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Chapter 16 – Promenade Hotel (16)

In the corridors on every floor, the arms stretching out from the paintings gradually became stained with blood.

Thick, dark blood flowed from the paintings, falling onto the ground below.

Much of the wall was also stained by the blood but it seemed to have avoided the floor-to-ceiling mirrors that were interspaced between the paintings.

The blood-stained paintings and corridor were reflected in those mirrors.

The smell of blood emanated out.

Sun Shi finished his breakfast in the restaurant and then got ready to go upstairs with the diary.

The elevator for some reason continued to show that it was stopped at the underground floor.

After waiting for some time, Sun Shi decided to take the stairs instead.

The entire hotel was filled with a dark and treacherous air.

A rotting smell as well as the smell of blood filled the air, and he could also faintly hear the women in the paintings seeking out eyes.

Sun Shi walked through the ground covered in thick, black blood, his footsteps making a soft squelching sound.

The stairwell was very dim.

Sun Shi quickly ran up the stairs with the notebook he had found at the art exhibition held tightly in his arms.

He panted heavily.

Just as he was about to reach the top of the stairs, a cold breeze brushed past his neck.

His entire body stiffened.

He suddenly felt something lightly pat his shoulder.

Sun Shi quickly turned to look back.

Behind him were the dim stairs he had just passed through.

Apart from the thick, black blood slowly following down the stairs, there was nothing else.

He breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly turned to go up the remaining set of stairs.

Amid the sound of his heavy breathing, his gaze turned back to look at the emergency exit nearby—-

A woman’s face with dark and empty eye sockets suddenly appeared before him!

The woman was dressed in a western style gown.

She smiled at him with her mouth slightly open, revealing her teeth that were covered in thick, black blood.

Those hollow eye sockets seemed to be looking right at him.

“Ah, eyes…..You have eyes…..Why don’t you give it to me……”


Sun Shi quickly retreated several steps.

He lost his footing and directly from the stairs, tumbling a few times down the stairway.

Thick black blood immediately stained his entire body.

Sun Shi didn’t pay any attention to this and hurriedly got back up.

The eyeless woman in a western style gown slowly descended the stairs and approached him.

She continued to ask for his eyes.

Although she was moving, there were no sounds of her footsteps.

Sun Shi was an experienced player who had descended the tower.

Seeing that he was just about to reach the fifteenth floor, he immediately understood that he had to get past this woman to be able to reach the art studio.

He took out the weapon he carried with him and charged towards her.

This ghost wasn’t very strong.

Sun Shi managed to injure several critical areas, but he eventually noticed that something wasn’t right —– This person from the painting had no heart.

Despite all those injuries, only black blood flowed out; she couldn’t be hurt at all.

Behind him, another eyeless woman had appeared.

She similarly repeatedly asked for his eyes.

Sun Shi gradually lost his strength.

During his act of waving his weapon around, the diary in his pocket had fallen out.

While he bent down to pick up the diary that was instantly stained by the black blood, he unexpectedly found that the eyeless women in front and behind him had suddenly come to a stop.

The two women both revealed horrified expressions.

They no longer paid any attention to Sun Shi and instantly disappeared before his eyes.

Sun Shi was both stunned and overjoyed, “They’re afraid of this diary This thing must really be the key to finding the stairs.

Since Yan Mingguang and them don’t want to come with me, they can just die here…..”

As he held the diary while covered in black blood, even the blood flowing past his feet flowed around him.

They seemed to be afraid of even coming into contact with him.

Sun Shi arrived at the art studio without much difficulty.

The studio was very quiet.

The blood outside didn’t affect the studio at all.

The eyeless portraits were still scattered across the floor but there was no black blood in the room.

Sun Shi was overwhelmed with glee.

He eagerly ran over with the notebook in his hands.

“Just fill in the eyes…..There are probably several thousand paintings in this room.

If I casually draw them, I should be able to finish before sunset….”

He looked around, found some tools and a chair, placed them before an easel and sat down.

He hurriedly moved to fill in the eyes of the eyeless portrait before him.

