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The instance projection was over.

In the projection, seven perspectives turned gray, and only five were closed, belonging to Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, and Ning Yi.

When the scarlet message of the successful customs clearance of the instance appeared in the darkness, the five projection perspectives remained black the entire time — these five people all cleared the level alive.

There was an uproar.

What did it mean There were three of five people alive if they were divided into camps.

Ning Yi was the seed that Yuemang cultivated.

Even if she didn’t deal with Jiang Xiu, she was still Yuemang’s person.

Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou were lone wolves.

They passed their first few casino instances alone.

The two acted together for the first time because the difficulty was too great.

As for Yan Mingguang…

Yan Mingguang and Yan Wei seemed to have nothing to do with anyone.

With only five players left, almost everyone watching the show was waiting to see the action, believing that someone would inevitably die in a fight.

But these five people all unexpectedly survived to the end of the instance.

A novice player subconsciously asked, “Is it because each team cleared the level, or was there an incredible cooperation between the three camps”

A veteran player scoffed.

“Cooperation What do you think Cooperation requires someone to take the lead.

Who could lead these prickly players I don’t think it can be cooperation.”

“Maybe someone secretly found a way to clear the instance…”

“The few players will be rewarded handsomely for surviving a casino instance with a second difficulty upgrade.

The strength of these few people must have jumped to the tenth floor…” Some people marveled, “Jiang Xiu not only lost his life in this instance but also served as a stepping stone to Yan.

Yuemang lost a lot this time.”

“Haven’t you seen it The remaining few Yuemang people left immediately after seeing the end of the instance.

They must have gone to find Ning Yi to ask about the situation.”

“Yan really is amazing.

I can’t believe he’s just a newcomer who’s passed the first-floor instance.

However, he and Yuemang are regarded as enemies now, right”

“Yan is still afraid of death When the result of this instance comes out, even if he isn’t the best player, other organizations are rushing to recruit him–“

The man’s voice froze.

Above the projection, the name of the best player slowly emerged.

–And there were two!

It was a rare juxtaposition.



“Yan!! Shit, it’s Yan!!”

“There’s another tied best player whose code name is ‘Zhou,’ which is Yan Wei who followed Yan, right His points have always been the same as Yan.

In the end, Yan led him through the instance, and they got the same score.

Lie down and win, hug thighs and get the medal of the best player.”

“I had no experience betting on Yan Wei before, and after being popularized by people, I thought I was a loser.

I didn’t expect that I would get a casino reward! Hahahahaha, I thought the betting ratio was too low and got a lot of rewards!!!”

“Yan Wei had only a betting ratio of 0.88%, and those who bet on Yan Wei have doubled their profits this time.”

“Isn’t Yan in defiance of the natural order A rookie, two instances, opened the casino twice, with a teammate who seems useless, and the best again”

“The last time someone ascended the tower by leaps and bounds and was the best player twice… was it Lin Qing He’s now Xuanniao’s second-in-command.

Lin Qing missed the best player once when he ascended to the high levels.”

“It’s only the best player two times in a row.

It’s still the lower levels.

Is it something to compare it with Lin Qing Even if Lin Qing missed the best player once, it was when he was on a high level.

I don’t know whether this Yan will survive the third time…”


As soon as the Ankang Ancient Town instance was over, the instance records were imprinted on the endless stele.

Organizations and individual players downloaded and analyzed them.

Because Yan Wei always “followed” Yan Mingguang in the instance records that could be seen, most people automatically acquiesce that Yan Wei is the best player with Yan Mingguang’s help.

Some people looked at the instance over and over again.

At first, they were suspicious of Yan Wei because they didn’t know who won the two first answer points, but they didn’t have any conclusive evidence, and the visible pictures were all of Yan Wei holding Yan Mingguang’s thighs.

As a newcomer who won as the best and brought his teammates together, Yan naturally attracted the attention of more players in the tower.


Like the last instance, Yan Wei woke up in the apartment assigned to him by the world inside the tower.

However, the apartment was clearly different — much larger than before.

