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Li Qing’s eyes lit up.

He looked at Yan Wei and gave a deep smile.

“If Yan found out that you not only ran away but also stole items, he wouldn’t forgive you easily, right In other words… you guys fell apart”

Yan Wei swallowed his saliva and did not answer.

Li Qing said, “Then it seems that you have no value to threaten Yan, and you’re not as good as Gao Ming.

Just throw him into any high-level instance.

There’s no use in keeping him.”

“Wait! Wait!” Yan Wei struggled violently.

“I only stole his items.

Maybe he’s nostalgic We haven’t fallen out yet.

Don’t throw me into a high-level instance—”

Li Qing completed the test with satisfaction, put away the dagger, and allowed Yuemang’s people to loosen the rope that tied Yan Wei.

“According to your reaction, you two should have really collapsed.

Also, few players in the tower can stand having their points taken…” Li Qing looked straight at Yan Wei, patted him kindly on the shoulder, and said, “You should be much more familiar with Yan’s character, basic stats, thinking habits, and weaknesses than we are.

Now that you two have fallen apart, have you considered…”

Li Qing lengthened his voice and said persuasively, “…Joining Yuemang and help us deal with Yan”

The young man gently rubbed his wrist, which had been tightly secured for a while, and lowered his head.

His whole body was tense as if he was extremely nervous.

But when he bowed his head from an angle that Li Qing and others could not see, the light brown eyes showed a momentary understanding.

The fish took the bait.

From the moment he appeared in the area controlled by Polian, he was looking for someone to purchase this specially made item identical to Yan Mingguang’s whip.

It was a game meant to attract Yuemang.

He discovered Li Qing’s existence from Gao Ming’s urgent message.

During this period, besides analyzing the current records, he also took time to learn about Li Qing.

Li Qing was more resilient compared to Jiang Xiu.

Just by the number of floors, this person has already passed the eighteenth floor and opened the casino on the previous floor’s instance.

Yan Wei guessed that throwing Gao Ming into this nineteenth-floor mobile instance to lead Yan to his death was just something Yuemang was helping to solve.

Li Qing, who Yuemang trained, was ready to go in and break the level with assisting hands — the longer the mobile instance existed, the richer the rewards were.

It was a great quick choice for desperate seed players.

For Li Qing, a high-potential player, it was an opportunity worth trying with his life, but not for other players.

People in Yuemang may not be willing to fight with Li Qing.

So, even Li Qing was trying to bring in more people.

A player whose willing to switch sides, who knows Yan Mingguang, and who can help Li Qing is of great value.

According to Yan Wei’s analysis of Li Qing’s character in his instance records, this man was shrewd.

If he took the initiative to do something, pretending to be afraid of death and betraying Yan Mingguang, Li Qing would be suspicious and would not get fooled.

However, if what happened was Li Qing’s initiative, Yan Wei was caught by Yuemang, forced to explain everything, and afraid of death, Li Qing would gradually take the bait and actively lure him into Yuemang.

From Yan Wei’s appearance in Dengjiu District and being deliberately seen by Yuemang’s people to now, Li Qing truly believed that he and Yan Mingguang had a nasty quarrel and broke off.

It was a psychological game of winning people’s hearts.

Li Qing’s purpose was to handle Yan, and Yan Wei’s purpose was to use Li Qing’s mentality, infiltrate Yuemang, and use Yuemang in the instance.

Unmistakably, Yan Wei won.

“I’m asking you.” Seeing that Yan Wei didn’t speak, Li Qing warned him.

Yan Wei immediately trembled and asked, “Then if I join you, will you protect me”

Li Qing threw an invitation from the nineteenth-floor mobile instance to Yan Wei.

“Of course, if you don’t do anything that makes me unhappy, I’m happy to protect you — after all, that wise man is very stubborn, and you are the only person in my hands who understands Yan.

Enter this instance with me, and help us deal with Yan.

When Yan is dead, if we can grab any items before he dies, I will give them to you.

After you come out, Yuemang will be your home.”

Yan Wei was naturally “well-behaved” and signed his name under the invitation.

After the signing, he also confirmed it with Li Qing several times in great distress, hoping that Yuemang would protect him in the instance.

When Li Qing heard it, he made a look of trustworthiness and concern on the surface, which reassured Yan Wei.

—This person would not actually take care of Yan Wei in the instance.

Yan Wei was aware that even if Li Qing was hooked, he just took Yan Wei as a person he could use.

Bring him into the instance.

If it was as he said, and he and Yan Mingguang had a falling out, Li Qing would not only learn more about Yan Mingguang but also take in one more person.

When necessary, Yan Wei could be used to make up the number of people to send to death.

Even if the two didn’t fall out entirely, Li Qing would feel that Yan Wei was an extra bargaining chip in his hands.

For Li Qing, there are so many benefits.

Why not bring him

As for Yan Wei, he never really thought of breaking into Yuemang’s interior completely.

All he wanted was an identity that followed Yuemang because his and Yan Mingguang’s worst shortcoming was that they still had very little understanding of instances and the inner world of the tower.

Their experience and information were not as good as Yuemang’s.

Yan Wei had no access to any public mobile instance information, but Yuemang, who had made many preparations, must have.

As long as he was in, he wasn’t afraid of not having a chance to make use of Yuemang.

He could also cooperate with Yan Mingguang, so their odds of winning in the mobile instance were over ten percent.

