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Chapter 3 – Promenade Hotel (3)

Fortunately, this disdain didn’t immediately bring about any negative effects.

The attendant continued to walk ahead, leading them down the corridor to the restaurant.

Yan Wei took out the wet tissue he usually carried with him from the pocket of his windbreaker and violently cleaned his face before returning to the rest of the players.

Gao Ming was also following far behind.

There was a turn in the corridor and after he turned the corner, he saw that Yan Wei was talking to the attendant.

He didn’t see that it was Yan Wei who had taken the initiative to approach the attendant and just immediately thought that Yan Wei was being targeted by the attendant.

Seeing him return, he patted him on the shoulder and asked with concern, “What happened just now The attendant talked to you You should try and stay away from that non-human thing.

If you get too close and he notices you and talks to you, you may end up dying because you said the wrong thing.

Nothing happened, right”

From Yan Wei’s avoidance of the corpse in the hall earlier, Yan Wei was probably extremely scared and panicked inside.

Normal people would be scared seeing a dead body for the first time and Yan Wei was even interrogated by the attendant just now, so his condition probably wasn’t good.

If possible, Gao Ming was still willing to lend him a hand—– After all, the more friends there are, the more clues they could gather.

“Something happened.” Yan Wei nodded.

The words he said left Gao Ming unable to speak.

“But it’s fine now.”

Gao Ming was taken aback.

He carefully looked up and down to check his condition.

The young man was wearing a scarf, a windbreaker and a pair of comfortable jeans which overall gave him a youthful impression.

The hem of the windbreaker would move slightly as the young man walked and his entire body was neat and orderly.

That good-looking face of his had been wiped clean and his eyes were slightly curved into a smile.

Gao Ming didn’t see any bloodstains, so he breathed a sigh of relief, “Not injured, looks like nothing serious happened.

You should still be careful.

If you don’t understand anything, you can ask me.

I…..I am a forensic doctor.

My knowledge in that field could probably come in handy.”

Yan Wei smiled.

He didn’t refuse his kind offer, “Thank you.”

Everyone soon arrived at the restaurant.

Like the corridor they walked along, the restaurant was also covered with portrait paintings.

‘They’ were extremely lifelike, and ‘they’ all smiled sweetly with their bright and gorgeous eyes.

There was a round table in the restaurant that had already been filled with lavish western dishes.

Having been left for some time, the food had already cooled down, but Yan Wei could still smell the pleasant aroma —– It looked delicious.

There were nine chairs placed around the table.

In one glance, one could tell that it was prepared for the nine players.

The attendant walked forward and casually took away a chair before arranging the remaining seats evenly.

He then smiled stiffly and spoke respectfully to them, “Guests, please take a seat.

Dinner has already been prepared.

I will go and change my clothes and bring you your room cards.

After you are done eating, I will bring you to check in so that you can have a good night rest and enjoy the following nine-day art exhibition thoroughly.”

After saying that, the attendant soundlessly left.

He clearly had only just turned to go down the corridor on the other end of the restaurant but, very quickly, his figure was nowhere in sight.

Only Yan Wei and the other seven players were left in the empty restaurant.

The atmosphere was strange and quiet.

Yan Mingguang acted first.

Lightly moving his slender and long legs, he approached the dining table without any hesitation.

His expression was still cold, and those silver rimmed glasses added a hint of refinement to his originally distant temperament, but the coldness and indifference in his eyes couldn’t be concealed by those lenses.

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Yan Mingguang sat down at the dining table without saying a word.

Gao Ming pushed up his glasses and reminded, “I think everyone should sit down first—-The attendant asked us to ‘sit’ just now, so if he comes and see that we haven’t sat down…..”

There was no need to speak any further.

All the players who were still alive had already witnessed what their possible fates would be with their own eyes not too long ago.

Before Gao Ming could finish speaking, Yan Wei had already walked over and directly taken a seat next to Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei had been paying close attention to Yan Mingguang from the moment he arrived at this hotel—This person didn’t seem to show any large emotional fluctuations the entire time.

