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Chapter 4 – Promenade Hotel (4)

Of course, Yan Wei didn’t want to live in the so-called worst room.

But based on his experiences just now, it was clear that he couldn’t go against attendant’s arrangements.

They had just escaped another death trigger, could there be other dangers hidden in those rooms

Yan Wei had already had his fair share of experience in the outside world since a young age and had been involved in jobs in all professions.

He even got a job as a film editor using his connections and worked on all sorts of movies including horror movies.

This kind of plot point where dirty things could target you at any point in time and lead to your death was something often triggered in places like that.

It was just like those blinking eyes he saw in the corridor just now.

And if the trigger wasn’t eliminated in time, everything would be useless when the ghost or monster finally appears.

Since he has already been assigned with the worst room and must stay in there, he must take the first step to tear down the triggering conditions.

Yan Wei frowned.

Just as he was about to store away the room card, the attendant said, “The guest’s rooms are double rooms.

You will need to choose a guest to stay with.”

Yan Wei’s eyes changed.

He looked back.

The other players all took a step back—-They had all heard that he was given the ‘worst room’.

Since it was the worst room and he had to choose someone, he should choose the strongest player as his roommate.

Without needing to think, Yan Wei raised his hand and pointed directly at the person who hadn’t moved, “Him.”

Yan Mingguang: “…….”

He was originally cold and indifferent, and he didn’t show any reactions.

Those cold, black eyes of him seemed like it was coated with a layer of frost.

If it wasn’t for the rule that players cannot kill another player, no one would be surprised if Yan Mingguang killed Yan Wei the next moment.

Even if this person was in the real world, not in this tower, he was probably just as cold and indifferent.

Gao Ming glanced fearfully at Yan Mingguang.

He hesitated and wanted to volunteer to stay with Yan Wei but the thought of being in the ‘worst room’ was just too scary.

Gao Ming paused for a moment and finally withdrew his foot.

Yan Wei seemed to be completely unaware of Yan Mingguang’s coldness.

He just tilted his head and smiled, “You don’t want to share a room with me”

Yang Mingguang answered directly, “No.”

Yan Wei didn’t force him, “Alright, then I’ll choose someone else.”

The attendant nodded, “Okay, these two guests will be in room 5.”

Yan Mingguang: “……”

He had just said that he didn’t want to but now he was forcefully placed with Yan Wei.

He didn’t reveal any extra reactions.

Yan Wei looked at the attendant, “…….You really have a problem with your brain.”

The attendant acted like he didn’t hear him.

Following that, the attendant walked over to the other players and began to distribute the remaining room cards according to the order in which they have eaten.

The next person naturally chose room 2 without any hesitation.

One by one, the rooms were chosen.

For eight people, there were exactly four rooms.

After the cards were distributed, the attendant explained to them the location of the rooms and finally said, “Tomorrow morning, I will prepare breakfast and the tickets for the exhibition.

Please rest well tonight.

If not necessary, please don’t wander around at night.”

After saying that, the attendant turned and quietly left.

He very quickly disappeared from their sights.

Several players had already said that they would group up and search for clues.

Gao Ming stepped forward and asked, “Want to go together It doesn’t matter if you can’t find anything.

It’s probably better to have more people in a strange place like this.”

Yan Wei was still worried about the room, so he said, “I want to go to the room first.

The attendant also told us to stay in the room and not wander around.

It is after all the place we will be using to rest anyway.

If you find anything, we can talk about it in our rooms later before the sky darkens.” Yan Wei however felt that the premise of ‘if not necessary’ shouldn’t hold up——How could nothing happen in a haunted hotel in the middle of the night

He had to see what the ‘worst room’ was like first and if there were any problems, he would need to find a way to deal with it in advance.

When he was done saying that, he glanced at Yan Mingguang who must stay in the same room as him.

He raised his chin slightly and didn’t say anything, but the meaning of his action was very clear.

Yan Mingguang just nodded and said, “Okay.”

He agreed to check the room first.

With Yan Mingguang who was clearly powerful accompanying Yan Wei, Gao Ming was reassured.

