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Chapter 50: School of Death (2)

Only by finding clues to the staircase can they ensure that they avoid sudden death and leave this mobile instance alive.

Now, however, players can only avoid all the actions the dead player just did and carefully complete the first step of beginning this instance.

Yan Wei stood in Yuemang’s team and panicked on the exterior, but he noted all the details.

He looked around at a loss, and his eyes encountered Yan Mingguang’s.

The man’s expression didn’t change, but at the moment when he met Yan Wei’s gaze, a trace of incomprehensible worry flashed across his pure black pupils.

Yan Wei tried to use the skill he had just acquired.

In the atmosphere of repressed silence, Yan Wei’s perception slowly extended and accurately positioned on Yan Mingguang’s body.

【Yan Mingguang】

Yan Mingguang’s eyes changed slightly.

Yan Wei hurriedly explained: 【This is a skill I acquired by ascending the tower three times.

It allows me to build a bridge of perception with a designated player within a range and communicate directly in my mind.

But this skill is related to my stats, and it won’t last long.】

Yan Mingguang returned to his original indifferent expression.

【I understand.】

【I will follow Li Qing first and try to stay within communication distance with you.

If there’s danger, I’ll call you immediately.】


Yan Wei hooked the corners of his lips: 【So you don’t have to worry.】

【I’m not worried.】

Yan Wei: “…”

Forget it.

It wasn’t his first time witnessing Yan Mingguang’s duplicity.

He was eager to tell Yan Mingguang about his newfound skill because he had caught the man’s lingering concerns since he was introduced to the instance.

Now that he had finished his words, he was too lazy to compete with this duplicitous person.

He retracted the perception of communication.

Although this auxiliary skill was rare and helpful, it was also very restrictive.

In just a few words, Yan Wei felt a little tired, and his face was pale due to physical fatigue.

The skill was also convenient for Yan Wei in pretending to be cowardly.

In front of him, Li Qing saw his face suddenly pale and thought Yan Wei was frightened.

He raised his hand, patted Yan Wei’s shoulder, and said in a low voice.

“Look at you being so spineless.

If I ask you to explore the road and make an error, you won’t be scared to death, right”

Yan Wei shuddered and said tremblingly, “T-trial and error… Li-ge, this…”

Li Qing chuckled.

“Just joking with you.”

The team that registered for “enrollment” slowly moved forward, and the players who acquired the school uniform after registration went to the dormitory they were assigned to under the guidance of these emotionless teachers.

The dead player’s body was still lying at the school entrance.

The living players were not fuel-efficient lamps.

They knew these teachers must know something, but no one asked when they registered — if anything, would they risk death by asking questions and giving clues to others in the room It was a matter of course that everyone was in danger and self-defense.

In the suffocating silence, it didn’t take long for Yan Wei, Li Qing, and the others to complete the enrollment.

The dormitory of this high school was a six-person room.

Yan Wei and Li Qing lived together with the remaining four Yuemang members.

The other Yuemang people lived next door, scattered in two adjacent rooms on the fourth floor of the dormitories.

The numb and pale-faced teacher led them to the door, tossed over the keys, and said, “It’s getting dark, and the school is in a special situation.

When it’s dark, the lights go off, and the students go to bed.

There are seven floors in the dormitory.

Classes begin at dawn, and the afternoon is free time for activities.

You all live in the rooms vacated by the students who died before.

Just clean it up if you see any traces.”

Everyone: “…”

Li Qing questioned, “Teacher, may we ask what happened to the school before”

“Don’t be too curious.

Pay attention to safety.

It may be safer if you don’t listen, don’t read, and don’t move.

If more people are in the dorm than specified… something will be unhappy.”

The implication was that no more than six people could live in the same room.

Otherwise… someone must die.

After saying this, the teacher left.

Li Qing dragged Yan Wei and walked into the dormitory they were assigned to with the remaining four Yuemang members — 407.

As soon as they came in, except for Yan Wei, the other five people held items in their hands and swept the entire dorm room in a guarded state.

Sure enough, a truncated hand emerged — holding an expired item, obviously from a player who had previously died in the room.

Yan Wei: “…” When he thought of living in such a dormitory, his mysophobia made him want to refuse.

At this moment, a strong bald man who had circled the outer corridor came back.

This bald head was named Nie Liang, and he was one of the Yuemang members brought in by Li Qing.

He was not a seed, but judging from the strength of his physique, he was obviously a hired thug-type player with a very prominent physical stat.

When Nie Liang entered the door, he first looked deeply at Yan Wei from top to bottom.

His eyes were pondering as if he was looking at a plaything.

