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Yan Wei blinked.

His eyes fell straight on the man with the longbow in front of him, his hands clenched slightly, and his perception caused his nerves to tense.

The sun slanted down and passed the sparsely populated alley in the building, half shining in the sun and half in the shadow.

The man in black stood in the shadow as if he had completely melted into the darkness.

If he hadn’t heard the arrow piercing through the air, Yan Wei would not have noticed this person’s existence.

Very strong

The person in front of him was definitely not a low-level player below the fifth floor.

Yuan Mingguang moved his wrist, and the tail of the whip retracted to the handle.

Right when he withdrew the whip, he said,

[Stand behind me.]

Yan Wei moved back without saying a word.

The moment Yan Mingguang took off his hood in front of the dealer, they were already locusts tied to the same rope1.

Yan Wei didn’t have Yuan Mingguang’s ability to fight, so standing behind Yan Mingguang was understandable at this time.

If Yan Wei controlled his shrewd and perceiving nature, restrain in his eyes, his delicate and pale face would make him look obedient and docile.

The gray windbreaker enveloped his slender but emaciated body.

His pure black hair was soft and fluffy, and his thick eyelashes slipped through the sun and cast fragmented shadows.

Lin Zhen looked past Yan Mingguang and eyed Yan Wei carefully.

His smile became more and more playful.

“Yan, you have a good eye.”

Yan Wei felt goosebumps from being stared at by Lin Zhen.

Fortunately, this look wasn’t too bad.

If there were doubts about his identity, the man would not have given that look.

From the beginning, the man’s attention was on Yan Mingguang.

The hand holding the longbow tilted subconsciously towards Yan Mingguang.

It was obvious he was only on guard to Yan Mingguang.

The person should not have heard the conversation between them just now.

Yan Mingguang glanced at his palm, which was dripping blood.

He clasped the invitation with his bony hand and questioned, “Who are you”

Lin Zhen just smiled.

His peculiar red pupil reflected the sunlight, and his tone was full of excitement.

“Open it and have a look” He pointed to the invitation letter in Yan Mingguang’s hand.

Yan Mingguang opened the invitation with one hand.

On the invitation was a black background.

Scarlet blood wrote the instance prompt and floor information.

In addition, the invitation already had a signed name – Lin Zhen.

“Because I was the first player to bet on your instance of Promenade Hotel, I not only got the right to choose the invitation.

But also two identical invitations.

I’ve already signed my name.” Lin Zhen smiled, lifted his head slightly, and took a deep breath filled with delight.

“This invitation is for you.

I heard that you dared to provoke Jiang Xiu.

Ah, I can let Jiang Xiu get another invitation letter to enter this instance.

It seems that now it depends on whether you dare to sign your name on this one.”

Lin Zhen fiddled the bowstring of his dark longbow with boredom.

When the bowstring oscillated, an arrow appeared out of thin air.

Afterward, the black arrow left the string, piercing the wall with a bang, completely penetrating through the other side of the alley.

Yan Mingguang turned a blind eye to the man who showed his strength.

Yan Mingguang said solemnly, “The purpose.”

“My purpose Alas, I have no goal.

I only like two things – defeating the strong and being defeated by the strong.”

Lin Zhen positioned the bow on his back, turned, and walked into the shadows.

“Yan… I look forward to seeing you in the instance.

It doesn’t matter if you bring a pet.”

The man was gone.

On the invitation letter held by Yan Mingguang, the name “Lin Zhen” lay there quietly.

The clue was only the pattern of a half-opened umbrella, and below it was a floor number.

– Seventh floor

It’s a seventh-floor instance related to umbrellas!

Yan Wei closed his eyes and listened attentively, but his perception did not give him any information.

Lin Zhen, who suddenly appeared, was unmistakably stronger than all the players they had seen.

Yan Wei still didn’t want to take it lightly.

He maintained his docile expression and said, “Let’s go back first”

The sound of the whip slipped through the air.

The whip once again bound Yan Wei’s wrist.

[] Yan Wei was upright and righteous.

[You want us to go back like this Do you really think you’re walking your pet]

[Prevents accidents and facilitates communication.]

Yan Mingguang kept a cold face, and his expression remained the same.

Indifference engraved the voice from the whip.

He was right.

It was the best way to keep Yan Wei’s identity from being exposed.

Yan Wei looked at the whip.

His eyes followed the whip until he caught sight of the bottomless black eyes.

The gaping outline appeared calm without any emotion.

…But why did he feel that Yan Mingguang was gloating just now

Lantern wine area, the bar that Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang have just visited

The players watched the two leave in dead silence before an uproar ruptured.

“The player who just passed the first-floor provoked Jiang Xiu from the tenth-floor Doesn’t he want to escape quickly Moreover, his high-profile provocation to Jiang Xiu is tantamount to hitting Yuemang’s face.

Other organizations that want to attract will only wait and see now.”

“What a pity.

The newcomer’s first instance opened the casino and even recorded into the endless stele.

This Yan has infinite potential.

Just pull back and wait until you grow up later…”

“With Jiang Xiu’s character, he would go to Yan even if he had to deliberately descend the tower.”

