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Chapter 49: School of Death (1)

Like the previous two times, the ethereal and gloomy tone repeated the most basic rules of the tower.

Yan Wei listened, bored to death, and finally heard the introduction of the instance.

【Instance Floor: 19】

【Instance Location: School of Death】

【Current Player Stats: Physical Stat 84, Sensory Stat 161, Floor 7, Points 243】

【Players have arrived, the instance has opened】

【Players cannot kill each other in the instance.】


Yan Wei immediately looked at the skill status of the information panel – immortal state.

Sure enough, his status when he leaves an instance will be the state he is in the next time he enters.

He was immortal when he left Ankang Town, so the first day he entered the mobile instance was also immortal.

The beeping sound continued.

【After judgment, your instance has been determined to be the third consecutive ascent of the tower, and you will receive a permanent skill award.

Rewards are given based on the player’s previous instance performances and outstanding strengths.

The player’s potential determines the rarity.】

【Congratulations to the player for obtaining the permanent skill reward: Perception Burst.

Skill Function: Players with this skill can communicate mentally with a selected player within a range of 300 meters.

Communication requires the player’s physical strength.

The player’s stats determine the communication time.

The higher the player’s physical stats, the more sustainable it will be and the longer the communication time.

Skill Classification: Rare auxiliary skills.】

Yan Wei was overjoyed.

It was a skill rewarded according to his attributes.

That was practically sending charcoal in snowy weather1.

What he needed most was a kind of skill that could transmit information without face-to-face communication or even talking.

Although it was limited in time and use, the assistance it brought was not low.

That way, he could be with Yueming inside the instance but have additional opportunities to exchange news with Yan Mingguang.

The tower prompt ended by the time Yan Wei comprehended the skill.

His vision gradually brightened.

The clouds unfolded, the sun shone from the east, a golden line cut through the fresh air, and a refreshing wind passed slowly.

A spacious and magnificent school gate stood behind an empty plaza.

Besides the electric iron gate hung the school name in large letters — Chenxi High School.

No wonder there was an age limit.

It turned out that the instance location was on a high school campus.

From this perspective, the mobile instance was open to a hundred players at regular intervals because the instance background was set on a crowded campus.

On the peaceful and quiet public square, players emerged one after another.

Because of the age limit of the instance, all the players were very young.

Yan Wei was also among them.

He glanced at Yan Mingguang and other familiar faces.

Of course, most of these people were unknown to Yan Wei.

All he knew were Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, the seed player he and Yan Mingguang cooperated with, and the crowd of Yuemang who entered with Li Qing.

The scene was in absolute silence.

They were all potential players with the courage to enter a mobile instance with ten dead and no survivors.

Many other organizations heard the news and came in to locate the legendary item.

Although there was a multitude of players, no one was speaking.

The players merely looked at each other silently.

Each assembled towards their team.

At this moment, Yan Wei was “taking refuge” with Yuemang.

He pretended to evade Yan Mingguang’s gaze and walked quickly to Li Qing and others.

Li Qing stared at the actions of Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang unobtrusively from the moment he came in.

Witnessing the atmosphere between them at the moment, he was obviously satisfied.

He brushed his hair, smiled meaningfully, set his hand on Yan Wei’s shoulder, and said softly, “Yan really came in… He looks very fierce.

You said he would take risks for another friend.

Maybe he doesn’t blame you for running away.”

Yan Wei smiled embarrassingly.

“What you said…”

Li Qing felt relieved when he saw Yan Wei’s guilty, panicked, and sheepish appearance.

At the gate of Chenxi High School, the players who participated at the beginning of the mobile instance arrived.

Yan Mingguang stood not far away.

Blades seemed to wrap the eyes of the person looking at Yuemang, indifferent yet sharp.

Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou also brought a few players this time, leading them to Yan Mingguang’s side.

The rest of the players gradually divided into several groups.

It was what Lin Zhen said before, to organize players who came in for this super-high reward and the possible legendary item.

Yan Wei kept the situation in mind, and the tower’s prompt sounded again.

【Detecting the number of best player medals has exceeded the typical quantity of best players on the current floor, and the casino mechanism has activated.】


【The plot line of the instance has officially started.

All players are requested to play the role of incoming first-year students, proceeding through the admission procedures under the guidance of NPCs, and must not disclose the existence of concepts such as the tower and instances.

During this instance, players are not allowed to leave Chenxi High School.】

【Those who violate the above will be directly obliterated.】

The gate of Chenxi High School opened gradually and automatically.

Several teachers in work uniforms came out carrying desks.

Another teacher moved boxes with school uniforms.

The NPC set up a simple registration desk at the school gate and shouted numbly, “Line up for registration.

Classes and dormitories will be assigned according to the queuing order.

Head back to the dormitories after picking up school uniforms to tidy up and rest.

Arrive on time to class tomorrow.”

This kind of instance starting arrangement was undeniable, and all players, together with their teammates, lined up in groups in front of the registration desk.

Yan Wei made a point in his heart.

So the players who entered before should also be enrolled in this way.

If Gao Ming was still alive, he must be among the previous batch of “students.”

The beeping sound continued.

【Chenxi High School has seen a steady stream of student deaths in recent years, and the number of students who have died is staggering.

Chenxi High School had to keep recruiting students to supplement the number of dead students, but students still perished abruptly.

