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Chapter 5 – Promenade Hotel (5)

Before seeing this art studio, Yan Wei felt that there were already many portraits in this hotel.

But now, the unfinished oil paintings stacked in front of them that completely covered the floor and the walls seemed to be even more than the number of paintings hanging outside along the corridors.

But they didn’t have eyes.

The sky outside the window was darkening and the hazy light entering the room added a hint of gloominess to the dim studio.

Numerous pairs of hollow eyes faced them or looked somewhere else in the distance as the women in the paintings smiled seemingly sweetly but also seemingly in mockery.

Gao Ming’s face was particularly pale, “This place is very strange.

I really couldn’t figure out what’s going on.

You guys take a look first.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at Yan Wei.

Just as Yan Wei was able to infer that Yan Mingguang’s physical stat must be higher than the rest of the people here, this person seemed to have also noticed that Yan Wei’s sensory stat was high.

Although he didn’t say anything, Yan Wei understood.

Yan Mingguang was asking him if he sensed anything.

This person was the only person among the players who was able to see through him from the very beginning.

Yan Wei didn’t waste any effort acting dumb and just shook his head and said in a low voice, “I don’t know.

This studio gives me a different feeling from the other rooms, it seems to be particularly strange.

I would at times feel danger in all directions and other times I don’t feel anything.”

He frowned and stepped over several scattered drafts on the ground as he slowly approached one of the easels.

On this easel sat the only completely painted portrait in this studio.

This woman seemed to be wearing a white coat.

With two soft and lovely long braids hanging from both sides, her eyes were gentle and clear.

Her most beautiful feature were her eyes.

Even if they were just brushstrokes on a plain piece of paper, it was filled with emotions.

This painting seemed to be of a young female doctor.

It was by far the best painting they had seen in this hotel.

Compared to the rather amateur paintings seen along the corridor and in their room, this painting was on a completely different level.

Even an outsider like Yan Wei could see that this painting seemed to contain life and was filled with talent.

Although the style of painting hadn’t changed, the skill level of the person making this painting had clearly risen to a much higher level.

Yan Wei took out his phone and took a picture.

Things that were different would always mean that it may contain a clue.

After he was done, he stored his phone back into the pocket of his windbreaker with one hand and patted Yan Mingguang’s arm with the other.

He whispered quietly, “Iceberg, we can be considered teammates now”

Yan Mingguang seemed to have paused for a moment.

“If you don’t call me Iceberg,” This person for once spoke a little more, “yes.”


Yan Wei, “When we were walking down the corridor earlier, the clue I found was that the owner of this hotel was a talented painter, but the paintings displayed along the corridor were his early works and the attendant said that he later painted even better paintings.

I believe…..”

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“They are the ones in this studio.”


The early works are in the corridor and the later works are in the studio—-Almost all of them don’t have eyes and only this one here has eyes.

There must be an important clue here.

Why didn’t he draw eyes There are generally two reasons for someone not doing something: He didn’t want to or he couldn’t.

If it was because he didn’t want to, but that female doctor has eyes; but if he couldn’t, that female doctor also has eyes.

Neither of it can explain this.

What could be the reason for the owner of this hotel to draw so many eyeless portraits”

Yan Wei had only just looked away from the portrait of the female doctor but, before he could look at Yan Mingguang, he suddenly felt a chill behind him.

His extraordinary senses instantly alerted him of the danger and soon a strong gust of wind blew from behind him.

Yan Wei subconsciously wanted to move to the side to find refuge.

The next moment, Yan Mingguang next to him lent his strength and forcefully pulled him over to the other side.

Yan Wei heard the sound of a sharp weapon piercing the wall.

He looked back and saw that there was a pair of sharp scissors plunged into the wall directly behind he was standing just now.

If he hadn’t moved earlier, that pair of scissors…..Would have directly pierced his head!

Hazy light rays entered through the glass window, falling into the studio at an angle.

In the dim light, a young woman in a long dress quietly floated in the air with her feet slightly off the ground.

She had no eyes.

Her eye sockets were dark and empty as if it was bottomless.

She was smiling faintly but her smile wasn’t gentle or sweet at all, only eerie and strange.

Her clothes, hair and face…..They were all exactly the same as the eyeless portrait on one of the easels which depicted a young woman trimming flowers with a pair of scissors!

“……Was this what you meant by,” Yan Wei raised a brow, “entering the world inside the painting”

Yan Mingguang looked at the young woman that had emerged from the painting and lightly shook his head, “Not the same.

This time ‘she’ came out.”

“What are you standing around for!” Gao Ming shouted from the door, “Run!!”

At this moment, the eyeless young woman raised her hand slightly and the pair of scissors that was embedded into the wall flew back to her hand in an instant.

She chuckled a few times and then faced Yan Wei and co with the scissors and said, “My, someone has discovered some secrets.

Since it has been discovered, you should leave something behind in exchange….”

“You two who have discovered the secret.” She pointed at Yan Wei and then at Yan Mingguang, “You both look good, I like you both.

It’s so hard to choose.

Why don’t we play a game Select one from the two of you for me to use my scissors to dig out their eyes and then I’ll let you go.”

“Don’t run.

I’ll go after you even if you run.”

The young woman’s sharp voice was still reverberating in the studio.

She hadn’t moved yet but Yan Mingguang who hadn’t made any preparations had already directly stepped forward and stopped in front of the young woman.

His stern but indifferent voice carried decisiveness, “Then I won’t run.”

He clearly never spared any thought towards the game proposed by the young woman.

As he said this, he moved extremely quickly.