He only needed to draw the eyes; it didn’t matter how well it was drawn.

In just a few moments, he was done with several paintings.

Very soon…..This instance which had been even more terrible than any of the instances he had been in would soon come to an end…..

Sun Shi was overjoyed.

He hastily threw aside a completed painting and picked up another one to work on when he suddenly heard a hoarse and gloomy voice sound beside his ears.

“What are you doing”

Sun Shi subconsciously looked over.

Beside him, a man covered in blood hovered slightly above the ground.

His head was tilted slightly as his hollow eyes quietly faced him.

The man’s expression was filled with so much anger such that his bloodied face was particularly terrifying.

There were so many eyeless women coming out from the paintings but this one was actually a man!

Moreover, with Sun Shi’s increased sensory stats gained from clearing several instances, he could tell that this eyeless man was a lot stronger than any of the other ghosts he had encountered! He wasn’t this man’s opponent at all.

Sun Shi immediately panicked.

He threw away the drawing tools in his hand and turned to run of the studio to escape from the man.

Seeing Sun Shi run out, the painter smiled surly.

That smile only made his originally bloodstained face look all the more terrifying.

He had only just turned around but Sun Shi for some reason found himself tripping over something, He fell to the ground.

The painter bent down and stretched out his hand towards Sun Shi who was still trying to crawl away from him.

His angry voice echoed in the empty studio, “You ruined my perfect painting! Damn you! Give me your eyes to make up for that—–!”

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The last scene Sun Shi saw was the man’s filthy hands reaching towards him and swiftly…..plunging into his eyes!!!


In the underground floor, the corpses of two players as well as an aged skeleton laid in the gym.

The mirrors in the gym scattered a pale light and the faint voices of the women upstairs could be heard every now and then.

Yan Wei stood before the skeleton.

He had one hand seemingly tucked casually in his pocket, but he was in fact gripping tightly onto the small dagger hidden in there. 

He raised a brow, “Have you two noticed that the smell of blood seemed to have gotten a lot stronger”

Yan Mingguang nodded, “Mhn.”

“Something must have happened upstairs.”

Gao Ming also stood up.

He looked at Yan Wei somewhat anxiously, “We now know the way to find the stairs.

Should we go”

Yan Wei’s gaze moved.

He gripped tightly onto the dagger with one hand and used the other hand to pull out his coin from his pocket.

While in thought, he tossed the coin several times.

When they approached the skeleton just now, perhaps it was because their resentment before their death was too strong, they were directly affected by it and saw memories belonging to this body from when they were alive.

This skeleton —– That is, the female doctor who treated the painter, had become attracted to the painter while she treated him and subsequently got together with him, but what she didn’t expect was that the painter who was obsessed with painting would eventually discover the solution to his illness and that was to dig out another person’s eyes.

As long as the painter dug out someone’s eyes, he could draw the same eyes in his painting.

The feelings between them were nothing compared to the painter’s obsession.

In the end, the painter lost his mind and dug out the doctor’s eyes, successfully completing the portrait of the female doctor in the process.

After this, the painter went mad.

In order to complete his paintings, he even dug out his own eyes in the hotel he ran, ending his life in the process.

Moreover, after the painter died, because of his strong obsession with completing his paintings, he turned into a ghost that wandered around in this hotel in search for eyes.

And as for the female doctor, her grievances from losing her eyes still remained.

She wanted her eyes back.

In the information the three of them received, the female doctor told them that as long as they found her eyes and gave it back, the painter’s obsession from before his death would lose its meaning and all hostility and resentment in this hotel would dissipate, returning everything to normal.

As long as that obsession as gone, everything would be over.

“…..From the information I got from this skeleton, “Yan Wei blinked lightly, his eyelashes casting a faint shadow under his eyes, “her eyes are probably hidden in the studio.”

Gao Ming nodded and rubbed his hands quite excitedly, “Yes! But the painter can move around through his paintings.

We will have to lure the painter out of the art studio in order to search for the eyes.

She also told us that the painter values his paintings a lot.

As long as we do something to the paintings, including casually filling in the eyes, the painter would definitely become enraged and rush over.

