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Chapter 10 – Promenade Hotel (10)

Yan Wei saw Gao Ming’s expression and knew that his guesses were correct.

These two people were different from the beginner players who didn’t know anything.

Since entering this instance, Gao Ming had always been quite calm; he didn’t react as extremely as the others, and he was also the first player to put forward the idea of the ‘stairs’ being an abstract concept.

As if he knew from the very beginning that the ‘stairs’ were not related to the physical stairs in this hotel, Gao Ming didn’t even linger on the stairs like the other players.

Although Sun Shi wasn’t as skilled as Gao Ming in clearing the instance, he had let slip the phrase ‘life-saving item’.

That alone was enough to show that Sun Shi wasn’t a beginner player.

The surrounding corridor was quiet and eerie.

With portraits and mirrors scattered along it, a cold light was reflected.

Yan Mingguang stored away his knife and wordlessly sat down.

He showed no response to Yan Wei’s words, as if he was really the one who had instructed Yan Wei to ask.

Gao Ming pushed up his glasses nervously.

Yan Wei spoke very casually, “Whether this is a virtual game or a life and death instance, as long as there is an order in entering it, it is normal to have old players.

But I seem to remember the tower saying that players will enter the next floor after clearing the first one So why would there be old players on the first floor And you two also…..don’t seem to want us to know”

His light brown eyes stirred, and he raised the corners of his thin lips slightly.

His voice was clean and clear.

Yan Wei spoke as if he was just chatting with a friend.

Once he was done saying that, he even gracefully picked up a napkin from the table and dabbed away the sauce stains on the corners of his lips.

Following that, he pulled out a wet tissue from his pocket and wiped the corners of his lips again.

As Gao Ming watched him do this, he gradually lowered his vigilance.

A moment later, Gao Ming sighed, “Since Yan Mingguang saw through us, it probably wouldn’t be long before the rest of you realise it too.

Yes, Sun Shi and I are not beginner players.

We are players who have descended the tower.”

Yan Mingguang raised his eyes.

A hint of surprise flashed across his face.

Yan Wei blinked a few times, his thick eyelashes fluttering.

He murmured, “…..Players who have descended the tower”


If we can leave this instance alive, you will find that this tower is in fact a complete world.

It even has a lifestyle area and an entertainment area for players to live their lives.

Life there is almost the same as the world in which we came from.

You can also redeem things using the points you have accumulated and make anything come true…..I’ve gone off topic.

Anyway, the most important thing is that the tower is very balanced.”

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“There are three basic rules: Ascending the tower, descending the tower and betting.

Under the tower’s rules, the floors do not need be ascended one by one.

If a player is confident enough in their abilities, they can directly skip a number of floors—-This is called ascending the tower.

As for why Sun Shi and I are in this instance, it’s because we descended the tower.

Starting from the second floor, in addition to stairs that go up, there are also stairs that go down.

If a player finds the descending stairs before they die, they can leave the instance alive, but the instance would be deemed as a failure and the player would need to enter a lower floor and clear that instance again.

The number of floors you descend depends on the degree of failure in that instance.

Whether it is ascending or descending the tower, it would increase the difficulty of the instance.”

Yan Wei snorted silently.

Even if it was descending the tower, they were still old players who are more experienced and skilled than the beginner players, and both ascending and descending the tower resulted in an increase in difficulty.

This was disadvantageous for the players originally on this floor.

This so-called balance, it was in fact where the weak are sacrificed by the strong.

He glanced at Yan Mingguang and this time Yan Mingguang spoke up, “So you failed to ascend the tower and appeared here on the first floor”

Yan Mingguang’s tone was extremely light, and his voice was layered with some coldness.

Gao Ming didn’t dare dally and quickly nodded, “Yes, I am actually a second level player.

Although I have experience in two or three instances, my abilities are very ordinary.

When I failed to ascend to the third floor, I was fortunate enough to find the descending stairs to escape and dropped two floors.

Sun Shi should also be the same.

He probably got lucky in one of his earlier instances and got an item there which allowed him to escape the art studio.”

His eyebrows twitched, “And betting…..”

Gao Ming took off his glasses and massaged the bridge of his nose.

