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Chapter 56: School of Death (8)

It took over an hour for Yan Wei to discover that Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou had an accident.

Acting with Yuemang, he could not use something too obvious, like an intercom.

After leaving the office building, he was 300 meters away from Yan Mingguang and the others but couldn’t connect his perception.

Only then did he realize something was wrong.

Because Yan Wei’s whereabouts were unconfirmed, they had long since decided to stay within the 300-meter perimeter.

Yan Mingguang then led the group and walked around the 300-meter boundary.

But despite Yan Wei’s several attempts, he failed to locate the others’ perceptions.

Yan Wei was sure of Yan Mingguang’s abilities, while Yu Feizhou and the others would never act disorderly.

—There has been an accident.

Yan Wei dangled behind Yuemang, his brows furrowed and thoughts flashing across his eyes.

Li Qing obtained all of Yan’s “real” information from him, and there was a ghost array in Room 303.

Believing he was useless, Li Qing paid no attention to him at the moment.

Yan Wei followed Yuemang’s team to find more information.

Now that something had happened to Yan Mingguang, he didn’t have the heart to stay.

At this time, they had arrived at a small lake beside the playground.

Yan Wei’s perception gradually dispersed.

—Deep scratches were hidden in the shadows on the trunk of a pine tree by the lake, facing the tranquil waters.

The terrain from the tree to the lake was overgrown with weeds, with water droplets strewn around.

There were traces of death from being pushed down the lake.

According to one of the instance’s death rules, simply standing in that position will result in being forced into the water.

Yan Wei’s eyes gleamed.

His feet slowed as he looked at the person in front.

His sensory stat was already higher than most players.

Under deliberate concealment, the people of Yuemang didn’t notice that he was gradually falling behind.

When Yan Wei saw the distance was about the same, he pulled out an avatar doll exchanged before the instance from the storage bar.

The doll transformed into Yan Wei as soon as it landed.

Its entire body was identical to Yan Wei’s, apart from the somewhat vacant eyes and missing black ring on the finger.

Yan Wei left, running in the opposite direction from Li Qing and the rest.

The three-minute-long stand-in doll turned around on Yan Wei’s command and steadily followed Yuemang’s team.

Just as he was about to approach the scratched pine tree, “Yan Wei” swerved slightly and walked along the lake.

Within moments, he reached the gap between the pine tree and the lake.

Suddenly, a drenched ghost as pale as snow and wearing the school uniform appeared, dangling on a branch.

Its white eyes stared straight at “Yan Wei,” and its hand dotted with spots gently rose…

—Easily pushing “Yan Wei” into the lake!


Everyone in Yuemang turned around and witnessed “Yan Wei” being shoved into the lake with their own eyes.

Water sprayed everywhere, yet after “Yan Wei” sank beneath the water, he never returned to the surface, as if something was holding him down.

The water surface quickly calmed, and the suspended ghost turned around, revealing a rigid and terrifying grin to the rest of Yuemang.

“Go!” The sudden drowning of “Yan Wei” and the ghost’s grin did not frighten Li Qing.

His expression remained the same, but he quickly said, “There’s a death trigger here, and we haven’t figured out the ghost’s trick yet.

Let’s leave this dangerous place first.”

“Li-ge, then Yan Wei…”

“If he’s dead, he’s dead.

He was useless in the first place.

It saves us the trouble of dealing with him.” Li Qing swiftly led Yuemang’s people away, chuckled softly, and added, “I had no intention of letting him go in the beginning.

Allow Yan to reunite with him in hell tonight.”

On the other end, after Yan Wei left, he walked back for a bit before reconnecting with the others.

【What happened 】As soon as his perception connected, Yan Wei quickly asked: 【Why can I only contact you, Gao Ming, and Zhou Tian】

Lin Zhen’s voice had long since lost his usual condescending tone, and he solemnly said: 【We’re now on the walkway 200 meters northeast of the school.

Come here quickly.

Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou were pulled into a split space by ghosts.】

Yan Wei’s face froze, and he suddenly lifted his gaze, his amber-like eyes dazed for a moment.

【…Who 】

【Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou.】


The inner world of the tower

In contrast to before, where the good and the bad mixed in the casino, players stood neatly in numerous groups before an instance projection.

They silently stared at every available perspective.

In front of each group, there were one or two players who were evidently mid-level and high-level players.

—These were people from various organizations.

Many players not in organizations could only stay scattered outside the range of these individuals, watching the progress of the instance from a distance.

In terms of floor level, the instance of the nineteenth floor was not worth the attention of players with more than a few dozen floors.

But this was a mobile instance with a legendary item.

The instance also opened the casino after this group of players entered.

What did this signify If these players don’t successfully clear the level within the time frame, the next batch will acquire the majority of the knowledge about this instance from the current casino’s live broadcast.

They will be able to enter the instance again with adequate preparation.

As a result, various organizations had now gathered around the instance projection.