Yan Wei slowly stood up.

His sensory stat jumped to a new level after this instance.

Without looking closely, he could feel that the apartment was not just bigger but also had numerous more things.

It even had a spacious training room compartment which was significantly better than the ordinary small apartment he had before.

The apartment was also closer to the core area of ​​the inner world of the tower.

Sure enough, as Gao Ming said before, the tower will automatically adjust the dwelling places for players of the inner tower.

Starting with the endless stele in the center, residences2 extended outwards and became more peripheral the farther they went.

Apartments in the periphery3 were filled with the largest number of low-level players, and people come and go quickly because more die and more people enter.

The further inside you proceed, the fewer players there are.

In the center were high-level players that were rarely seen.

Yan Wei set his condition and mood in order after exiting the instance and slowly paced to the living room window.

Outside the window, blue skies bathed the world, vast and flourishing as if it were just another real world.

But if one gazed further into the distance, at the center, the towering stone monument that surged directly into the sky was sobering — this was the inner world of the tower.

It was where strength determined the rules.

What exactly is the tower Why did it appear before him And why is there such a vast and self-contained tower world

Yan Wei did not know yet.

But he believed that as long as he could continue to live in the tower’s inner world and ascend the tower step by step, he would one day approach things that many low-level players cannot touch.

Birds cut through the clouds, and the golden sunlight shone down.

There was no difference between day and night in the world inside the tower and the real world.

It maintained the alteration of day and night and even weather changes.

It was as realistic as the real world with more violence and bloodiness — in other words, it could be real but not in the same dimension as the world in which Yan Wei resided.

There was a large discrepancy in the flow of time from the world before Yan Wei entered.

In the world outside the tower, it has only been an hour, whereas two months have passed in the inner world.

Therefore, even if they could exchange points for goods in the mall to return to their original world, few people chose to exchange hard-earned points.

First, it was stipulated that you could not reveal the tower’s existence.

Second, after going back and forth for an hour, when you come back, you will immediately enter the next instance due to the flow of time.

With no preparations, wouldn’t that be a death sentence

Even Yan Wei did not intend to do such a stupid thing.

He smiled silently, only glancing at the mall where he could exchange for anything.

He didn’t rush to exchange anything after suddenly gaining many points.

With his fingertips, he swiped the information panel lightly and pulled to the column of his basic stats.

After the instance settlement, his stats jumped a lot.

Even in terms of physical strength, he was better than the average player below the tenth floor, enough to kick an ordinary person to death with one kick — of course, it was still far worse compared to Yan Mingguang.

As for the rest, perception has always been his hallmark, and now it has increased.

As long as he concentrated, he could feel the direction of the wind beyond the window.

The items were even more plentiful.

In addition to the skeleton eye dropped in the first instance that could see danger, he obtained a flower ball that could heal twice per instance and a double-edged blade that fell from a retrospective scenario.

Additionally, Ankang Ancient Town’s overall settlement dropped a card.

There were also two best player medals.

The gambling building was also opened after crossing seven floors.

It was much higher than the feedback from ascending the tower one floor at a time.

He had a tally for his current level of strength at the moment, so he opened his friends list, sent a greeting to Yan Mingguang, and discovered an unread message from Gao Ming.

“Didn’t I say I’ll contact him when I leave the instance” Yan Wei clicked on the message and muttered to himself, “He sent me a message knowing I couldn’t read it while inside the instance–“

He suddenly stopped.

Gao Ming’s message to him was to add a short video from Gao Ming’s perspective recorded by the black ring.

The content of the message was brief, with only the words “I’m in Yue” Obviously, he was unable to finish typing before sending it.

And that video…

The black ring recorded the video, and it was naturally from Gao Ming’s perspective.

Gao Ming seemed to be pressed against his shoulders by someone on the chair.

He struggled for a while but could not stand up.

Beside him, a very feminine-looking man grabbed Gao Ming’s hand and forced Gao Ming’s hand onto a black invitation with a smile.

Gao Ming’s struggles were of no use.

