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Chapter 29: Ankang Ancient Town (8)

The arrow missed, and the umbrella instantly advanced.

Lin Zhen immediately calmed down and dragged Yan Wei to the side.

The approaching umbrella slid past him, and it neatly sliced a few strands of Lin Zhen’s hair along the edge.

Fortunately, it was not one of the umbrellas that appeared at the door of their room yesterday, and Lin Zhen shot the umbrella back with an arrow.

He turned his eyes to Yan Wei, and the dark red pupils flashed a meaningful glint that was difficult to catch.

Previously, he’d only act abnormal enough to make others retreat.

He had never eaten from the hands of other players — but Yan Wei almost made him lose it.

After one moment.

“Are you serious Just a single blow from an umbrella will kill you.

With your physical stats, you’re going to die.” Lin Zhen’s mouth twitched, and he sent out several arrows again.

“Then why don’t we bet again if I’ll die”

Lin Zhen choked once more and was rendered speechless by him.

The umbrellas became more and more forceful to the naked eye.

Indeed, as Lin Zhen said, constantly hitting the umbrellas is not only useless but also deepens the danger step by step.

Yan Wei’s attention was not on Lin Zhen at all.

He stared at the approaching umbrellas that Lin Zhen kept knocking away and gradually began to notice something — these umbrellas did not have the same strength in all areas.

Lin Zhen would strike different places, and the umbrellas would retreat differently.

He made up his mind to observe and said quickly, “Hurry up! I’m serious.

Since you have a prop you can use to escape, you can use the prop to leave after irritating them all.

After you go, our bet will be invalid.”

Seeing the attacks becoming even more terrible and the umbrellas approaching, Lin Zhen held his bow and looked at Yan Wei from the side.

At the critical moment, he had no choice but to say, “Okay, you bet, you pay1.

I’ll listen to you.”

After the words fell, ten arrows simultaneously shot out from the bow like scattering flowers, venturing into the dark and deep cave.

Compared to those ordinary attacks, the arrows carried greater power.

When they were about to touch the approaching umbrellas, countless small arrows were scattered again!

The scattered arrows struck all of the umbrellas.

Then, over one hundred umbrellas emitted a faint white light.

The temperature inside the cave cooled down, and an unknown killing intention shrouded Yan Wei and Lin Zhen.

Yan Wei could discern the feeling of being trapped.

It was as if something sinister had attached itself to him, tearing him apart if an umbrella came close to him.

In front of him, Lin Zhen withdrew his weapon, took a step back, and brought out a prop from his black ring.

Among the group of umbrellas, an umbrella appearing no different from the others swiveled quickly — there was no need for Yan Wei to look for it.

This raging umbrella was the one the branch task requested them to locate!

There was a gust of wind in the cave.

It was like the howl of a weeping evil spirit.

The prop in Lin Zhen’s hand trembled slightly and emitted a faint light.

His body gradually became transparent — this was an escape prop that could teleport a certain distance!

The one with the death trigger came towards them.

Lin Zhen’s figure disappeared, but the last words he left stayed drifting in the air.

“Hey, Yan Wei, I’ll tell you information that you can use against Jiang Xiu — if you can survive.”

“Under the same conditions, players who ascend the tower exceed ordinary players, and ordinary players exceed players who descend the tower.

Ghosts must first target the descending players.”

Along with Lin Zhen’s somewhat unruly voice, Yan Wei was the only one who remained in the cave.

The rapidly spinning umbrella burst out an even chillier aura, and in an instant, it came with an overwhelming force Yan Wei couldn’t resist.

The umbrella, which was infuriated by Lin Zhen, was sure to kill with one blow.

As long as it’s near, it will be fatal.

Within a few moments, the tip of the umbrella will stab Yan Wei’s head.

However, this was the effect Yan Wei wanted!

The immortal skill was immune to all fatal wounds.

The greater the killing intent of these ghosts and ferocious things, the easier it will be to find clues.

After Lin Zhen left, the young man with a worried look on his face stayed frowning.

