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Chapter 40: Ankang Ancient Town (19)

Although Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were currently at the top of the rankings, Yan Wei had a debuff on him.

There was no guarantee that ghosts wouldn’t attack him suddenly.

The whole day’s running and the high tension in the copy made Yan Wei a little tired.

He yawned before continuing.

“Judging from the fact that we gained three points at once, the points on how to collapse the instance must be more.

If someone other than us breaks the instance, it’ll be possible for them to surpass us at once.”

“Tomorrow.” He made a decision.

“At dawn, we’ll go down the well and collect the remaining phalanges.”


Yan Wei raised his eyebrows.

The “okay” came too fast.

So fast that Yan Wei finally realized — Yan Mingguang really trusted him.

“Hey, dead Ice Cube.

Why do I always feel like you’re easy to understand for a while, yet sometimes I feel like I can’t see through you” Yan Wei raised his hand and held his chin.

“If you were gay, I’d suspect you to have a crush on me.

You’re not afraid I’ll lead you into a ditch”

Yan Mingguang’s face didn’t change, but his pure black pupils became increasingly obscure.

The man said indifferently, “I don’t believe in you.

I believe in myself, in my judgment, and my vision.” Even though the voice was cold, faint confidence enveloped the voice.

Yan Wei clenched his teeth and sneered.

“Then I hope the trust between us in our own vision– ah, this is too roundabout– anyway, it can last, comrade.”

Yan Mingguang shut the window.

The temple’s construction was old, and the window was an old-fashioned paper window.

Even though the window was closed, the westward sunlight still scattered in, adding a sense of haziness.

Yan Mingguang leaned to the side and was shrouded in the faint and intoxicating sunlight.

It was as if fresh snow had fallen in the warm summer.

Warm colors embraced the insipid cold.

He had a cold temperament, but he had no sense of repulsion from this warm light, even giving people the impression that he lived up to his name1

In the rustling wind, the children’s singing gradually filled the room.

The song that symbolized the harvest and rain reverberated.

It was sung in a child’s voice.

In the ears of Yan Wei, who already knew the secrets of Ankang Town, he only felt indescribable cruelty.

“The stars are shining, the moon is hanging…”


“Let’s hold up our umbrellas…”

There was a sudden sound of staggering footsteps in the corridor, and the footsteps were chaotic, clearly coming from more than one person.

Amid such singing, scattered and faltering footsteps approached.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang looked at each other.

They lifted their feet at the same time.

Yan Mingguang calmly opened the door.

–There were three players in the corridor.

Yan Wei frowned slightly.

“Kong Yuwei Song Yu Lu Ya”

The three did not simply search for clues and come back to rest.

Song Yu, who had nothing to do in the morning, was covered in blood, with several wounds on his body and a bleeding shoulder.

It was not the wound of a weapon like a stab wound, but the kind of injury where skin and clothes were torn off.

Fortunately, not many areas were like this.

Although Song Yu was injured and in poor condition, his life was not in danger.

The other two ordinary players on the seventh floor, Kong Yuwei and Lu Ya supported him.

When they saw Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei standing at the door, the three of them were stunned.

“Yan You and Yan Wei came back so early…”

Yan Mingguang walked up with a hand in his pocket and questioned, “What happened”

Song Yu was now in a bad state, held by Kong and Lu Ya, and had little energy to answer.

Kong and Lu Ya look at each other with slight embarrassment.

They had not seized Hu Ayu when they briefly faced Yan Mingguang and the others in the morning.

Yesterday they took three points from Yan, scrambled for points today, and were now seen in such an embarrassing scene…

Kong Yuwei supported Song Yu with one hand and touched her nose with the other hand sheepishly, inadvertently smearing blood from Song Yu’s body on her nose.

Coupled with her awkward expression, it was comical.

Yan Wei stood behind Yan Mingguang.

Not only was he not frightened by Song Yu’s appearance, but was amused by Kong Yuwei.

The faces of Kong Yuwei and the others grew even more unsightly.

But they did not dare to say anything.

Kong Yuwei hesitated for a while, looked at Yan Mingguang, and said, “Yan, this morning, we couldn’t help it… we might die today, so it was a bit urgent.

You see, in the end, Yan Wei took the cook away.

The thing this morning was that we have no ability to make discerning judgments, and a great man will not remember the faults of petty men.

You’re a potential seed player, so you don’t have to worry about us…”

Yan Mingguang raised his eyelids and pointed at Song Yu with his slender fingers.

“I don’t want to ask a second time.”

Lu Ya immediately answered, “It was Song Yu who met the cook.

We also heard from Song Yu that he encountered the cook in the small garden of the temple and was attacked.