Even when the attendant killed someone, Yan Mingguang had only raised his eyes slightly, but if one were to say that this person just didn’t care, Yan Wei had also noticed that, like him, Yan Mingguang had been silently observing everything around him as they walked from the hotel lobby to the restaurant.

Even when he triggered the death condition, the other players walking behind were completely unaware, but Yan Mingguang was able to accurately note that he was being targeted.

Seeing Yan Wei pull out a chair and sit down, Gao Ming and the other players also found a seat and sat down.

The people there took advantage of this moment to carefully analyse the situation.

Everyone agreed that this instance must be related to the paintings.

In addition to the paintings, Yan Wei felt that the hotel owner mentioned by the attendant must also have some relationship with the instance too.

Apart from that, there were still too few clues to allow them to draw any conclusions.

Afterwards, everyone exchanged their basic information.

Yan Wei only remembered now that when he first entered the tower, his information panel seemed to be very long, and he had entered the instance before he could look through it properly.

He activated the information panel and glanced at the 4-point physical stat as well as the 26-sensory stat which he already knew about.

His gaze slowly swept over to the other information.

The death trigger he had just cleared and the buff and debuff he had acquired were all listed there.


Something in the bottom column suddenly appeared, catching him off guard.

[Permanent Skill: Half Immortal.]

[Skill explanation: Players with this skill have the ability to be immortal every second day.

As long as they are in an instance, the player would gain an immortal body every second day and all lethal damage inflicted onto the player for the day will not take effect.]

[Note: Skills are divided into instance skills, ordinary skills and permanent skills.

Instance skills can only be obtained and used in specific instances and the skill will become obsolete after leaving the instance.

Ordinary skills can be obtained through point redemption or through clearing an instance and can be used in different instances, but they can only be used a limited number of times and the skill will become obsolete once they are all used.

The method of losing a permanent skill is unknown.

As long as the player is alive, the permanent skill will always be active.

It can be used in all instances.]

[Your permanent skill will be active for: Forever.

Total number of people currently possessing this skill: 1 person.]

[Current status of the skill: Normal status.

Immortal status will be activated after midnight tonight.]

Yan Wei was surprised.

Whether it was the description of the skill or the skill name, it was clear how OP this skill was.

Yan Wei however wasn’t happy.

Instead, his gaze turned more serious.

It lingered on the words “the method of losing a permanent skill is unknown”.

There was no such thing as a free lunch in this world.

Would they really give him such an OP skill where he doesn’t know how he could lose it for no reason

Yan Wei felt that it wasn’t possible.

He searched for information through the search function for a while but found nothing related to this skill and could only give up for now.

He closed the information panel and when he was done storing away his thoughts, he heard Gao Ming ask him, “Yan Wei, what about you”


“Your basic stats.”

Yan Wei didn’t think that there was any need to hide it.

As he picked up the napkin in front of him, he said directly, “My physical stat is four, sensory stat is tw—-”

A player immediately spoke up, “Your sensory stat is also two Looks like a lot of us are two.”

Although Yan Wei hadn’t spoken much earlier, his appearance was gentle and well-behaved, and his features were exquisite and beautiful, so the others had more or less exchanged a few words with him before.

Gao Ming smiled at him friendlily, “It’s okay, everyone’s stats are low.

We can try and help each other out.”

“I wonder how much the attendant’s is.

He could break a person’s neck with one hand so it’s probably dozens of times higher than ours.

I’ve been living my life well but why did I end up here How are we going to survive with only two or three point stats” Someone wailed.

Yan Wei paused.

He could only swallow back the ‘twenty-six’ he was about to say.

“If you didn’t enter, you’ll probably die….” He said this as he neatly spread open the napkin.

He then took out some tissues from his pocket and carefully cleaned the knife and fork in front of him.

Seeing him slowly cut up the steak and bring it to his mouth, Gao Ming shot up and cried out in shock, “You’re eating”

The meat was still in Yan Wei’s mouth, making his cheeks bulge, “……Huh”

“That’s food from the instance and the attendant who prepared it isn’t even human! Who knows if there is anything wrong with the food here”

The other players also expressed the same doubts.

