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Chapter 58: School of Death (10)

The world began to swirl the next second.

The space in front of him shattered entirely, and the surrounding air, mixed with a rotten and bloody odor, surged rapidly.

After everything calmed down, there was the tranquil walkway in front of them, the smell of rancidity replaced by the aroma of plants and trees, mingling with the spring breeze and the chilly evening.

Hiding on the side, Zhao Tian and Gao Ming ran forward immediately, and Gao Ming was pleasantly surprised.

“You guys are finally out.

It’s great that everyone is okay.

Hey, Yan Wei, where are your school uniforms In the morning, you must all wear school uniforms…”

As Gao Ming spoke, his voice gradually faded — the four people didn’t look quite right.

Yan Wei raised his hand and spread out his hand.

In his palm was a bright piece of white iron, emitting a soft glow in the evening.

It was devoid of any trace of evil and even radiated a purifying aura.

All four looked at the iron fragment in Yan Wei’s hand.

Yu Feizhou’s face was slightly surprised, while Lin Zhen’s eyes widened.

“What did you say Legendary item — fragment”

Yan Wei only placed the fragment inside the black ring and turned his head at Yan Mingguang.

The man was standing in the shadows, a hand in his pocket, tall and straight with a distant demeanor.

He hasn’t said anything since he came out and didn’t react to Yan Wei’s possession of the Legendary Item Fragment.

The afterglow of nightfall shone through the dappled shade of the trees.

Yan Wei couldn’t see Yan Mingguang’s expression in the backlight, but he had the impression that this person was more apathetic than before.

He chuckled.

“This legendary item is called the Full Moon.

It’s an item that thoroughly restrains evil spirits.

Your temperament is quite similar to that of a dead ice cube.”

They were precisely identical, cold yet gleaming.

People like Yan Wei, who detested sanctimonious appearances and gushing compassion, were subconsciously drawn in by such a temperament.

Yan Mingguang turned and stared at Yan Wei in the opposite direction of the radiant sun’s rays, but he remained quiet.

Yan Wei paused, looked away from Yan Mingguang, waved his hand, and motioned for everyone to follow him — the sun was lowering shortly.

Based on the time Yan Wei spent following Yuemang’s team and the time it took Yuemang players to gather, Li Qing and the rest will return to the dormitory in a few minutes.

They must arrive at 407 and complete the remaining half of the bell nets before Yuemang returns.

That was what they had planned before.

Now that the group had cleared this sudden accident, they knew what they had to do urgently.

Yan Wei walked ahead and continued.

“I got the information about this fragment just now.

The Full Moon is a legendary item related to spatial powers.

How to use it and how powerful it is, we need to piece together all the fragments before we can know.”

“After the item was left in the recondensed high-level instance, the remaining energy disrupted the reconstruction, and the Full Moon broke into several fragments.

Some spatial distortions occurred when it fell apart, leading to the Space of Ghost Hands that we entered earlier.

As everyone said, after a player entered this instance and sent out the news of the legendary item, there was no further news.

My guess is that the player should’ve been dragged into the space, but because they didn’t crack the branch line and died in the space formed by the fragment, only the existence of the legendary item came out.”

Lin Zhen kicked the stones on the side of the road and said in dissatisfaction, “Hey, Little Pet, I was talking to you just now!”

Yan Wei raised an eyebrow.

“Can you take it out and let me take a look I haven’t seen it clearly.”

Yan Wei immediately exposed Lin Zhen.

“You were too surprised to respond, but now that you have, you want me to take it out again so you can snatch it quickly”

Lin Zhen choked.

“As we’ve said, legendary items are based on their abilities.

If you want to help Xuanniao get it, you might as well start getting the other fragments and then move on to the next step when all the fragments are in your hands.”

Lin Zhen pouted.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, you got it with your ability, so this fragment should be yours.

But I really want to hit you.”

From aside, Yu Feizhou looked shocked.

“Yan Wei, you know that Lin Zhen and I are…”

“Sent in by Xuanniao to get the legendary item” Yan Wei took Yu Feizhou’s words without hesitation.

