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Chapter 52: School of Death (4)

Yan Mingguang was on the third floor, the floor below Li Qing’s dorm.

With Yuemang running free errands, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, and the rest did not explore everywhere in the early morning like other players.

Yan Mingguang, while receiving information from Yan Wei about Yuemang, quickly went around the building, found Gao Ming, and brought Gao Ming to their dormitory on the third floor.

Subsequently, they only needed to concentrate on dealing with Yuemang and work hard to clear the level.

Of course, it was best if there was news of the legendary item.

If there were none, they wouldn’t force it.

It was separate from finishing the instance.

At this time, there were five people in 303’s dormitory, namely Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, Yu Feizhou, Gao Ming, and a partner — Zhao Tian — who Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang were looking for before entering and also had grievances with Yuemang.

As for the others who came in with Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou, they were assigned to a different room.

Gao Ming breathed a sigh of relief and said to Yan Mingguang, “I didn’t think you guys would actually come in and rescue me.

I… I won’t say much about thanks, but if there’s ever danger, I’ll stand by you and Yan Wei.”

Yan Mingguang did not speak.

Before the scheduled class period, he leaned against the window, smoking a cigarette.

He changed into a blue and white high school uniform because of an instance request.

The clean uniform and silver glasses covered his cold disposition slightly.

Slender fingers held a sparkling cigarette butt, the smoke slowly blurred by the wind outside the window.

Lin Zhen sat on the edge of the bed and raised an eyebrow.

“Didn’t Yan Wei say that repeating the trajectory of the deceased might trigger death Aren’t you scared of bad students who smoked at the window and jumped off the building You’re really not afraid of death.

So why don’t you want to fight with me…”

His eyes turned and landed on Gao Ming.

“New friend, why don’t you fight me”

Gao Ming was terrified last night, and now his face was pale and exhausted.

He knew about Lin Zhen before he entered the instance.

When he was asked this question, he hurriedly took a step back, so frightened that he almost shook his glasses off.

Yu Feizhou frowned.

“Lin Zhen, don’t make trouble at this time.”


Working with these people for the first time, Zhou Tian was very calm.

Her crescent-like eyes showed a smile, and she did not speak.

Yan Mingguang, who was at the window, suddenly crushed the cigarette butt into powder, turned around, and said indifferently, “One of Yuemang’s people is coming.

Let’s go.”

Zhou Tian stared blankly for a moment.

“To the school building”

Yan Mingguang was the first to climb out the window — presently, the probability of encountering Yan Wei and Yue Wenxing while walking through the corridor was too high.

Yu Feizhou was the second to jump up the window rail and said warmly, “It’s not time for class.

Don’t rush to school.

Let’s go to another dorm first.”

Zhou Tian did not seem to understand, but she followed through the window.

Lin Zhen picked up Gao Ming in disgust and quickly followed.


When Yan Wei and Yue Wenxing arrived at room 303, the room was vacant.

Yue Wenxing carelessly pushed open the unlocked door, looked at the empty dorm, and sneered.

“They all say he’s a dark horse, but he’s too inexperienced.

Doesn’t know to leave some defensive measures in his residence.”

Yan Wei echoed behind him, “Indeed.

In our previous two instances, Yan Mingguang was busy looking for the stairs and never did anything extra in the rooms.”

Yue Wenxing strode into the dormitory, sat at the desk, crossed his legs, and questioned, “Then is he vigilant to changes in the rooms”

“Very much, and the rooms were inspected every day.

So if we want to leave a ghost formation in their room,” Yan Wei paused and said cautiously, “Do you want to make the formation more difficult to eliminate”

Yue Wenxing took out a sharp dagger, and without frowning, he slowly opened his palm with the blade.

Blood immediately poured out from the wound, and a strange red light appeared from Yue Wenxing’s palm, which blended with the blood.

He smiled and said, “Speaking of which, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou came together with him.

These two people are not easy to deal with, so they won’t return without checking the room.

If that’s the case, my ghost summoning array will also work.

Don’t bother covering it up…”

He got up and walked to the center of the dormitory, clenching his palms.

A red liquid dripped to the floor, and Yue Wenxing smiled increasingly proudly.

“I’ll leave a ghost summoning formation that can’t be physically accessed…” Yue Wenxing’s face began to pale — this auxiliary skill consumed a lot.

He painted the formation pattern with his own blood while saying, “I’ll make some capital and keep a formation that will disappear naturally only after 24 hours, so even if it’s discovered, Yan and his people will either stay in the room and die or stay outside at night.”

Yan Wei was still standing at the door, with his hands in the pockets of his school uniform, and looked at Yue Wenxing making a formation with his back facing Yan Wei.

From the angle that Yue Wenxing could not see, his timid expression was swept away, his peach blossom-like, naturally smiling eyes were now dyed with playfulness, and his light brown eyes were as bright as stars.

The corners of his lips curled slightly, and his expression was deep.

He said slowly, “Yes, at night, whoever wants to live here will have to wait for death.

Brother Li and Brother Yue… are very smart.”


On the other side, after Yan Mingguang and the others climbed over the window, they headed to the window on the fourth floor.

