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Chapter 23: Ankang Ancient Town (2)

Yan Wei looked out of the guest room and saw the situation outside through Yan Mingguang’s long figure.


The pale umbrella glimmered white in the moonlight.

It had the appearance of being soaked in snow but washed away in clear spring water before leaving a smooth canopy.

The ribs of the umbrella fully stretched out, standing quietly and eerily on the ground.


The windows in the corridor were half-open.

The cold night wind from the mountains kept blowing in, causing Yan Wei to shiver and involuntarily tighten the scarf.


He subconsciously took out the swallow coin in his pocket and tossed it in his hand.


The umbrella outside the door directly broke the tranquil atmosphere in the instance.

It pressured people in a very mysterious and treacherous way.

There were also sounds of doors opening and closing from several other rooms.

But the five umbrellas in the corridor silently remained in place.

No one moved them for the time being.


Yan Mingguang gently closed the door and walked back with his hands in his pockets.


Yan Wei murmured, “I just said there were no umbrellas.

So they’ll be delivered to the doors…”


The appearance of these five umbrellas seemed to have lifted the lid on all the uncertainties in this place.

At first, Yan Wei only felt a bit cold, but now, he felt a cold sweat on his forehead.


Indeed, as the tower said, this instance is far beyond the critical value a seventh floor should have.


Under the weirdness unable to be grasped, Yan Wei gave a light chuckle.


The more dangerous it was, the more excited he became.

The blood in his body seemed to be flowing rapidly.


“Do you hear anything yet” Yan Wei asked.


Yan Mingguang shook his head.


“Neither do I.

That’s normal.” Yan Wei hooked the corner of his mouth.

“The others, like us, noticed it and discussed it behind closed doors.

I can already foresee the outcome of the discussion — the umbrella cannot stay.”


The invitation had an umbrella directly drawn on it, and the umbrella was snow-white, revealing an ominous atmosphere.

It was absolutely impossible for it to only be placed on the door.


This is the logic that will first come to everyone’s mind.


He kept his fist clenched and looked ahead.

His eyes reflected the dim light of the candle, but they were still clear and bright.


“Ice cube first-“


Yan Wei’s voice halted.


Yan Mingguang curled his knuckles and pressed his fingertips on the handle of the whip.

The handle raised and hit Yan Wushi’s chin gently, pushing his jaw up and closing his mouth.


Yan Wei: “…”


When Yan Mingguang took back the handle and liberated his jaw, Yan Wei immediately said, “You’re too petty, isn’t it just a name You call me a waste snack1…”


Yan Mingguang lifted his eyes and stared at Yan Wei indifferently.


“Alright, alright, alright, I called myself a waste snack first.

Teacher Yan, your useless dim sum is thinking about something right now.”




“Do you remember why we came to an instance with a casino destined to become more difficult Because Jiang Xiu has no ability to take advantage of the ghosts, the stronger they are.

In this instance, he has to be cautious to protect his life.

He can only rely on this experience and plotting.

He must first ensure that he can survive, and then he can have the energy to deal with us.”


“It should not be long before people start exiting the rooms one after another and bring their umbrellas to the main hall — because it’s where the matron worshiped.

There’s also a stone statue of the mountain god holding an umbrella, which is the most suitable place to deal with these white umbrellas when there are no clues.

But these people must deal with umbrellas in order…”


​​Yan Wei smiled, his eyes flashing in shrewd cunning.


“Jiang Xiu will also remove the white umbrella because the instance is too challenging, and he has to be careful.

But he will definitely be the last one to come out because…”



In Jiang Xiu’s guest room


Yuemang entered with three people.

Besides Jiang Xiu, there was a woman named Ning Yi.

Zheng Mao also followed Jiang Xiu inside.

Ning Yi has not spoken since she entered and can compare herself with Yan Mingguang as a mute.


It’s just that she is completely different from Yan Mingguang in terms of coldness.


Yan Mingguang is indifferent and doesn’t want to get involved.