Yan Wei was gay himself, and he could tell at a glance what this person thought of him.

–It was a beautiful thought.

Yan Wei did not take Nie Liang seriously.

He took a step back and disappeared into the shadows.

Nie Liang licked the corner of his mouth, retracted his gaze on Yan Wei, and said to Li Qing, “Li-ge, I have seen the general typography.

There are indeed a total of seven floors with elevators and stairs on both sides of the building.

Perhaps because of the instance, there’s no distinction between men and women in the dormitory, and everyone lives here.

There are ten dorms on our floor.

If the number of rooms on the other floors remains the same, there will be seventy rooms, 300 or 400 people, which is much larger than our estimate of the number of players.

There may be student NPCs living here because we’re not like players next door.

I didn’t go to the other floors, so I can’t see how many old players remain from the previous batch.

There’s also no restroom in our dorm.

The restroom is on the far right and is public.” 

Yan Wei was focused and, without hesitation, passed Nie Liang’s words to Yan Mingguang through his perception skill.

Li Qing frowned.

“This isn’t very good.

In places like the school dormitory, the restroom is usually heavy with yin qi1, not to mention the public restroom… We will all use it sooner or later.

It’s already half dark, you check it out, and if there is danger, you can clean it up as soon as possible.

There may be unexpected gains.

Be careful.

I don’t want my people to have an accident.”

Yan Wei, who stood aside and hid in the shadows, raised an eyebrow.

This Li Qing… allowed his subordinates to go and explore without uncertainty.

He was worried on the surface, but in reality, he did not care about other people’s lives.

He only cared about finding clues by eliminating the danger as soon as possible.

He was sanctimonious, hypocritical, and selfish, needing to cover up with words.

It was the kind of person he looked down on the most.

Nie Liang seemed to have no objection to this task, and he nodded with a smile.


But I can see from the outside that there are many blind spots in the restroom.

I am afraid that I’ll be negligent by myself.”

He paused, and an incredibly uncomfortable gaze fell on Yan Wei again.

He raised his muscular hand, pointed at Yan Wei, and said, “Li-ge, why don’t you let Yin Wei come with me and keep an eye on the corners for me”

As he spoke, his eyes dwelled on Yan Wei’s face.

His face was full of desire.

Li Qing lifted an eyebrow, raised his hand, and pushed Yan Wei in front of Nie Liang.

“You and Nie Liang go check the restroom.”

Yan Wei stumbled.

His face turned pale and panicked.

“Li-ge, I can’t do it.

I have only ascended seven floors.

I can’t do this…”

Li Qing glanced at him vaguely.

Yan Wei took a step back and said quickly, “I, I’ll go…”

Nie Liang immediately led Yan Wei out of the dormitory and to the public bathroom.

The school teacher NPC said that the lights turn off after dark, but there were no lights in this dormitory building.

The others in the hallways were in ruins, and there were some signs of shattering.

It was already past sunset, and there was only the last bit of light on the horizon.

The long skyline had almost fallen into darkness.

The dim light somewhat obstructed people’s sight.

The view from the outside into the bathroom was only a black hole, eerie and gloomy.

This instance was in the early spring, and the wind blew through the corridor, making it piercing to the bone.

In addition, there was no sound at this time.

Only the footsteps of Yan Wei and Nie Liang sounded back and forth, which made people feel terror.

Nie Liang walked in front, Yan Wei walked behind with a flashlight, and they entered the men’s bathroom one after another.

There was a soft dripping sound from the bathroom, hitting people’s hearts and pulling people’s nerves.

Yan Wei lifted his eyes and glanced at the strong bald man in front of him.

He sneered silently, and his eyes were full of disdain — Nie Liang’s little plan.

Li Qing saw it, let alone him

Let alone in the tower where violence was the law, the people who dared to dream of having him before entering the tower…

Yan Wei stopped.

As his wrists turned, the flashlight swept up the sinks in front of him.

The pale light reflected from the mirror on the wall, giving a faint glimmering of Yan Wei’s delicate features.

He lowered his head, and his eyes remained on the edge of the sink.

–It was all water.

The edges were wet, and the water flow was scattered and uneven that it did not seem to come from anywhere.

When the sink was full of water, something fell into the water, so the water droplets splashed out from the center of the sink and poured all over the place.

But the sink was empty at the moment, and there was no accumulated water.

The water spread slowly along the sloping angle of the edge, sliding down little by little.




It turned out that the sound of water droplets came from here.

Yan Wei’s eyes narrowed, thoughts flashed in his mind, and he already had a bit of understanding.