“That Yan was nothing more than that… he was actually taken away by a ghost hand.”

“Who told him to climb twelve floors at once Which players who’ve been able to exit alive after ascending more than a dozen floors at a time are not high-level players with world-famous usernames in the tower now”

“Yan Wei, who had been with him before, also fell into the water and died, and Yuemang’s attitude is as indifferent as ever.”

“I’ve already said it, Yan Mingguang’s entry into this instance meant his death.

Look, now, they’re all on their way to death.”


In front of Yuemang’s group, a man in a long trench coat and a black hood sneered.

“Yan Wei is dead.

Unfortunately, he never turned on his projection.

From the reactions of the players who have seen him, he should be good-looking, though I haven’t seen his face yet.”

Someone suddenly said, “Zhao Jingchen, do you want to see his face, or do you want that face”

The hood obscured Zhao Jingchen’s expression, only revealing the lower half of his face.

However, even with only half of his face visible, one could see that he had fair, delicate skin and thin lips slightly raised into a faint smile.

“Yan Mingguang’s face isn’t bad either.” Zhao Jingchen sighed, his voice melodious.

“It’s a pity that he’s also going to die.

Li Qing has to fight this time, and we’ll be overjoyed if he kills yan and brings out the legendary item.

Unfortunately, Ning Yi, this instance happened to stagger times with you.

You’d be much more stable than Li Qing otherwise.”

Standing not far behind Zhao Jingchen, Ning Yi silently watched the progress of the instance in the projection.

“After the mobile instance opens the casino, if this batch of players is unsuccessful, the invitations of the next batch will be distributed directly here.

Everyone can view the instance’s content and progress this time.

Whoever gets into the next group will win the most.

Be prepared to grab the invitation—”

Zhao Jingchen’s clear voice suddenly stopped.

There was a burst of sighs and concessions from the crowd.

On the side of Xuanniao, the clustered Xuanniao players spontaneously gave way.

A handsome man in a pure-white shirt slowly stepped forward.

Lin Qing had a concentrated gaze.

His steps were steady, and his countenance was light and warm.

Before he reached the front, he opened his thin lips slightly.

“I’m sorry, everyone.

If there are invitations in the next batch, Xuanniao wants them all.

Please leave.”

The mid and high-level players of Polian and other organizations were stunned.

An individual shouted, “Lin, what do you mean None of you Xuanniao entered the mobile instance in this round, and you want to wrap up the next batch”

“You’re not going to clear the field when the invitations come out, are you”

Zhao Jingchen remarked, “Xuanniao is not as good as before.

How come you, the second-in-command, are still playing a role”

Lin Qing faintly raised his eyes.

“First of all, I know better than you whether anyone from Xuanniao has entered.

Second.” Lin Qing’s eyes slowly swept across the other organizations present, and the corners of his mouth began rising little by little.

“I don’t want to wait.

Clear the scene when the invitations spill out, or I’ll empty the place.” 

“I don’t like beating around the bush, so I’ll say it straight.

Our Xuanniao’s leader left the legendary item, and Xuanniao will inevitably get it, though everyone may not know my definition of ‘inevitable.’ I also have legendary items in my possession.

You all don’t have to leave if you don’t want to.

I’ll detonate the items and end this in mutual destruction, safely sending in the eighteenth-floor players of Xuanniao.”

He said it indifferently, but the audience exploded into an uproar.

Lin Qing had a legend of almost always being the best player every time he scaled the tower.

He was Xuanniao’s second-in-command, a high-level player with several legendary items and nothing to do with this dozen-floor instance.

Such a cruel approach was not worth it.

However, those present who knew a bit about Lin Qing were aware that while Lin Qing was consistently cordial, with a pair of pupils inked like bottomless pools, impossible to figure out or forget, this man had intense ruthlessness ingrained in his bones.

A sword is blunt when sheathed, but once drawn, it is like a sharp blade slicing iron, indestructible and unrestrained.

He could do it.


“…No matter how much you shoot, this space rupture doesn’t respond” Yan Wei exhaled and spoke rapidly.

“Yan Mingguang’s intercom isn’t responding.

I doubt they’d immediately respond if they had an accident.

They should have been dragged to a separate space and must figure out how to return.”

“Now, someone has to go in again to figure out how to help them break out of there while also ensuring they don’t get killed by the ghost hands when entering.

Zhou Tian, since you’ve figured out the possible regularity of the air velocity here, can you find out exactly how long it will be before another spatial split”

After learning everything from Lin Zhen’s mouth, Yan Wei ran to the walkway.

He had consumed a lot of physical strength from using his ability.

Presently seated on a chair on the pathway, he breathed rapidly with red cheeks and a pale face.

Pen and paper in hand, Zhou Tian continued to jot down numbers.

“Lin Zhen has made many attempts.

Violence can’t tear this space apart again, so I can only hope for regularity.

