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Chapter 13 – Promenade Hotel (13)

The dim light amplified even the smallest of sounds and even the small dust particles in the air were visible.

Yan Wei could clearly hear his own breathing stop.

He looked at the ‘Yan Mingguang’ sitting next to the bed.

After staring intently at him for a while, he was finally able to see his face in the dim light —- There was no face.

The moment he realised this, a cold sensation once again enveloped him, surging into his brain.

The thing sitting next to the bed was very keen.

Yan Wei only hesitated for a short moment but the ‘Yan Mingguang’ in front of him slowly raised his head and smiled, revealing a blood-stained mouth.

This thing used Yan Mingguang’s voice.

It was airy and soft, “You found out……..”

The more dangerous it was, the calmer Yan Wei was.

He could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

His blood seemed to be rushing madly around his blood vessels, but his mind was calmer than ever at this moment.

He moved his finger slightly and his gaze hardened before he quickly reached out and grab Yan Mingguang’s hand under the blanket, passed by that dirty thing and rushed off the bed, “Yan Mingguang, run!!!”

The moment he grabbed his hand, the person lying beside him also rolled off the bed, moving quickly and swiftly.

The man’s hand was warm, but Yan Wei could feel the palm was a little cold.

By the bed, the faceless ‘Yan Mingguang’ didn’t move.

Only his neck turned to look in their direction and the smile on his face seemed to grow even bigger, revealing more of the bloody teeth.

Yan Wei dragged Yan Mingguang towards the door.

Many thoughts flashed through his mind.

As soon as he was about to reach the door…..


Yan Wei retracted the foot he was about to use to kick open the door, turned around, released the hand holding Yan Mingguang and then raised his foot and violently kicked away the person behind him!

As soon as he did this, Yan Wei could clearly feel the improvement in his physical abilities.

Despite his hurried state, the kick he did just now was a lot stronger than any of his kicks from before he entered this tower.

Behind him, the Yan Mingguang who should be very skilled didn’t manage to react and was kicked a few steps back by Yan Wei before falling onto the ground.

Yan Wei breathed heavily.

He stood by the door and looked into the room with one hand in his pocket, reaching for the small dagger he had prepared during the day.

A few steps away, the Yan Mingguang who had been dragged out of bed and then kicked onto the ground slowly supported himself up, “Yan Wei, what are you doing”

The ‘Yan Mingguang’ sitting by the bed slowly stood up while grinning viciously.

The Yan Mingguang who had just got up from the ground spoke with his cold voice, “Let’s go.”

Yan Wei took out his dagger, leaned against the door and tensed his body with vigilance.

His earlier tensed expression was more relaxed now.

His thin lips moved slightly before forming a smirk.

“Go where” He looked at the two Yan Mingguang’s in front of him, “You’re all fake.”

The thing sitting by his bed didn’t hide itself from the very beginning and immediately revealed its terrible, blood-stained face as soon as Yan Wei noticed that something wasn’t right.

But the person lying next to him was quiet the entire time —- Yan Wei initially thought it was because Yan Wei was already awake and was just lying there unmoving but as soon as he grabbed his hand, he realised that something wasn’t right.

All the features of the thing lying beside him was identical to Yan Mingguang and it also had a human’s body temperature as well the thickened skin at the tips of his fingers but there was one thing it was missing —– The black ring given to each player to access the information panel.

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The person lying beside him wasn’t Yan Mingguang either!

While they weren’t going to do anything for now, Yan Wei quietly touched his black ring and glanced at the information panel.

The immortal state was still active.

He had guessed right.

It wasn’t dawn at all.

It wasn’t even midnight.

Yan Wei tightened his grip around his dagger and hooked up the corners of his lips, “Aren’t you going to get rid of this illusion It should be fake from the very beginning.

Whether it is the person sitting by the bed or the person lying beside me, they’re all fake.

Just like the studio last time, it was just used to confuse me, disrupt my thoughts and make me run into the painting.

There must be a painting placed at the door that I cannot see, waiting for me to run in myself.”

The illusion this time was the same as the last one.

If he fell for it and ran into the painting, it would be difficult for him to preserve his life.

Although it wasn’t midnight yet and he could still live after entering the painting, in the chance that he couldn’t find a way out and it passes midnight, he would be in trouble.

After he finished voicing his observations, the thing that was standing by the bed laughed a few times.

The laughter was sharp and malicious, and it sounded like a rather high male voice.

The next moment, the surroundings changed.

The faint light entering the room suddenly dimmed and the sky returned to a dark night.

Everything in the room gently rippled before revealing the room’s original appearance.