He seem to be very troubled, “Starting from the second floor, if the difficulty of the instance is much higher than the floor’s original difficulty—–This is usually as a result of too many ascending and/or descending players, and the tower determines the players in the instance to have a chance at surviving, it would broadcast it live to the entertainment area of the tower’s world and start a round of betting.”

Betting …..Interesting.

Yan Wei silently smirked.

Gao Ming continued, “If an instance starts the live broadcast and betting, players in the tower’s world can choose to bet with their points on whether the instance would be successfully cleared.

The winning players would be given the right to choose their next instance while those who lose would be randomly put into an instance selected by the least number of people—–Generally speaking, it would be the most difficult one.

Betting can be addicting, but there are also many players who lose their lives trying to take advantage of this shortcut because the instance was too difficult.

“What about the first floor……..”

“This is why I didn’t want you guys to know.” Gao Ming cleaned his old-fashioned, black-rimmed glasses with a troubled expression, “You should hear the notice now.”

Before Gao Ming’s final words could fall, the tower’s notice sounded in Yan Wei’s mind.

[Because you have already come to know about the world inside the tower, the remaining functions of the information panel will be activated.

You can now enter the market, betting interface etc.

through this panel.]

[Detected that the player has found out the tower’s rules as well as the market and betting interface in advance.

You receive a bonus reward: Physical stat 1 point, Sensory stat 1 point.

At the same time, to ensure instance balance, the difficulty has been increased.]

[Detected that the difficulty of the instance has exceeded the limit.

Current instance will now activate betting.

Players in the instance with access to the betting interface can also participate in betting.]

At this moment, the same notice sounded in everyone’s minds.

[A notice to all players.

The difficulty of the instance has increased.]

[The location of the instance is Promenade Hotel.

The duration has been shortened to three days.

There are currently two days left in the instance.

If the stairs are not found before midnight tomorrow night, this instance will be considered as a failure.

The restrictions on the ghosts in the instances has been reduced and the possibility of triggering a death condition has increased, but the probability of an item being dropped is conversely higher and the clearance reward has doubled.

Please search for clues and do your best to survive.]


In the entertainment area of the world inside the tower, at the casino.

Under the dazzling golden lights, three-dimensional projections hovered in the air —– They were live broadcasts of various instances whose difficulty had exceeded its original settings due to various circumstances.

In the projections, a skeleton pierced through a player’s heart, a pale-faced pâtissier made a blood-red cake using a player’s internal organs, a waterlogged corpse…..All sorts of bloody and gruesome scenes were being broadcasted.

The players who were not in an instance passed under those projections, searching for high-difficulty instances worth placing their bets on.

Someone suddenly fell to the ground with an ashen face, “I lost the bet…..I’m doomed.

I was assigned into a level nine instance! But I’m just a level five player….What do I do….Why did I bet that these players would clear the instance! No one can clear such a difficult instance like this!!!”

Suddenly, an empty space in the air fluctuated slightly and a new instance live broadcast projection screen appeared.

—–It actually turned out to be a super-difficult level one instance!

“What’s going on A new high-difficulty instance has triggered the betting stage And it’s even a level one instance”

“It’s probably because too many players have descended to that floor.

I recognise that player! He’s called Sun Shi, we’ve cleared an instance together once.

He’s definitely not a beginner player.

But most of the players in the level one instance are beginners.

With the stakes raised, it would probably end up with everyone annihilated……”

The person who had just lost the bet rushed over with bright eyes.

Without any hesitation, he decided to bet all the points he had on this instance, “I bet that this instance will be failed! A high difficulty beginner instance, how could they possibly clear it……I will be able to change back to a simpler instance!”



After Gao Ming explained everything, he looked at the raised difficulty of this instance with a look of resignation.

But the Yan Wei he wanted to protect and take care of conversely didn’t feel any distress.

Instead, he alone studied the information panel with interest.

Please read this from kk translates

A moment later, Yan Wei’s eyes curved into a crescent, and he selected a button on the information panel and asked, “After I select this privacy option, would the betting projection at the casino no longer show my perspective and also mosaic out my face”

His eyes were bright and his expression carefree.

The desire to take on the challenge was written on that beautiful face of his.

Gao Ming was stunned for a moment.

He then finally nodded, “Yes, but…..if we clear the instance, players who have not turned on the privacy function will also get rewards from the casino.

By turning it on, although no one will know your circumstances, it doesn’t benefit you.”