Thanks to his life-saving props, he ran out and met us, so we brought him back to rest first.”

There was no instant way to heal wounds inside the instance.

The general mall in the information panel can exchange some basic things, including some medicine for injuries, but it was only ordinary medicine.

Players who pass through the building’s stat rewards will not heal immediately but will recover faster than ordinary people.

Song Yu’s injury… should be able to heal today, but his combat effectiveness will decline.

If Ning Yi was the one to get the first answer point a while ago, then Song Yu must be one of the bottom ones today.

In his case, there was not much escape capability from ghosts.

If he had only seen Hu Ayun after Yan Wei received the points and the tower released a clue about the chef, he might have escaped.


Yan Wei blinked.

His eyelashes trembled slightly, the pair of light brown eyes giving a faint flash, and he showed a concerned expression.

“Then help him inside and rest.

We have rested too.”

He generously exchanged a can of vulnerary, leaned down, and handed it to Song Yu.

“For you.”

Song Yu raised his left hand, took it weakly, and whispered, “Thank you.”

Kong and Lu Ya apparently weren’t too concerned about Yan Wei.

They looked at Yan Mingguang and saw that this man had turned back to his room without saying anything.

They also had nothing to say and assisted Song Yu to his room.

Yan Wei stood in the corridor and kicked his feet in boredom.

Watching Kong Yuwei and Lu Ya carrying Song Yu into the room, he silently hooked his mouth and turned back.

“You don’t2 want to have a dispute” He shut the door, leaned against the door, and raised his chin slightly.

“Although you’re kind-hearted, you don’t have that kind of tolerant character.

They received benefits from us yesterday, and today they turned on you.

But your reaction was to let it be… Let me guess.

Did you think they still remembered to take care of their teammate, and they don’t have a bad character, so you don’t really care“

Yan Mingguang, who had already sat down by the bed, looked back at him.

“Oh, I guessed right.

Teacher Yan, I discovered you subconsciously have good expectations for people’s hearts.

My views are different from yours…”

Yan Wei straightened up, walked forward, and sat beside Yan Mingguang.

He casually placed a hand on the man’s shoulder and said, “Remember Jiang Xiu’s death last night We also saw Zheng Mao’s body halfway up the mountain.

The female ghost didn’t kill him but was stoned to death.

Only Jiang Xiu died of skinning.

I think all players know this.

After all, everyone has been exploring outside for a day.

It shows that not all people last in rankings will die, and the skinless female ghost prefers to choose one person to kill.

That is to say, if there are five people at the bottom, the probability of death for each person is actually one-fifth.”

“What you see was that they were willing to take the time to send Song Yu back when they had the lowest score, but what I see is… They want Song Yu to live until tonight to reduce the chance of being selected.

And Song Yu has been attacked by a ghost.

What if, at night, ghosts were more likely to pick him He’s wounded.

It’s the perfect tool for Kong Yuwei, Lu Ya, and others to survive the night.”

Yan Mingguang lowered his eyes and said, “People can also express comradeship.”

“But comradeship can’t compare to life and death.

Just wait and see.

This unpredictable place of life and death will only make people less willing to die.”

The weather had been fine all day.

When the rain stopped a few days ago, the ancient town, which had its bloody secret, revealed a calm atmosphere.

In the evening, the clouds were thin, filtering through layers of warm yellow sunlight, smearing the horizon with layers of sunglow rays.

Before evening, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang made sure that the matron had not been released.

They caught sight of Hu Ayun at the end of a long corridor on the way back.

Yan Wei calmly smiled at Hu Ayun, turned his head, and left quickly with Yan Mingguang — fortunately returning to the guest room without incident.

Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, and Ning Yi returned around the same time.

It was not until Yan Wei asked Yu Feizhou that he realized Hu Ayun was the matron’s heir, and the three people took the point together.

The three of them met in the deserted old house of the Hu family.

The prickly Zen Lin preferred excitement over grabbing points.

He, of course, did not cooperate.

Ning Yi had a cold temperament.

The two fought on the spot.

As a result, Yu Feizhou accidentally opened the cellar when he tried to intervene, and the three simultaneously fell inside.

Then they jointly discovered the secret of the Hu family’s daughters, who have been matrons for generations.

As a result, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang each scored 7 points, tying for first place, while Yu Feizhou and Lin Zhen gained 3 points yesterday and 1 point today, totaling 4 points and tying for second.

All the other players alive, including Ning Yi, scored three points.

In other words, there were five targets that the ghosts could choose to attack tonight: Ning Yi, You Rui, Kong Yuwei, Lu Ya, and Song Yu.

But this time, the tower gave no specific rankings of the answer points as it did yesterday.