Since everyone had no objections, Yan Wei turned to leave.

He then suddenly stopped.

“Oh right.” He turned back and said to Gao Ming and the remaining players, “I wasn’t careful earlier and triggered a death condition, but I was somehow lucky enough to escape it.

I thought about it and still couldn’t figure out how it was triggered.

It might have had something to do with the face.

If possible…..

He paused for a moment, “Try and make yourself a little ugly”

After that, Yan Wei didn’t hang around and proceeded to walk away.

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After he and Yan Mingguang left, the remaining players looked at each other.

“……Was what Yan Wei said true”

“Not necessarily.

No one saw him encounter any danger earlier”

“He looks like he doesn’t know anything.

He’s probably just speaking nonsense.”

“What kind of thing is making yourself ugly Does the attendant kill people in order of our appearance  He’s probably just getting back at us for our attitude towards him earlier.”

Gao Ming sighed, “I would rather believe him.

We’re already in a place like this, it doesn’t matter what you look like.”

He took the lead to smear random things onto his face.

The others hesitated and more or less followed suit.

The ones who had agreed to explore the place in search for clues walked off.

Only the middle-aged man and the woman in a long dress was left—-They hadn’t eaten anything earlier and now that they knew that there was nothing wrong with the food, they started to devour them hastily.

“It’s all your fault.” The woman in the long dress finished eating and unhappily placed down her fork, “If not for you, we wouldn’t have been the last to eat and end up getting the one of the worst rooms.”

The middle-aged man was bitter, “Isn’t there still a room 5 We won’t be the first to be in trouble……And that young one also just got lucky.

With how inexperienced he is, what does he know”

The woman in the long dress stood up, “I’ll remove my makeup first.

That Yan Wei said something about the face.

I should be more careful……”

“Why believe him…..”

The woman in the long dress rolled her eyes at her husband.

She walked along the nearest corridor, faced the mirror and took out a makeup removing wipe from her bag.

The mirror reflected the woman’s beautiful appearance.

Her floral dress swayed slightly with her movements and of her well-defined features, her eyes were especially gorgeous.

With the additional makeup on her face, colour was added to her complexion.

She looked at her own face in the mirror and behind her was a row of lifelike portraits.

Hanging right behind her, the women in those portraits looked like they were standing right next to her.

The woman in the long dress couldn’t help but glance at it a few times.

Just as she was about to wipe off the makeup from her face, the attendant’s low voice quietly sounded, “……What are you looking at”

The woman in the long dress was startled.

She subconsciously looked over and saw the attendant standing next to her.

Faced with that emaciated face, her eyes widened, and she was too scared to even speak.

She was looking in the mirror when the attendant spoke, so she naturally also noticed that the attendant was not reflected in the mirror.

“I-I……” She stammered.

Her beautiful face was filled with fear.

The attendant asked again in the same tone and volume, “What are you looking at”

The woman in the long dress was clearly very scared.

She answered honestly, “L-looking a-at the m-m-mirror….”

“In the mirror……….” The blood covered attendant standing next to the woman asked darkly, “Did you see something precious”

“Huh” The woman was stunned for a moment.

Her legs were weak, and she broke out in cold sweat.

She fearfully answered, “F-face, I guess That’s it……”

“Your eyes are beautiful.”

“T-thank you…..”

The attendant didn’t stay.

As if he was just passing by, he just smiled at her, “Have a good rest.”

Then he walked further and further down the corridor before disappearing around the corner.

The woman in the long dress let out a large sigh of relief.

Her legs weakened and she slowly fell to the ground.

It took her a while to recover.

By the time she was able to return to her senses, she realised that even without removing her makeup, she didn’t encounter anything dangerous just now.

She decided not to remove it after all.

Using the wall to support herself, she slowly stood back up and walked back angrily, “Nothing happened to me.

He’s most likely only saying that just to get back at us……”


Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang arrived in front of room 5.

The restaurant and hotel lobby were located on the first floor while room 5 was on the fourteenth floor.

On their way up using the elevator, they saw that this hotel had a total of fifteen floors.

