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Once they were inside, the light outside disappeared, and the red and green lights flickered in the darkness.

The music mingled with the faint sound of rolling dice.


Gao Ming found a relatively central seat and sat down first.

He whispered, “There are all kinds of organizations the players built themselves in the tower world.

The tower mechanism generated some facilities and buildings.

And some, similar to this bar, are opened by those organizations to earn invitations.

Over time, it has become the most well-informed place.

After all, everyone has it.”


Invitations were tickets used to enter levels.

After each player clears a level, they will get several or more invitation letters for the next level difficulty.

Yan Wei also received second-floor invitations after completing the first level.


Each invitation will lead to an instance, which may send out dozens of invitations or only one.


Players can normally select an instance according to the few words on the invitation.

As long as the player signs their same on the selected invitation, the player will be dragged into the corresponding instance.


Since the invitation letter has given a certain degree of flexibility in choosing instances, it naturally became a currency-like existence in this world.

Although most of the circulating invitations are normal difficulty levels, with easy-difficulty levels unable to be found, it was still possible to choose an instance.


The more invitations you have, the greater the possibility of choosing an instance that is beneficial to you, and the circulation of invitations will become common.


The three of them took a seat.

Several players in the surrounding tables were unable to hold back a few glances.


Gao Ming was dressed in a stuffy and monotonous way.

Yan Wei smiled slightly.

His appearance and temperament revealed a clever atmosphere.

Yan Mingguang sat there with his back straight, cold and alienated.

No matter how you looked at it, none of them looked like the type to go to this place where dragons and snakes roam.


When the surrounding attention slowly dissipated, Gao Ming took out an invitation.

He pretended to be there for relaxation and bought three glasses of wine before continuing, “You guys should have felt it here.

Abilities gained from the instance are also available in this world, but it’s said that only by reaching the top can they be taken out.

There’s a buffer period for each instance.

The higher the instance, the longer the buffer period, unless the player signs an invitation earlier.

During the buffer period, we live here, entertaining, practicing abilities, analyzing other copies, and gambling.”


Placed in front of them were three glasses of wine.

The wine swung in the glass with a faint halo, deep and dark.


Yan Wei looked down and stared at the wine.


He smiled and said,  “It’s a completely self-contained world… interesting.”


Yan Wei raised his glass.

His chin tilted slightly, the mouth of the glass touched his lips, and his Adam’s apple rolled.

He gulped it down without changing his face.


The thick aroma of wine filled his mouth.

Yan Wei narrowed his eyes and calmed down.

With his high-level perception, he listened to the miscellaneous discussions mixed with the sounds of rock and roll.


Just mentioning Promenade Hotel and Yan without concealment, he immediately heard six or seven words from others.


Sure enough, as Gao Ming said, their instance has attracted a lot of attention in this world,, at least among players who were not high-level.


Yan Wei blinked and sorted out all of his thoughts in a moment.


Their instance has more or less cost almost all of the betting players.

People with various thoughts were eyeing any player who may be Yan.

Even if he hid, could he conceal it


The projection of the gambling building only blurs his facial features and name, but other characteristics still exist.

Moreover, he had to enter a level.

As long as he is not the only player to clear the level, someone can guess and bring his information out of the instance, and he wouldn’t know.

It was an exceptionally unfavorable situation.


As for Gao Ming’s idea of joining the organization.


If you were an ordinary player, you won the achievement of the best player, and several organizations threw olive branches, choosing the most suitable one is the safest measure.


But he can’t.


As long as he is in an instance, he will not die the next day.

After he joins an organization, it would be impossible to hide the skill, and it is easy to end up exploited.


Therefore, Yan Wei rejected this approach from the start.


Since he didn’t join an organization, he’d most likely get beaten up later on, so it’s better to take the initiative directly now.


With a chuckle, he leaned against the sofa.

Only then did his meek and clever eyes reveal a trace of cunning.


“Yan Mingguang,” he raised his hand, placed his hand on the shoulder of the man next to him, and whispered in the man’s ear, “Let’s be teammates.”


His indifferent voice seemed to be in a layer of cold fog, but not with a sense of alienation.


Yan Wei looked at the side of the man’s cold face.

Yan Mingguang’s eyes reflected a soft light.

It contrasted with his tall nose, like snow from pine or a cold night.


If he had not met Yan Mingguang in this kind of place, but simply under the glittering lights of the bar, Yan Wei would have definitely been at this person’s side.

He’d point a glass of whisky to the other party, raise his glass and ask the other party in the crisp sound of glass colliding, “Handsome guy, you look like you have a story.”


Unfortunately, they were here.


Yan Wei restrained his mind, smirked, and whispered something in Yan Mingguang’s ear.


