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Chapter 2 – Promenade Hotel (2)

Blood that still carried warmth splattered onto the attendant’s face and body.

Red drops of blood slowly rolled down his face, falling onto his pure black tuxedo.c

The colour couldn’t be seen on the tuxedo.

One could only see the areas stained by blood become a shade or two darker.

The attendant however just smiled again, “Guests, please come with me to the restaurant.”

A scene like this was clearly something the players saw for the first time.

Many of them were already bending down vomiting.

Only the man leaning against the front desk raised his eyes calmly and indifferently, as if nothing had happened just now.

It was Yan Wei’s first time seeing something like this too.

He felt that he should also show disgust or fear like the rest of them, but he found that he wasn’t afraid of something like this and was instead even calmer than before.

Before appearing here, the mysterious ‘tower’ had already said it.

Death…..could happen at any time.

Something like this would most certainly happen more than just this once.

He cannot die.

He will be the one who survives this place.

He will survive and find a way to get out of this tower.

At this moment, the attendant had already turned and walked down that corridor.

The silver-haired man with glasses followed without any hesitation.

Someone whispered fearfully, “We might die if we don’t follow him……”

“Do we have to go……”

“Let’s go…..I-I don’t want to die yet…….”

Several people had already hesitantly followed.

Yan Wei’s mysophobia reared its head the moment he was done thinking.

He looked at the blood stains in front of him, frowned, and then averted his eyes and quickly walked around it.

The rest of them saw him do this and only thought he was scared.

They only briefly glanced at him and followed the attendant.

 Shuffling footsteps sounded one after another.

Yan Wei also followed the group.

That headless corpse was left lying in a pool of blood.

No one attended to it.

As the attendant led them along the long corridor towards the restaurant, he said, “Please remember the way, I will only take you there once.

In the next few days, you will be going around the hotel on your own.

Along the way to the restaurant, you can appreciate the hotel’s decorative paintings.

You will most certainly like them.”

After that, the attendant ignored the players reactions and walked ahead.

The eight people who were still alive followed at a distance behind him.

It wasn’t long before they realised that the attendant didn’t care about what they talked about.

They introduced themselves to each other and slowly began to start talking.

“There are a lot of oil paintings hanging on the walls.

There must be at least a hundred here.”

“These paintings are so beautiful…..”

“We need to look for ‘stairs’.

Could it be one that’s in the hotel Stairs going to another floor or stairs in a painting”

“But the paintings are all of people.

There’s nothing else…….They’re all portraits of women”

Among the players, a woman in a long floral dress stood in front of a portrait, “These paintings are so realistic, especially the expressions and eyes.

‘She’ looks like she’s really smiling at me.”

As she said that, she subconsciously raised her hand, as if she wanted to touch that oil painting.

Just as Yan Wei wanted to raise his hand and pull that woman’s death-seeking hand away, another cold voice suddenly sounded, “If you don’t want to die, don’t touch it.”

The person who spoke was Yan Mingguang—-It was the silver-haired man Yan Wei had noticed earlier.

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When everyone introduced themselves, he only walked indifferently on the side and said his name and nothing else.

It was as if he held no interest towards these temporary ‘teammates’.

Yan Mingguang originally looked indifferent, and his voice was also cold and distant.

When the woman in the long dress was warned by him, she was so frightened, she immediately withdrew her hand.

A while later, she timidly grumbled, “…..Jeez, it’s not like a painting can kill us.”

Another player immediately discouraged her, “It’s better to be careful……That attendant also mentioned an art exhibition just now.

There might actually be a problem with the paintings.”

Another person added, “Does the instance on this floor have something to do with paintings”

“Whether or not there is a problem with the paintings isn’t certain, but that attendant seems……a little strange” Yan Wei said with his back to the other players.

His lips were hooked up but he spoke in a very cautious tone, “Completely not like a human……”

The expressions of the others changed.

A young man called Gao Ming raised his hand and pushed up his old-fashioned black-rimmed glasses, “He really isn’t.

It takes about 300 kilograms of force to break a person’s neck and not only that, from the looks of this attendant’s body and skin, he should already be dead.

