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Chapter 6 – Promenade Hotel (6)

The moment the blade plunged into his eye, ‘Gao Ming’ immediately let out a sharp scream.

—–It was a scream that belonged to a woman!

Moreover, what flowed out from ‘Gao Ming’s’ pierced right eye wasn’t bright red blood but thick black liquid.

It was just like the ‘blood’ they saw flowing out from the painting Yan Minggyang had pierced the eyes of in room 5.

This was blood belonging to the people in the painting.

The sharp scream only lasted for a moment before the eyeless young woman in front of Yan Mingguang suddenly disappeared and ‘Gao Ming’ took on that young woman’s appearance.

An eyeless young woman holding a pair of scissors stood at the door with a knife pierced through her right eye and thick black liquid flowing out.

The next moment, she slowly began to disintegrate.

With the sound of Yan Mingguang’s knife falling onto the ground, the eyeless young woman gradually disappeared.

In the art studio, the mess from the fight just now was also gone.

The easel was still standing there all intact and countless portraits were still scattered across the ground.

The door of the studio wasn’t open like what they saw before.

At some point in time, the door had been closed without their knowledge and a painting hung on the back of the door.

It just so happened to be the painting of a young woman trimming flowers with a pair of scissors!

A hole had been pierced through the young woman’s hollow eyes.

That hole gradually grew bigger, and pieces of torn paper fell.

Yan Mingguang stepped forward and retrieved his knife.

He simply said, “Illusion.”

“Yes.” Yan Wei smiled, “It wasn’t an illusion that started when we entered this studio but an illusion that started when we pierced the painting in room 5.

From the very beginning, the Gao Ming who called for us was a fake.”

Yan Wei had felt that this ‘Gao Ming’ didn’t seem right from the very beginning and when ‘Gao Ming’ later told them to run but the eyeless young woman never targeting this ‘Gao Ming, Yan Wei was able to completely understand what the issue was.

When they left the restaurant earlier, they had told Gao Ming that they were going to go back to their room first but when the fake Gao Ming came to look for them later, he had said ‘You’re still in your room!’.

It was as if he didn’t know about their plans.

Moreover, the fake Gao Ming was pale the entire time and he didn’t even notice when his glasses had slid down.

This was obviously because the people in the paintings didn’t have blood and the young woman also didn’t have eyes so she wouldn’t have noticed anything even if the glasses had slipped down.

Yan Wei succinctly concluded, “This young woman in this painting took on Gao Ming’s appearance and went downstairs to lure us who were still in our room to the art studio upstairs.

There was nothing wrong with what we saw from outside the door but after we entered, she had already closed the door and activated the illusion.

That was why your attacks didn’t work.

It wasn’t because she didn’t have eyes but because the one you were attacking was originally a fake.

Her real self was at the door.”

Yan Wei knelt down, lowered his head, and glanced at the fragments of the eyeless young woman on the ground, “You said that it was different from last time.

Last time you were dragged into the world inside the painting but this time the person inside the painting had come out—–I felt that it didn’t seem right.

If the people inside the painting can come out and attack people as they please, with so many portraits, we would’ve already been killed a long time ago.

I believe they are unable to kill people outside of the painting.”

“That eyeless young woman appeared strong, but I was still able to barely avoid her scissors every time.

That so-called game and her act of deliberately attacking me with a pair of scissors, they were all tricks in order to force us to ‘escape’.”

As long as they ran towards the door, the painting hanging on the door would activate and they wouldn’t be running out of the studio and instead…..running directly into that woman’s painting.

That eyeless young woman cannot kill people outside the painting but once inside, they would practically be fish caught inside a net!

At that time, whether it was fighting the illusion until they were exhausted or listening to ‘Gao Ming’—-that is, the eyeless young woman’s true self—-and escaping and running into the painting, they would become that eyeless young woman’s prey.

Their only way out was by killing the fake Gao Ming standing at the door, that is, killing the real eyeless young woman.

Yan Wei picked up the painting fragments on the ground, briefly examined them, and said, “Although the attacks were all illusions but if you weren’t here and with my abilities, I probably would’ve ran out the moment she appeared.”

Yan Wei knew exactly what kind of person he was.

He always liked to see through people’s hearts, but it was also because of this that, although he would face others with a smile, he would never be able to fully lower his guard against anyone.

But from the first moment he saw Yan Mingguang, he felt that this person must be very reliable.

So when that eyeless young woman appeared, Yan Wei basically held no doubts towards Yan Mingguang’s ability to hold back the other party.

“Thanks.” He said, “You are also more powerful than they thought.” He was able to directly go against the woman for so long and was able to constantly maintain the upper hand.