Up ahead, Nie Liang suddenly turned around and yanked him.

The man laughed wildly, and his eyes were full of desire.

His line of sight was practically glued to Yan Wei’s face.

“Don’t worry.

You really listen to Li Qing.

I have already seen this bathroom, and there’s nothing.

I just found a reason to bring you out.

There’s nothing wrong here.” Nie Liang looked straight at Yan Wei’s face and eagerly raised his hand to touch Yan Wei’s cheek.

“Now it’s just you and me.

You be good, let me have some fun, and when I encounter a ghost later, I can consider not being the first to take you as a cushion.

No wonder Yan likes to bring you with him with this face.”

Yan Wei waved his hand and took a step back.

He blinked in a panic.

He turned around to open the sink faucet and said, “I… I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

I’ll wash my hands.

Since… since there is no problem, let’s go back and deal with Li-ge, shall we”

The rushing sound of water echoed.

The sound of water from the faucet covered the dripping sound, but Yan Wei could still distinguish a faint dribble.



Drip, drip, drip…

Faster and faster…

Yan Wei pretended to stretch out his hand to wash his hands, but before he could touch the water, Nie Liang grabbed his wrist and said fiercely, “Why are you pretending you don’t understand Isn’t that what you did with Yan before Is there a thing still on, or…”

The sound of water continued.

It was clear at first, but as the water flowed more and more, the sound dulled bit by bit.

Yan Wei glanced at the sink, only to see that the sink was not blocked, but the water from the faucet was accumulating.


The wooden door of the bathroom moved slightly, and the cold wind poured in, blowing the hem of Yan Wei’s windbreaker and across the fluctuating water surface, yet it made no waves.

–It was a flow of stagnant water.

Nie Liang did not notice anything.

His anger subsided a little when he saw that Yan Wei didn’t seem to have any superfluous reaction.

He grinned, leaned forward, and said, “I understand.

You like to play tough…”

“Have you turned off the projection” Yan Wei suddenly asked.

In fact, it did not matter if the projection was on.

He just asked casually.

“Of course, I’m not interested in doing something like this and being watched by other players.

Otherwise, I wouldn’t have dragged you out alone, right”

Yan Wei took another step back, and Nie Liang immediately followed.


Water in the sink expanded, and the clear water began slowly staining into murky blood at an unknown time.

—It turned into a pool of blood in an instant.

“Not hiding You were playing hard to get… Priced pets in the tower aren’t as seductive as you…”

In the blood pool, a disheveled head slowly emerged.

Its eyes were wide open, pupils all white.

The blood could not hide its pale face, and its skin swelled as if it had been soaked in water for a prolonged time.

It first stretched out his hands silently to Yan Wei, who turned on the faucet — nothing happened.

Yan Wei could feel it, but just for a moment, the shadow of death seemed to surround him.

If it weren’t for his immortality, he would probably be dead.

This ghost was an instant death attack.

Seeing that Yan Wei was unscathed, it was not persistent.

It slowly moved to Nie Liang’s side in the blood pool.

Yan Wei’s extremely high perception ability had already made him smell blood.

Since Nie Liang was a physical stat specialist, his perception was a mess compared to Yan Wei, and he had not reacted yet.

Yan Wei’s eyes lit up, and in the dim and dangerous restroom, he smiled at Nie Liang.

The light of the flashlight spread outwards, making the young man’s smile unsoiled and dazzling.

Pure and harmless, but bone-chilling frigid.

The moment Nie Liang was about to touch Yan Wei, something in the blood pool silently reached out to Nie Liang.

“Take your dirty hands off,” Yan Wei abruptly stopped smiling.

His eyes were chilly.

He raised the flashlight and flashed Nie Liang’s eyes, “Why did Li Qing bring in a waste with developed limbs”

Nie Liang did not expect Yan Wei, who was currently losing his head out of fear, would suddenly turn hostile and make a move.

The creature’s hand was only a foot away from Nie Liang.

Yan Wei’s clear voice echoed in the bathroom with the sound of water: “You said you visited this restroom and nothing happened, but have you checked the sink You didn’t find the water on the edge of the sink was scattered.

This sink obviously has traces of drowning, and I already have a little guess about the method of death, so please help me test it out.”

Before he finished speaking, the unclean hand grabbed Nie Liang’s shoulder.

As soon as Nie Liang’s face changed, and before he could bring out any items or do anything, he was pressed into the blood pool by this dirtied being!

Yan Wei’s expression changed back to panic again.

He turned around and ran away, shouting hysterically, “Ahhhh!! Save me — save me!!! There’s a ghost!!!!!!!”


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