—–The art studio!

Turns out this was what the instance meant by reducing the restrictions on the ghosts.

Yan Wei wasn’t in room 5 at all.

At some unknown point in time, he was transferred to the art studio on the top floor.

In front of him, the other ‘Yan Mingguang’ he had kicked away earlier was gone and was replaced by an eyeless young woman in a formal dress.

Yan Wei glanced at the closed door behind him through the corners of his eyes and saw a painting stuck to the door as well as a coded lock.

It was clear that the door would not be able to be opened by just turning the doorknob.

The faceless fake Yan Mingguang also revealed his true appearance.

It was a man covered in blood.

Both his eyes had been dug out, revealing two bloody cavities.

The expensive suit he wore was also completely stained with dried blood.

Despite the terrible appearance, Yan Wei recognised this ghost’s identity just based on his nose, mouth and face shape.

It was the painter.

The painter who had dug out the eyes of the woman in the long dress on their first night here.

The painter who was once an object of envy now stood before him covered in blood, staring viciously at him.

His dark voice drifted over, “Since you’re not leaving, give me your eyes.”

Before his words faded, several eyeless women in the paintings moved and came out.

Their feet hovered slightly off the ground as they floated towards Yan Wei.

Under the quiet moonlight entering the studio through the window, Yan Wei could only see his own shadow.

He however didn’t move.

His grip around his dagger tightened slightly but his expression as very calm, “If you can dig out my eyes, why did you have to wait until now”

The eyeless women stopped in place and the painter’s terrifying face froze.

Their reactions confirmed Yan Wei’s guess.

He relaxed slightly and continued, “You have restrictions.

You cannot kill me, so you are resorting to something like this to trick me.

On the first day at this hotel, it was you who had targeted me wasn’t it”

Seeing that Yan Wei wasn’t falling for his trick, the painter with empty eye sockets let out a furious roar.

His voice also turned deeper and more terrifying, as if it was filled with bloodthirstiness.

“So what if I have restrictions Yes, I can’t kill you, but you also can’t get out.” The painter sheered, “Trapped in here, you will eventually starve to death.

Why don’t you give me your eyes…..Give it to me…..I will paint even better looking eyes……”

Yan Wei turned back, tore off the painting on the door and threw it to the ground.

He then proceeded to examine the coded lock.

Having determined that the ghosts would not attack him, he stored away his dagger and used both hands to carefully examine the lock.

This was a number combination lock and the lock itself was thick, so it wasn’t possible for one to cut through it.

There were three dials which were currently all set at ‘0’.

That is to say, the password was three digits, and each digit could be any number between zero and nine.

There was also a small confirmation button next to the dials.

He probably had to press that after correctly entering the password in order to open the lock.

The painter snickered darkly, “Of course, you can also try and unlock the door, but you only have one chance……As long as you turn those dials and enter the wrong code, I will no longer have any restrictions……”

“And I can dig out your eyes…….Such beautiful eyes.

They are simply the best I have ever seen.

Oh yes, that man with you also has beautiful eyes.

I want it all…..I want all of it hahahahaha!!”

Yan Wei’s eyes stirred slightly.

Only one chance

In other words, if the hotel they are in is considered a complete instance, he had probably solved the previous problem but had also triggered a side task along the way.

He only had one chance to unlock this lock in front of him.

If he turned it to the correct code and successfully unlocked it, the crisis tonight would pass, but if he made a mistake, the final restrictions holding the ghosts back would be removed and the painter would naturally go and dig out his eyes.

In the art studio, the bloody man with hollow eyes was still repeating lowly, “Give me your eyes! Give it to me…..I can paint the most perfect painting…..Eyes……..”

Yan Wei glanced at his information panel.

There was still one hour and four minutes left of his immortal state.

He silently stared at the lock for almost a minute and then proceeded to lightly chuckle despite this terrible environment.

“A three-digit password where each digit could be any number between zero and nine—-That’s ten numbers, so that means that there are a thousand possibilities.

It takes me about three seconds to enter a password so it would be fifty minutes for a thousand passwords.

In fact, I could try it one by one since you can’t kill me anyway, but it’s too stupid wasting my time like that.”

“You don’t seem to believe that I will enter the right password.

Let me guess why you are so certain.

This lock is a restriction for me and also a restriction for you so that it is fair, but for things like passwords, nonsensical guessing is entirely based on luck.

With a thousand possible answers, the chance of guessing it correctly is basically only one in a thousand.

This fairness is completely imbalanced.

Since that is the case, the number is most definitely not a random number.”

Under the moonlight, the painter’s bloody face that was mostly obscured seemed to twitch slightly.