Just when the umbrella rushed in front of him, he raised his hands…

And then hugged the umbrella tightly as if to impale himself!

The umbrella that the branch task made them look for was easily embraced by Yan Wei after being provoked.

Under the immortal skill, the youth was unharmed and held the umbrella.

Yan Wei showed a pleased smile and said to the umbrella, who was writhing with killing intent in his arms, “Buddy, thanks for the advice.”


The casino blew up.

Seeing that Yan Mingguang was ahead of Yu Feizhou in finding the corresponding umbrella, the Yuemang members who came to watch the progress of the instance did not have a good complexion.

Other organizations came to observe, all with varying countenances.

They all seemed to have different agendas, while the ordinary players had a heated discussion.

“…Didn’t Yan set off the umbrella’s death trigger Why didn’t he die! He even found the umbrella required by the branch task!!”

“I don’t know.

You can see that Yu Feizhou stayed beside Yan.

How could I, an ordinary player watching through a projection, know”

“He also got a prop which seems to be very important.

I thought Yu Feizhou would be in the lead.

I didn’t think a novice like Yan could grab an umbrella with his bare hands… He really isn’t a mysterious player descending from the high-floors”

“What are high-level players doing on the first floor They won’t get any points, and their stats will be weakened.

They’re better off selecting more high-level instances.”

“Hey! On Yan and Yu Feizhou’s side.

A road appeared after the umbrellas disappeared.

The five roads under the well seem to be interconnected.

Will they encounter Lin Zhen if they continue walking down And that Yan Wei is something.

Although his projection isn’t on, his perspective hasn’t been terminated.

He’s been separated from Yan for such a long time, and he’s still not dead yet.”

“Jiang Xiu’s side has made considerable progress.

He has already figured out a hint.”

“Look, look!!! Lin Zhen!!! Yu Feizhou and Yan encountered Lin Zhen who suddenly appeared!!”



After Yan Mingguang seized the umbrella, the large expanse of umbrellas returned to a state of calmness.

He said nothing to Yu Feizhou after taking away the girl’s phalanx and walked forward.

Yu Feizhou took the protective bead back into the ring and walked behind Yan Mingguang.

Even though Yan Mingguang never spoke, Yu Feizhou didn’t appear to have a bad temper.

He smiled gently.

“Are you in a hurry to find Yan Wei My perception is high, and I can feel it.

Yan Wei’s stats are of an average player on the third or fourth floor.

It’s dangerous to act alone in here.”

Yan Mingguang, who had just made a move, seemed to have gotten colder.

His whole body was bitingly chilly and sharp, and his pace was fast.

Footsteps echoed in the narrow cave, quick and urgent.

Yu Feizhou said, “Lin Zhen and I went through the matron’s records hidden in the hall.

According to her, no matter where you enter under the well, the end will be the same.

If nothing happened to Yan Wei, we should meet him sooner or later.”

Only then did the man make a sound.


Yu Feizhou originally wanted to question Yan Mingguang how he subdued the umbrella, but the person in front of him obviously didn’t talk much, so he just chatted.

“And he might meet Lin Zhen.

Sometimes, Lin Zhen’s way of thinking is extreme, but he probably won’t harm Yan Wei.

Yan Wei is a cute and clever person.

Even if he does nothing, people will still want to protect him.”

Yan Mingguang, who was walking in front, suddenly stopped.

He turned back and looked at Yu Feizhou.

In the dim light, the silver-rimmed spectacles obscured most of his eyes.

However, Yu Feizhou could see the corner of the man’s mouth appeared to be slightly hooked.

The initial indifferent face showed a playfulness quite different from the ice-cold character.

Yan Mingguang had a wooden and alienated expression.

This short-lived but inexplicable smile stunned Yu Feizhou.

“…Cute” Yan Mingguang repeated the word in a low voice.

Yu Feizhou did not understand.

“What’s the matter You–“

He stopped.

In front of the two, there was a sudden flurry of activity in the quiet passageway.

The next moment, Lin Zhen, dressed in black and holding a long black bow in his hand, appeared in front of them.