With his own plan in mind, Yan Wei signed the invitation in front of Li Qing, and Li Qing sent him to be locked in an empty room upstairs in the bar, with people guarding outside.

When the door shut, and he was the only one left in the room, the timid and anxious look on Yan Wei’s face was instantly swept away.

He took out the intercom he used in the previous instance from the storage bar of the information panel.

As soon as he put it on, the sound of a man’s steady, gentle breathing entered his ear.

“I’ve done it,” he said in a low voice, “But Li Qing is only using me.

He won’t trust me completely.

I’ll find a chance to contact you after entering the instance.”

This intercom was originally an item from Yu Feizhou, who exchanged it for an invitation.

Yan Wei could hide it in his ears to speak undetected — they relied on this intercom to communicate when they were handling Hu Ayun.

After leaving the instance, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang realized that this kind of item, which was easy to use, could not be purchased through invitations in the mall.

It could only be purchased through points, and it was not cheap.

At this time, it was cheaper for him and Yan Mungguang.

He said, “Li Qing is a paranoid and skeptical person.

Before entering the instance, Yuemang will check me for items with communication signals.

I can’t keep the intercom.

You’d better keep it on, so if I have the opportunity to turn on the intercom, I can contact you immediately.”

At the other end, Yan Mingguang was silent for a moment.

Yan Wei sat down on the sofa and listened to the footsteps of the people patrolling in Yuemang, as well as faint noises from the bar downstairs.

These noises intertwined with Yan Mingguang’s slight breathing as if it were treacherous up ahead and tranquil at the rear.

“Yan Mingguang Are you listening”

“Mn.” The other party finally said, “You come back.”

Yan Wei was taken aback: “What”

“It’s too dangerous.

There are many ways to increase the odds.”

Yan Wei laughed softly.

“But this method is the most profitable, as for the danger… From the moment you enter the tower, danger is not something you can avoid but something you need to face.

What’s more, don’t forget the items I got from the last instance.”

Yan Wei obtained a card during the Ankang Ancient Town instance settlement.

The card’s name was “Transient Reality,” and its function was to allow Yan Wei to replicate the strength of another player.

As long as he knew the other party’s basic stats, he could copy it briefly for three minutes.

He could only use it once in an instance — but that was enough.

If he was in danger, not immortal, and Yan Mingguang was not around, he still had this card to duplicate Yan Mingguang’s strength for three minutes.

Yan Mingguang naturally knew this, but he remained silent for a moment before saying, “Actually, when I told you about the mobile book, I didn’t expect you’d want to go in.”

So he only exchanged for one invitation.

Yan Wei leaned lazily on the sofa, without the slightest sense of being in the enemy’s base.

He grabbed a pillow on the sofa and held it in his hands to play with, muttering, “I didn’t expect it either.

Maybe I was infected by you.

In fact, before I entered the tower, I hated those people who gave benevolence at every turn.

I always felt that they were hypocritical.

They were only giving charity on the premise of having it instead of being kind.

But you… Not only did I look at it rather favorably.

I felt a little envious.”

Yan Mingguang did not speak.

“It was the first time in my life that I made a decision that was more emotion than rational when I chose to enter an instance that spanned twelve floors to save a friend we met in the first instance.


Yan, this feeling is actually quite wonderful.

I know we’ll be in great danger after going in, and it’s easy to die in it, but I still want to go in.

I’m an egoist, and you were with me before–“

“You have mentioned your personality many times.” The voice on the other end of the intercom suddenly interrupted Yan Wei.

“Have I”

The man’s voice was calm but magnetic.

“The same content keeps repeating.

You’re not telling me.

You are telling yourself.”

It was Yan Wei’s turn to lose his voice.

After some time, he spread his hands and silently hooked his lips.

“I won’t say much.

After all, I’m still in Yuemang’s territory.”


Yan Wei put away the intercom.

Thanks to Li Qing’s desire to use him, he was still locked up, but there were plenty of things in the room.

There were even snacks and a television that could check instance records.

Yan Wei was originally going to come to Yuemang to play as “waste,” but he was delighted.

He turned on the TV and casually selected an instance of the bottom floor to watch as a series.

He opened a snack and watched with relish.


It was a full moon.

Yan Wei quickly jumped through several instances, opened a new bag of snacks, and ate a few mouthfuls, when a slight motion came from the window.

The movement was very light and subtle.

The low-level players of Yuemang who patrolled in the corridor and the bar didn’t sense anything, but Yan Wei’s extraordinary perception came into play at this juncture.

With snacks still stuffed in his mouth and cheeks full, he sat on the sofa and looked over at the window.

Under the moonlight, a young man in black clothes quickly opened the window, turned over, and jumped in.

Dressed in black, Lin Zhen held a rope attached outside — presumably used to climb and roll through the window.

His movements were light and silent, and the evil and perverse aura around him was hidden.

It was as if he had merged into the night.

Just as he landed lightly and stood in front of the window, his eyes collided with Yan Wei, who held a pillow in one hand, snacks in the other, and had bulging cheeks.

Four eyes faced each other.

Yan Wei blinked, and his eyelashes trembled slightly.

Watching Lin Zhen, he chewed the snack in his mouth and swallowed it.

“…” Lin Zhen glanced at the transcript that was being viewed as a TV drama and then glanced at the many snacks scattered on the coffee table.

The corners of his mouth seemed to twitch, and he said, “It was unnecessary of me to come and save you.”


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