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Chapter 24: Ankang Ancient Town (3)

Yan Wei’s accelerating breathing immediately ceased.

He tried his best to manage his expression.

His eyes seemed to have shut but he actually buried his face in between Yan Mingguang’s neck and shoulder.

His eyes displayed small crevices as he scrutinized what they encountered.

The skinless and boneless person only sat by the bedside, their eyes disturbingly dark under their flesh and blood.

It was seated there silently, face sideways, staring at Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei’s direction.

For a moment, Yan Wei felt that it looked at him.

But this thing showed no motion from the beginning to the end.

It just sat there quietly in the grim and ghostly song, in the cries of the players who wailed like they were being tortured.

It stared at them unblinkingly.

When Yan Mingguang came over, he held Yan Wei.

Currently, his back was facing the thing, and he couldn’t see the situation.

He asked Yan Wei: 【Saw it clearly】

【Saw clearly.

I’ve seen it carefully several times from top to bottom, and it was a person who had been skinned and boned.

Hey, blame me for speaking, but it’s too scary.

I’m almost blind.

Can’t the tower instance offer me a mosaic】


【And it’s a girl! Why would I, a gay man, want to see a girl “naked”! I have never watched a porn movie since I was a child in Dalian.

The first time I watched a girl without clothes, she didn’t even wear skin!】


Yan Wei really impaired his eyes.

He retracted his gaze, slipped his fingers over the black ring, and seamlessly checked the information panel — 13 minutes before the immortal state activated.

He kept motionless and maintained his posture, huddled with Yan Mingguang under the quilt.

He was prepared for battle and could feel the tension in Yan Mingguang’s muscles. 

They were not fearful and were ready to dispose of the thing at any time, but it had not moved this whole time.

After a while, they finally heard some movement from Jiang Xiu’s room.

However, instead of screams, it was closer to fighting.

The battle was fierce, and both Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang could hear it clearly through the two walls!

Then, the screams of the ordinary seven-story player gradually faded away before vanishing completely.

The people were dead.

The faintly discernible song was still playing, but it was getting smaller and smaller as if it was gradually pulling away.

Yan Wei clutched the whip around his wrist tightly and finally stopped being loquacious.

He said rationally and calmly: 【There is movement in Jiang Xiu’s room, so something must have happened.

They are better than the average seventh-floor player and won’t die easily, but we should have consumed at least one or two of their props and used them to test clues and profit.

Fortunately, we cheated Jiang Xiu, leaving such a contrast.

Otherwise, we would have mistakenly believed the white umbrella was good.

Now, it seems that since we’ve taken the umbrella away, the ghost didn’t do anything to us.

The white umbrella is indeed a sort of death trigger.】

【The thing hasn’t left yet.】

【It hasn’t left, but it also hasn’t done anything to us.

My guess is because we don’t have an umbrella.

I just don’t know why the players in the other room died.

Moreover, listening to the voices…】

The death was tragic.

Under the monster’s gaze, Yan Mingguang was more fearless than Yan Wei.

His tone was still cold and dull: 【It’s not because of the umbrella.

They threw their umbrellas into the main hall.

When I got to the main hall, there were three white umbrellas.

Three, including the one they threw in the main hall, a total of four.

Except for Jiang Xiu, who they tricked, all the other players threw their umbrellas at the main hall.

How did the players die

【We’ll investigate the seventh-floor players’ cause of death later.

The problem now is the stripped boneless thing sitting by your bed.

I suspect that everyone’s room will be the same as ours — girls who have been skinned and boned because the screams lasted for almost ten minutes, and no one opened the door or came out yet.】

Perception obtained from the first instance strengthened Yan Wei’s vision, hearing, and sense of smell.

With so many voices blended, he could still distinguish clearly — there was no sound of a door opening and closing in the other four rooms.

The players inside the instance, except for the two of them who came directly from the first floor, have passed at least some instances.

It’s impossible not to know that a player’s death means clues.

But up till now, there was only the sound of exchanging blows in Jiang Xiu’s room, and no one else has moved.

The most likely possibility is a girl with no skin or bones was currently sitting in the other rooms, so no player dares to venture.

They all heard screams, but nobody acted rashly because of the filthy thing sitting in their rooms.

The girl’s faint singing became quieter and quieter.

A burst of golden light suddenly flared in Jiang Xiu’s room!

If the floor gap of the descending player is too large, under the balancing mechanism of the tower, the basic stats of the descending player will be reduced according to the floor, and they won’t be able to earn points.

However, props will still exist — this is the greatest reliance for players who descend the tower.

This golden light definitely emitted from Jiang Xiu’s props.

The golden light was luminous in the inky night when all the candles were out, and it also slightly extended to Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s room.

The thing withdrew and looked like it wanted to leave.

Then, the golden light dissipated, and there was no other activity in Jiang Xiu’s room.

It was two minutes before midnight.

There were still two minutes before the immortal state activated.