We however must ensure that we don’t die before we lure the painter out.

That painter is very strong.”

Yan Wei raised a brow, “Then we just need to find a way be able to both remain alive and lure the painter out.

It should be fine as long as one of us goes in to search for the eyes.”

Gao Ming continued to nod his head eagerly, “In that case, this instance isn’t actually that difficult.

We just needed to find the right clues.

As long as we followed the right path, everything is quite simple…..”

Yan Wei narrowed his eyes.

His eyes which were as bright as stars were calm and rational at this moment, completely different from how it was when he smiled.

He tightened his grip around the dagger in his hand and his body tensed up.

If you looked closely, you would notice that he was in a state where he was ready to act at any moment.

He muttered to himself, “Yes, it’s very simple, but it’s also too simple….”

An instance that would activate the betting stage could really be cleared just like that

Everything seemed to be explained.

For his obsession, he had killed his lover and bound himself to this place.

As long as they found the body and eyes and returned the eyes to the owner, all the grievances would be resolved.

But why didn’t the attendant clean up the bodies of the two players on the thirteenth floor Why were the dolls a death trigger for them And the conditions of death were also completely different to that of the woman in the long dress Why…..

Gao Ming was already immersed in the joy of finding the key clue to clearing the instance, but Yan Wei felt that something didn’t seem right.

He even felt that the situation seemed to be getting more and more dangerous and his body had subconsciously entered a state of vigilance.

Yan Mingguang glanced at Yan Wei.

It was unknown how many times the coin had been tossed.

Finally, he closed his fingers around the coin that sat in his palm.

The cold metal sensation travelled from the centre of his palm.

The low temperature cleared up his mind.

Yan Wei contemplated, “In any case, there shouldn’t be anything else here.

Let’s go to the top floor.”

Yan Mingguang, “Mhn.”

Gao Ming naturally followed without another word.

The three of them went back to the elevator and saw that the elevator had always been stopped on their floor.

Without needing to wait, they got on and directly pressed the button for the fifteenth floor.


The elevator reached the fifteenth floor and the heavy doors slowly opened.

Only now did Yan Wei understand the origin of the strong bloody smell.

He could only endure his mysophobia and stepped out.

The three of them slowly walked across the ground covered in thick, black blood, carefully avoiding the bloody hands sticking out from the paintings on both sides.

The corridor at this moment was completely different from before.

With his forehead covered in cold sweat, Gao Ming pushed up his glasses and said, “We only stepped away for a moment and everything became like this.

Those hands were still clean when we left…..Can’t the blood flowing out also cover those mirrors.

All those reflections of those blood and arms are just too haunting.”

Yan Wei who was walking in the middle suddenly stopped and looked back at him.

Gao Ming was taken aback, “Why are you looking at me”

The young man’s eyes stirred slightly.

Blood was everywhere around them, even on the soles of their shoes.

In a setting like this, Yan Wei’s pale complexion appeared even more pale.

“I think that,” Yan Wei actually raised the corners of his lips and this time, his smile reached his eyes, “you have reminded me of something important.”


Up ahead, Yan Wei suddenly threw his short knife.

It cut through the air and instantly flew towards a blood covered eyeless woman who had appeared at some unknown point in time.

The moment the eyeless woman appeared; the short knife accurately pierced straight through her hollow eyes!

The eyeless woman let out a sharp scream and she then quickly disintegrated into small shreds of paper.

Yan Wei still didn’t move.

From the moment he got out of the elevator, he had felt that the environment was somehow a little strange.

He clearly knew how dangerous the hotel was at this very moment, but he didn’t pay any attention to that.

At this moment, he looked at a mirror.

“Yan Wei Aren’t you going The studio is just ahead.” Gao Ming urged.

Yan Wei looked ahead.

His eyes just happened to meet with the eyes of his reflection in the mirror.

He blinked, but he only saw his reflection staring ahead, unblinkingly.

Yan Wei blinked again — Sure enough, the reflection in the mirror didn’t blink!

He then looked at the Gao Ming’s reflection in the mirror.

Similarly, Gao Ming’s reflection didn’t blink!