Only Yan Mingguang next to Yan Wei picked up his knife and fork, “There won’t be a problem.”

But he was a man of few words.

After saying those words, he didn’t explain anything and just started to eat.

Yan Wei swallowed the meat in his mouth and asked, “You’re not eating The art exhibition will go on for nine days.

I won’t be able to not eat or drink anything for nine days, so I ate…….”

Gao Ming: “Nine days”

“That’s right, it’s nine days.”

Gao Ming’s eyes lit up and he slapped his thigh, “You can eat! I understand now, I overlooked it earlier—–No one will be able to survive not eating or drinking for nine days.”

“The art exhibition lasts for nine days so it means that this instance should go on for at least nine days.

If players are not allowed to eat or drink for nine days—–The players would all just starve to death.

If the instance really wants us to die, they can do it easily without making it so complicated so there shouldn’t be any problems with the food.

For the following days—that is, if we’re still alive—-we should be able to eat without a worry.”

Gao Ming carefully explained the reason to the others.

The players thanked Gao Ming one after another and began to eat.

Yan Wei picked up his knife and fork again and, no longer paying attention to the reactions of the other people, he neatly cut up the steak in front of him.

The cuffs of his windbreaker were slightly rolled up and, holding the knife and fork in his well-defined hands, he cut the meat in a smooth and orderly manner.

In a strange place like this, Yan Wei actually gave off an air of nobility and elegance.

Someone swallowed and similarly started to cut up their own steak.

In the end, only the woman in the long dress who almost touched the oil painting earlier and a middle-aged man in a suit didn’t eat.

The middle-aged man snorted, “After this young man who’s not afraid of death ate as soon as he sat down and that bespectacled man blindly analysed a few words, you’re now able to touch that food prepared by that non-human thing Isn’t it like this in those horror movies That meat there might actually be the flesh of a dead person and those noodles there might actually be their hair.

In any case, I’m not eating.

Wife, you better not eat either!”

The woman in the long dress who had just picked up her own knife and fork hurriedly placed it back.

She hesitated, “But didn’t that attendant say just now…..for us to eat”

“He’s not here anyway, you can just move the food on the plate a little.

How would he know if we’ve eaten or not That young one only dares to eat because he knows nothing about the world, and you dare follow him He only looks a little good and it’s making you lose your ability to make your own judgement”

The ‘young one’ naturally referred to Yan Wei.

The middle-aged man naturally didn’t dare say anything about Yan Mingguang who he could tell wasn’t someone that could be provoked, and he also didn’t directly put down Gao Ming who was leading the group, so he chose to target Yan Wei, the ‘soft persimmon’.

He even leaned back so that he was further away from the food in front of him, “Once that attendant returns, the food here might turn back into dead bodies, blood and hair…..Anyway, I’m not eating.”

He had spoken too specifically.

The other players couldn’t help but imagine the scene and one even almost vomited out everything.

The players who thought Yan Wei was easy to get close to earlier now no longer talked to him and even Gao Ming himself hesitated a little.

Yan Wei’s expression didn’t change.

He continued to nonchalantly finish the steak in front of him without a care in the world.

He had already reminded them, that was already very benevolent of him.

What’s more….With some having eaten and some not eating, it would help him figure out more easily how to deal with that attendant.

A young man with a school bag who looked like a university student sprawled across the table in frustration, “I don’t have an appetite anymore.

How can this instance be cleared Will that attendant know where the stairs are They can’t be asking us to deal with the attendant directly……He’s someone who can break a person’s neck with his bare hand.

How could I go against him”

“No.” Gao Ming shook his head, “That’s too difficult and also too easy.

What if we’re all players with extremely low stats This instance would basically mean death for all of us.

And if there is one who can directly go against the attendant…..”

Gao Ming glanced at Yan Mingguang and then continued, “Wouldn’t the instance be cleared instantly then And that attendant appeared before us at the very beginning.

If we could clear the instance by dealing with him, all this set up in this hotel would have been pointless.

Moreover, the stairs may not necessarily be real stairs.

I am leaning to it having a more abstract meaning.”