“Is it hard to see You two got exposed before entering the instance.

Yu Feizhou, do you still remember the two things I asked you to help me with before I investigated before looking for you.

The list of lone players is related to the information of many people.

Generally, it takes several players with at least a dozen floors to pay the price when buying from a dealer.

But you were too sincere and just gave it to me.

There’s also helping us get affiliated with the organization.

Even if we were affiliated, it was also necessary to have screening and conditions, but we did nothing, yet you attached us on Xuanniao without saying a word…”

“Is this still a lone wolf player And when the mobile instance opened, all the named organizations had people.

Only Xuanniao had no one on the surface, and an organization with a well-known name would give up a legendary item Impossible.

Honestly, I even counted which ‘lone’ players were the Xuanniao players you brought when the instance started.”

Lin Zhen’s mouth twitched.

Yu Feizhou: “…”

Yan Wei looked at Zhou Tian.

Zhou Tian spread her hands, her eyes curved like crescent moons, and she said to Yan Wei with a smile: “I am a genuine lone player, not a Xuanniao.

I’m willing to cooperate with you simply because I want the people in Yuemang to perish.”

Yan Wei smiled back.

Lin Zhen angrily said, “If you knew, why didn’t you say it earlier”

“It has nothing to do with me.

Whoever you represent will not affect what I am going to do.

Ah yes, you and Yu Feizhou have a habit of opening projections perspectives, but this time, no one opened them — you two obviously have plans.

Let me guess.

You don’t want to give other organizations information about your activities, which means that you think people will come in or even expect people to come in.

Then it seems that this batch of people entered to open the way first.

A large number of Xuanniao players are waiting to join the next group.

Therefore, you don’t open your perspectives for fear of giving the other organizations too much hope, making them less eager to compete for the next round of invitations.”

Lin Zhen: “…”

Yu Feizhou smiled helplessly.

“Yan Wei, you are the player I have seen who is most likely to reach the top.

You’re very dazzling.”

 From when they walked back to the dormitory building, Yan Wei had speculated Xuanniao’s intentions cleanly in a few words.

Whether it was the discovery of frozen time in Ankang Ancient Town or when he was calmly detecting all the flaws in countless hands, he never let go of any details or processes, clutching all the truths in his hands after spinning silk1.

The tower’s world has never lacked those brilliant and powerful.

One by one, they were potential stocks[/efn_note]潛力股 – stocks with the potential to increase in value; They have good prospects[/efn_note] in the sea, gradually accumulating experience, items, and strength in the tower floor by floor.

Those who survived became high-level players, struggling with the hope of reaching the top.

Although they were one in a thousand, they were also the same.

But Yan Wei was different.

He could set aside the experience everyone cherished and think about things from the original point of view as if he was new and dauntless in every moment.

In desperation, he could always make a breakthrough in progress, like a star that never settles down, gradually becoming dazzling.

Yan Wei was not embarrassed after being praised so suddenly.

Instead, he smiled and shrugged.

“I think it’s more suitable for you to remove the prerequisites — whether you have seen it or not, I am.”

Gao Ming’s thoughts were still on the matter of Xuanniao, and with hindsight, he suddenly realized, “Oh, Lin Zhen and Yu Feizhou are so crafty!”

“Tch, how could we be called crafty It’s called planning ahead with schemes of meticulousness.”

Yu Feizhou thought about it seriously and said, “Is that right Shouldn’t Yan Wei be who’s crafty”

Yan Wei uttered, “…You don’t need to be that honest right now.”

“Huh” replied Yu Feizhou

Several people walked down the stairs of the dormitory building.

At this moment, there were still dozens of minutes before the sunset.

The players cherished daytime, and not many came back early.

There were only people in twos and threes downstairs in the dormitory, and judging from the numbness, most were NPCs.

Yan Wei and the others came back especially early.

A boy with a pen and paper stood in front of the staircase.

He was dressed neatly in his school uniform, and his pen motions were of the proper criterion.

He came to a halt, ample with an academic air.

On his chest was a nameplate — Luo He.

