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Chapter 54: School of Death (6)

Before long, there were only nine “students” left in the classroom.

The course subject was standard high school mathematics, which made students drowsy.

Yue Wenxing noticed that Yan Mingguang and the others did not move.

He was already weak because of the ghost formation, and after listening to Mr.

Wang’s unfluctuating speech, he leaned back on the chair and rested for a while.

One of the deceased last night was Gao Ming’s upper bunk.

Gao Ming had been exhausted throughout the night, and he could not stand it at the moment, so he dozed with his eyes open.

Then there was Lin Zhen, who was lying on the table unscrupulously.

He wasn’t even afraid that there would be any death triggers, and after he lay down for a while, there was the sound of faint snoring.

Everyone who was still awake: “…”

Yan Wei listened carefully to Mr.

Wang’s lecture the entire time.

The way of teaching did not differ from that of ordinary high schools.

After talking for a while, Mr.

Wang would name a student to answer a question.

The students called were those seated in the classroom today.


Wang would call out a person’s name even if they had already departed, wait for a while, and then move on to the lesson if there was still no response.

During this period, Mr.

Wang even named a player present.

The player stood up and answered the question nervously and earnestly.

Although the answer was incorrect, Mr.

Wang only requested the player to sit down and continued to teach.

After the math class was over, a literacy and language teacher arrived.

The same situation repeated.

The sun gradually rose from the distant eastern hills.

The angle of the rays widened, and early morning had passed.

Three classes with three teachers took place consecutively in the classroom.

Currently, it is the fourth class.

Not long after the fourth class bell rang, a player suddenly got up, made a “bah,” and said to his teammates on the other end of the communication item, “I think you guys are worrying about nothing.

The whole morning has passed, and there’s no clue whatsoever.”


“Still don’t believe my perceptivity I listened carefully to the content of the course.

There’s no problem.

Attending class is just a procedure.”


“Okay, won’t waste time here.

Are you in the infirmary Then I’ll head to the restroom before going there.”

Yan Wei was listening to the class and leafing through all the notes.

The player from a separate organization walked out of the classroom quickly after speaking.

The player left and turned to the restroom.

He carefully observed the situation inside and confirmed that there were no problems before walking into a cubicle.

The restroom was in the corner of the school.

The ventilation windows were tiny, there was no direct sunshine, and seven of the eight lights were dysfunctional.

The compartment was even gloomier with slightly yellowed dilapidated flushing pipers and many traces of red chalky graffiti on the walls.

It was almost like vague blood in obscurity.

As soon as the man unfastened his belt, he heard a faint, shrill cry that seemed to come from the side of his ear.

“Look down…“

“Look down…“

“Quickly look down…“

He suddenly stopped, his whole body tensing, and he remained still.

He was a player on the eighteenth floor, after all.

He didn’t panic, and he didn’t look down — what if it was a death trigger Holding his belt in one hand, he took out a piece of chalk from the inventory of the information panel and wrote “don’t bow your head” on the stall door to warn the players in the future so other players in their organization would not get caught. 

He hastily pulled his belt after he finished writing and lifted his eyes—

The player stilled.

A head slowly stretched from the space between the ceiling and the door above the restroom stall.

His pupils shrank.

—Why did the voice tell him to lower his head, yet when he looked up, he saw a ghost

A pale face greeted him, with white eyes staring blankly ahead.

The corners of its blood-stained mouth rose bit by bit, revealing a rigid smile.

The red liquid fell from the thing’s mouth, dripping onto his hair.


Yan Wei was in the classroom when he heard distant screams.

His eyes dimmed — another deceased.

Although numerous individuals were coming into this instance, death also approached at a rapid speed.

Many of this round’s players vying for the legendary item were also high-quality.

It was possible to imagine the initial mortality rate of this nineteenth-floor instance before the arrival of this set of players.

The pressure of players dying one by one was pressing on the living people.

The campus in the daytime looked peaceful, but it strained the players’ nerves.

Yan Wei frowned slightly.

Why were there ghosts in the first place Was there really nothing wrong with the routinely high school classes every morning Where was the legendary item, and did it influence this instance

Just as he was thinking, the teacher on the podium took out a folder and walked off, saying, “The class for today is coming to a close.

This is an in-class test.

Students are free to leave after they have finished their papers.

I hope everyone takes their time answering the questions.

Our high school is a top-tier school, and there should be no students with failing marks.”

The teacher set the test papers on one table after another, and Yan Wei raised his head as Mr.