Lin Zhen didn’t expect to teleport directly in front of Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou.

Both sides halted.

Yu Feizhou opened his mouth first and asked, “Lin Zhen You used your escape prop What did you encounter”

“Eh” Lin Zhen raised his eyebrows and looked at Yan Mingguang.

“Yan–” He paused and changed the name.

“Yan Mingguang, there you are.

Just now, I met your little pet… Oh, yeah.

We also encountered many umbrellas and a branch task to look for an umbrella.

I accidentally, tsk, irritated all those umbrellas and had to throw your little pet away and run.”

As soon as his voice fell, there was the sound of arrows and a whip breaking through the air.

Yan Mingguang’s whip swung out, and Lin Zhen shot out three arrows in an instant.

The tail of the whip swept away the arrows.

Yan Mingguang asked in a low voice, “Where is Yan Wei”

“Lin Zhen!” Yu Feizhou was somewhat displeased.

“Your teleporting prop has a route.

You remember the way back and take us back to rescue him.”

Lin Zhen hurriedly avoided Yan Mingguang’s attack and smiled.

“Yu Feizhou, how come you’re such a saint wherever you go Don’t worry.

I didn’t say no.

I also want to go back and have a look.

Whether the little pet was torn to shreds or survived, it must be beautiful…”


In a cave covered with white umbrellas on the other side

Yan Wei did not shy away from embracing the umbrellas, which made them all crazy.

The cold wind rustled, and more than a hundred umbrellas locked their killing intention on him.

His smile grew bigger — the more these umbrellas tried to kill him, the more effective his skill was.

He clung to the umbrella he needed to find for the branch task.

As soon as he was about to lose his grip, the umbrella in his arms stopped struggling.

A prompt sounded in his mind.

【Congratulations to the player for finding the corresponding umbrella and completing the branch task.

Completion method: Resisting the death trigger, Completion reward: Physical Stat 2, Sensory Stat 1, Points 2.】

【Current Player Stat Update: Physical Stat 15, Sensory Stat 41, Level 1, Points 21】

【Congratulations on acquiring the instance item dropped by the branch task: A girl’s phalanx.

The phalanx originates from a girl who was made into an umbrella and can be used in the instance to resist the risks associated with it to a certain extent, including skinless girls and umbrellas made from skin and bones.】

The white umbrella in his arms turned into a small girl’s phalanx.

It landed in Yan Wei’s palm.

The surrounding skin and bone umbrellas whirled disorderly.

They seemed to have been thoroughly annoyed and did not calm down with the completion of the branch line task.

At the end of the pitch-black cave was a small light.

The light seemed to come from a path.

–It was a possible road to walk through.

Presumably, as long as he could quickly dodge the umbrellas and go down here, he could safely hold this potentially useful finger bone and continue to explore the clues of the matron.

But Yan Wei didn’t go down that path.

He even put the girl’s phalanx, which could resist a portion of attacks from the umbrellas, into the black ring, wore new gloves, and took a step forward — taking the initiative to reach out and grabbed an attacking umbrella!

The ordinary umbrella was not as powerful as the one required by the branch task.

Although it struggled, Yan Wei could still hold it while immune to fatal injuries.

He grasped the umbrella with all his strength, and while surrounded by a pile of umbrellas, he exchanged a pair of shears and other tools from the mall.

“Be good.” The young man chuckled lightly and even patted the murderous umbrella.

“Make it a little easier for me to take it off.”

Without saying a word, he picked up the shears and quickly cut open the surface of the umbrella.

When Lin Zhen was dealing with the umbrellas, Yan Wei discovered that the most challenging part to attack was the tip of an umbrella.

The umbrellas float mid-air while stretched out and swirling.

The canopy of an umbrella is the most difficult to hit, and the arrow can break through the surface without any blocking effect.

Lin Zhen usually hits the rib of these umbrellas.

When striking the handle or the short rib, the umbrella will recoil back a lot, but if it hits the tip of the umbrella, the umbrella will only fall back a step or two and then fly forward again.

