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Chapter 27: Ankang Ancient Town (6)

Lin Zhen remained standing where he was.

His dark red pupils, which always seemed to be smiling yet not smiling, were now filled with astonishment.

His handsome facial features were remarkably stiff, completely different from when he’d been waiting for Yan Wei to beg for help.

“I guessed this after I came down, but I haven’t–“

“Before you could say it, I finished.” Yan Wei spread his hands out.

“And then what Does it affect our bet”

The path beside the blood pool was narrow, with a putrid, foul smell rushing out.

Yan Wei frowned and looked rather disgusted.

He had taken a step, but looking at the small hole in front of him that was only about one person wide, and the walls covered with adhesive and moist moss, Yan Wei hurriedly took a step back.

He turned back and waved to Lin Zhen, “Go.”

Lin Zhen slowly withdrew his stiff look, clenched his bow, and turned to look at Yan Wei.

He raised his eyes slightly, and his rambling voice slowly dragged on.

“You’re hiding your strength Why What don’t you want people to know”

“The inside of this hole is too dirty.

You go in first and help me clean up the moss so it doesn’t rub against me.” Yan Wei opened the information panel and scanned the most common area of the exchange mall.

He generously exchanged an invitation for a bag of the finest quality cleaning cloth and tossed it at Lin Zhen.

“Save it.

It cost me a low-level invitation.”

Lin Zhen subconsciously lifted his hand and took it.

He moved neatly and swiftly.

The knuckles of his left fingers were slightly bent, and he grabbed the two bags with a slight soughing of the wind.

Lin Zhen, who saw what it was, said, “…”

The stiffness that he had finally restrained reappeared on his face. 

Yan Wei had already turned back, walked behind Lin Zhen, and wore his long prepared gloves.

Lin Zhen’s black clothes merged into the dim light, and his temperament was evil and dangerous, but Yan Wei didn’t seem to feel the oppressive strength of the other party.

He only put on his gloves, Lin Zhen behind his shoulder, and said, “Don’t worry.

I turned off my projection perspective for the casino when I entered the instance, so the other players can’t see you scrubbing the walls as a bodyguard.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

Even if he didn’t see Lin Zhen’s face, Yan Wei could hear Lin Zhen’s slightly aggravated breathing by the noiseless blood pool, which seemed to be a warning sign of fury.

However, Yan Wei smiled silently.

He and Yan Mingguang did not plunge into this seventh-floor instance unprepared.

Before entering, in addition to studying their inevitable opponent, Jiang Xiu, Yan Wei also carefully examined all of the instance records related to Lin Zhen.

After all, this invitation was from Lin Zhen.

If he is wrong about Lin Zhen’s character, he may harm himself and Yan Mingguang. 

According to all the records, Yan Wei found that although Lin Zhen was a mysterious dark horse in the eyes of the low-level players and new seed players in the tower, his behavior pattern was simpler than Jiang Xiu’s.

Simply put — it’s a competitive psychopath with an excellent reputation. 

He likes to chase after those who may be better than him or equal to him.

He also keeps his promise because he is too competitive and wants to save face.

This man is not a good person, but he is not bad either.

The most important thing is that he keeps his word.

When he saw Lin Zhen instead of Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei already had a plan and an assurance.

Sure enough, in just a moment, Lin Zhen’s mood took a turn.

In the end, not only did he not go back from the deal, but he even laughed out loud.

“You’re quite a vengeful pet,” he stated, swinging the longbow in his hand, and a pure black-feathered arrow appeared out of thin air above the bowstring.

As soon as the arrow appeared, it left the string in the breaking wind, and the tip instantly withstood the cloth thrown by him at the same time.

Then, another long arrow followed almost without an interval.

The arrow quickly pierced through the darkness slicing through the dirty moss on both sides of the cave wall.

Once the bowstring stretches, it is enough to alert other players.

The long black bow constantly shoots out arrows, making it overqualified to clear the way for Yan Wei’s mysophobia.

Lin Zhen was still a bit shocked.

Before taking a few steps, the man returned to smiling vaguely, his voice casual.

“Yan Mingguang must also know that you’re pretending, right The two of you have always acted together, and he’s powerful.

You two should be cooperating.

Little pet, your sheepskin is very successful.

I’ve been fooled by you.”

Yan Wei followed behind Lin Zhen, walking in this narrow hole and holding an exchanged flashlight in his hand.

He ignored Lin Zhen, only looking carefully at both sides.

“You couldn’t get past the blood pool by yourself, and your physical strength isn’t outstanding, right That’s perception.

It’s very compatible with your vengeful and clever character.

I haven’t met anyone with a high sensory stat to pit me like this.

I suddenly lost interest in Yan.

I think you’re more fun.”



You and Yan Mingguang entered the same instance, and your strength is no worse than his.

Why is he the best player Yan1… Yan2 and Yan3… Which one of you is Yan”

“Hey, why aren’t you leaving What are you looking at so seriously”

Yan Wei stared at the ground.

The young man’s slender fingers curled up slightly.

His fingertips against the edge of the flashlight, his wrists slightly downward, and he bent down to look down at the narrow floor.