“Why wouldn’t it benefit me Gao Ming, when the difficulty increased and the tower rewarded me with a point, what do you think that point is used for”

Gao Ming froze for a moment.

A few seconds later, he suddenly realised something, “It’s a hint for the player to place their bet!”

“When you give up the reward of leaving the live broadcast from your perspective on, it would at the same time make the people watching the broadcast know nothing about us—–Knowing nothing means that they wouldn’t place a bet on us successfully clearing the instance.” Yan Wei smiled, “If I bet that the instance can successfully be cleared, the rewards from this would be a lot more than simply turning on the broadcast.”

Without any hesitation, he used the single point he was given to place a bet on the option that they would successfully clear the instance.

Yan Mingguang also did the same without saying anything.

After that, Yan Wei calmly patted Gao Ming’s shoulder, “Thank you for telling me this.

I promise that I will bring along more than just an increase in difficulty…..I’ll also increase the reward several folds.”

The young man slowly stood up and gathered together his windbreaker.

There was a faint smile lingering on his lips.

It was as if this increase in difficulty that made other players pale and fearful didn’t affect him at all.

His eyes were bright with confidence.

“Let’s go.” Yan Wei raised his brows, “Lets go to the hospital.”

Gao Ming for a while couldn’t take in this sudden change in Yan Wei.

Even when the three of them arrived at the hospital, Gao Ming still wasn’t able to return to his senses.

After entering the hospital, Gao Ming then watched Yan Wei pretend to be a deliveryman and converse with the security guard for a while.

After getting some information, Yan Mingguang knocked out the security guard and Yan Wei then proceeded to put on the security guard’s uniform and chat with a new intern doctor.

It didn’t take long for Yan Wei to change from a deliveryman to a security guard to an intern doctor before gaining access to the archive room and obtain access to the clues in there.

Gao Ming as dumbfounded, “W-what are you…..” He had originally thought that since he could somewhat be considered a veteran player with experience, he should take care of Yan Wei!

He was a little ashamed, “I have been fooled……..”

Yan Wei just silently smiled.

He copied the important documents and said unhurriedly, “The instance time has shortened, and we only have thirty hours left so we have to quickly find the key clues.

This hospital indeed holds an important clue.

The hotel owner—–That is, the painter of the portraits, was previously under the care of a psychiatrist ten years ago here at this hospital.

The photocopier let out a whirring sound as medical files were copied and printed out.

Yan Wei picked up the medical file from ten years ago first.

Next to him, Yan Mingguang slowly spread open the painter’s self-portrait and placed it next to the medical file.

The man in the portrait was exactly the same as the picture of the patient in the medical file.

“This painter came to this hospital to see a psychiatrist.” Yan Wei went through the pages and summarised, “He said he had a mental disorder.

He was originally a very talented painter and the portraits he painted all seemed to contain life.

Coupled with his pursuit of perfection, every painting of his was very delicate and intricate.

He made a lot of money from his portrait paintings and even opened a hotel for the sole purpose of displaying his paintings.

But one day, for some unknown reason, this ability of his seemed to have disappeared.

He could no longer draw eyes that seem almost life-like in his paintings anymore…….”

And so, the painter began to fall into frenzy.

He came to the hospital for treatment, took various medications, and even specially hired a psychiatrist in this hospital to give him psychological counselling at his hotel every few days, but nothing seemed to work.

On the contrary, his condition seemed to be getting more and more serious and he could no longer draw eyes the way he used to.

Yan Wei turned to the second last page.

The diagnosis written also mentioned that the patient’s condition was getting worse.

But on the next page, which is also the last page, on July 3rd ten years ago, the painter had recovered.

“This…..” Gao Ming was surprised, “The day before it was noted that the condition was getting worse, but the last page says that he has completely recovered What…..”

Yan Wi had a vague guess in his mind, “He suddenly found a way to draw the eyes and at the same time, that is, on July 3rd ten years ago, the psychiatrist who treated him also disappeared.”

Yan Wei looked through more pages—–He was looking for the doctor’s information.

An identification photo was pasted on the upper right corner of the document.

It was a photo of a woman with braids and a white coat smiling gently at the camera.

And her appearance……

It was identical to the completed painting of a female doctor they saw in the top floor art studio!!


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