Yan Wei had a rough guess — the tip is the power source of these umbrellas!

He quickly and cleanly cut off the umbrella’s canopy, got another tool, and fiercely disassembled the umbrella by attacking it more than a hundred times.

When Yan Wei completely dismantled the rib, a phalanx-like object fell out at the tip of the umbrella.

–It was similar to the girl’s phalanx that Yan Wei acquired.

It was a phalanx from a pinky.

But the pinky phalanx seemed to be thicker than that of a girl’s.

The length was also too long, like a man’s phalanx.

As soon as Yan Wei got the finger bone, the prompt sound rang in his mind.

【Congratulations on acquiring the instance item: An ordinary victim’s phalanx.

The phalanx originates from a deceased used to create an umbrella.

Its effect is temporarily unknown.】

Unknown effect

That is to say, it works, but it was not the time to discover its function.

In addition… the “ordinary victim” was different from the five skinless girls.

The people who were made into umbrellas were called ordinary victims.

The player who died from being skinned and boned yesterday was the so-called “ordinary victim”.

And all of the umbrellas represent people the girls skinned and boned.

Yan Wei understood.

He placed the bone in the black ring and did not immediately make a conjecture to gain points.

Instead, he rolled up his sleeves and set his eyes on the remaining one hundred and twenty-five skin and bone umbrellas.

The umbrellas were smooth and lustrous in white.

Even in a dim cave, they still reflected the white light slightly, like a white moon concealed with the breath of death.

The smell of decay and blood filled the cave.

Intertwined with the mysterious umbrellas, it was strange and indescribable.

But the young man blinked, his eyelashes trembled, and the corner of his eyes delineated a happy expression.

He stepped forward and grabbed another umbrella.

A few minutes later, Yan Wei heard the same sound in his mind.

【Congratulations on acquiring the instance item: An ordinary victim’s phalanx.

The phalanx originates from a deceased used to create an umbrella.

Its effect is temporarily unknown.】

A few moments later–

【Congratulations on acquiring the instance item: An ordinary victim’s phalanx.

The phalanx originates from a deceased used to create an umbrella.

Its effect is temporarily unknown.】

【Congratulations on acquiring the instance item: An ordinary victim’s phalanx.

The phalanx originates from a deceased used to create an umbrella.

Its effect is temporarily unknown.】

【Congratulations on acquiring the instance item: An ordinary victim’s phalanx.

The phalanx originates from a deceased used to create an umbrella.

Its effect is temporarily unknown.】

There were bones scattered on the ground.

Human skin instantly decayed into nothingness after leaving the umbrella.

Yan Wei was in a pile of tibias and backbones and picked up another umbrella to separate.

At the moment, he stacked one hundred and twenty-five finger bones from ordinary umbrellas in his ring.

The last remaining umbrella seemed to finally feel the horror of the young man in front of it and trembled mid-air.

Surprisingly, it moved in the opposite direction from where Yan Wei was — that is, the path leading to a deeper area behind the cave.

Yan Wei has gathered all the phalanxes in this cave except for the one in front.

He was not willing to watch this umbrella fly away.

He also originally wanted to continue walking on that road.

Yan Wei raised his foot and chased after it.

Facing the mindless umbrella, he said, “Don’t run, buddy.

In any case, you’re not even a living thing.

I’m going to tear you apart.”

It ignored him and swiftly flew as it rotated.

The umbrella, which gave a psychological shadow to the players last evening, was now being chased by a young man in a windbreaker.

The instance-enhanced body had a speed unmatched by ordinary people.

Yan Wei was not thrown off by the umbrella and approached the fleeing object step by step.


In the casino, the instance Ankang Ancient Town displayed the proportion of bets for each player.

The screens corresponding to the twelve players were entirely different.

Aside from the dead player, whose screen turned gray, and Yan Wei and Ning Yi’s projections which have been black the entire time, the remaining players have all turned on their perspectives.

Jiang Xiu’s screen exhibits him having several encounters with residents of the ancient town and slowly uncovering some things about the place.