【First answer mode has settled, and the players’ rankings and rush-answer points have been notified to each player.

First answer mode enters match point and will no longer give detailed settlements.】

【Ghost restrictions are gone, and the competition for the match point in the first answer mode begins.

Please make persistent efforts to survive.】

Match point.

In other words, there was only one case where you could obtain a first answer point — breaking the instance and finding the staircase!

As the sun plummeted, the children who came to the temple to attend school and sing songs descended the mountain.

The entire temple plunged back into noiseless darkness amid the players’ unease.

Everyone already knew that Hu Ayun placed most of the umbrellas and manipulated the ghosts or the umbrellas, setting them at their doors.

They were not too afraid of the umbrellas.

But tonight, it was unknown if it was because Hu Ayun had already attacked Song Yu or if it was the final stage.

The match point was coming, the restrictions on ghosts were reduced, and the umbrellas that appeared two nights ago didn’t appear tonight.

The night was terribly quiet.

Yan Wei rolled over beside Yan Mingguang in his dazed sleep.

A high degree of vigilance kept him half-asleep during his rest these days.

When he turned over, his high perception suddenly roused, and a creepy feeling instantly filled Yan Wei’s body.

He woke up and opened his eyes immediately.

He was now lying on his side with his back facing Yan Mingguang.

In front of him was the bedside of this bed.

The bedside, which should have been empty, now had a squatting skinless female ghost.

The mangled face was level with the bed, just a dozen centimeters away from Yan Wei’s face.

Seeing that Yan Wei opened his eyes, the magnified ferocious face close at hand showed a stiff smile towards Yan Wei.

Yan Wei: “!”

He remained motionless.

Like the skinless ghost squatting in front of his eyes, Yan Wei also stared straight at the other party with a standard smile.

However, under the quilt, Yan Wei moved his wrist slightly and squeezed the hand of the man next to him.

The next moment, the other party gripped back hard, and the long whip silently bounded his wrist — Yan Mingguang awakened and must have perceived the danger, but just like him, he didn’t move for the time being.

The ghost seemed to be intimidating Yan Wei, or the person controlling the spirit thought this might scare him.

The skinless ghost unexpectedly did not take action but only gazed at the swallow with a wide-eyed stare.

It wasn’t midnight yet, and Yan Wei was currently in normal mode.

He didn’t move, just smiled faintly, stared at this bloody face that was close at hand, and said to Yan Mingguang in his heart: 【We have the highest score tonight.

It can only be because of my debuff.】

【I don’t think it’ll kill me immediately because I didn’t trigger any death conditions.

If it kills me directly, it means that as long as Hu Ayun has a good impression of me, I’ll die.

It’s not consistent with the rules of balance in the instance, and there are still the lowest scorers.

It’s impossible for these ghosts not to attack the other players.】

Despite facing the enlarged bloody face, Yan Wei still spoke to Yan Mingguang in a rational and calm voice.

He quickly analyzed: 【So I think we’ll have to hold off until there are other dead people.】

His voice did not fluctuate with the “there are other dead people.”

Yan Mingguang stayed put and listened to him finish his analysis, only saying: 【Mn.】

【Okay, Teacher Yan.

I’ll count down from three.

Give it a flying kick.】




The next moment, Yan Mingguang yanked Yan Wei fiercely!

The moment they moved, the ghost watching Yan Wei also reached out to Yan Wei!

Yan Mingguang pulled Yan Wei on the bed and then turned over and flew up.

Yan Mingguang and the skinless ghost both moved quickly.

Yan Wei only felt that the bloody hand that seemed to be missing a phalanx grabbed his arm during the spin.

Yan Mingguang immediately threw Yan Wei behind him, but the ghost hand also tore off a piece of skin the size of a palm on Yan Wei’s arm.

The pain of skin and flesh separating was instantly transmitted to Yan Wei’s brain through the pain nerve.

Yan Wei landed steadily, staggered, and leaned against the wall.

He clenched his teeth and didn’t scream out a word of pain.

He raised his hand subconsciously to touch the injured place, and the moment his fingertips touched the wound, he felt a heart-wrenching feeling.

He took out the flower ball he had obtained at the bottom of the well.

On the other end, Yan Mingguang faced the skinless ghost. 

The skinless female ghost’s objective was Yan Wei.

Instead of fighting with Yan Mingguang, she had been coming to Yan Wei’s side.

Yan Mingguang beat off the skinless female ghost.

They didn’t make any noise, but they had already exchanged blows several times.

The healing prop in Yan Wei’s hand flashed a faint white light.

The light flew out from the flower ball and covered Yan Wei’s torn arm.

The pain disappeared, the light dissipated, and Yan Wei’s arm was intact.