In front of the dormitories was the school, and behind the windows lay a grove covered in a thin early morning mist, from which nothing could be seen.

Above the row of windows was another player’s body hanging on a clothesline.

The string had broken their neck, and crimson blood was trickling.

It was one of the players who died last night.

No one picked up the corpse, and the corpse just hung silently.

The five passed over the body and turned to 407’s window.

“Wait a minute, their windows have been tampered with, and there should be some kind of protection or alarm,” Zhou Tian abruptly said.

Yan Mingguang stood firm by the eaves of the window and glanced at Zhou Tian.

“They may have placed some simple alarms.

The position is to the slight left.

At the right window, open forty degrees, you can enter.”

—This was the rewarded skill Zhou Tian obtained by scaling the tower three times in a row.

When Yan Wei got the names of seeds that did not belong to any organizations from Yu Feizhou, he immediately took a fancy to Zhou Tian.

Zhou’s lover started as a member of Yuemang, but on one occasion, Yuemang used them as a tool of trial and error, and they did not exit alive.

She was a seed player on the seventeenth floor, and the grievance between her and Yuemang could not be resolved.

She also had a skill that could aid Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang — the ability to measure physical data by her five senses alone, the perfect candidate for collaboration.

The three of them were already fighting to their last gasps against Yuemang, so naturally, they hit it off and entered the School of Death mobile instance together.

Yan Mingguang went through the window according to what Zhou Tian said, and as expected, nothing happened.

The others followed after.

Room 407, where Li Qing and other Yuemang players lived, was occupied by five people, including Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang looked toward Zhou Tian.

Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou took out the ropes and bells they had just exchanged from the mall, which were all much stronger than ordinary objects.

Zhou Tian smiled and looked around.

“According to Yan Wei’s plan, we’ll suspend the bell on the window side first, right After sunset, we’ll hang the bell at the door when we return.”

Yan Mingguang nodded.

Not delaying, she said, “Okay, I’ll report the data.

Please try to follow my information as accurately as you can.

Pull a rope from the second bedpost on the left, 1.56 meters1 high, and pull it to the third bed on the right, 1.72 meters2 high.

Hang the three bells evenly at this rope.

Pull a rope 14.5 centimeters3 high from the foot of the bed on the left by the window.”

As Zhou Tian continued to report the location and data, the rest of the people followed her data and carefully hoisted the bells.

When it was finished, a net of ropes had appeared in dorm 407, blocking the window.

Dozens of bells hanged on the ropes staggered at various angles.

Lin Zhen stepped forward and tested it — no matter where he went or what he did, he could not avoid them all, and once he pulled a rope, all the bells on the net would ring.

“Oh, not bad.” Lin Zhen raised his hand to touch his chin and looked at the net of ropes and bells.

“Even I can’t pass through this net without making a sound in a short period of time.

If there’s a person at the door, there’s no way of entering the room without making any noise for at least half an hour.

I like the little pet’s trick.

It’s shady enough.”

Yan Mingguang glanced at the rope net, his black eyes moved slightly, and the words Yan Wei said before entering rung in his mind.

If Yan Wei were present at this moment, looking at the net of bells and rope meant to handle Yuemang, he would emphasize again that he was an egoist and not a good person.

Yan Wei’s face swayed in his mind, only to be replaced by some hazy, fuzzy images.

Those pictures occasionally swayed from the first time he used his ability.

Yan Mingguang could not see what those pictures were, nor did he know how to see them clearly.

“…Yan Mingguang” Yu Feizhou’s gentle voice came.

Yan Mingguang returned to his senses, narrowed his eyes with bottomless pupils, and said, “Go.

It’s almost time for class.”

【Yue Wenxing left a large ghost formation on the floor of 303 where you were staying last night and covered it with a blinding item.

He’s almost collapsing.

What’s your situation over there Is it half finished】

Yan Wei followed behind Yue Wenxing, who was weak after using his skill and hurried to the direction of the school with a well-behaved expression.

Yan Mingguang replied: 【Mn, the window is sealed by the net, and the door will be closed again at sunset.】

Even when communicating through Yan Wei’s perception, the man’s voice and intonation remained uneventful and steady.

The only difference was Yan Wei felt that Yan Mingguang’s words seemed to contain some veiled emotion, like feeble rain hidden in the winter snow, not as cold and even carrying some emotion.

He inquired: 【Mr.

Ice Cube of compassion, do you think this trick is too damaging But as for you, there is nothing you can do.

After all, you’re on my pirate ship4, and I am not good–】

【As expected…】

【Eh As expected What as expected】

Yan Mingguang stopped speaking.

【How weird.

Anyway, everything is going smoothly on your side.

Wait until sunset, and then head back and seal the room completely with bells and ropes.】 The corners of his mouth were slightly curved up.

His eyes were shining.

【These days, I’ve been having fun playing with conspiracies, and now Yuemang is directly playing with overt plots, so I’ll accompany them.

They have a ghost formation, and we have a network of bells…】

【Tonight… it will be time to apportion with our errand-running little brothers5.】

Footnotes5ft 1.42 inch5ft 7.72in5.71inVenture of dubious merit; criminal gang


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