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The three characters “Yan” illuminated the fill-in panel.

It was especially dazzling in a space surrounded by darkness.


[The information of the best player in the instance Hotel Promenade — code name Yan — has been recorded.

Players can check this record in the information panel.

Please note that the following instance entered by the best player may have one of the two following situations: The probability of the whole instance dropping props increases by 10%, or the probability of the difficulty of the whole instance rising increases by 10%.


Accompanied by the faint and eerie voice of the prompt, the dimly lit “Yan” floated into his screen and remained on the section for the best player record.


The fingertips of Yan Wei’s right hand groped for the black ring on his left index finger.

The corners of his mouth gently lifted.




Yan Wei witnessed the power of the whip prop Yan Mingguang obtained in the end.


He has also seen the result of an instance’s difficulty increasing.

Besides Yan Mingguang, Gao Ming, and him, the other six people who entered died in the instance.


These two possibilities were essentially two polarities.


Half hell, half heaven


Yan Wei withdrew his gaze from the best player information and carefully scanned the data and the obtained prop Skeleton Eyes.


The surrounding darkness slowly melted into bright colors as though it was fading.


The tone of the prompt changed.

A high-pitched voice replaced the gloomy and erratic voice.

It was like a cheerful child was talking.


[Welcome to the world inside the tower!]




At the casino


Recently, although many new players have been introduced into the tower world, the number of instances to open the casino has also increased rapidly.

One bet projected after another.

Still, compared to the player base of the world and the frequency of the instances taking place, not many instances open the casino.


Players were crowded under the projection of each bet.


There was currently a first-floor instance projected in the casino, whose probability of success has soared from 3% to 100%.


“How long has it been that an instance that opened the casino had such a desperate counterattack”


“Originally, the probability of a first-floor appearing in the casino was extremely low, and now the probability of success has risen by 97%… it’s a record.

If it’s recorded in the endless stele1, the organizations in the central area may notice it.”


“I lost the bet… I won’t be able to meet the people who survived the instance.”


“You still want revenge The newcomers can achieve a counterattack of 97%.

You think you’d be able to decide if they were in the same instance level as you And, the remaining players have turned on **2 mode.

You won’t know who they are.”


“What are you afraid of I’m not the only one who wants to find them and I’m sure I’m not the only one who wants revenge.

Once the evaluation results of the best player releases, those organizations won’t be idle.”




A handful of players stared at the black projection and kept silent.

Some looked gloomy, panicked, and remorseful.

Others even opened their mouths and scolded angrily.


Several minutes later, the projection screen, which had been silent for quite some time, slowly revealed a paragraph.


[The first-floor instance Hotel Promenade has ended.

Initial number of players in the instance: 9.

Final number of players who survived: 3.

Final number of players who cleared the instance: 3.

Since the instance triggered the casino mechanism, has far exceeded the difficulty limit, and has been completely unraveled, this instance will be recorded in the endless stele of the central area.

All players in the tower are welcome to review it at any time.]


[Best player of this instance: Yan]


Under the pure black background of the projection were three bright red letters that seemed to have been written with blood.

The strokes were smeared around.

It was like an endless dark fire burning in the dense night.


Lin Zhen’s dark red eyes were enchanting and treacherous.

He licked the corner of his lips.

The smell of blood remained on his mouth where he had bitten his fingertips.


With his backhand, he gently stroked the dark longbow behind him.

Dressed in black, Lin Zhen watched the code name for the best player slowly fade.

When the betting scene dissolved, he turned around and lifted his foot.


Jiang Xiu raised his hand to block Lin Zhen and asked, “Where are you going”


Lin Zhen turned his head and admired Jiang Xiu’s exasperated look from top to bottom.


He slowly chuckled and said, “Of course— to find this ‘Yan’.

It should be the strong silver-haired man, right”


Yan Wei thought that after exiting, he could immediately examine the world inside the tower, which Gao Ming said was no different from the real world.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the surrounding light had just emerged, he was forced to sleep and rest by the tower mechanism.


When he woke up, he found that he was lying in a newly decorated and spacious apartment. 


The floor-to-ceiling windows introduced light into the living room.

Outside the window, the skies were clear.

The early sun hung obliquely towards the East.

Fragments of gold light seeped through the living room, its slightly bright shine dripping into Yan Wei’s eyes. 


Yan Wei blinked and watched the birds quickly pass by the window, slowly pulling away from drowsiness.