Wang walked by.

The moment he looked at the teacher, the face of the NPC abruptly changed, flashing a pallor grimace.

Yan Wei shook his head, and the teacher’s face reverted to normal.

But he knew it wasn’t an illusion.

What happened Was the teacher also a ghost No, improbable.

If the teacher were a ghost, it made little sense that so many teachers would conduct the class according to the procedures, yet none of them killed people.

Additionally, it was clear previously that an attracted ghost would instantly kill the player.

But he only saw a face, which had no effect except a momentary “fright.”

This passing grimace seemed like a prank.

Yan Wei looked at the exam paper and then at the teacher, who had walked back to the podium without any abnormality.

His mind was full of thoughts.

With increasing awareness, he closed his eyes slightly, flipping through the images as his memory after entering the instance flashed before him.

—”Chenxi High School has seen a steady stream of student deaths in recent years, and the number of students who have died is staggering.

Chenxi High School had to keep recruiting students to supplement the number of dead students, but students still perished abruptly.

Even teachers were killed, scared senseless.”

—”Our high school is a top-tier school, and there should be no students with failing marks.”

—”I’ve said it many times.

As long as they are students of Chenxi High School, they may die at any time.

Pay attention to safety, everyone.”

The thoughts finally converged with these few lines.

The seemingly insignificant and obvious reminders from the tower and the NPC intertwined.

Yan Wei blinked, his eyes sparkling like the nightly luminaries.

From the beginning, the tower had spoken differently of the teachers and students.

If the situation of teachers and students was the same, there was no need for the tower to distinguish between the two.

It was enough to say that everyone in Chenxi High School would suddenly die.

However, it stated that students would abruptly perish, and teachers would also be killed while scared.

In other words, the teachers were not the targets of random deaths.

Instead, their deaths looked like frightened students who feared that the teachers were murderers and secretly killed them.

Arbitrary death fell upon students only, and there should be no students with poor grades in Chenxi High School.

—Then what if he wasn’t a student of Chenxi High School

Because of this grimace, he began to think about the difference between teachers and students.

The expression on the teacher’s face helped him instead of causing his death.


Due to the process of distributing the test papers, Yue Wenxing had awoken.

He patted Yan Wei and questioned angrily, “Hey, what happened just now”

Yan Wei retracted his mind.

There was a flash in his eyes, and he fearfully answered, “It seems that someone screamed again just now…”

“What is that” Yue Wenxing glanced at him contemptuously. “Isn’t it normal for people to die in this place By the way, what’s this test paper”


It’s just a class procedure.

You can leave after you hand in the paper.”

Yue Wenxing nodded.

He wrote a name on the test paper and did not write any answers.

Taking out the walkie-talkie, he exchanged a few words with Li Qing and said to Yan Wei, “Li-ge and the others are investigating in the lab building.

We’re going to the lab building to find them.”

“Okay, understood.”

Yan nodded obediently and wrote on the test paper.

Through his skill, he secretly told Yan Mingguang and the others: 【The test should be optional.

It’s impossible for anything to happen if you don’t perform well on the test.

Otherwise, these senior players would already experience problems with skipping class.】

【Ah, so sleepy.

Class is finally over.】 Lin Zhen gave a stretch. 【What clues did you find again I find it great working with you.

I don’t need to look for clues.

I only need to wait until I can beat people up and fight.】

【I’m going back with Yue Wenxing to find Li Qing now, and I’ll get some clues from our errand brother.】 Yan Wei paid no attention to Lin Zhen’s nonsense and was already following Yue Wenxing.

He said to them: 【Please look for clues before you guys start probing this afternoon.

The player who left our class a while ago seems to be the source of the scream.

Zhou Tian should be able to get his location data according to his voice.

Go and check the situation. We better not miss any scene of death. Death represents information.】

Yan Mingguang raised his head and looked at Yan Wei’s back with abysmal eyes. 【Mn.】 He paused, then added: 【Be careful.

Call me anytime.】

Lin Zhen moved for a while, his crimson eyes shifted, and he had a dissatisfied expression: 【Hey, little pet.

I just said I don’t need to look for clues because you are.

Why do you oppose me every day—】

The connection was severed.

“…” The “cut off” Lin Zhen said, “As soon as you talk about him, he disconnects. How boring.”

Yu Feizhou didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

He stepped forward and pulled Lin Zhen from his seat.

“Let’s go.

Yan Wei is very reliable in this respect.”