The singing was almost inaudible.

The howling mountain gale continuously banged on the old wooden window.

The moonlight shone dazzlingly as if new, and the girl slowly stood up.

At this juncture, when other players breathed a sigh of relief, Yan Wei slowly opened his eyes and looked at that thing without concealment.

Light-brown eyes as luminous as the stars, and the slightly curved corners of the eyes drew a smile in the treacherous and wretched night.

【Teacher Yan.】


【Later, I might court disaster a bit, don’t stop me.】


Casino area

For the entire tower world, high-level players were always a minority.

Low-level and middle-level players accounted for the majority.

Although Ankang Ancient Town was a seventh-floor instance, many more players paid attention to this instance than those who paid attention to the high-floor instances in the casino.

Many players can’t even comprehend the instances on the high floors.

On the contrary, with Ankang Ancient Town, the number of floors is not high.

There are seed players in the instance expected to climb the high floors.

They are the targets that most players like to observe and analyze.

As a result of the upgraded casino mode turning on, the projection was divided into 12 parts.

It displayed the perspectives of the 12 players.

Among them, Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei, and Ning Yi’s sections were black — all three have turned on privacy mode.

The first day of the instance is the time limit to bet freely.

After the upgrade, the gambling reward is even greater.

Numerous players huddled here to observe the situation.

“Why don’t the three of them open their perspectives After opening their perspectives, they gained more feedback from the casino, and they gave up like this…”

“Are they afraid of too many people watching One of the three people is Yan, who openly provoked Jiang Xiu.

When he entered the instance, he kept his perspective open, but now he closed it.

Maybe he wants to do something with the person he has been holding with a whip…”

“I thought this guy was a figure who dared to go against Jang Xiu just after one floor.

I didn’t expect he’d bring a burden into the instance.

You can’t see from Ning Yi’s point of view.

It’s safest to choose among Jiang Xiu, Lin Zhen, and Yu Feizhou to bet on.”

“It’s strange.

Why did Jiang Xiu see three umbrellas in the corridor From Lin Zhen’s perspective just now, he and Yu Feizhou clearly set the white umbrella in the main hall of the mountain temple.”

“The female ghost in Jiang Xiu’s room took action.

He used the golden light prop to force the female ghost back.

This golden light, which I just saw in Jiang Xiu’s casino last time, is a ghost-driving prop that he finally acquired in an eighth-floor instance.

I didn’t expect him to use it on the first night…  He was so stupid this time, the mountain temple was full of unknowns, and the song dedicated to the mountain god was also unknown.

The lyrics said to hold an umbrella, so to carry an umbrella is not good.

He still dared to keep such an obvious death trigger.”

“You can’t say that.

The tower-descending system weakened Jiang Xiu’s stats.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been cut to such a sorry figure.”

“Oh my god, this player died so miserably.

He was skinned and boned alive.

Ah, he screamed for at least ten minutes before he died.

Shit! Lin Zhen still laughed at the female ghost in his room for ten minutes in the screams…”




Inside the instance of Ankang Ancient Town

After the golden light prop was used, the singing voice rapidly dissipated.

At that moment, there was only the sound of the wind in the mountain temple.

Lin Zhen and Jiang Xiu’s room was separated only by a wall.

Jiang Xiu had just used the golden light to repel the female ghost back when the sound of knocking came from the wall.

Lin Zhen’s voice penetrated the wall with an aura of wickedness, “Oh, is this your prop Thank you really for sacrificing yourself for others.

Not only did you descend the tower for no points, but you even used a prop to help us all push back this dirty thing.

Wrongly accusing you of being stupid and poisonous, I apologize.

I admit my mistake.

You’re obviously stupid and kind.”

Inside Jiang Xiu’s room, Ning Yi still hasn’t moved.

Zheng Mao personally watched Jiang Xiu’s face darken as he used the prop, and a cold sweat broke out.

“Jiang-ge, this… why is there no movement in Lin Zhen and Yan’s room, only us… Not only are we being attacked by the ghost, but we’re also helping the other people drive them away.

If we had known, we would have thrown the white umbrella–“

Zheng Mao’s words suddenly stopped.

Jiang Xiu looked at him darkly with eyes filled with displeasure.

Zheng Mao immediately made a gesture of shutting up and covered his mouth forcefully.

Jiang Xiu frowned and took a look at the bloodstains left by the filthy thing.

At that moment, he replied with gritted teeth, “Those two umbrellas are fake!!”


In Yan Wei’s mind, the cue of the tower sounded.

【The player’s permanent skill is activated.】

【Current Skill Status: Immortal State, lasts for 24 hours, status will revert to normal after 24 hours】

Beside the bed, the thing slowly stood upright.

It had no bones in its legs, leaving only rigid flesh and blood.

Yan Wei opened the quilt and held Yan Mingguang’s shoulder with one hand.

Then, he turned over and jumped out of bed with Yan Mingguang.