He was lying on the sofa at the moment with his side soaked from the sun.

His skin was slightly warm.


The empty and bloody eyes, the raging fire burning paintings, and a skeleton shattered from the fire…


Yan Wei sat up and looked down at the black ring on his index finger, confirming that none of this was a dream.


This is the world inside the tower.

This apartment is the residence that Gao Ming mentioned before, which is automatically obtained after entering the tower.


Yan Wei quietly stared at the coffee table in front of him.

Suddenly, he stood up and raised his foot before slamming down.

With the added strength to the physical index from the instance, the coffee table was neatly divided into two halves.


But within a moment, the split coffee table instantly returned to its original condition.


Yan Wei understood.


This is the residence arranged for them by the tower, a place to settle down, a place to rest during the buffer period, and… a place to bind players.

The things here are unable to be destroyed.

Players can live here forever but can’t leave completely.


He wanted to observe for a little longer when there was a sudden knock on the door.


“Yan Wei It’s me, Gao Ming.

Are you there Is the address right… This should be the address based on the information displayed for friends…”


Yan Wei received a free dark gray windbreaker from the mall panel.

The windbreaker immediately appeared in front of him.

He took off his blood-stained windbreaker and wore the new one, opening the door.


Gao Ming stood anxiously at the door.

With his right hand raised, he habitually pushed up his glasses.

Seeing Yan Wei appear, his eyes lit up, “I thought you were out, but luckily.

Do you have any other plans If not, there’s a place I want to take you to.”


Gao Ming lifted his hand to pull Yan Wei.

Yan Wei evaded sideways but still kept up with Gao Ming’s footsteps.


The residence given to them by the tower were all apartments.

It was one building after the other.

The intervals between the doors of each room were wide, and the corridors were large.

The two were able to walk out without bumping into any players.


With this kind of design, if the players didn’t want to, it was impossible to be disturbed by other players.


They walked to the door of the apartment.

Yan Wei saw the sky and all kinds of high-rise buildings that were no different from the real world.

He then said, “You were worried that I’d go out first.

What happened outside”


It wasn’t a question but instead an affirmation.

Gao Ming, who had already experienced his ability to speculate, continued to lead the way.

Gao Ming turned his head to look at Yan Wei and spoke slightly fast, “It doesn’t count as what happened.

Let’s walk while we talk, but I didn’t expect… Follow me first then ask again.”


Yan Wei chuckled lightly, “You’re in a hurry, and you won’t cheat me.”


Although Gao Ming is limited in his ability, he endured the pain of getting his eyes gouged out alive to stop the boss at a critical juncture.


“To make it a long story short, I’ll introduce some basic things to you first.

You can discover it yourself during the instance buffer period.

What I know is the most basic information.

All the facilities between the tower and the real world are basically the same.

There’s livelihood, entertainment, and practice abilities gained from copies.

Except for the supernatural abilities players have such as props, physical strength, perception, and so on, which is impossible to have in the real world, the only difference is that we…” Gao Ming unfurled his hand, “We have no control over our own life and death.”


Yan Wei looked up slightly, staring ahead at the towering stele that soared into the sky.


The stele seemed so far away from them, but it was clear that the edges were particularly sharp.


A purely white bird glided across the azure horizon, overlapping with the misty white clouds as though it were infinitely bright.

But none of the light seemed to radiate on the dark stone.

It appeared close at hand yet was just out of reach.


“Control life and death It’s more about choosing life and death rather than controlling.” Yan Wei smiled sarcastically and casually raised his hand at the stele, “What is this”


When he was inside the instance, the tower explained everything clearly.

Yet when it came to the world inside the tower, there was no cue for these things.


Gao Ming replied, “This is the root of all our troubles.”


Yan Wei became interested, “Tell me about it.”


They strode past apartment buildings and commercial streets that were indistinguishable from the real world and stopped in front of a bus station.

Yan Wei noticed a confrontation between players at the street corner, but it was just a bit of hands-on.

It seemed the world inside the tower still restricted players from killing each other.


Gao Ming had already begun to explain, “This matter is very complex, but is simple to explain.

We opened the gambling house— this is known in the instance.

I originally thought that at most, it was just some people betting and nothing else.

But this time, when I left the instance, several players who had been with me before were beating around the bush about whether I had gone to an instance called ‘Promenade Hotel’.