In an instant, he had taken out his folding knife from his pocket, the metal blade cutting smoothly through the air.

Holding his weapon, Yan Mingguang reached out to pierce the young woman’s hollow eyes.

That young woman didn’t even dodge.

The moment Yan Mingguang’s knife pierced her empty eye sockets, the pair of scissors in her hand was also thrown towards Yan Wei—–She was actually able to tell that Yan Wei wouldn’t be able to put up a fight!

And the moment the knife pierced her empty eye socket, nothing happened!

Those scissors however continued to fly towards Yan Wei.

Yan Wei knew in an instant that he wasn’t this eyeless young woman’s opponent.

He quickly ran to the side and shouted, “Yan Mingguang, save me!!”

“Not saving.” Yan Mingguang said this, but he immediately withdrew his folding knife and threw it backwards without looking back.

The folding knife cut through the air and directly collided with the pair of scissors chasing after Yan Wei.

After blocking the scissor’s attack, it drew a perfect arc and returned to Yan Mingguang’s hand.

Yan Wei who had already ran to the other corner of the studio stopped to catch his breath.

The eyeless young woman once again picked up her scissors and charged towards Yan Mingguang, chanting, “Give me your eyes, I only need a pair of eyes.

Give me your eyes, just a pair of eyes…..a pair of eyes……”

Yan Wei ducked down and rolled into a pile of paintings.

Seeing Yan Mingguang and the young woman fight back and forth a few times, he shouted, “Try the heart!”

Gao Ming was gesturing frantically at the door, “Hurry and run!!!”

Yan Wei said, “You go first.”

Although he and Yan Mingguang hadn’t said anything, the two of them clearly understood inside—–Running was useless.

There was a problem with this studio.

They would still have to come back next time even if they managed to escape this time.

The next moment, Yan Mingguang pierced the young woman’s heart.

—–But the young woman wasn’t affected.

Her scissors continued to attack Yan Wei.

Yan Mingguang’s knife had already tested countless parts of her body but none of them were effective.

Please read this from kk translates

Could it be that because she has no eyes, the method Yan Mingguang used to deal with the painting last time was useless

As Yan Wei thought about how to deal with this eyeless young woman, he also had to constantly avoid the scissors thrown his way.

He was already a little out of breath.

Fortunately, the speed in which the scissors were thrown wasn’t particularly fast.

With the help of Yan Mingguang, he was still able to avoid it.

Yan Mingguang still seemed to be able to overwhelmingly defeat the young woman without breaking a sweat, but that young woman didn’t seem to be sustaining any damages the entire time.

If it continued like this, no matter how powerful Yan Mingguang may be, he would eventually run out of energy.

At the door, Gao Ming seemed too afraid to come in, but he also didn’t immediately leave.

He just continued to shout at them to escape with him.

Gao Ming’s black-rimmed glasses had slipped down as he waved wildly at them.

His glasses looked like they were about to fall off his face, but he didn’t seem to pay any attention to it and only focused on calling out to them.

Yan Wei looked at Gao Ming with a frown.

This moment of distraction was noticed by that young woman and those scissors were now about to pierce his heart.

Yan Mingguang turned and directly arrived in front of Yan Wei.

He pulled Yan Wei to the side to avoid the scissors.

The two rolled across the ground together before knocking into an easel, shattering the wood in the process and sending pieces of paper flying.

After they came to a stop, Yan Mingguang just happened to be lying on top of Yan Wei.

“What were you thinking about”

Yan Wei blinked.

Seeing that the scissors were about to be thrown at them again, Yan Wei however hooked up the corner of his lips.

His light brown eyes brightened into a smile.

He whispered to Yan Mingguang, “Fresh teammate, do you trust me”

Yan Mingguang glanced at him and just said, “I said it before, you are smarter than they think.”

The scissors were almost about to pierce Yan Wei’s temple.

Yan Mingguang supported himself up with one arm, spun the knife in his other hand and knocked those scissors back with a loud clang.

He promptly got back up and once again exchanged blows with the eyeless young woman.

Gao Ming seemed to be unable to stand it anymore, “If you’re not going to run, I can only go by myself!!”

Yan Mingguang once again blocked the pair of scissors flying towards Yan Wei.

Yan Wei slowly sat up and glanced at Gao Ming.

He said, “Can’t run.”

Gao Ming was taken aback, “Why”

“My instincts told me just now that I cannot run.

Logically speaking, even if I run, I will still be in this hotel no matter where I go.” He slowly stood up.

He no longer showed any panic towards the danger around him, “Intuitively speaking, I think that there is something wrong with running.

Also, we only just met, no What kind of relationship would make you risk your life waiting for us at the door and what kind of hatred would keep you at the door the entire time, not coming in to help”

Gao Ming’s expression stagnated.

Yan Wei turned his head and looked directly at him.

He spoke without haste, “I have been wanting to ask you something for a while now.

This eyeless thing not targeting Yan Mingguang is something I can understand—–After all, anyone can see that Yan Mingguang isn’t easy to deal with.

But why does she only target me, but never target you”

Gao Ming replied sulkily, “You should ask her that, why are you asking me….”

Yan Wei smiled.

He then said word by word, “Because she doesn’t know, you know.”

While Gao Ming was stunned, Yan Wei shouted to Yan Mingguang, “Pierce Gao Ming’s eyes!!!”

Before the last of his words were spoken, a folding knife that was supposed to be used against the eyeless woman had turned around in an instant in Yan Mingguang’s hand and was thrown through the air, instantly piercing Gao Ming’s right eye!!


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