The first crime scene of the player’s death is gone, and the female ghost in front of him — perhaps not even a female ghost — has become the biggest clue.

If the immortal state is on, it is the best opportunity.

He was still hesitant about doing this in front of Yan Mingguang, but on second thought, Yan Mingguang was his chosen teammate.

This method of cooperation with instances may still exist in the future.

Also, he can’t always evade Yan Mingguang to use his skill.

Moreover, with Yan Mingguang’s character, even if he’d witnessed it, he would not ask.

Just like now, this man helped him jump towards the thing and only asked, “Are you sure”

Yan Wei grabbed the swallow coin in his pocket and took out the prepared gloves.

He slowly wore the gloves and whistled, “Hello, miss1!”

The “young miss” gazed directly at him, with bloodstained pupils dark and unfathomable.

Just a glance can frighten people at the bottom of their hearts.

Yan Wei took another step forward.

Yan Mingguang held the whip tightly and stood aside, and watched the young man approach the “person” with bright eyes, exceptionally extending his hand out to court death.

He repeated, “I don’t mean to offend you.

A gentleman won’t take advantage of you, not to mention I’m gay.

You can rest assured that I will bypass the key parts…”

Yan Mingguang: “…”

 The thing wanted to move towards the door, and Yan Wei happened to be between it and the door, blocking its route.

It stared blankly at Yan Wei, and for a moment, Yan Wei sensed danger approaching from all directions.

The creature in front of him did not move, yet he felt the suffocating killing intention surround him as if he’d already died.

This feeling emerged for a second, then slowly dispersed.

–Half immortal skill, fatal wound is invalid.

Yan Wei was almost sure this thing tried to attack him because he came up to block it.

Under the function of the skill, nothing happened to him.

The strange and terrifying “person” was still in front of him, and Yan Mingguang stayed standing aside with his whip. 


He hooked the corners of his mouth, bent his eyes slightly, directly grabbed the arm of the thing, and began the autopsy.

During his motions, danger surrounded him so much the feeling of death kept rushing over him constantly.

He had already probed the front and inclined to the side to examine the “person’s” back.

The ghost seemed to have discovered that it could not kill Yan Wei could not be killed, and instead of persisting, changed its tactics.

The singing lightly played in Yan Wei’s ears, light and empty, coming from all directions.

It was as dark and cold as hell, rattling nerves inch by inch.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”

“This is a mountain and river bestowed by God, this is a fertile field, this is a blessing from heaven-“

Before the singing finished, the young man’s clear voice sounded.

“It’s raining, it’s raining, the crops are going to grow…”

“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…” Yan Wei finished the last sentence and sighed.

“There is something wrong with your song.

It’s raining all the time, and the crops will be waterlogged to death.

When they grow up, maybe they can all be made into steamed buns.”

The thing directly choked.

It gnashed its teeth with a heugh sound.

Yan Mingguang, who witnessed the whole process and heard Yan Wei’s hi: “…”

If this skinless thing had a chimney on its head, it must have been full of smoke right now.

Yan Wei turned a blind eye to it, and once again sang, “The stars are shining, the moon is hanging… This is a mountain and river bestowed by God, this is a fertile field, this is a blessing from heaven… It’s raining, it’s raining, the crops are going to grow… Let’s hold up our umbrellas…” 

“Eh, don’t say it.

The tune is good.

Don’t hold your voice.

It sounds good.

I’ve finished looking.

You really do have some clues… Thank you for the hard work, Miss.

Good night.

Take care of yourself.

Yan Mingguang: “…”

Yan Wei observed the thing for a long time.

Yan Mingguang did not understand why it hadn’t killed Yan Wei yet, only looking faintly at him. 

When Yan Wei stepped aside, the thing felt rather impatient and immediately walked towards the door and disappeared.

It left only a line of bloody footprints on the ground and stains in the center of the bed.

The room returned to silence once more.

Yan Wei carefully took off his gloves.

The movements were meticulous enough to be free from any bloodstains.

He threw the gloves into the trash can and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Tonight is not a loss.

Not only did Jiang Xiu consume his obviously good quality prop, weakening his strength, but we even found a clue from the thing that I think is quite important…”

Yan Wei’s voice froze.

Beneath the cool moonscape, the man had held onto the whip with one hand, his other hand inside a pocket.

A pair of bottomless black pupils deeply stared at him.

Before going to bed, Yan Mingguang took off his glasses.

No lenses were blocking him.

His deep eyes were a little less gentle, and strength flowed through all of the person’s bones.

Yan Mingguang’s low voice penetrated through the darkness and the moonlight.

” — ‘Court disaster a bit’”

Yan Wei’s eyes glanced elsewhere.

His expression flickered.

“–A bit”

“Cough,” He lowered his head and curled his lips, “One hundred million little bits.”


Footnotes小姐姐 Literal translation is young older sister, used to describe a young and beautiful girl


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