the corner of the balcony hugging his legs. It was summertime, so thankfully, it was not very cold. Soon, he was fast asleep without realizing the troubles the new day was going to bring.

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