At the bottom of his projection, his betting ratio was rapidly soaring.

Yan Mingguang, Yu Feizhou, and Lin Zhen’s live broadcasts were together.

Under the leadership of Lin Zhen, the three of them walked down the road deep in the well, apparently to locate Yan Wei.

The people in Yuemang who were paying attention to the instance looked much better.

–To them, searching for Yan Wei was equivalent to squandering time to look for new clues.

On the matron’s side, the four people have been below the well for a long time.

Except for Yan Mingguang’s acquisition of the girl’s phalanx, there was no progress at all, and there was not a single notification for a first answer point.

They were also still looking for Yan Wei together.

There may be no progress tonight.

Jiang Xiu’s side had a good chance of acquiring a point.

The time to bet was coming to an end.

Jiang Xiu’s side was constantly being bet on while others blindly betted on Ning Yi.

Yan Mingguang’s betting ratio began to decline gradually.

“…Why waste time looking for a useless person when you’re racing against the clock in first answer mode How could a potential player like Yan be indecisive on this sort of matter The one he brought in for entertainment will die when he dies.”

“Speaking of which, this Yan Wei is not dead yet Didn’t Lin Zhen tell them that Yan Wei was surrounded by umbrellas when he left”

“Who knows.

Maybe a ghost caught him, but because it isn’t night yet, it hasn’t skinned him yet.”

The countdown to the bet has almost reached the end.

With only 30 seconds remaining, the betting channel of the instance Ankang Ancient Town will soon be completely closed.

The players watching have chosen their bet, with Jiang Xiu, Ning Yi, and Yu Feizhou each holding a high percentage of bets, followed by Yan Mingguang and Lin Zen, who had no intention of winning.

Yan Wei’s betting ratio was the lowest among the eleven living players: 0.88%.

Gao Ming was hidden in the crowd, looking at Yan Mingguang’s perspective.

The betting information showed that his bet on Yan Wei never changed.

The game attracted the majority of low-level players.

People crowded in front of the instance in the casino, and the players’ voices were packed.

“Hey, after Song Yu buried his roommate, he turned off his perspective.

Does he have any props or abilities that he can’t let others know about”

“I’m curious about Lin Zhen’s ability.

Both Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou have ascended the tower more than three times.

Players who have successfully ascended the tower three times in a row will get a small skill gifted by the tower.

Yu Feizhou’s is self-injury to improve his strength.

Lin Zen closes the projection every time he uses his ability.

Until now, nobody knows…”

“Wait a minute! ! Look at the projection! The thing that flew in front of them… is an umbrella”

“It’s an umbrella! Aren’t they heading in Yan Wei’s direction The umbrella must have flown over to attack the three of them.

Isn’t that Yan Wei inauspicious”

“No… why is there a person behind the umbrella”


The sudden flying umbrella made Yan Mingguang subconsciously take out his weapon.

Lin Zhen raised the bow in his hand and fully extended the bowstring.

The small dagger in the hand of Yu Fei Zhou hurled out, and together with Yan Mingguang’s long whip, reached the handle of the umbrella.

Yan Wei chased after the umbrella and ran around the corner, appearing in front of the three people.

Yan Mingguang and the others have just happened to smash the umbrella.

The young man immediately restrained the smile hanging on the corner of his mouth, and the craftiness in his light brown eyes quickly dispersed.

The umbrella crashed to the ground.

The glossy white umbrella canopy instantly decayed, and the broken bones scattered with the phalanx among the fragments.

It was just that Yu Feizhou and the others didn’t know the existence of the deceased’s phalanx.

They didn’t even take a look at the shattered umbrella.

Yu Feizhou caught the small dagger that was whirling back with his hand.

In a flash, he saw the bright-eyed young man stumble and trip over a rock in the cave.

Dirt immediately stained the youth’s cheeks, and the corner of his eye even had a bit of reddish skin.

Yan Wei fell to the ground, his slightly soiled face illuminated by a faint light.

He had a panicked look.

“Help! There’s a lot of umbrellas chasing me in the back…”


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