“The moral is too high.

No matter how high the potential is, it’s only potential.

Without growth, there is no strength.

I thought there’d be another seed, but now, it seems Yan won’t be able to exit his next instance.”



Jiang Xiu sat in the private room of the bar.

He finished watching the video projection of Yan Mingguang appearing before the dealer.

Jiang Xiu’s complexion was downcast.

His veins were slightly bulging, and his voice tinged with anger.

“He has a lot of courage.”

The dealer standing by with a jet-black invitation in his hand nodded and bowed.

“Brother Jiang, it’s not worth getting angry at a bastard who has only passed one floor, right”

Jiang Xiu turned his head to take the invitation and opened it.

In the invitation, the instance prompt drew an umbrella pattern.

The number of floors was seven, and the date the invitation would open the instance was in five days.

“Lin Zhen sent it”


Lin Zhen said… he said he’d bring Yan into this instance…”

“Lin Zhen doesn’t join any organization and never acts with others.

When he sees the strong, he rushes forward, enters three instances, and lifts the tower to the seventh floor three times in a row.

He is a person we can’t understand.”

“Then I’ll return this invitation for you”

“But everything he has to do has been done.

Don’t try to look for me these days.

I’m going to the tower to…”

Jiang Xiu took a glimpse at the floor level on the invitation.

“Descend to the seventh-floor.”

After Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang headed back to their apartment area, Yan Wei called Gao Ming, and the three of them discussed it in Yan Wei’s apartment.

Players in the inner world of the tower call those who have the potential to reach the top seeds.

Jiang Xiu, their newfound enemy, and Lin Zhen, who sent them invitations, are seed players.

Jiang Xiu’s strength was high, and he steadily attacked each floor.

Behind him was the support of a large-scale organization, Yuemang.

He has a vast network, many props, and is a tenth-floor player.

Lin Zhen was mysterious and unpredictable.

His sword goes sideways2.

After entering the tower, he only climbed it three times and passed the sixth floor.

Every time he entered the instance, he would go up three times in a row and open the casino again.

It was a hard choice to make, but Yan Wei finally decided.

With Yan Mingguang, he signed his name on the invitation to the seventh floor and directly chose to go from the first floor to the seventh floor.

This decision was not a blind death but a choice made by Yan Wei after careful consideration.

First, he spent the whole day quickly learning about the general difficulty of an instance and went to the casino area.

He estimated that Promenade Hotel should be around five or six floors.

The seventh floor is still within the scope of their survival.

And even if they didn’t get in on the instance, they chose to hide for a while, building strength and experience from the second floor.

It would be challenging to hide from Jiang Xiu on every floor.

When you encounter Jiang Xiu with ten levels of experience and props in the lower level instance, the possibility of counterattack is practically zero.

But in the seventh-story, high-difficulty instance.

Difficulty represents opportunity.

The strength improvement from rapid feedback and the higher probability of finding something powerful would give them more room to mediate with Mr.


I’m afraid Lin Zhan thought of this as well, which was why he was certain Yan would sign the invitation.

After Yan Wei and Gao Ming explained this, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang gave Gao Ming the invitation they had stolen from the dealer.

It left them with a few dozen first and second-floor invitations to exchange a few needed things in the mall panel.

The next instance was too dangerous for Gao Ming to follow the two.

Yan Wei chose a simple instance on the third floor with the award from winning the casino.

Yan Mingguang exchanged for a simple fourth-floor instance.

They gave both of the invitations to Gao Ming.

In addition, Gao Ming’s invitation for an easy difficulty on the second floor was enough to ensure that Gao Ming was safe for three instances.

Four days before the seventh-floor instance opened, Yan Wei analyzed other instances.

He practiced his skills under the guidance of Yan Mingguang.

Compared to Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang was half a head taller.

In this posture, Yan Mingguang lowered his head slightly from the rear.

The warm breath exhaled from this man sprinkled onto Yan Wei’s ears.

Yan Wei couldn’t resist the reddening of his earlobe.

He flung the dagger out of his hand.

Instead of hitting the center of the target, he completely threw it to the side.

Yan Wei: “…”

If such a cold and good-looking man trained him like this, he can’t be blamed for throwing it sideways.

Even if he’s a gay man who doesn’t want to be in a relationship, he’s gay.

Yan Wei blinked and lowered his eyes.

He restrained his embarrassed expression and grabbed the dagger Yan Mingguang picked up.

“Your student is committed to this one’s morality and conduct.

Teacher Yan, you can’t do it.”

Yan Mingguang: “…”

The five-day instance buffer period was fleeting.

At the countdown to zero on the invitation, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, who had been waiting in the apartment, only felt the light around them suddenly dissipated and darkness gathered.

The familiar eerie and ethereal prompt sounded.

[Welcome to the instance inside the tower.]

Last chapter before school starts (slower updates) ヽ( ;▽ ;)ノ Next chapter will start the beginning of the second instance.

FootnotesEquivalent to the saying “in the same boat”He makes unconventional gambits


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