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Chapter 22: Ankang Ancient Town (1)

[There are ninety-nine floors in the tower.

Each floor is a random instance possessing players, NPCs, and bosses, and the mode is almost always supernatural horror.

The initial player will begin at the first level.

Only when they reach the top can they survive and exit, bringing the abilities acquired in the tower into reality.]


[All player information is stored in the black ring and can be consulted at any time if necessary.]

[Instance Floor: 7]

[Instance Location: Ankang Ancient Town]

[Current Player Data: Physical index 11, Sensory Stat 33, Floor 1, Points 12]

[Players have arrived, the instance has opened.]

[Players cannot kill each other in the instance.]


The prompt sound was almost the same as last time.

Yan Wei already knew most of the information.

The only valuable information was the location of the instance – the ancient town of Ankang.

The surrounding darkness scattered, but the light in front of Yan Wei was not bright.

The setting sun in the distant sky cast a warm, yellow afterglow.

Beneath the clouds, birds were singing, and the wind was rustling.

The rays lengthened the players’ shadows, causing them to overlap.

It was shady in the quiet mountain area.

Their location was a high temple on a mountainside.

The temple was a classical glazed tile building, but the colors were unusual.

The bricks on the wall were black, and the tiles on the roof were dark red, which was odd on this tranquil mountainside.

At the top of the temple stood a half-open umbrella carved from stone.

–As indicated in the invitation, a half-open umbrella.

Standing in front of the temple were the players who entered the seventh floor.

The moment they entered, Yan Mingguang immediately took out his whip.

The tail of the whip wrapped around the wrist of Yan Wei’s left hand four or five times.

The whip extended to the handle Yan Mingguang firmly grasped.

The result of their attempts before entering:

The blood and bones of the victim in Promenade Hotel constructed the braid of the whip.

It can see through the heart in addition to its basic attack abilities – that is, the person holding the whip and the person circling the rear can talk in their minds.

The requirement was to tie both hands, but the two soon learned that it was okay to bind one hand, just with two more laps.

They were finally able to choose an option that least hindered their movement.

It just looked quite strange.

When the players gathered, instantly everyone’s eyes were on Yan Wei’s wrapped wrist.

Yan Wei: “…”

Yan Mingguang: “…”

Lin Zhen was still in dark clothes as if he would melt into the darkness at any moment.

He was carrying a long black bow, and his dark red pupils were like rubies in the warm evening sun.

He smiled meaningfully at Yan Mingguang, then walked up to Yan Wei and raised his hand to hold Yan Wei’s chin.

“Did you really follow Yan He can’t protect himself now.

You might as well ask me.

I might be able to protect you.”

Yan Wei stepped back and avoided Lin Zhen’s hand.

Simultaneously, Yan Mingguang abruptly stretched out his other hand, holding the foldable short blade tightly, and attempted to stab Lin Zhen.

Without lifting his eyes, Lin Zhen exchanged blows with Yan Mingguang.

There were other players around, and neither of them was serious, so after a few dips, they stopped.

Yan Mingguang’s eyes were frigid.

“Take care of yourself.”

Lin Zhen’s mouth twitched, speechless.

Their action, coupled with Yan Mingguang’s distinctive appearance, the players of this instance are not novices.

They understood who the people were and gave different expressions.

Yan Wei also recognized Jiang Xiu within this moment – this man’s hostility to Yan Mingguang was too conspicuous.

He kept staring at Yan Mingguang while others were still observing.

It was obvious Jiang Xiu descended the tower with a purpose.

Seeing Lin Zhen walk a few steps away, Jiang Xiu sneered.

“Why don’t you fight I’m still waiting to watch the play.”

Lin Zhan raised his eyebrows slightly.

“Why don’t you try it with me”

Jiang Xiu choked.

Now that he has just entered the instance, how could Jiang Xiu think of a hard point like Lin Zhen

Jiang Xiu changed the subject.

He looked straight at Yan Mingguan and said, “Yan What a coincidence, I entered an instance with you… My brother died inside a difficult instance because he lost the bet from the casino.

I didn’t expect us to meet this time… Happy cooperation.”

Yan Wei lowered his head.

From an angle invisible to the players, he rolled his eyes at Jiang Xiu and said in his heart:

[Happy cooperation He’s obviously a ten-story player.

He deliberately came down to find us.

He’s shameless.

Teacher Yan, ignore him!]

Yan Mingguang’s expression remained unchanged, and he said nothing.

Including the four of them, there were a total of 12 people in this instance, all of whom are experienced players.

Without any newcomers, everyone observed the surroundings tensely.

Regarding the matter between Jiang Xiu and Yan, the players with some experience and connections all knew it, but no one shattered the facade.

Everyone stepped forward to introduce themselves briefly.

As soon as the last person finished stating their name, the prompt of the tower rang again.

[All players in the instance are ready.

The instance, Ankang Ancient Town triggers the balance mechanism.]


[Detecting a large number of players lifting and descending the tower.

The difficulty of the instance has increased.