The silver-frame glasses weakened the coldness on his face.

It also added a sense of alienation while giving him a gentle aura.


Ning Yi is very aggressive and cold.


Her eyes appeared to hide a cold light, and her whole body was immersed in an icy blade.


Jiang Xiu and Ning Yi didn’t come in with the same invitation.

Jiang Xiu usually wanted to take a detour when he saw Ning Yi in the tower world, but at this moment, he had nothing to say to Ning Yi.


After the emergence of the white umbrella, Ning Yi didn’t seem to care at all.

She just half leaned on the bed and closed her eyes, not participating in the discussion from the beginning to the end.

Only Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao conferred and resolved to toss the umbrella at the main hall.


Zheng Mao arose and was almost going to do it when Jiang Xiu suddenly said, “Wait a minute.”




Jiang Xiu said with a sneer, “It suddenly occurred to me that setting the umbrella in the main hall is not the safest way.

There may also be problems in the main hall.

Maybe throwing the umbrella back to the main hall is the death trigger.

The safest thing is actually…”


He paused and lowered his tone.


“Place the white umbrella at the door of another room.

You don’t have to go to the main hall or worry about the death trigger.”


Zheng Mao immediately revealed an understanding look.


Whose room was the most suitable


Naturally, it was Yan’s.


“I’ll do it right away.”


Jiang Xiu stopped him.

“No hurry.

We think the umbrella can’t stay and the others can too.

The first hurdle this instance will give us won’t be difficult.

If you go out now, you’ll have a high probability of meeting other players.

Wait until the others have finished dealing with the umbrella.

Then, quietly place ours at Yan’s door.”



In the guest room Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang occupy.


The candlelight flickered and wobbled in the chilly breeze.


Yan Mingguang sat there with his back upright, the glasses partially reflecting the candlelight.

It gave him a layer of mystery to his cold temperament.

The lights and shadows outlined the man’s side profile.

The depth between his brows and eyes became more prominent.


Yan Wei stared blankly for a moment, then continued, “According to his character, he’ll wait until everyone has finished dealing with their umbrellas.

In this way, if something happens to us, he can also get clues about the white umbrella.

If nothing happens to us, we can lead other players to assume that the umbrella returns the next day — anyway, there are too many strange things in the tower.

He not only finds the clues to decode the instance but also kills the enemy.

This is too profitable for Jiang Xiu.

He will do it.”


Yan Mingguang looked over and said slowly, “Jiang Xiu has many props.

I will fight with him.

The props he will use are unknown.”


Under the candlelight of the ancient temple, the surrounding unknown atmosphere seemed to be weakened by the man’s indifference.


Yan Wei had to say that Yan Mingguang was like a walking sense of security.

Even in a place where such danger can transpire at any moment, he can calm people down.


Yan Wei smirked and whispered, “Who said you’re directly facing him Teacher Yan, don’t use violence for everything.

Let him pit himself and bring us the clues, okay”




“Jiang Xiu, a man who thinks he’s a bit clever, goes out and finds that there are still open white umbrellas at the door of our room and Lin Zhen’s room.

Would he throw the umbrella away or think we’ve found something and decide to follow our example – leaving the white umbrella at his own door”


Yan Mingguang lowered his eyes and did not speak.


However, the answer was clear.


“Wait and see.

What if Jiang Xiu is better than us If he dares to come in and try to kill me, I can keep him here forever.”


Yan Wei’s eyes were slightly bent, and he stood up slyly.


He opened the information panel and entered the exchange mall.


The mall was divided into two types, items that could be exchanged in equal amounts using invitations.

The other is items redeemed with points for props, skills, and…an omnipotent wish.


You could exchange anything.


At the top of the list of objects you could redeem with points, there’s an exchange item called Pandora’s Box.  The price was sky-high, and the introduction of the box was that you open it to get anything you want.


These were all too far away from Yan Wei, a player with only 12 points.