Only the torn piece of fabric and the blood on the clothes revealed that his arm had been injured.

As a result, the flower ball had only one use for treatment left.

He leaned against the wall and watched Yan Mingguang and the skinless ghost in front of him.

His brows, which were slightly relaxed, slowly tightened again.

Yan Mingguang’s stats were high, and the two had experienced multiple battles with ghosts, so Yan Wei was somewhat aware of how dangerous Yan Mingguang was.

This skinless ghost was just an ordinary skinless ghost, yet she could entangle with Yan Mingguang for so long and without any sign of falling into a disadvantage.

On the contrary, being in this narrow room constrained Yan Mingguang’s whip.

It was just a skinless girl.

Even if the Hu sisters were removed, at least four skinless female ghosts remained…

This instance… It was impossible to pass the level using force with their items and strength.

Where were the stairs

The ghost was about to step forward again.

Boneless legs dragged on the ground resembling a lump of rotten meat, but its speed was fast.

Yan Mingguang was about to swing his whip, but the skinless ghost stopped abruptly.

The next moment, a shrill scream suddenly came from another room!

Sure enough.

As Yan Wei said, if the ghosts succeed in other rooms, Yan Wei would be fine.

The skinless apparition paused.

Followed by the screams, it slowly disappeared in front of the two of them, leaving only a bloodstain.

But the screaming in the other room grew worse.

Both Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang recognized the voice.

Yan Wei murmured to himself, “Lu Ya’s voice… Ghosts choose people entirely by luck.

It doesn’t mean that whoever is the weakest is bound to die…”

Lu Ya’s miserable screams continued, and within a minute or two, another woman’s shouts also rang out.


“Help!!! Ahhhh, don’t come here!!!… Why are my props useless… Help me!!”

Kong Yuwei screamed.

Not long after, the sound of a forcefully opened door came from her room.

The hasty sound of footsteps echoed through the corridor.

She appeared to run to Lin Zhen’s room and banged on the door a few times to call for help.

Something seemed to be chasing him behind her.

After a few attempts, there was no response in Lin Zhen’s room.

She ran forward, still shouting for help.

Kong Yuwei’s help voice was getting closer and closer to Yan Wei.

When she ran to the door of their room, she thumped on Yan Wei’s door hard, gasped, and cried, “Yan! Help me, help me, help me…”

Yan Wei’s expression remained unmoved, and his eyes dwelled on Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang’s feet shifted slightly.

Kong Yuwei was still yelling hoarsely.

These short dozen seconds seemed to stretch out.

Yan Mingguang stepped forward, and his dull face made it impossible to see the emotions in his heart.

Yan Mingguang then settled down at his bedside.

And Kong Yuwei’s hastily fleeing voice and cries for help stopped and turned into shrill screams.

After around ten minutes, all the screams disappeared, and the mountain temple returned to peace.

But all the players who were still alive knew that that night, Lu Ya and Kong Yuwei were both dead.

Coupled with Song Yu, who had little ability to move, only six people could continue to break the instance tomorrow: Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, Ning Yi, and You Rui.

The ghosts have been able to take the lives of two players, and tomorrow will be even more frightening, but they only had six players and one last first answer point.

Sure enough, as the tower said — the match point was coming.

If you don’t break the instance, you will die.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang stood up immediately when the sun arose.

Yan Wei wore the newly exchanged windbreaker and said rapidly, “We must hurry today.

The debuff on me will attract the attack of the skinless ghosts.

Last night, one was enough, and I used the healing power of the flower ball once.

I’m certain there’ll be more today, as long as the instance doesn’t break today.

By tomorrow — midnight tonight, I’m afraid I’ll have to confess here.”

He stepped forward and patted Yan Mingguang’s shoulder.

“Teacher Yan, let’s start working.”

Without stopping, he walked to the door and opened it.

Yan Wei froze.

Outside the door, a beautifully-dressed and well-groomed cook held a tray in her hand, and on the tray was a bowl of steaming soup.

The dense steam wafted around.

It obscured her face a bit, making her gentle look vague and fuzzy.

“Yan-xiaoge is awake” She smiled innocently at Yan Wei and whispered, “The last two days were too cold.

I was afraid that Yan-xaioge would get cold, so I made you a bowl of ginger soup early in the morning.

I didn’t prepare the other travelers’ breakfast, and I brought you this first.

No one else has it.

Only you have it.”

Yan Wei, who was already full of vigilance: “…”

He didn’t really want this honor.

Footnotes明(míng) can translate to bright while 光(guāng) can translate to light or ray.Raws didn’t have the don’t but I added it since it seemed to fit the context more, and a later sentence had the don’t


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