This hotel was very large, and each floor was filled with long corridors which were covered with various portraits of women.

There were however no residents on the second to the twelfth floor.

In this entire hotel, there were only the eight living players as well as the non-human attendant.

Rooms 4 and 5 were on the fourteenth floor while rooms 2 and 3 were on the thirteenth floor.

In other words, Gao Ming and co were on the thirteenth floor while Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang who are in room 5 and the middle-aged man and his wife in the long dress who are in the room 4 were on the fourteenth floor.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang had already stopped by the thirteenth floor first.

It was no different from the fourteenth floor.

The doors to the vacant rooms were open and the room layouts were all the same.

The only difference was the floor number.

Yan Wei stopped before the door to room 5 and took out the room card but suddenly stopped.

He looked around him and raised the corner of his lips slightly.

He changed his expression into a pitiful look and turned to Yan Mingguang, “Let’s talk it out I’m a little scared that there would be ghosts as soon as I open the door.

I don’t think I can deal with it.

If possible, could you open the door”

The look in his eyes was extremely moving.

Yan Wei had never hesitated over making use of his advantages.

Him like this was enough to make others sympathise with him.

As long as it was something that could be used, it was no different from his using his own strengths.

Yan Mingguang however didn’t seem to fall for this.

With his hands in his pockets, he just stood calmly to the side.

He only moved his eyes to look at Yan Wei, “No.”

Yan Wei: “……..”

The warm yellow light from the corridor hit his face from the side but it didn’t soften Yan Mingguang’s look at all.

His silver-rimmed glasses concealed his deep features, adding to it a hint of gentleness, but the eyes under those lenses were still extremely cold.

With just that glance, none of the players dared to talk to Yan Mingguang.

But Yan Wei strangely didn’t find Yan Mingguang difficult to get along with.

Those who are not willing to try and get along with people are usually more truthful than those who would use flowery words to try and form relationships.

“Although I was the one who chose you…..” Yan Wei lightly coughed, “But since we are now considered as roommates———”

Yan Mingguang directly took the room card from him.

Before he could react, Yan Mingguang who had refused earlier was already standing in front of the door.

He took out a small silver folding knife from the pocket of his bomber jacket and flipped it open.

Such an ordinary folding knife was spun smoothly in his hand.

The sound of it cutting through the air could be heard.

His sensory stat was 26, a number that exceeded those of ordinary players, but his physical stat was only 4.

What about Yan Mingguang

Yan Wei’s eyes changed froze slightly.

At this moment, Yan Mingguang had already placed the room card against the doorhandle.

He suddenly said, “You are smarter than they think.”

Yan Wei was taken aback.


The door opened, revealing a dim but luxurious room with gorgeous decorations.

Yan Mingguang walked ahead with Yan Wei behind him.

There wasn’t anything dirty in sight.

It seemed to still be bright outside, but the curtains were half drawn so only some light was able to enter the room.

On one side of the bed was a window, the bathroom was on the other side and there was a mirror used as a wall between them.

The mirror weakly reflected the faint light in the room, making the originally dim room appear even more spacious.

On the bedside tables on both sides of the bed were two decorative dolls.

The eyes on those dolls were like black jewels, bright and cute.

And on the wall where the head of the bed was, there was a portrait of a woman.

The style was exactly the same as the ones they saw in the corridors.

It was clearly one of the hotel owner’s early works.

After they entered the room one after another, Yan Mingguang went straight to the bed and directly threw the folding knife in his hand towards the portrait…..

Please read this from kk translates

—–With a loud thud, the folding knife pierced through the painting, accurately puncturing the woman’s eyes.

Just as Yan Wei wanted to ask Yan Mingguang what he was doing, he saw black blood dripping out from the woman’s eyes.

Pure black ‘blood’ flowed out from ‘her’ pierced eyes and in an instant, her expression collapsed.

The next moment, like chapped skin, the oil painting started to crack and fall apart piece by piece.

Seeing that the painting was about to break into pieces and fall onto the bed, Yan Wei hurriedly stepped forward, ripped the oil painting off the wall and threw it to the corner of the room.