Even teachers were killed, scared senseless.】

【As a first-year at Chenxi High School, to survive and end the cursed death of all the students of Chenxi High School, start investigating and discovering a way to remove this.】

【If successfully broken, you will end the current mobile instance and leave alive.】

【Failure to break and the danger buried in Chenxi High School will envelop every student’s head, making them one by one… die, deceased.】

【Please note that from this moment onwards, death can come upon you at any time.】

【May players actively look for the staircase and try to survive.】

When all players queued up to register, they listened to the basic introduction of this mobile instance word by word.

The so-called death that comes at any time must not be a trifle.

Except for Lin Zhen, who whistled with a smile, other players more or less lined up with serious faces.

Li Qing dragged Yan Wei, and the people who led Yuemang lined up behind Yan Mingguang and the others — the order of the queue arranged the dormitories and classes.

This person obviously wanted to get closer to Yan Mingguang and have more opportunities to deal with Yan Mingguang.

Li Qing believed that there were more chances to deal with Yan Mingguang.

Yan Wei also thought there were multiple opportunities for the two to work together and pit Yuemang.

Naturally, he was pleased.

He trembled on the surface and was “forced” by Li Qing not far behind Yan Mingguang.

All the players entered the team in twos and threes.

They lined up in a lengthy queue, and enrollment began.


In front of the registration desk, a player with biscuits in his mouth had just completed the registration.

He weighed the school uniform in his hand and turned to leave but suddenly let out a heart-piercing howl!


All the present players’ expressions changed!

Behind him, a player who was obviously from the same organization as him took out the exorcism items and was about to save the man, but before he had time to act, the man’s shrieks came to an abrupt end in less than a second.

From his mouth open wide, a pale ghost hand wrapped in intestinal juice, blood, and food scraps stretched out and jammed his throat.

As soon as the ghost hand stretched out the man’s mouth, the wrist bent down in a peculiar arc, and in an instant, it seized the player’s chest and crushed his heart!

All this happened within a flash, and the ghost hand killed the man so quickly that they had no time to react.

When the exorcism item hit the player, blood splashed from his chest.

His throat was ruptured, and his lips were split.

And the ghost hand vanished the moment the exorcism item hit it.

The player’s corpse fell to the ground stiffly but weakly, his eyes still wide open, his face full of pain and disbelief.

The instance had just started, and most players had not even entered Chenxi High School when a player died unexpectedly and tragically.

The blood from the destroyed heart just now splashed onto several surrounding players, even spilling onto the registration desk.

The registering teacher just turned pale, numbly wiped the blood from his face with his cuff, and said indifferently, “Please pay attention to safety, new students.


These teachers are not astonished by the deceased, as if they were used to it.

The expressions of everyone present were solemn, but no one lost their way — they were all players who dared to enter the mobile book, and few were trash.

“Ah,” Lin Zhen smiled and took a deep breath, “The smell of blood… It’s really fascinating.”

As “one of the few wastes” present, Yan Wei noted down all the details in front of him, his eyes rolled around, and his beautiful face was full of panic at the moment.

He pulled Li Qing and questioned in a timid and low voice, “Li-ge, someone died inexplicably at the beginning… You, what you said, you will protect me…”

Li Qing smiled warmly and said meaningfully: “Of course, you are the person who knows Yan the most.

Yan is not dead yet.

How can I be willing to let you die”

But if Yan dies…

He glanced at Yan Wei, and then his eyes fell on Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang felt Li Qing’s ruthless gaze and looked over indifferently, facing Li Qing’s eyes.

Li Qing raised his hand and pointed to the mutilated corpse that no one dared to touch on the ground then at Yan Mingguang.

The meaning was obvious — Yan Mingguang would be the one who would die horrifyingly sooner or later.

Yan Mingguang raised his eyes and looked at Yan Wei.

Nothing peculiar was on his face, as if he did not take Yan Wei seriously.

Then, a dart suddenly came out of Yan Mingguang’s hand and flew towards Li Qing’s eyebrows!

Li Qing never imagined that in such invisible oppression of a player who had just died, Yan Mingguang was still not afraid of triggering a death condition and dared to shoot.

His face changed, and subconsciously, he dodged the dart to the side.

However, when it was about to reach Li Qing, the dart turned slightly, avoided Li Qing, glid through the air, and nailed to the iron gate not far away with a bang.

Yan Mingguang withdrew his gaze and stood in the long queue waiting for registration with one hand in a pocket, never giving Li Qing any extra glimpses.

The players around cast glances, but there was no extra action, obviously delighted to watch a good show.

Li Qing understood.

He was being stupid!

The tower stipulates that no one can kill people.

If Yan Mingguang’s dart really struck his forehead, he would be obliterated by the tower’s rules.

Therefore, Yan Mingguang could not shoot a dart to kill him.

This dart would inevitably divert and would not hit him.

It was essentially a battle of courage.

Instead, he allowed the players of other organizations to witness a joke.

Li Qing gritted his teeth and was annoyed, but his face was slightly more gloomy.

He turned around and took back his vision, pretending not to care.

Yan Wei lowered his head and snickered silently.

If it wasn’t for the condition, he wanted to give Yan Mingguang a thumbs up on the spot.

In the following time, all players silently walked to the registration desk one by one to register.

The player’s corpse fell into a pool of blood, and his teammates didn’t dare to clean it up — after all, his sudden death set an extra alarm for everyone, and no one dared to act rashly at this time, in case death was accidentally triggered.

If one were not careful, one would not know how they died.

It had only been five minutes since the instance began, but when everyone witnessed the instant killing of the ghost hand, they truly felt the horror of this nineteenth-floor mobile instance.

As the tip says…

—All the living players present can become the next “student” who dies inexplicably at any time.


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