He is just a bloodless corpse.”

As soon as those words were spoken, several of the players gasped.

Yan Wei’s footsteps stopped.

He turned around and glanced at the calm-looking Gao Ming, “How did you know You’re not afraid of him…..”

Gao Ming sighed helplessly, “I’m alright.

I’m a forensic doctor and have seen plenty of dead people that cannot move.

This is however my first time seeing one that can move.

Everyone should stay away from that attendant.

You never know what will happen to you……..”

Yan Wei blinked a few times.

He said in a small voice, “……Who said you must say away from things that aren’t human”

Those words were spoken very softly, but Yan Mingguang seemed to have heard it.

His eyes stirred and his cold and indifferent gaze moved towards Yan Wei.

There was a faint look of surprise in those eyes of his.

Gao Ming was surprised, “What did you say”

Yan Wei chuckled lightly, “Nothing.”

If you can survive by just hiding and avoiding, then this so-called instance would be completely meaningless.

If the ‘tower’ really wanted to kill them, it could do it very easily without making it so complicated.

The attendant shouldn’t exist just to kill them.

Since he has entered this instance, there were only two things he needed to do.

Firstly, to live.

Secondly, to do everything he could to find the ‘stairs’ mentioned by the tower and leave this instance.

As of now, it was not known what the ‘stairs’ are but if you just waited around passively, finding those ‘stairs’ would be as hard as ascending to the heavens.

Yan Wei already had a plan—-The instance only said that they cannot disobey the NPC, but it didn’t say that they couldn’t communicate with the NPC.

What they must do was to try and not step on the attendant’s bottom line, not avoid him completely.

The attendant walked ahead without looking back.

He had already created a large distance between himself and the players who weren’t following closely behind him.

Right now, the attendant just happened to turn a corner.

Since he and the attendant had already turned the corner while the others were still on the other side, he should act now while the others couldn’t see them.

He seized this opportunity and quickened his pace so that he was next to the attendant.

The attendant didn’t seem to notice his approach and just continued to walk ahead with a smile on his face.

“Excuse me, sir,” Yan Wei spoke up in a chatty tone, “these portraits here…..”

The attendant stopped abruptly.

He turned his head and looked darkly at him.

The bloodstained face was quite scary.

It was as if he would suddenly reach out and break Yan Wei’s neck the next second.

Yan Wei didn’t back away.

The attendant didn’t speak.

He hadn’t stepped on his bottom line.

He similarly stopped and then casually pointed at a portrait behind the attendant.

He spoke very quickly, “Very pleasing to the eye.” He paused for a moment.

Feeling that it wasn’t enough, he added, “Just as pleasing to the eye as you.”

“……….” The attendant’s stiff face seemed to twitch.

Afterwards, the attendant regained his professional smile.

His low voice was a little higher this time, “Of course.

Our boss’s paintings possess the rarest spiritual energy in the world.”

Yan Wei raised a brow.

These paintings were all portraits of women.

Although the brushstrokes weren’t anything special and even a little amateur, the portraits were very realistic and lifelike.

“Your boss” Yan Wei knew that he might have arrived at something important.

He slowed down his tone and asked amicably, “Is that the owner of this hotel”

“Yes, but he has devoted all his life to painting!” The attendant seemed to be very proud, “It’s like he was born to paint.

The portraits he paints are more realistic than any master painter! These are only his early works; they don’t reflect even one tenth of his true skills.”

The attendant’s hoarse but high-pitched voice lightly echoed through the corridor.

Facing the attendant, Yan Wei glanced at the mirror behind using his side vision only to see that there was only himself and the portrait reflected in there.

This kind of scene made the narrow corridor feel even stranger.

There seemed to be a cold wind blowing from somewhere.

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Yan Wei felt a little cold.

He tugged at his scarf, bowed his head, and buried his chin in it.

He noticed that the attendant had specially emphasised the two words ‘early works’ so he asked, “Early works Did his skill improve even more afterwards”

The attendant looked at him and paused for a moment before slowly speaking up, “Of course.