This instance has changed from player survival mode to completely decoded instance mode.

Only by thoroughly cracking the instance plot can the staircase be found.

In order to promote the enthusiasm of the players, the instance will actively release the task.

Please follow the basic instructions, actively seek the staircase, and strive to survive.]

[The difficulty has reached the critical value, the casino mechanism has activated.]

The moment the prompt sound fell, Yan Wei immediately turned on privacy.

This time, Yan Mingguang kept his off– he has already shown his face in public, so he might as well stand firm entirely.

At the same time, the casino area.

Several Yuemang members knew that Jiang Xiu had just entered the instance and had been waiting at the casino for a while- this was an instance that would eventually open the casino.

As a novice on the first floor, Yan directly declared war on the player Jiang Xiu on the tenth floor.

Jiang Xiu descended the tower to find Yan.

This matter was not a secret among low-level players.

Other players who didn’t know the specific time were wandering in the casino, waiting to see the possible gambling projection.

When the screen appeared, the surrounding players immediately gathered below the projection.

“Sure enough, the casino has opened! This instance looks like a large map.

Furthermore, there are 12 players.”

“The silver-haired one is Yan Why would he hold a man with a whip …oh, you can’t see his face, but his temperament is beautiful.

Did Yan bring him in for fun”

“That’s for sure.

Aren’t there many such players If you can’t live, you can rely on the protection of powerful players and take the initiative to join others as entertainment.

If you die in the instance, you’re unlucky.

If you don’t die, you’re brought out by the boss and making money.”

“Oh my god, Yu Feizhou is also in the instance His and Lin Zhen’s last instance not only opened the casino but even surpassed Lin Zhen to get the medal of ‘Best Player’ in the casino instance!”

“Except for the burden brought by Yan, none of them are oil-saving lamps.

No matter how difficult the instance is, it’s passable.

There’s no suspense in the casino this time–”

The player’s words got stuck in his throat.

After the casino opened, no matter in front of the projection of the casino area or the instance of Ankang Ancient Town, the cue tone of the tower sounded again!

[The number of players with the medal “Best Player” has been detected.

The number is greater than one, so the balance mechanism will be upgraded.]

[The instance will also trigger a 10% increase in difficulty and a 10% increase in the probability of props appearing.]

[The instance difficulty once again exceeds the critical value! The gambling mechanism has been upgraded.

In addition to betting on the success or failure of the instance, the betting player must participate in guessing who is the best player.

Choose one of the twelve players to bet.

If the betting player obtains the best player medal, the betting player wins the bet.]

Inside the instance, the Ancient Town of Ankang.

Yan Wei gently raised his eyebrows.

He did not hesitate to bet on the information panel, choosing that he would survive to the end and win the medal of the best player.

The other players were shocked and operated on one after another.

They looked serious, their eyes slightly heavy.

Even Jiang Xiu’s face wasn’t looking good.

From the beginning, the instance directly raised the difficulty to hell mode.

There were many seeds inside the instance.

This instance couldn’t be simple.

The sunset on the horizon fell completely.

The whole mountain was covered with the moon and stars, plunging into boundless darkness.

The ancient town did not have any modern equipment.

The temple had candles lit in a primitive way.

Suddenly, a delicate song started playing inside.

It was like children singing a cappella in disorder.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“This is a mountain and river bestowed by God, this is a fertile field, this is a blessing from heaven…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

Accompanied by the limpid singing, the gate of the temple creaked open.

A group of children dashed out of the temple with schoolbags on their backs.

It was as though they were arriving home from school.

Behind them, a woman wearing folk clothing and a head covering watched the children leave.

She then walked down unhurriedly to the players.

“The travelers have arrived.” The matron smiled at them under the starlit sky in front of the brilliant lights of the temple.

“I have received news that you all will be staying here as a vacation.

Our place is small.

There are no hotels and large areas with internet or electricity.

Only the mountain temple has guest rooms provided to the townspeople for offering incense and worship.

We can only wrong you to live in the town’s mountain temple.”

The matron led them up the steps of the mountain temple.

The twelve players formed their own camps and followed the matron silently.

The interior of the temple was spotless and tidy.

The main hall had three sides surrounded by bricks and a mountain wall on the fourth side.

Above the mountain wall was a stone that resembled a man holding an umbrella.

Yet, the stone contained no trace of being carved by man.

The corners and edges of the stone were smooth as if they were formed naturally over a long period of time.

The humanoid stone had incense and other objects in front of it.

The matron stepped forward, bowed to the stone, turned to them, and said, “This is the mountain god of Ankang Town.

After our ancestors settled here near the mountains and rivers, they found the stone.

They built a temple around the mountain god.

We depend on the blessings of the mountain god for favorable weather and a plentiful harvest.

Please don’t be disrespectful to the god while sightseeing.

The town is going to have the 12th annual Mountain God Festival.

Everyone can attend it, but the temple needs to organize a sacrificial ceremony, so please don’t wander around the temple.”

Everyone agreed.