Without looking carefully, he went directly to the area for invitations and found an exchangeable prop called Stone of Falsehood.


Perhaps it was because this prop had a short duration, had no other use except to replicate the appearance, and nobody cared about it at all.

The item was remarkably inexpensive.

Only one ordinary invitation to the second floor is needed.


Yan Wei exchanged two Stones of Falsehood without hesitation.


[Congratulations on the successful exchange.

The invitation of the corresponding quota has been deducted.]


[Exchange Item: Stone of Falsehood, Item Introduction: Imitates the appearance of any item or prop the player has seen within one hour (Note: You can only mimic the appearance, not the function.

After one hour, both the effect and the stone will disappear.), Exchange Quantity: 2]


Shortly after, two ordinary-looking stones materialized in Yan Wei’s hand.


He stopped talking, and Yan Mingguang did not speak again.


They sat together on the bed, listening to what was happening outside by the faint but swaying candlelight.


The sound of a door opening and closing began.


Yan Wei counted, “One.”


A bit later.



Another while later.


All rooms have thrown away their umbrellas, leaving only ours and Jiang Xiu’s umbrella.

Jiang Xiu’s room is waiting for the sound of our movements.”


Yan Mingguang said nothing.

He brought the two stones, unlocked the door, and strode out of the guest room.


Yan Mingguang picked up the white umbrella by the handle and headed towards the main hall.

The players already placed three long-handled umbrellas in the space.

The entire hall was dreadfully quiet, and the mountain god bearing an umbrella stood silently, most of its body buried in the dark shadows.


He took a quick look around, encountered nothing else, and walked back to the corridor containing the five guest rooms.


When he passed by Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou’s room, Yan Mingguang chucked out one of the stones.


The moment the stone plunged to the ground, it transformed into an opened, pale long-handled umbrella!


— It was precisely the same as the white umbrellas left in front of their rooms.


Yan Mingguang also set down another one at the entrance of his and Yan Wei’s room before entering.


The lone umbrella stranded in the hallway suddenly had two additionals.


The umbrellas created by the two Stones of Falsehood were effective for only one hour.


A white umbrella remained untouched by Jiang Xiu’s door.


Yan Mingguang entered the guest room and gently closed the door with a squeak.



In the guest room of Jiang Xiu and his teammates


“Jiang-ge,” Zheng Mao asked in a low voice, “They shouldn’t be leaving the room again.

Should I do it now”




Zheng Mao’s eyes brightened.

He gave a sinister smile and turned around to head out.

Before he stooped down to pick up the umbrella, he ceased smiling.

His movements paused, and he inclined his head towards the front of the corridor.


Jiang Xiu asked impatiently, “What’s wrong”


“Jiang, Jiang-ge, come and look!”


Jiang Xiu frowned.


He got up, swiftly walked towards the door, and witnessed the two other umbrellas in the corridor.


The night grew deeper and deeper.

Three white umbrellas were arranged sequentially, followed by the cool moonlight, mysterious and quiet.


“What should I do Yan’s room didn’t throw away the white umbrella in their room.

Even Lin Zhen didn’t.”


Ning Yi was still half-laying on the sofa.

She had long hair and was wearing a shawl.

Her bangs barely covered her cold facial features.

Hearing Zheng Mao’s words, she faintly raised her eyes and glanced at the white umbrella outside the door.

The indifferent eyes sparked a look of watching a play.


For a moment, Ning Yi bowed her head.

She closed her eyes and kept silent.


Jiang Xiu did not expect such a situation to occur.

He shoved Zheng Mao aside and looked out.


Three identical white umbrellas were spread open and dumped to the ground, bringing a strange feeling of desolation under the increasingly thick night2.


“…How could this be I just heard four doors open.

In addition to Lin Zhen and Yan’s rooms, the other two rooms are ordinary seven-story players.

Lin Zhen and Yan left their white umbrellas when they went out, and ordinary players in the other two rooms threw away their white umbrellas…”


Jiang Xiu stood at the door with his back taut and his brows furrowed.