“Yan Wei, are you going”

It was Yan Mingguang calling out to him this time.

The man’s calm and steady voice passed through the bloody scene, as if it was spoken casually.

As the man spoke, he quickly walked through the blood and arms stretched out from the paintings and swiftly picked up his knife.

As soon as he picked it up, another eyeless woman suddenly appeared behind him.

Yan Mingguang straightened up, turned around and swung his knife, instantly stabbing the woman through her hollow eyes.

In a blink of an eye, there were several more eyeless women in the corridor.

As soon as Yan Mingguang was done with one, more eyeless women appeared behind Gao Ming.

The arms stretching out from the paintings also reached out towards Yan Wei who stood in the middle.

Yan Wei had always been in a state of high vigilance and his senses that were keener than ordinary people allowed him to instantly sense the oncoming danger.

He immediately turned, pulled out the dagger from his pocket and forcefully stabbed it into one of the outstretched arms.

Gao Ming shouted, “What should we do! These monsters seem to be growing in number.

If we don’t quickly find the stairs, they would probably overwhelm us! Let’s go to the studio and try the method described by the dead female doctor.

We should try and lure the painter out of the room and search for the eyes.”

A human’s strength was limited, but the number of ghosts seemed to be endless.

If they didn’t quickly find the stairs, they would definitely be overwhelmed.

In just a short moment, Gao Ming who was weakest in combat abilities had already sustained a wound on his arm.

He let out a painful grunt but gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything.

“Are you okay”

Gao Ming’s entire face was almost completely twisted together, but he nodded, “I’m fine.”

“I just noticed that our reflections in the mirrors don’t blink.

Our eyes seem like they’re dead in there.

There must be something going on with the mirrors.

Let’s go!” Yan Wei retracted his gaze and tightened his grip around the small dagger in his hand, “Let’s go to the studio first.”

Yan Mingguang immediately stepped forward.

As he dexterously passed through the blood and eyeless women, small shreds of paper floated to the ground.

Yan Wei constantly avoided the outstretched hands, cutting some of their fingers off with his dagger from time to time.

Even his windbreaker was stained by the thick, black blood.

At some unknown point in time, his cheek had been scratched by one of the arms.

Warm blood rolled down his cheek, falling onto his scarf.

In such a sorry state, the blood on his face actually made his delicate features appear even more attractive, much like a cold beauty.

It was completely different from the soft and gentle image he usually had.

The corridor was long and narrow, but more and more ghosts continued to appear.

The entire corridor was filled with danger but when they passed by room 1, the situation inside the room appeared to be extremely quiet.

They passed room 1 and, with Yan Mingguang opening up the way, they finally arrived before the art studio.

Like room 1, the door to the studio was open.

All the chaos and blood in the corridor didn’t seem to affect the studio and it was equally quiet and calm inside.

The three of them looked in from outside the door, only to see the room filled with paintings just like before as well as Sun Shi’s body lying on the ground with his eyes gouged out.

They had originally planned to directly enter, but the moment they saw Sun Shi’s body, Yan Wei’s feeling that something wasn’t right intensified.

He hurriedly stopped in front of the door and called out to similarly stop Yan Mingguang and Gao Ming, “Wait!”

Sun Shi’s expression was still frozen in fear.

He seemed to have encountered something terrible before his death.

Next to him was a relatively new looking notebook.

It was unknown what was written in there.

They didn’t enter.

Yan Mingguang turned back and dealt with another wave of eyeless women who had rushed over.

Yan Wei panted slightly as he leaned against the door of the studio.

He turned his head to examine Sun Shi’s body inside the studio and asked, “Gao Ming, can you tell when Sun Shi died”

Gao Ming was similarly shocked by the sight, “From the body and the amount of blood, he should’ve only died recently!! But we have to go in….”

Since he had only died recently, it meant that the seemingly peaceful studio was actually more dangerous than the corridor!

“Should we go in and try the female doctor’s method” Gao Ming asked.

The female doctor had said that by doing something to the paintings to incur the painter’s wrath and luring him out, they would be able to find her eyes in the studio and put an end to the grievances.