Yan Wei sized up the main hall without anyone noticing.

He told Yan Mingguang:

[According to the matron, Ankang should be an ancient town that is very superstitious and lagging behind in technology.

Some people discovered this naturally forming stone of a man holding an umbrella and began to worship it as a mountain god.

There seems to be no problem with the main hall, but I always feel uncomfortable whenever I see this mountain god.

The black bricks they use also give an ominous feeling.]

[Inside the tower instance.] Yan Mingguang stated briefly and concisely.

[Unknown is normal.]

While they were talking, the matron brought out five keys to give to the players.

There were twelve players and only five rooms in the mountain temple.

Fortunately, this instance did not require the same number of people in each room as last time.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang took a key – when Yan Mingguang said he was living with Yan Wei, the players’ eyes kept moving from Yan Wei’s face to the whip on his wrist.

They didn’t know what to think.

As for the others, Jiang Xiu didn’t come in alone.

There were two other members in Yuemang, and the three of them grabbed a key.

Lin Zhen, who seemed to be a loner, unexpectedly took the initiative to join Yu Fenzhou.

The remaining players split between a group of two and three.

The ancient town without electricity was boring at night.

It appears the townspeople are accustomed to resting early.

After the matron gave thepm the key, she led them to the doors of the guest rooms.

She blew out the candles to sleep.

Some players asked, “Excuse me, is it possible to come out at night”

“Don’t run around the mountain temple and interfere with the sacrifice.”

This answer was broad and generally meant yes.


Although it was alright, it was only the first day, the matron told them to return to their rooms, and there was no active information.

The players would not be stupid enough to wander around right away.

As soon as the matron left, everyone returned to their rooms.

Before Yan Mingguang entered the room with Yan Wei, Jiang Xiu looked at them.

His face was dark, and his eyes cruel.

Jiang Xiu made a neck-rubbing motion towards them before leaving for his room.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang ignored his move.

Jiang Xiu had no way of going against the tower’s basic principles to kill them.

The instance difficulty has reached the point where Jiang Xiu can’t handle it with ease.

“Do you remember that song the kids were singing”

After entering the room, Yan Mingguang closed the projection perspective and immediately took back the bullwhip.

Yan Wei directly said, “I memorized it.

But in order to prevent any death trigger, I won’t repeat it.”


“That’s good.

Whether it was the shape of an umbrella on the invitation, the umbrella on top of the temple, or even the god holding the umbrella, the instance is shown to be related to umbrellas.

But there’s something strange…”

Yan Wei took out a series of cleaning tools from the storage compartment of the information panel.

In such a treacherous instance, he began to perform a simple secondary cleaning of the area he wanted to rest at and the mattress.

He said, “If this is a town that believes in mountain gods, longs for rain, and uses umbrellas as symbolic figures.

Then this town should be full of umbrellas or patterns of umbrellas everywhere.

But since we came in, except for the statue of the mountain temple…”

They haven’t seen any actual umbrellas at all.

Just as he was about to continue, there was a sudden sound of staggering footsteps outside the guest room – the footsteps of the matron.

The sound of the footsteps went back and forth before eventually stopping.

She then continued and walked past Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s door accompanied by the sound of something falling.

She seemed to have passed five guest rooms, placing something at the front of the guest rooms.

The two were quiet, slowing down their breaths, and listened motionlessly until the matron’s footsteps entirely disappeared.

What was the matron doing just now

Yan Wei glanced at the half immortal skill on the information panel.

The status of the skill remained normal, staying like so until midnight.

In this case, Yan Mingguang is more suitable to deal with such a situation.

Otherwise, it would be easy for him to lag behind.

He blinked, and his pale brown eyes were clear and lovable as if dotted with gentle but bright stars.

“Teacher Yan, it’s dark, I’m afraid… why don’t you go and have a look”

Yan Mingguang glimpsed at him.


Yan Wei lengthened his tone.

“Teacher Yan–”

Holding the whip in his hand, Yan Mingguang silently walked towards the door and looked through the peephole.

The corridor of the ancient temple was dark, the candles had been blown clean, and only the hazy moonlight reflected the outline of the objects in front of the door.

Yan Mingguang frowned slightly.

His voice was cold.

“An umbrella.”

Yan Wei’s eyes narrowed almost imperceptibly.


“An open umbrella.”

Yan Wei asked solemnly, “Where are the other rooms”

The peephole was unable to see them.

Yan Mingguang naturally knew what Yan Wei meant.

His whip was ready to go, his back was tense, and he opened the door with vigilance and looked out.

In the long, dark corridor, five long-handled umbrellas stood on the ground, neatly arranged in front of five doors at the same distance.

The umbrella was white, the handle and ribs of the umbrella were slightly pale white, and the umbrella cover was smooth and bright white.

It was so white that it reflected the moonlight.

The night was faint, and the moon’s luminescence was as light as snow, making the umbrella even paler.

“It’s all umbrellas,” Yan Mingguang said word by word, “Five open white umbrellas.”


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