“It should have something to do with the paintings.

The attendant had specifically instructed us to look at the paintings and so far, we have only seen the first floor.

With so many paintings here, there must be something about them.”

“Could it have something to do with finding a certain painting from all the paintings here For example, after removing the frame, we find something concealed at the back, perhaps even stairs of some sort.”

“That’s possible.

Or it could be…..”

Yan Wei lowered his head as he silently thought about the corridor and the words the attendant said back then.

“Yan Wei,” Gao Ming saw that he wasn’t saying anything and called out to him, “do you have any thoughts”

“Why are you asking him He hasn’t said anything, so he probably doesn’t know anything.”

Yan Wei swallowed the last bite of his steak, “I don’t dare make any conclusions.

Those stairs may be literal stairs, or they may be something more abstract.

As for the paintings…..Perhaps it’s just a painting superficially…..”

“Of course we know that, aren’t we already discussing how to clear the instance using these paintings” Someone sneered, “I told you, it’s pointless asking him.

He clearly hasn’t said anything the whole time because he doesn’t know anything.”

Yan Wei only lowered his eyes in thought, he didn’t pay any attention to this person’s nonsense.

Everyone only thought that he had a good temper and indeed didn’t know anything, so they no longer asked Yan Wei for his thoughts.

The clock in the restaurant slowly passed the one-hour mark.

The middle-aged man hadn’t eaten anything the entire time, and the woman in the long dress couldn’t stand it in the end so she drank a few small sips of red wine.

Very soon, the attendant returned.

He had changed into a clean tuxedo, and he held a few room cards in his skinny hands as he greeted them with a stiff smile on his face.

 “Guests, dinner time is over.” He stepped forward and said with a smile, “I have brought the room cards over.

I will issue them according to the order in which you have eaten—–”

The attendant’s voice suddenly stopped.

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His standard smile suddenly fell, and his sunken eyes widened as he looked fiercely at the only person who hadn’t eaten anything.

The attendant’s voice was low and dark, “You didn’t eat the food I prepared”

The middle-aged man instantly turned pale.

Everyone clearly didn’t expect the attendant to know who had and hadn’t eaten despite not being around earlier and were all shocked.

Several players who hadn’t eaten much also began to panic, fearing that the attendant would also go after them for not eating much.

Seeing the attendant approach the middle-aged man, the other players hurriedly moved away.

The middle-aged man stumbled out of his seat and fearfully backed away.

His mouth was wide open in fear, but he was unable to make a single sound.

But in a blink of an eye, the attendant had already reached him and proceeded to reach out towards the middle-aged man.

Yan Wei frowned and glanced thoughtfully at the remaining food on the table.

He nudged Yan Mingguang with his elbow and quickly asked in a low voice, “How are you with throwing darts” He pointed at the food on the table, “Are you able to throw food into someone’s mouth”

Yan Mingguang’s gaze changed slightly.

He immediately understood what Yan Wei meant.

The next moment, just as the attendant’s hand was about to touch the middle-aged man’s neck, Yan Mingguang had randomly grabbed a spoonful of cake and thrown it over—–

That spoon hit the attendant’s shoulder causing to the attendant who had already approached the middle-aged man to stumble back a little and the cake accurately fell into the middle-aged man’s mouth with that momentum!

The attendant’s actions suddenly stopped.

The middle-aged man’s mouth was filled with cake.

He was completely scared stiff as he stared at the attendant in front of him.

The rest of the players looked at Yan Mingguang with shocked expressions, clearly surprised by his sudden act.

The attendant and the middle-aged man remained in place with one collapsed weakly onto the ground and the other frozen with one hand stretched out.

Yan Wei’s guess was confirmed—–The attendant could only kill ‘guests’ who didn’t follow what he says.

And in the corridor just now, the death condition he had triggered wasn’t something done by the attendant.

—–There were other ways to die in this hotel!

After Yan Wei reached this conclusion, he saw that the middle-aged man was still sitting there not daring to move, so he shouted, “Hurry and swallow it!”

The desire to live gave the middle-aged man no time to think.