The feminine-looking man seized Gao Ming’s hand and asked Gao Ming to sign the invitation.

—Then, the video was forcibly cut off and ended.

Gao Ming was sent into an instance as he signed the invitation, so the news was abrupt, and both the content and the video were rushed.

Yan Wei watched the video without blinking, his eyes deepening.

He used the black ring to send a real-time message to Yan Mingguang.

“Hello Ice Cube, something happened to Gao Ming…” His words seemed to rub through his throat, irritation tinging his voice, “It’s Yuemang.”



Yan Wei’s apartment door was ajar, but he stood by the living room window, looking out in the wind.

It was unknown what he was thinking.

There was the sound of steady and light footsteps at the door.

A silver-haired, chilly man stepped into the dim light of night, and the vulgar smell of the Dengjiu4 District stained his body.

The slight smell of alcohol did not hide his alienating temperament but made him more indifferent and withdrawn.

Yan Mingguang closed the door and sat on the sofa in Yan Wei’s living room.

Yan Wei immediately closed the window and sat in front of Yan Mingguang, asking, “Did you get the information from the dealer”

“Exchanged,” Yan Mingguang said in a voice as cold as a knife blade, “It was too easy.

Yuemang was deliberately waiting for me to exchange for it.”

Yan Wei sneered.

“Sure enough, they move cleverly.

In the end, to deal with ‘Yan,’ they will naturally release the news related to Gao Ming, and when we come out of the instance, we can easily get in touch with it and lead to the bait.”

Yan Mingguang’s back was straight, his slender fingers curved slightly, and he took out a pure-black invitation from the black ring.

A book was painted on the invitation, which immediately gave Yan Wei a particularly ominous feeling.

“This is the invitation Gao Ming signed.”

Yan Wei frowned.

“Why is it still there Gao Ming was passively pulled into the instance meaning the instance had started.

Since the instance has begun, won’t the unconsumed invitations be randomly replaced with new instances”

“This is different,” said Yan Mingguang.

He usually did not talk much but when it came to this kind of extended explanation, people become more subconsciously attentive but do not feel impatient.

“The information I asked from the dealer.

In addition to the regular instance, there is a special instance in the tower called a mobile instance.

The mobile instance can be accessed by invitations every once in a while.

Unless someone passes the instance, it will always be open.

There’s no downstairs passage.”

“What about the last batch of players who entered but failed to pass the instance when it was newly opened”

“As long as they’re not dead, they’re still there.”

Yan Mingguang paused and said, “The mobile instance that Gao Ming was forced to enter has ruined many seed players, and no one can clear the level at present.”

“Can’t players who descend the tower break it”

“The mobile instance only accepts ascending players.”

“In other words, mobile copies regularly take in players who have signed invitations, and those who enter from the beginning until now can meet as long as they aren’t dead, but because there are no descending stairs, living players can only leave after clearing the instance.

Gao Ming entered the mobile instance and is in a tough spot.

In addition, it’s impossible for players who descended the tower to clear the instance violently for items and experience.

For ordinary players, even average seed players, it’s almost equivalent to going in and dying…” Yan Wei’s eyes flickered.

“Yuemang, this is Jiang Taigong’s fishing5, only they didn’t write on their foreheads that they were leading me to death.”

Forcing Gao Ming to sign the invitation when the mobile instance opened and throwing Gao Ming into the instance that no one has survived to clear, isn’t it just leading him to rescue people and perish in this unpassable instance

Gao Ming entered an ordinary instance, believing he had no choice but to save people once more.

But the mobile instance was tailor-made for “Yan” to enter later.

Yan Wei picked up the invitation and stared at it.

“Why wasn’t the floor number written What are the characteristics of the mobile invitation Did the dealer tell you what floor the mobile instance belonged to”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him and replied, “Nineteen.”

FootnotesZhou(晝)translates to day or daylightRaws didn’t say exactly was it was so these are my guesses.Another guessA small change from Lantern Wine District (thought it sounded much nicer than its english translation)Part of an idiom used to describe someone who willingly falls in a trap or does something regardless of the result


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