I felt that the time I entered and exited the instance was a bit identical.


After I denied it I quickly inquired about what happened and took a glance at the instance record of the casino.

It was then that I found that the world inside the tower has not had an instance set to a super-high difficulty for a long time.

The casino mechanism once judged that our probability for success was 3%.

Eventually, you and Yan Mingguang cleared the stage.”


“It’s us.” Yan Wei corrected him, “It was the three of us who cleared the stage.


Gao Ming was stunned, smiled a bit sheepishly, and pushed his glasses several times.

Then, he grabbed the corner of his clothes and said, “Okay, take me with you to the next floors3.

In short, the gambling mechanism followed up with a ratio of losing to winning bets for Promenade Hotel.

The people who bet that we’d fail accounted for 99.6% of the bets.

This bet was even recorded on the endless stele.

That is the stele you see which records classic and difficult instances.


As soon as the code name for best player came out, people who paid attention to this instance started searching for Yan… I don’t know whether it’s you or Yan Mingguang.

I feel like the code name is suitable for both of you.

Anyway, some of these are organizations that want to recruit newcomers, others are–”




Gao Ming stared blankly and opened his mouth, “How did you…”


Yan Wei gently gathered his windbreaker, took out his customized swallow coin, and threw it gently in his hand, with endless thoughts buried in his light brown eyes.


He chuckled softly, “Because after most people make a wrong decision, the subconscious reaction will always be criticizing the incentive that made them decide.

Not the ones who ultimately bet themselves.

Most people who want to find Yan belong in this category.”


“The place you’re going to take me is related to this matter”


“Ah, yes,” Gao Ming nodded fiercely, “The bus station of this world sends a bus every ten minutes.

After getting on the bus you arrive instantly.

I want to go to the wine district with lanterns4 in the entertainment district through this station, where dragons and snakes mingle5.


Yan Wei caught the dropping coin after he tossed it multiple times.

He closed his eyes, his voice holding no hesitation, “It’s a good place to know all kinds of channels and news.

You want me to understand these things as soon as possible and sort out the pros and cons.

In this way, if I’m found, I can also know how to deal with the solicitation of the so-called organizations in this world or other careful retaliations.

I can even decide whether to take the initiative to expose the information.”


Gao Ming sighed, ”For the next instance, players who haven’t entered an organization are at a disadvantage.

Although the tower stipulates that players are unable to kill.

If someone hated was discovered, those middle and high-level players could make it impossible for a low-level player to exit the instance…”


It was too easy.


The cold wind blew, causing the hem of Yan Wei’s windbreaker to flow lightly.

A faint shadow fell in the inclined sunlight.


A dark bus stopped quietly in front of the station with a breeze.


“Here we are.

Let’s get on the bus.”


Yan Wei stayed still.


As soon as his eyes were fixed, he raised his hand and stopped Gao Ming, who was waiting to step forward.


He asked, “Why didn’t you bring Yan Mingguang along”


Gao Ming answered, “I sent him a message through the black ring, but he told me he couldn’t go…”


Yan Wei raised his chin slightly and did an exquisite arc in the warm light.

He glanced at his friend’s address information, the corner of his mouth hooking up, “Yeah, right.” He turned around with both hands in his pockets and walked towards the station.


“There are many things he says he won’t do.”



Twenty minutes later, in the world inside the tower, lantern wine district


One bar after another was lit up in the clear skies, and the rock music was deafening.


Yan Wei accompanied Gao Ming, slowly followed by Yan Mingguang, who wore a black hoodie with a hat to cover his silver hair.

The three of them walked into the largest bar of the lantern wine district.

FootnotesA stone tablet.

Chinese steles typically have characters engraved into them.I believe this means censorship mode where the player can input a code name.

I’ll leave it there just in case I’m wrong.If you were confused (like I was for a bit), Yan Ming included him with the people who cleared the first floor.

Gao Ming was basically being told that he wasn’t useless and contributed to getting the clearance.

I think it’s a silent confirmation that Yan Ming will allow Gao Ming to follow him into the future floors, hence why Gao Ming replied like this.MTL kept calling it the light wine area (燈酒區) but apparently 燈 can also mean lantern so I decided to stick with that instead of “wine area with lights”. “龍蛇混雜” An idiom that directly translates to “there were snakes and vipers creeping around among the dragons — the high and low were mixed together”.

It means there’s a mix of good people and scumbags.


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