His grumpy eyes flashed in puzzlement.


The wind outside was getting stronger and stronger.

The rushing sound of the wind fell incessantly on the ear.

The windows made creak noises.


Jiang Xiu pondered for a moment.

He abruptly looked up and said, “They must have discovered something when they went to set the white umbrella and brought the umbrella back!”


The ordinary seven-story players in the other two rooms are not strong enough, so they may not have uncovered any clues.


A treacherous floor-lifting player like Lin Zhen is bound to find something amiss.

Yan’s style of doing things is even more mysterious.

From Hotel Promenade, Yan’s reasoning ability far exceeds that of most players.


“I see.

We can’t throw away the umbrella.

Jiang Xiu made up his mind and shut the door after pulling Zheng Mao back.

“The plan just now has been canceled.

We don’t move the umbrella and keep it at the door.

It’s getting darker and darker.

We may not have time to go to the main hall now, but it’s undoubtedly right to follow the joint decision of Lin Zhen and Yan.”


He raised his eyebrows and smiled involuntarily.


…Compared to the treacherous Lin Zhen and the Yan who shares animosity with him.

His best advantage is the experience of climbing up floor by floor and the strength props he has accumulated.


Yan, a newborn calf not afraid of tigers, does not know that the most challenging thing to guard against in an instance is not supernatural beings, but people.


The most suitable to exploit are also people.



The noise of the door closing came from afar.

There was no other movement in the hall.

Only a rising wind, like a barrage of cries from the forests and mountains.


Yan Wei listened to the last door shutting with satisfaction.

With a smirk, he curled up in the quilt of the bed and flipped over lazily.


At least this room was different from the one in the last instance.

There were three singular beds.

Yan Wei slept on the bed by the window, Yan Mingguang rested on the middle bed, and the bed by the door was left vacant.


Yan Wei naturally lost the tension of sharing a bed with a man last time.


It’s just that he is still fussy, and he hasn’t fallen asleep after rolling around in bed several times.


As the wind blew, Yan Mingguang on the other bed opened his mouth promptly.

“You are very confident.”


Yan Wei turned his head and looked to the side.


“You mean Jiang Xiu” He chuckled.

“In the past few days, along with the preparations we’ve made, I’ve also viewed some records of the instances Jiang Xiu has visited before.

Compared with Lin Zhen, his way of thinking is excellent, to sum up.

He must be a little smart to survive the tenth-floor instance, but it’s because he is steadily climbing the stairs that he has become a loophole we can drill – He overthinks too much.

As long as we take advantage of him, not only will he be incapable of harming us but also help us experiment with clues.

If everyone threw away their white umbrellas tonight, wouldn’t we acquire nothing”


If the novice players on the first floor see that there are still white umbrellas at their door, the novices will only feel that they are seeking death.


Jiang Xiu was clever, but he was mistaken.

He mistakenly thought they had found evidence.

He believed it was right to leave the umbrella, thus leaving the umbrella at his door.

At that time, what will happen to the room with the white umbrella at the door will be clear at a glance.


“You understand people very well,” said Yan Mingguang.


Yan Wei was startled.


It was something he knew, but now that Yan Mingguang directly pointed it out, he had a strange feeling.


It’s like being used to seeing through human nature all year-round, yet seen through at a glance by someone else.


Yan Wei was interested.

“You took the initiative to say more than two words.

Yan Mingguang, Mr.

Icecube, Teacher Yan, what are you thinking You said I understand people’s hearts very well, and I really do — for example, you are currently… Thinking about the other people in Jiang Xiu’s room”


A small aisle separated their beds.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang both lay on their sides.

In the flickering candlelight, Yan Mingguang’s eyes mirrored the dancing flame.

His obsidian eyes flashed in astonishment.


“You are worried that the other two people in the room with Jiang Xiu will get implicated.” Yan Wei sneered.