I roughly calculated a time curve from the beginning of the accident to the present through the airflow, the area’s temperature difference, the movement change of light refraction angle, and the atmospheric humidity.

If I haven’t miscalculated, in seven minutes and six seconds, the air conditions here will reach that of Lin Zhen’s accident.

Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou, along with those ghost hands, will likely appear again.

It’s six minutes and fifty-eight seconds now…”

Lin Zhen sat on the other side with Gao Ming treating the injury on his shoulder.

He said, “Little pet, take Zhou Tian and Gao Ming to hide here first.

Once it’s evening, go back to Yuemang’s dormitory to set up the remaining bell nets as planned.

Yan Mingguang hasn’t fought with me yet, and I haven’t seen enough of Yu Feizhou’s stupid holy mother expressions.

I’ll go in and fish them up.”

Yan Wei took a few more deep breaths, and once he calmed down, he raised an eyebrow and angrily asked, “Can you take them out”

“What do you mean Otherwise, I’ll battle you first and then go in after winning.

With your skill, seven minutes is more than enough to handle you.

The six seconds are excessive.”

Gao Ming finished attending to Lin Zhen’s injury.

Despite having blood on his black attire, Lin Zhen showed no difference.

He attempted to draw the bowstring as he clenched his bow again, the blue veins on the back of his hand slightly protruding.

“Tsk, you treated the wound well,” he remarked.

Yan Wei stood up and pulled out the dagger he had exchanged for defense in the mall.

The blade sliced through the air, making a slight slashing sound.

“Keep your strength and go to Yuemang.

We only know that there could be many ghosts in the place they dragged Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou to because of the numerous ghost hands.

As for the remaining unknown, we’re only certain that it can’t be cracked through violence.

If they have developed limbs, they may crack it through violence, but don’t you think Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou would have sent us some news by now”

Lin Zhen froze.

Zhou Tian warned from the side, “There are five minutes and twenty-nine seconds left.”

Lin Zhen leaned back in the chair and lifted his eyes, Yan Wei’s straight back reflected in his dark crimson pupils.

After some time, he whistled and said, “Yan Wei, I knew what kind of person you were when I was in the last instance.

We’re the same, both arrogant and even egotistic.

Even if it was a human sentiment, it was Yan Mingguang and Yu Feizhou’s kindness to save me.

Taking a huge risk to do a thankless good deed, they already knew in their hearts that it was not worth it.

Stop pretending and wait for me outside.

Those two are lost and don’t know how to get out.”

Yan Wei looked back at him.

“Oh, we’re the same people, yet the conclusion is that I shouldn’t go in, and you should Your logic has failed.”

Lin Zhen choked.

For a moment, Yan Wei raised his eyebrow.

“I am self-centered, but ever since I entered this mobile instance, I’ve been doing things that are absolutely impossible to do under reason.

You are arrogant, yet now you entered alone to get the legendary item and challenge the nineteenth-floor instance You don’t belong to any organization on the surface when, in actuality, you brought in a group of Xuanniao members pretending to be lone wolf players, thinking I couldn’t tell”

“And who said that the cost-effectiveness of going in is not high As long as I go in, I will definitely be able to crack it.”

“Talk big.”

“Smarter than you.”

Zhou Tian repeated, “Forty-six seconds.”

Gao Ming raised his hand.

“Why don’t I go in—”

Yan Wei and Lin Zhen turned to him and yelled in unison, “Stay here!”

Gao Ming shrank back and immediately lowered his hand.

Lin Zhen glanced at his wristwatch, the second hand swung bit by bit, and the air velocity around him seemed to distort slowly.

Zhou Tian said, “Thirty seconds.”

The second hand swayed.





Yan Wei and Lin Zhen were already standing where the ghost hands appeared.

Zhou Tian began to count down.


Lin Zhen glanced at Yan Wei.

“Hey, little pet, if you can bring out my two saviors this time, I won’t fight with you in the future.”

“It sounds like you’re seeking my assistance in looking after you.”


Before them, the air fluctuated, and countless hands extended out.

Lin Zhen took precautions this time, cleverly dodging all the nails aimed at his flesh.

He hung onto a retracting ghost hand and instantly disappeared in front of Yan Wei.

Yan Wei’s physical stat was not high, but he didn’t hide, only blocking the ghost hand grabbing for his heart with a dagger.

He took out the flower ball item that could immediately heal wounds and did not evade, allowing the ghost hand to pierce his arm and drag him in.

The world spun.

At the moment of landing, Yan Wei used the flower ball to heal the area scratched by the ghost’s hand.

The surrounding air filled him with a familiar feeling, but he could not tell why.

Something seemed to want to escape his consciousness, but he couldn’t grasp the source.

He was in a brief trance before regaining full awareness of his surroundings.

Dancing around him and Lin Zhen were solely ghost hands.

There were no ghosts or corpses here, only pallid hands covered with corpse spots, one after the other.


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