He glared at him resentfully.

The mirth in Yan Wei’s eyes deepened even further.                                                                          

The rapid heartbeat pushed the blood all throughout his body.

Despite his vigilance, he wasn’t nervous and was in fact a little excited.

Not only was he not afraid of such a dangerous situation, but he also seemed to have also set free his rebellious and devil may care nature

He held the lock in one hand as he looked at the terrible ghosts in the room, “Since it is unlikely a random number, then there should be a pattern or a clue.

This is usually contained in the information that I already know.

We didn’t encounter any number related clues on the first day, and we found some dates in the archives on the second day; July 3rd from ten years ago.

There is also another possibility.

The guest rooms were numbered from room 1 to room 5, but the studio wasn’t numbered.

If it was labelled, it should probably be room zero on the fifteenth floor.

Based on these clues, the password should be either 703 or 150.”

The young man’s fingers were placed on the button to confirm the password and he seemed to be ready to turn the dial to enter the code as his clear voice echoed through the spacious studio.

Under the cold moonlight, Yan Wei and the painter both hooked up the corners of their lips.

Yan Wei’s eyes moved slightly, and his light-brown eyes were filled with confidence.

The painter’s blood-stained mouth twitched, revealing a disturbing smile.

“You are currently very happy, because you think that I am going to enter 703 or 150 and will die, isn’t that right You want to see me press it Don’t worry, I will do that, but before I leave, I have to do one other thing.”

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Yan Wei smiled and turned to face that creepy thing in the room.

He placed the lock back down, put away the small dagger and strode towards the painter with his hands tucked in his pockets.

The painter seemed to have ground his teeth before his hoarse voice rang out, “Hahahahaha!! Too afraid to try it and coming here to give up your life instead”

Yan Wei rolled his eyes.

He had always been very suspicious over why the painter had also lost his eyes.

Everything happens for a reason.

Would the painter be eyeless for no reason Yan Wei felt that it was very unlikely.

While his immortal state was still in effect and with the painter right in front of him, it was a good opportunity for him to search for clues.

Just like that, he directly walked up to the painter and, enduring his mysophobia, he reached out and grabbed the painter’s hand that was stained with dry blood with a look of disgust.

Since he had already directly touched the ghost, the ghost naturally no longer had any restrictions preventing him from killing Yan Wei.

The painter chuckled darkly and then violently stretched out in attempt to dig out his eyes.

—–But nothing happened.

Yan Wei’s brows were almost stuck together as he endured his disgust.

He however persisted and examined the painter’s entire body.

The painter roared, “Why aren’t you dead! You touched me so I can kill you! I should be able to kill you!!!!”

“Don’t bother trying.

Fatal injuries don’t work.

You seem to only be able to dig out eyes Every time you dig it out, you also dig out some of the brain.

A fatal injury like that won’t work on me.” After he was done studying the hand, his gaze moved up to carefully examine the painter’s hollow eyes.

“Just a little longer.

I’ll be done soon.

I won’t be able to defeat you tomorrow, so I have to make the most of today.”

Painter: “……….”

While the other party was silent, Yan Wei carefully studied him all over.

The painter’s hands were already extremely dry and wrinkled but it could still be seen that although he may have had some strength in it when he was alive, it was more on the slender side.

As for those two hollow eye sockets, the edges of it were irregular and it didn’t look like it was cut out using a sharp object.

On the contrary….it seemed more like it was dug out by hand and there were even some brain matters gathered there.

The eye was clearly dug out with force and without hesitation.

As there didn’t appear to be any other wounds on the painter’s body, he probably died from his eyes being dug out.

“By the way, did you dig your eyes out yourself”

The painter didn’t answer him.

He just repeatedly mutter, “I want to dig out your eyes….use your eyes to complete my painting….I want to dig out your eyes…..”

Yan Wei: “……..” Seemed to have gone stupid.

He had checked everything that he had to check and there was no longer any reason for him to stay.

He mentally noted all the details and then returned back to the door.

“703 or 150” He asked.

As Yan Wei’s hand picked up the lock, the painter jeered, “Open it……open it…..Once it’s wrong, your eye is mine, mine, mine…..”

Yan Wei let out a low laugh.

His laugh echoed a few times in the spacious art studio.

In such a gloomy place, his mocking laugh actually sounded even colder than the painter’s voice.

The next moment, Yan Wei who had only said the numbers 703 and 150 a moment ago didn’t touch any of the dials and instead directly pressed the confirmation button!!

The painter’s expression instantly stiffened.

The code was still 000, but the lock clicked and opened just like that!


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