After a few words, Yan Mingguang gazed at him.


A second later, the man nodded.


Yan Wei smiled.


He turned his head and asked Gao Ming, “How do you exchange information here”


Gao Ming hurriedly replied, “Look ahead, players call the ones behind the bar under the red light dealers.

They are the intermediaries of information circulation.

These people are usually players who have been wandering on a fixed number of floors.

They are rooted in this world.

Once they head to the next floor, they deliberately fail to descend and repeat the lower floor.

After staying in for a long time and gaining information, the dealers sell information to earn invitations.

In this case, it’s going to be the opposite.”


Yan Wei looked briefly.

At a bar close by, a banker sat there.

Periodically, some players would come forward, hand in an invitation, say a few words, and leave, apparently buying and selling information.


He abruptly rose with bright eyes.


Gao Ming hurriedly grasped him.

“If you want to find out who is checking our news, all three of our invitations combined might be enough for one message.”


Yan Wei turned and said to him, “You head back to the apartment first.”


Yan Minggaung was still seated quietly.

His hood covered most of his face, and the dark haze obscured most of his expression.


Gao Ming noticed that Yan Wei headed towards the dealer after he spoke.

Yan Wei swept away his gentle and obedient temperament once he settled down.

Shrewdness filled his light brown eyes.

It was as if he was born to be in the middle of life, and tactfulness melted into his body.


The dealer of this bar was a bald man.

When he saw Yan Wei, he sneered.

“I don’t sell information to little bastards with only a few invitations.”


Yan Wei raised his eyes and said with a smile, “I’m here to sell news.”


“What news do you have”


“I’m a first-floor player.

Of course, I sell first-floor news.”


“Rookie Get off.”


Yan Wei blinked, and thick eyelashes cast shadows under his eyes.

He raised his hand, touched the wine lightly with his fingertips, and wrote down three letters on the table.




“This is news that only rookies know.”


The dealer’s eyes became serious.

“What do you know”


“I know who he is.

You know, this information has been overly valuable recently.

I don’t have a channel to contact people who want to purchase it, so I can only change hands with you.

You tell me how many invitations this sells for, and I’ll only charge you half after telling you Yan’s information.

Isn’t it a cost-effective deal”


The dealer looked at Yan Wei from top to bottom and hesitated.

“How do I know if you’re telling the truth”


Yan Wei glanced back, and without saying a word, directly got up to leave as though he were in a hurry to find the next one.


The dealer immediately stopped him.

“Wait a minute! Okay deal, the owner of this bar is Yuemang1. If you sell fake news, don’t even think about coming out of the instance.”


Yan Wei’s decisive expression evaporated instantly.

He seemed like a completely different person and amiably at the dealer.

“Don’t worry.

I only want to earn some invitations.”


“You may have heard of Yuemang’s seed player, Jiang Xiu.

His brother died because his brother lost the bet for Promenade Hotel.

Jiang Xiu posted a message that anyone with information on Yan can exchange ten invitations to the fifth floor.

If you’re willing to spend an invitation to buy from other dealers in the area, they can verify it for you.

I can help sell it to Jiang Xiu, and I’ll give you five of the fifth-floor invitations.”


Yan Wei listened silently and kept in his mind what the banker said.


Yuemang should be an organization.

This Jiang Xiu appears to be someone who intends to retaliate against them.

He can afford ten five-story invitations and pays the same for all those who provide information.

I’m afraid this person’s level of strength has exceeded ten stories.


Yan Wei’s heart sank, but he still carried out his hand with a front of playing around.


His light brown eyes were still clear and sunny, and the tails of his eyes shifted slightly, creating a slight smile of joy.


He touched the black ring with his fingertips and tucked the invitations away.

He smiled and said, “Thanks, brother!”


With these words, he placed a pocket in his hand.

Unexpectedly, he spun around and took a few steps aside.


The banker turned pale and called out, “What do you mean”


Yan Wei pointed ahead.


Yan Mingguang walked over and pulled his hood off cleanly.

The red and green lights exposed his profound features, and the silvery-white hair was conspicuously bright.


Yan Wei shrugged, “Do what one says.

Here is my information.”  


The dealer was stupefied.

His eyes rested on Yan Mingguang’s silvery-white hair.

Gradually, he understood and stared at Yan Minggaung goggle-eyed.


The bar’s music was still booming, yet the surrounding players collectively looked their way.


“…Silver hair Hey, have you seen the projection of Promenade Hotel that was released two days ago That person seems to be one of the three survivors.”


“Looks pretty strong.”


“Is it Yan Everyone guessed that the player with silver hair was most likely Yan.

He dares to come out at this time when so many people want him dead.”


“What are you scared of Just accept the organization’s solicitation.

