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144 – Spar

The middle-aged man with brown hair and gray eyes is Saham III, the king of Reio Republic and the beautiful woman sitting beside him is his queen, Celine.

There are two men and two women sitting below Saham III’s seat.

Of the two men, one man is tall, sturdy, and handsome, is about 32 or 33 years of age, and has somewhat swollen eyes, giving off the impression that he leads a hedonistic life.

The other man is tall and handsome, is about 25 or 25 years of age, and has a valiant and extraordinary temperament.

Of the two women, one is about 23 or 24 years of age with the figure of a top model, snow-white skin, exquisite facial features, long silver hair, and peerless beauty, looking like a fairy that came out of a painting.

The other is a tall young girl about 16 or 17 years of age with snow-white skin, neck length silver hair, and exquisite facial features, exuding a trace of pride and domineeringness.

The two men and two women are children of Saham III.

The eldest prince, Huck, is a good-for-nothing who spends his days picking up girls in bars.

The second princess, Hanani, is an international top model and a top star in the fashion industry.

The third prince, Selim, is handsome and valiant, young and promising.

He has been confirmed as the successor of the Reio Republic.

The fourth princess, Hasna, is the No.

1 beauty of Reio Republic Royal School.

“Master Cao, it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance! I am Saham III!”

When Cao Zhen reached the platform, Saham III stepped forward and greeted him with a smile.

Queen Celine and her four children as well as the important officials of the Reio Republic also stepped forward and greeted.

Cao Zhen responded in a neither servile nor overbearing tone, “The pleasure is all mine, your majesty!”

After an exchange of greetings, everyone took their seat.

Cao Zhen sat on a guest seat on the same level as Saham III’s seat, which is equivalent to being treated like a visiting head of a state.

Shu Feng’s group of five exchange students sat below Cao Zhen’s seat and looked curiously at the princes and princesses.

Hanani is an international top mode, only slightly inferior to Zhao Zixin in terms of looks.

But her figure is far more developed.

Furthermore, she has a mature and glamorous temperament, making her far more attractive to men than Zhao Zixin.

Liu Yang and Zhong Ming’s eyes were practically glued to her.

Huck’s eyes were deeply attracted by Zhao Zixin, showing the shade of greed.

Hanani looked at Shu Feng carefully, and the corners of her mouth rose into a slight smile, “So this is Shu Feng, the first seat freshman of Shuijing High School! He’s a bit handsome!”

As the second princess of Reio Republic and an international top model, Hanani has seen countless talented elites.

The excellent man who pursue her are numerous like a school of silver carps moving down the stream.

Among the five exchange students of Shuijing High School, only Shu Feng and Zhao Zixin caught her eye.

“I am Sebar, a sophomore of Reio Republic Royal School, I would like to swap pointer with a student of Shuijing High School in terms of spirit martial arts!”

A 1.9 meter tall young man with braids, a sword scar on the face, and a valiant temperament jumped onto the middle of the grand arena, looked at the five exchange students of Shuijing High School on the platform, and spoke loudly.

“I am Liu Yang, a sophomore of Shuijing High School! I will fight you!”

Along with a whistling sound, Liu Yang shot down from the platform and nimbly landed on the ground like a goose feather, revealing excellent lightness skill.

Shu Feng mused, “This guy’s lightness skill is pretty good.

It seems that I have cultivate a lightness skill.”

After returning from the Realm of Erosion, Shu Feng has been cultivating the Sun Moon Scripture.

After all, the cultivation base is the foundation of a cultivator.

However, palm techniques, blade techniques, fist techniques, lightness skills, and other martial skills also have to be cultivated so that the combat power is pushed to the limit.

A burly man walked to the grand arena and said in a deep voice, “I am Hage, I shall be the referee.

The spar ends when one side admits defeat.

At the same time, you cannot seriously injure or kill the opponent.

Otherwise you will lose.”

This is not the Tree of Dreams.

If you are careless, it won’t be strange if you die or are seriously injured during a spar in the grand arena.

This requires a strong referee to preside over the spar and rescue the participants when necessary.

Hage stated, “Start the match!”

Sebar roared and stepped forward.

As if cunning snakes, his fist shot towards Liu Yang from unimaginable angles.

What he performed was Spirit Snake Fist, one of the seven great fist techniques in the Reio Republic.

Once Spirit Snake Fist is cultivated successfully, the person’s joints can make all kinds of incredible changes, such as the elbow bending by 360 degrees.

“But that’s all!”

Liu Yang laughed and surged with spirit force, and his palms broke out with red light as if red jade and shot towards Sebar.

Liu Yang’s spirit martial art is called Red Jade Palm.

When it is unleashed, his palms will become as tough as fine iron as well as contain terrible heat.

When Sebar’s fists collided with Liu Yang’s palms, as if burned by a soldering iron, he retreated briskly.

Even though they were protected by a spirit force membrane, but his hands were still burned and surged with intense pain.

After exchanging a few moves, Liu Yang broke through Sebar’s defenses, slammed him palm into Sebar’s chest, and sent him flying.

Hage said indifferently, “Liu Yang won!”

Sebar clutched his chest with a hand and strode down the grand arena, an unsightly expression on his face.

Saham III smiled faintly and said, “Sebar is one of the best students of Reio Republic Royal School, yet he still lost.

Shuijing High School is indeed a place full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.”

Cao Zhen smiled, filled with confidence and pride: “As one of the best cultivation institutions in the world, Shuijing High School is naturally a place full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons.”

Sitting aside, dean Suksa raised his eyebrows, yet didn’t say anything.

It is a fact that Shuijing High School is recognized as one of the best cultivation institutions in the world.

Compared to Shuijing High School, Reio Republic Royal School is nothing at all.

Saham smiled and said nothing.


Hasna snorted coldly, and her pretty eyes flashed with disdain.

“Who else wants to fight me!”

Standing in the middle of the grand arena, Liu Yang looked around and said this proudly.

Exchange students of Shuijing High School go to study all over the world.

Their purpose is to spread the reputation of Shuijing High School, so they naturally can have as high profile as they wish.

The students who distinguish themselves will receive course credit and focused nurturing after they return to Shuijing High School.

As for the students who are defeated, they naturally won’t get a high evaluation, nor will they get course credits.


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