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Fear, control or love CHAPTER 9: Game of fear

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Warning:?This CHAPTERter contains cursing and mature themes such as violence and abuse(physical and mental) of a minor, which might be triggering. Reader discretion is advised.

The following day, Aiden woke up when cold water was thrown on him. He gasped and saw a furious-looking Dylan was standing in front of him.?

" You seem to like sleeping a lot," Dylan says, gritting his teeth. Though his words felt normal, it was meant to be sarcastic.

Dylan never expected Aiden to go against his orders blatantly. The submissive boy he had seen the past few months was missing. Maybe Aiden is getting too comfortable with this luxurious lifestyle. Indeed Dylan was too easy on him. Dylan felt like losing control over his possession, and he absolutely couldn allow that to happen.?

" Hadn I said you are not allowed to sleep? Do my words hold no value anymore? "

Aiden just shook his head, fearing the worst. He even forgot Dylan was expecting him to respond through words.

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