Yuemang is also Jiang Xiu’s backer.”




Yan Mingguang seemed to be blatantly unaware of the occurring discussions.


He touched the black ring and clicked on the information panel.

His cold voice penetrated through the noises.

“Add friend and give my message to Jiang Xiu.”


“Tell him, if you need me, I’ll be at the instance.”


“I am Yan.”


Instantly, under the restless melody of the enormous bar, was only silence.



Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang departed from the bus.


As Gao Ming said, as long as you get on the bus and choose the destination, you can instantly reach the station of your destination.

In a blink of an eye, the two appeared near their apartment.


Not only was the desired effect achieved, but they were also able to get five fifth-floor invitations.

Yan Wei was satisfied.


Yan Mingguang has already recognized Yan’s identity in a high-profile manner.

In actuality, it was Yan Wei who got best player.


It meant that they’d have to enter together in the next instance for Yan Mingguang to stay in the spotlight while Yan Wei advised the dark.


“Worried” Yan Wei’s eyes stirred a bit, and he nodded.

“Of course I’m worried.

Jiang Xiu’s experience and strength are most likely around the tenth floor.

It will be hard to deal with if he comes down to us.

But if we only try to hide, we’d never know when Jiang Xiu finds us and starts typing to harm us in the instance.

It is easy to dodge a spear in the open but hard to avoid a stab in the dark2.”


Yan Wei dangled one hand around Yan Mingguang’s shoulder while the other clutched the swallow coin in his pocket.

“It’s an iron rule that players can’t kill each other.

No matter what he does, the most he can do is borrow a knife3, and there’s still room to crack it.

It’s possible to worry about these things in parallel with the challenges.”


Yan Mingguang glanced at him and said nothing.


“On the contrary, I’m more worried about something else.

If Jiang Xiu comes to us, his teammates will definitely follow him down.

It will lead to an increase in difficulty and the casino.

How I can openly communicate with you during that time is a concern.”


Before he could finish speaking, Yan Mingguang yanked off his hand.


The next moment, the sound of the bullwhip broke through the air, and in the blink of an eye, Yan Mingguang tied Yan Wei’s hands with the whip prop he obtained from the instance.


“…What are you doing Although I sometimes owe a beating, I don’t need to be tied up to do it, do I”


[You can communicate like this.]


“How is this–“


Yan Wei paused.


He had been looking at Yan Mingguang, and he was absolutely sure this man had never opened his mouth.


Yan Mingguang held the long whip’s handle while the tail of the whip wound around Yan Wei’s fair-skinned wrist multiple times, tightly binding his hands together.


[This whip… can directly make people communicate with their minds]


[Mm.] Yan Mingguang seldom has a hesitant tone.

He paused for a moment, then added, [There are restrictions.]


Yan Wei took another look at the whip fastening his hands.

The corner of his mouth twitched. 


[It can’t be… Can you only communicate like this by binding people] 






Before he could complain, his high perception rang the alarm in his mind.

Yan Wei shouted with his heart.


[Your right rear at five o’clock!]


A faint sound of the wind breaking came from afar.

A long jet-black arrow seemed to be stained with the momentum of chasing the clouds and sun.

With a sound of hiss, it was immediately before them!


At the same time, Yan Mingguang raised his hand to the side and accurately grasped the arrow body with his bare hands!


On the jet-black arrow hung a heavy invitation.


The arrow was obviously powerful.

It slipped forward even though Yan Mingguang grasped it, causing bloodstains at the skin between his thumb and index finger.

It then turned into nothingness, leaving only an invitation in Yan Mingguang’s hand.


A man wearing dark clothes all over came out with a longbow.

His eyes were dyed dark red, his face was seductive, and his expression was half-smiling.


“Caught my arrow with your bare hands I sensed right.

You truly are powerful.”


Lin Zhen walked out from a shadow in a blind angle.

He was about to continue talking but paused when he saw Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei.


At the other end of the alley, a man with a cold but neat temperament was holding a whip.

The other end of the whip tied the young man’s wrist beside him.


The bound young man wore a slightly wide gray windbreaker.

It made him look thin.

Those eyes like peach petals blinked as if dotted with stars all over the sky, and the delicate facial features revealed a docile temperament.


Lin Zhen’s gaze followed Yan Wei’s beautiful face and saw the bound hands.


He smiled vaguely and said to Yan Mingguang, “Yan, I didn’t expect you to have such a hobby.”


Yan Minggang: “”


Yan Wei: “…”

Footnotes月 (Yuè) – Moon/lunar, 芒 (máng) – Chinese silvergrass/awn (of certain grasses)An idiom that means it’s hard to guard against secret conspiraciesBorrow a knife to kill someone; get someone else to do one’s dirty work


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