He completely forgot about what he said about Yan Wei earlier and swallowed it whole without even chewing.

The next moment, the attendant regained his professional smile.

That smile on his emaciated face pulled his skin together such that there were numerous wrinkles.

The middle-aged man was so frightened, the cake he had just swallowed without chewing got stuck in his throat.

His originally pale face was now the colour of pig liver.

He no longer cared about whether or not there were any problems with the food and quickly grabbed a glass of red wine to help it go down.

The remaining players were still in shock.

They were a little grateful they had eaten a little earlier when Yan Wei ate.

The middle-aged man who had just survived also cast a glance at Yan Wei.

His cheeks turned even redder.

He didn’t say anything at this moment and just sat weakly on the ground.

He looked completely different from his earlier self when he was ridiculing the ‘young one’.

Still recovering from the scare, Gao Ming glanced at Yan Mingguang, “Fortunately you threw the food to him.

We didn’t think that we could do something like that.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t say anything.

This person didn’t seem to care about these things and didn’t care about the opinions of other people at all.

He didn’t make any attempt to explain what happened just now.

Seeing that he wasn’t speaking, Yan Wei understood.

Yan Mingguang didn’t care at all.

Whether or not it was revealed that it was his idea to throw the food just now depended on whether this person wanted to say it.

Right now, he has a strange Half Immortal skill.

If he made himself too conspicuous and his skill was activated, others would easily see that nothing would happen to him.

Having Yan Mingguang receive all the attention for him was a good choice.

Yan Wei thought this through and proceeded to silently let Gao Ming and the others misunderstand the situation.

The attendant straightened up again and walked back in front of the players with the room card.

At this moment, Yan Wei suddenly heard the tower’s voice in his mind.

[Congratulations, a reward has been dropped!]

[Because you are the first player to enjoy the food prepared by the attendant and have also helped the other players enjoy the food specially prepared for them, you have acquired the buff ‘Attendant’s Favour’.]

[Because you have already acquired the debuff ‘Attendant’s Disdain’, the buff and debuff will each have a 50% chance of taking effect.

Whether the attendant likes or dislikes the player would depend on your luck.]

Yan Wei: “……….”

Something like luck, it had never been good for him.

He touched the black ring on his hand and the information panel appeared.

In the buff/debuff column for this instance, ‘Attendant’s Disdain’ and ‘Attendant’s Favour’ were lined up next to each other.

Yan Wei: “…….”

The attendant had already approached him.

He took out a card and said with a smile, “You are really the best guest I have ever—-”

His words stopped and his smile fell.

His next words then suddenly changed, “……Actually, you’re not that good, and also very ugly!”

As the attendant said this, he spread out the four room cards in his hand.

They were respectively numbered, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

He drew out the room card with the number 2, “I like guests who enjoy the food I have prepared, I will give you the best room—–”

But just as the attendant drew the card out, he stuffed it back in again and moved to take out the card with the number 5, “But ugly people should live in the worst room……”

Yan Wei: “……..”

Following that, the attendant pulled out the 2 and 5 room cards back and forth.

After this went on several times, the attendant finally reluctantly took out the room card with the number 2 and said, “But the first person to eat should stay in the best room……But I really don’t like you.”

He once again shoved the number 2 room card back into his hand.

After struggling for a long time, the attendant finally pushed the room card with the number 5 into Yan Wei’s hand and smiled, “Guest, please keep your room card safe.

The experience in each room is different.”

Yan Wei looked at the transparent information panel in front of him.

Earlier, he saw the two ‘Attendant’s Favour’ and ‘Attendant’s Disdain’ light up back and forth before finally settling on ‘Attendant’s Disdain’.

If he remembered correctly, the attendant had said earlier that the room with the number 2 was the best and the room with the number 5 was the worst.

In such a place, the so-called good and bad…….It must have something to do with dirty things.

He looked at the debuff that was lit up on his panel in front of him, speechless.

He didn’t immediately accept the card.

The attendant saw that he wasn’t moving and asked, “Guest, do you have any problems”

Yan Wei took the card and muttered, “I don’t have a problem.

I just think that your brain has a problem.”


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