“Let alone whether the two individuals are innocent, even if they don’t stand in line with Jiang Xiu, this is an unpredictable instance of life and death… Compassion is the most useless thing.”


Yan Mingguang remained soundless.


“We’re tied together now, and I won’t lie to you.

Teacher Yan, I seem to have told you Call me cold-blooded, or call me heartless.

What I lack most is compassion.

Not only am I cold-blooded, but also narrow-minded.

Oh, and a little wayward… “


Yan Mingguang still did not speak.


Yan Wei wanted to tease the man and notice if he’d show any different expressions.

But Yan Mingguang didn’t have any feedback, and what he said was boring, so he didn’t persist.


The wind blew, raising the shadows of the trees.

The sound of the wind, along with the rustle of the leaves, induced people to sleep.


Yan Wei rolled over several times again, and with great difficulty, finally felt drowsy.

While half-conscious, his head abruptly sensed a rush of danger!


With a hoo, the candle flame went out.


The old guest room instantly plunged into darkness.

The mournful cool moonlight shed downwards.

A faint song seems to be playing in the distance.


The sound appeared to come from afar, yet heard everywhere.


It was like a song sung by a youthful girl in a high-pitched voice.

It completely dissolved into the current, pierced into the ear bit by bit, and stimulated people’s nerves inch by inch.


“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”


“This is a mountain and river bestowed by God, this is a fertile field, this is a blessing from heaven…”


“It’s going to rain, it’s going to rain, the crops are going to grow…”


“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”


Yan Mingguang heard the lyrics clearly.


It was the song sung by the children after they entered the instance in the evening, but now it was soft and grim.

The girl’s delicate voice made it even creepier.


After singing the four lyrics, the song was replayed.

The four lyrics repeated over and over again.


Yan Wei touched the black ring and confirmed that his immortal state would open in 24 minutes.

Under the quilt, he closed his eyes and listened to the song with vigilance.


He didn’t know how many times the song repeated.

When the girl sang the last line, the vocals decelerated.


“Let’s — hold — up — our — umbrellas –“


There was still no movement in Mr.

Jiang’s room.

A long but bleak cry penetrated the night in a room with two ordinary seven-story players.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh– Save me! Save me! Ahhh–“


Yan Wei took a breath.

He was about to open his eyes and get up when he heard a noise from Yan Mingguang’s side.


The man stood up nimbly.

He tiptoed, went to Yan Wei’s bed, lifted the quilt, and drilled in.


The already significantly narrow single bed crowded two men at once.

The quilt was packed, and hot breaths collided with each other.

Warmth encircled the cold wind.

Yan Wei was half a head shorter than Yan Mingguang.

At the moment, they leaned sideways against each other.

He curled up slightly and leaned his face against Yan Mingguang’s shoulder socket.


The shrill screams of the seventh-floor players continued.

He and Yan Mingguang clustered on the narrow single bed.

The man raised his hand and covered Yan Wei’s mouth as soon as he came up.

Under the quilt, the bullwhip quietly tied his left wrist.


Yan Wei unconsciously became short of breath.

He didn’t know whether it was because of Yan Mingguang’s sudden warm palm or the tension caused by the endless screams.


[Don’t talk.] Yan Mingguang spoke a little faster than usual through the whip.

[There’s something sitting beside my bed.]




Yan Wei’s eyes faintly shifted.

Leaning against Yan Mingguang’s shoulder socket, his eyes peeked through a gap.


On Yan Mingguang’s bed, the sheets were disorganized from the sudden movement with nobody lying on it.

But by the bed, a “person” with blood all over their body, their limbs and face littered with indistinct flesh, sat quietly.

Blood tainted the bedsheets.


The screams in the other room continued, filling the night in despair.


Yan Wei reacted slowly.


–This was a “person” whose skin was stripped off, their bones removed from their limbs.



FootnotesA good-for-nothing; (literal) snack which looks delicious but is inedibleNot exactly sure why the author repeated Jiang Xiu’s actions and the umbrellas


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