His eyes were clear, and his pupils reflected the light gathered by the flashlight, which was as brilliant as his expression. 

“Don’t you think it’s laborious for the matron to climb the mountain and go down the well” Yan Wei said nonchalantly. 

“Oh, she’s so old that we won’t have to work hard to become the boss.

Apart from stones and insects, there are several traces of dragging on the ground — this is a place with ghosts.

It’s normal to have these marks from dragging bodies or something.

What the hell are you looking at”

Yan Wei hooked the corner of his mouth.

“I’m looking at the width of the drag mark, which is very thin, much thinner than a girl’s figure.”

He didn’t say much, but Lin Zhen was not one of those novice players in the first-floor instance.

Just this sentence was enough.

Judging by the matron’s efforts to hike the mountain and go down the well, she is just an old lady with an ordinary physique, so she may not have the strength to carry anything a little heavier.

The drag marks on the ground were not made by skinless female ghosts who could disappear in the room in an instant but by the matron.

The mark was too narrow, not even the waist width of a girl, and was not a trace from dragging a corpse.

What was the matron dragging

She brought nothing when she went down the well and most likely caused the dragging trail when she took it out.

What was not too big, but also had a certain weight and could be dragged out every time without the matron having to bring it inside

—The skin and bone umbrella that disappeared in the main hall of the mountain temple during the day.

Now it seems he could form a more understandable logic of what is happening.

The matron used the skins and bones of girls as umbrellas and threw their bodies down the well.

Something may have transpired in the middle, there has been a change here, and the corpses of those girls turned into ghosts.

The emergence of the skin and bone umbrellas represents the appearance of the skinless female ghosts.

At night, the matron places the umbrellas at the doorways, and the skinless ghost appears in the room accompanied by singing, killing the person with the umbrella beside them.

During the day, the umbrellas that cause no deaths will return to the well.

If the matron still needs to use the skin and bone umbrella to lure the ghosts to kill, she’ll have to go down the well and drag these umbrellas out again.

Except for the one who caused the player’s demise, the other umbrellas that did not cause any deaths disappeared and appeared — or returned — to this unique well.

The matron is the one who takes the umbrellas out again.

Therefore, the trace is very thin, presumably the width of several umbrellas in a bag.

The slightly furry old moss on the mark is facing outward because the umbrellas are only dragged outside, not inside.

“Why don’t we go inside and take an umbrella for fun It’s raining outside, so it saves the effort of buying an umbrella.” Lin Zhen had already shot several arrows, rambling, “Hey, this is the way to go.

I think it’s fun using my bow and arrow to clean.”

Yan Wei asked, “Can you figure out why there’s a change here and why the matron is doing this”

“Maybe it’s because we’re good-looking and she wants to make us into umbrellas.”

“There’s no need to pretend.

You have to help me if you lose the bet, but I know better than you that we are not teammates who can hand over our backs,” Yan Wei chuckled, his distinct voice echoing in the narrow hole, “You’re not stupid, and you have your guess.

If you don’t want to tell, just shut up and don’t waste time fooling me.”

Lin Zhen was offended by him, but he didn’t get angry.

His smile widened. 

“Hey, little pet.

Why were you so cute around Yan Mingguang yet so vicious now However, you guessed the clue of this mark.

I won’t compete with you for the point.

You can say the answer.”

Yan Wei mentioned the mark, and he and Lin Zhen both had the answer in their mind, but the tower’s prompt didn’t sound, indicating that the answer point needed to be analyzed before it could be determined.

Yan Wei shook his head.

“Now is not the time to say it.”

What he has to do is not just score, but… to control the score range of all players.

He jabbed Lin Zhen with the flashlight.

“Hurry up and open the road.

It’ll take us several hours to get back to the mountain temple.

I don’t want to stay here until evening.”

Lin Zhen was without ambiguity.

With one move of the longbow, several arrows shot out in succession.

His mouth wasn’t idle.

“It would be nice to drag it till the evening.

There might be more bloody and abnormal images to see…”

The footsteps of the two were accompanied by the sound of arrows breaking through the wind.

The light from the flashlight stretched in the darkness.

Within moments, the accumulated light spread more and more, and their footsteps echoed a little longer.

“Oh, the front looks wider–” Lin Zhen’s voice suddenly stopped.

Behind him, Yan Wei’s eyes solidified, and the relaxed expression disappeared.

His eyes crossed Lin Zhen’s shoulder and slowly landed on the unexpectedly spacious cave ahead.

The gradually widening cave seemed to have ended.

The ground had enough space to accommodate fifty or sixty people standing at once.

Under the bright white light of the flashlight, pale umbrellas were neatly lined up, and submerged treachery filled the silence.

Even Lin Zhen’s breathing stagnated subconsciously.

“…Ah, how many are there”

Yan Wei blinked and said word by word, “127.

Aren’t you going to play with them They should be enough for you.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

“Oh, it seems that you don’t even need to go get them,” Yan Wei looked straight ahead, his eyes flashed, and his tone slightly prolonged, “They’re coming towards us.“

FootnotesThe code name Yan燕 – Yan in Yan Wei晏 – Yan in Yan Mingguang


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