This person, Yan Wei recalled, was the one who appeared with them at the school gate to register when the instance opened.

Since there were accidents involving students in Chenxi High School every day, the dormitory needed to check attendance to determine the number of students.

Students also completed the work of checking attendance in rotations.

After Yan Wei and others completed the registration, Luo He glanced at Yan Wei, Yan Mingguang, Lin Zhen, and Yu Feizhou separately, frowning.

“Why aren’t you wearing your school uniforms It was a necessity when you first entered school that you wear school uniforms in the morning, and tomorrow, if you don’t have class, you’ll undoubtedly be targeted by ghosts.”

He appeared at the school entrance to enroll with them.

This person should be a player.

In Yan Wei’s impression, this person was not a member of any organization’s team.

In the end, he had good intentions.

Yan Wei’s eyes were bright, masking his shrewdness.

“We lost our school uniforms.

Thank you for the reminder,” he responded softly.

Luo He was taken aback.

He seemed to think for a while, then set the attendance sheet beside the stairway and said, “A room on the first floor of the dormitories is a utility room, where some new school uniforms are kept.

I got the key on duty today.

I’ll accompany you to retrieve them.

Everyone else has to return anyway, and you’re here so early.”

Yan Wei stared.

“It’s strange that I’m so kind” Luo He smiled, showing goodwill on his rather pretty face.

“We’re all here.

One more person alive means one more chance for everyone.

The ghosts here are not merciful.

Let’s go.

I have opened the utility room, and we won’t encounter any ghosts.”

Several people glanced at each other and followed — they needed school uniforms, and it would save them some trouble if they could directly get new ones.

They were walking along the first-floor hallway, below the dormitory building, with a few students jumping on a leather rope and presumably NPCs looking over with an unpleasant gaze.

“More first-years.

The school recruits new students daily, yet no one ever graduates.”

“After all, no one survives until graduation, and we don’t know how long we’ll survive.

I hope there are more stupid first-years so we can live a little longer.”

“They aren’t wearing school uniforms, but they’re not dead…”


During their stay here, they have seen many such pictures — the students here are afraid of sudden death, but they can’t leave.

Their attitude towards the new students was like watching food being brought to the table, wishing the students would die in front of them.

Yan Wei and the others ignored the NPCs.

The utility room was located on the first floor, a few meters from the stairs.

As Luo He had said, nothing transpired.

He took out four school uniforms and handed them to Yan Wei and others, who changed into their school uniforms right away.

After thanking Luo He, they exchanged pleasantries about taking care and then hurried to 407.

The sunlight was steadily disappearing, and there were only ten minutes before sundown.

Yan Wei stood in the center of the dormitory, looked at the bells and ropes that blocked the window in front of him, and said, “It’s amazing.

Exactly as I envisioned.”

Zhou Tian smiled.

“It wasn’t difficult.”

Yan Wei turned around.

“Li Qing said in the morning that he’d return to the dormitory five minutes before sunset to assemble.

We still have ten minutes.

Come, now seal the door.”

The six of them were not careless.

Just like in the early morning, under the command of Zhou Tian, ​​they sealed a network of specially-made ropes and bells they had exchanged in front of the dormitory door.

As a result, Yan Wei and the others found themselves in the middle of the dormitory, surrounded by six beds.

The two areas near the window and entrance were intertwined with knots and bells all throughout.

Special ropes sealed the front and back of the room.

Someone had to destroy the network or force their way in — but Zhou Tian had already computed the data.

The angle and size of the ropes and gaps made forcefully entering impossible.

The sun sank a little more.

Five minutes before sunset, there was an endless stream of people outside the dormitory building — the players were back.

Yan Wei leaned against the bed railing, turned his head to the side, looked out the window at the final rays of the sun through the rope net, and slid his fingertips lightly over the black ring.

—After entering the world inside the building, it was the first time he opened his projection perspective of the casino.

At the same time, the sound of the doorknob turning came from the dormitory door of 407.


Someone from outside was opening the door.

Yan Wei chuckled without turning his head and leisurely said, “Ah, the idiot is finally back.”


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