Yan Wei stared at Sun Shi’s body.

There were still several paintings scattered beside him with eyes crudely drawn.

It was clearly something done by Sun Shi.

Sun Shi had also done something to the paintings not long ago, but Sun Shi was now dead.

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He felt that the clues from the art exhibition were either useless or incorrect.

The matter of eyes being dug out to complete the paintings and also the matter of the painter binding himself to the hotel due to his lingering obsessions seemed to have an explanation.

But the corpses that hadn’t been dealt with, Sun Shi who died in the studio, the painter who had similarly died from having his eyes dug out, the blood that didn’t stain the mirrors, the reflections that didn’t blink, and the three corpses that had died at different times in the gym…..These things circled around in Yan Wei’s mind for a moment before finally merging into a completed network.

Some thoughts gently formed in his mind.

Yan Wei immediately grabbed onto them!

He took a deep breath and quickly asked Gao Ming, “Do you remember when the player who stayed in the same room as you went to the bathroom”

“Huh” Gao Ming supported his arm and thought for a while, “It should be about ten or eleven o’clock in the evening Before we went to bed, I checked the time.

It was nine o’clock at the time.

After sleeping for a while, I needed to go to the bathroom and had been holding it in the entire time, so I had always been paying attention to the time.”

Yan Wei slowly revealed a look of realisation.

He quickly restored his expression and calmed himself back down.

He shouted at Yan Mingguang who was fighting off a ghost, “Yan Mingguang, don’t you smoke Give me one, I want to smoke too.”

Yan Mingguang who was dealing with a ghost, “No.”

Yan Wei, “…….”

Although he said no, as he stored away the knife in his hand, he took out a cigarette and threw it over.

Gao Ming was confused, “Smoke Shouldn’t we hurry and move those paintings You….If you really want to smoke, I can go in first After all, I’ve been relying on you the whole time and should at least contribute….”

“No.” Yan Wei caught the cigarette thrown over by Yan Mingguang and leaned his head against the door frame, “Sharpening your axe will not delay your job of chopping wood.

Before we go in and use the method mentioned by the female doctor, I’ll have a smoke and mentally prepare myself.

Why are you only giving me a cigarette Where’s the lighter”

The last two questions were naturally directed at Yan Mingguang.

The man who was doing the most work fighting against the ghosts wordlessly threw over his lighter.

Yan Wei raised his hand to catch it, placed the cigarette in his mouth and casually flicked open the lighter.

The young man’s features were quite in line with classical oriental aesthetics, and he was also someone who appeared to be well behaved at first glance hence resulting in Gao Ming’s innate desire to protect him even though he wasn’t familiar with him.

With a face like this holding a cigarette in his mouth, it really didn’t fit his image.

As if he was really trying to relax himself, he flicked the lighter a few times and slowly brought the flame closer towards the cigarette.

His expression was originally quite tense.

He seemed to be attempting to calm himself down with much difficulty and even the cigarette continued to tremble in his mouth.

Just as the flame was about to light the cigarette—–

Yan Wei’s light brown eyes flashed, and his expression changed.

With a twist of his hand, he suddenly bent down, picked up a portrait and lit it with the lighter!

The next moment, he threw the burning painting into the studio with great force together with the lighter.

The lighter instantly shattered in the room, scattering the flammable fuel inside.

In an instant, fire spread across the entire art studio!!

Gao Ming was shocked, “What the hell, why are you burning the studio! Aren’t we supposed to find the eyes in there If the eyes get burned, we’re doomed!”

Inside the studio, the flames quickly spread through all the paper paintings.

The blood-stained painter appeared from one of them, his stiff face filled with anger, “Who! Who burned my paintings! I’ll kill youuuuuu!!!”

“I know the truth of this instance now.

I’ll tell you about it later.” Yan Wei didn’t have time to explain it to Gao Ming.

He turned and grabbed Gao Ming’s arm and ran.

At the same time, he shouted at Yan Mingguang, “Run!! Hurry up! There are fewest ghosts in room 1, let’s go to room 1 first!!!”


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