He later drew even better looking portraits.” The attendant’s tone grew deeper as he stared at Yan Wei, “As good looking as you.”

Yan Wei had been praised for his appearance many times since he was a child, but for the first time he felt that those words seemed to contain some hidden meaning.

As soon as the attendant finished saying that, he suddenly broke out in cold sweat.

He felt that there was something behind him staring at him.

He immediately turned and looked back but there was only the portrait of a woman behind him.

That portrait was the same as the other portraits; the colours were bright but harmonious and the woman in the painting wore a gorgeous western-style dress as she looked ahead with a smile on her face.

Those eyes that seemed to contain life seemed as if it was looking directly at Yan Wei.

The moment Yan Wei saw ‘her’, she actually met Yan Wei’s gaze and her dark eyes suddenly…..


Because of this sudden change, the woman’s smile grew stranger and stranger.

On both sides of the long and narrow corridor stood floor-to-ceiling mirrors which faced and reflected each other.

Positioned like this, these mirrors also reflected the portrait countless times.

At this moment, Yan Wai saw it……These countless reflections also blinked at the same time.

But the next moment, everything seemed to have returned to normal and everything was at a stand still again.

All the portraits hung quietly on both sides of the wall with an occasional floor-to-ceiling mirror interspersed between them.

The players walking behind were still looking around cautiously.

They didn’t seem to have noticed anything different.

It was as if everything just now was just Yan Wei’s imagination.

But he had already seen through it.

Behind Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang who saw Yan Wei look back spoke, “They’ve targeted you.”

Yan Wei was stunned, “What did you see”

“Didn’t see.” Yan Mingguang stopped by a wall and slowly leaned against it, “Guessed.”

Having just faced a crisis, Yan Wei didn’t bother acting in front of Yan Mingguang.

He stored away his panicked and fearful expression and stared at the portrait for a while.

He hooked up his lips and muttered to himself, “…….Interesting.”

The attendant’s words at the end just now…..The feeling he felt behind him…….

He had elicited out some clues and it triggered some conditions

If that was the case, the hotel owner mentioned by the attendant who is good at painting portraits must be an important clue.

Yan Wei calmly recalled the attendant’s words just now.

He then turned around and quickly approached the short-haired woman carrying a satchel who was closest to him.

With a faint smile, he borrowed an eyeliner pencil and lipstick from the other party.

After borrowing them, Yan Wei quickly walked ahead to a place that couldn’t be seen by the others and roughly scribbled the lipstick over his cheeks and randomly drew near his eyes with the eyeliner, making those originally beautiful eyes of his look much like panda eyes.

Once done, he once again caught up with the attendant walking ahead.

“Excuse me, sir!” He shouted.

The scrawny attendant turned his head back mechanically.

The moment he saw Yan Wei’s face, his entire emanciated face seemed to twitch a few times.

Yan Wei saw the attendant’s reaction and spoke even more confidently, “Thank you for complimenting me saying that I am just as good looking as your boss’s pai——-”

“No!” The attendant almost hastily interrupted him.

He looked at him and growled through gritted teeth, “Such ugly eyes!! How could it be compared with boss’s skill level!”

Yan Wei went even further.

Donning this messed up face, he grinned at the attendant.

The attendant clenched his fists.

His face distorted and he looked at Yan Wei through the corner of his eyes.

He was clearly very angry.

The moment the attendant said this, the feeling of being stared at from behind was suddenly gone.

The pressure behind Yan Wei had slowly dissipated.

The portrait that blinked no longer showed any abnormalities.

The next moment, the gloomy voice belonging exclusively to the ‘tower’ sounded in his mind.

[Congratulations, you have successfully cleared the first death trigger and acquired a time-limited instance buff.]

Yan Wei’s lips hooked up.

[Congratulations, you have acquired the time-limited buff ‘Attendant’s Dislike of your Appearance’.

Expiration: Midnight tonight.]

Yan Wei’s lips twitched.

…..This thing could also be called a buff

[Very regrettably, because you have harmed the attendant NPC’s eyes, you have also acquired the instance debuff ‘Attendant’s Disdain’.

Please do your best to survive.]

Yan Wei: “……”


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