The moment it landed; the painting broke into pieces.

Yan Wei heaved a sigh of relief and looked back at Yan Mingguang, only to see him slowly put away the folding knife.

The face that was extremely cold and indifferent earlier now contained a faint look of inquiry.

Yan Mingguang commented lightly, “You said you were scared earlier”

“……” The corner of Yan Wei’s lips twitched.

He didn’t show any embarrassment over his ‘cowardly act’ being exposed and just shrugged, “Compared to that, I’m more afraid of not having a clean bed to sleep in.”

After saying this, both himself and Yan Mingguang noticed something.

There was only one bed.

There was nothing like a sofa bed in this room either.

The attendant had asked them to sleep in the room at night.

—-They must sleep in the same bed.

Yan Mingguang: “……..”

Yan Wei who had always been extremely picky with where he slept, “…….”

After a long silence, Yan Wei asked, “How did you know that there was something wrong with this painting”

“Encountered it.”

Yan Wei immediately looked up, “Encountered it Didn’t we only have dinner at the restaurant Except for walking from the lobby to the restaurant—–”

He paused.

Except from walking from the lobby to the restaurant where everyone was carefully taking in their surroundings with no time to pay attention to each other.

Yan Mingguang nodded.

He spoke succinctly, “I was dragged into the world inside the painting and got out after piercing ‘her’ eyes.”

Yan Wei immediately understood.

It turns out that Yan Mingguang was able to see that he was targeted because he had also encountered something similar!

In the corridor at the time, he and Yan Mingguang had both been targeted by murderous intent.

Yan Wei fell into thought.

There was definitely something wrong with the paintings.

But based on the degree of danger these paintings posed thus far, no matter how much Yan Mingguang may have simplified his experience in the painting world, they could still escape from these women in the paintings by just piercing their eyes, so it wasn’t a big problem.

This instance couldn’t be that simple.

Moreover, since there was something wrong with the paintings, then the creator of these paintings…..

“You’re still in your room!”

Gao Ming’s voice suddenly came from the door.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang had immediately rushed towards the painting earlier and hadn’t closed the door behind them.

Gao Ming knocked on the open door and said to them, “I found something on the top floor.

Would you like to come and take a look”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang exchanged a look.

Yan Wei raised a brow, “Let’s go.”

Gao Ming brought the two of them directly to the top floor.

For a luxury hotel, the top floor should be very luxurious.

Based on how hotels were normally set up, such a place should have a gym or a swimming pool.

But there were only two doors on the top floor.

One of the doors had ‘1’ affixed to it and the door was open, revealing a luxurious suite inside.

With them being assigned rooms 2 to 5, Yan Wei was wondering where room 1 was but now it appears that room 1 was originally on the top floor and is also the most luxurious suite in the entire hotel.

Like the other rooms that were not being used, the door was wide open, and the inside was neat and orderly.

A quick scan through the room didn’t seem to pick up any abnormalities.

As for the other room…..

“This room is like an art studio.” Gao Ming stood at the door of the room.

He moved to the side to let Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang see, “It’s all paintings.

The only problem is…..”

Gao Ming’s words paused.

It was unknown if it was because he was frightened earlier but his face was extremely pale, and he also made no attempt to push back the black-rimmed glasses that had slipped off slightly from the bridge of his nose.

Needless to say, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang also saw the scene in that room.

Several easels were placed messily in the studio with unpainted paintings sitting on them.

There were also countless unfinished portraits scattered across the floor and piled on top of each other to the point that they almost couldn’t see the floor.

The walls were also densely filled with paintings.

They either only had a faint outline drawn or hadn’t had any colour added to it or it had already been coloured but are still incomplete.

Except for an easel holding a completely painted portrait of a woman, the women in the other portraits…….

All didn’t have eyes.

Numerous pairs of empty eye sockets filled the room.

On the walls, on the floors and on the easel…..Those empty eye sockets were everywhere in that dim studio.

The eerily silent studio at this moment felt dark and terrifying.


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