Yan Mingguang arose and said with impassivity, “Come on, we have to keep a distance of fewer than 300 meters from Yan Wei.” That was the range of the perceptual skill.

He was usually aloof and indifferent when with Yan Wei, as though fading behind him.

But once separated from Yan Wei, this person’s indifferent look could stun people’s hearts, and subconsciously, they dare not refuse him.

Even Lin Zhen put aside his sloppy posture and followed.

Yan Wei accompanied Yue Wenxing out of the school building.

Chenxi High School was neither big nor small, and its facilities were nearly complete.

Although there were hundreds of students — including NPCs — some had just died, and the students were scattered.

There were no dense crowds in the entire institution.

Along the way, Yan Wei saw players from several organizations.

The instance had just begun, and there were still many discoverable clues and items.

Everyone was dispersed in their actions and maintained a brief peace.

Not long after, he and Yue Wenxing joined Li Qing.

Yue Wenxing didn’t mention anything about his rest all morning and casually asked Li Qing, “Li-ge, are you overestimating them They did nothing all morning.

I had a morning class there, and I really thought I was here to study… I believe Jiang Xiu and Zheng Mao were too stupid and died at their hands.

These people are nothing to be afraid of.”

Li Qing frowned. “Did nothing Are we really overestimating Yan …Forget it.

They’re all dead tonight, anyway.”

While hiding behind the Yuemang group, Yan Wei kept track of the passing time and calculated that Yan Mingguang and the others should have just concluded their investigation.

He then expanded his perception and contacted Yan Mingguang.

【Mr. Yan, how is it What’s the situation with the player】

Yan Mingguang was in front of the deceased’s toilet cubicle.

【Gao Ming will tell you.】

At the stall door, Lin Zhen held the longbow in one hand with the bowstring fully drawn, ready to respond to any emergencies.

Yu Feizhou and Yan Mingguang guarded the compartment on the left and right, while Gao Ming and Zhou Tian observed the death scene together.

After Zhou Tian reported some of the player’s location data and fall angle when he died, the forensic doctor, Gao Ming’s face became more grave.

His voice was uncertain. 【Yan Wei. This player died while using the toilet and didn’t even have time to pull on his belt.

The words “don’t lower your head” are on the stall door, and the player should have written the marks based on the height.

But according to the data Zhou Tian told me and his present posture, he had his head facing up when he died, and something crushed his neck from behind.】

Yan Wei’s face changed.

【You said the player wrote not to look down but was facing upwards when he died】

【Yes, it’s strange.

He should’ve been trying to warn others but died himself when looking up…】

【Where did he get “don’t lower your head”】 Yan Wei raised an eyebrow. 【Judging from what you said, there should be some death trigger in the toilet cubicle related to lowering and raising your head.

But how did he think, “don’t lower your head” Something told him not to look down, and he listened, so he looked up and died—this isn’t true.

When I entered the instance, I had the impression that this person was an organized eighteen-floor player who would not make such a beginner mistake.】


【There’s another possibility.】

Since it was not something that made the player look up, it was the opposite — something was convincing the player to lower his head.

But he did not believe it and died when he looked up.

If he believed the prompt to look down, he would not have perished.

Yan Wei slipped one hand in his pocket and, with his mind whirling with thoughts, gently fumbled for the swallow coin with his fingertips.

It was almost impossible for the “students” of Chenxi High School to escape when death conditions were triggered, just like the player who died after eating biscuits, the drowned Nie Liang, the player beheaded by an electric fan, and the player in the stall who died from a broken neck… The ghosts were merciless.

However, there was another being who opposed the murderous endeavors — the teacher’s grimace, which served as a reminder to him, and the player in the restroom who heard information about lowering his head from something unknown.

–On one hand, an inescapable death, and on the other, a near-assisting suggestion.


From a view that Li Qing and the others could not see, Yan Wei slowly raised his eyes, tinged with feelings as warm yet chilly as a scene of snow in spring.

He slowly lifted the corner of his lips.

【I think I understand it a bit,】 he said, 【Remember our first instance There were two bosses, one in the light and the other in the dark.

It seemed that the painter was the most terrible boss when really there was the doctor who designed everything in the darkness.

There was also the Ankang Ancient Town instance where I was with Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, and Yu Feizhou.

The matron seemed to be a clue to the staircase, but actually, Hu Ayun was the source.

The superficial horror covers the actual truth, a usual trick of the tower’s instances. I suspect the School of Death mobile instance…】

【There are two bosses】

【has something that may not be too hostile to the players besides the boss — a ghost.】


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