Yan Mingguang stored his folding knife back into his pocket and just stood there tall and straight with one hand in his pocket.

His silver-rimmed glasses were still resting firmly on his nose and his pure black jacket was neat and orderly.

He had clearly fought against that eyeless young woman earlier, but he didn’t appear ruffled at all.

He looked at Yan Wei, the eyes under those lenses stirring slightly.

Yan Mingguang, “I also have to thank you for pointing out the key point.”

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Yan Wei chuckled lightly.

In fact, with Yan Mingguang’s strength, even if no one pointed it out, Yan Mingguang would still eventually notice something strange about Gao Ming who was still at the door after fighting against the illusion for some time.

But Yan Mingguang helped him buy time to think and he helped Yan Mingguang save a lot of his energy.

It could be considered offsetting each other.

Yan Wei went through the pile of fragments but wasn’t able to find anything.

Just as he was about to get up, he suddenly saw under those fragments that there was a very different portrait sitting at the top of the stacked portraits on the ground.

—–It was a portrait of a man!

Yan Wei hurriedly swept away the fragments above it and took out the portrait and stood up.

At the same time, the tower’s voice sounded in Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s minds at the same time.

[Congratulations on clearing the art studio calamity.

You have received a bonus reward: Physical stat 1 point.]

At this moment, Yan Wei felt his physical condition improve.

If he were to face that eyeless young woman now, he might be able to avoid her scissors a couple of times without Yan Mingguang’s help.

[Congratulations on acquiring the instance item: Hotel Owner’s Self-Portrait.

This item is a clue item.

Please make good use of it and do your best to survive.]

[Because you have just stepped on the precious hotel owner’s self-portrait, you have acquired an irremovable debuff that will remain in effect throughout this instance: ‘Getting Things Stuck in Your Teeth Even When Drinking Water’.

When an instance ghost has no clear target or when you activate a branch task, you will become their first target of attack.

Please be careful and do your best to survive.]

Yan Wei: “………”

He looked down at the footprint on the self-portrait—-It was from when he hadn’t yet noticed the portrait.

Yan Wei: “……………”

Giving him such a serious debuff just from stepping on it once, regardless of what kind of identity the hotel owner was, wasn’t this too spiteful

After Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang exchanged information, Yan Wei discovered that only the first two notices Yan Mingguang received was the same as his and his third notice stated that because Yan Mingguang had pierced the eyes of three portraits in a row, he had obtained the buff ‘People in the Painting’s Disdain’ and would become the ghost’s last target of attack for the remainder of this instance.

The other party received a buff that made him the ghost’s last target of attack while he received a debuff that made him their first target of attack.

Yan Wei: “…………………….”

Fortunately, he already had ‘Attendant’s Disdain’ so he wasn’t only loaded with debuffs.

In any case, it now appears that these ghosts have certain trigger conditions and clearance methods.

Nothing much could be done about the debuff situation.

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang set their sights on that self-portrait again.

All the clues up until now had been repeatedly indicating that there must be a problem with the hotel owner who was also a painter.

In order to find the ‘stairs’, one must start from the painter.

This self-portrait must be something that could help them with finding the necessary clues.

Yan Wei passed the self-portrait of the hotel owner to Yan Mingguang, “You keep it.

Although it is also a clue but with you being so powerful, I wouldn’t need to worry about anything happening.

Not to mention, I have debuffs while you have buffs.

It will definitely be safer with you.”

Yan Mingguang didn’t immediately receive it.

He only silently glanced at him.

Yan Wei raised a brow and chuckled lightly, “As long as I have recognised someone as my teammate, I still have basic trust.

I’m not worried about you keeping it to yourself.

And with you being so powerful, you’re also clearly not someone who would need to do something like that.”

Yan Mingguang, “Okay.”

Just as he was about to take the self-portrait from Yan Wei, Yan Wei suddenly withdrew his hand.

“Wait a minute.”

Yan Wei placed the self-portrait on the ground.

Afterwards, he raised his foot and stepped on that portrait several times before finally picking it back up.

Yan Mingguang, “”

“Since I have already received a debuff because I accidentally stepped on this self-portrait, if I don’t step on it a few more times, I would feel cheated.”

Yan Mingguang, “……..”

With their experience in this studio still vivid in their minds, the two naturally wouldn’t recklessly stay in there especially with the sky darkening outside.

After Yan Mingguang folded the self-portrait covered in footprints and stored it in his pocket, the two soon left the room.

Yan Wei originally wanted to see if the other room on the top floor—–Room 1—– would have any clues but when he remembered the ‘Getting Things Stuck in Your Teeth Even When Drinking Water’ debuff and the darkening sky outside, he temporarily gave up on that thought.

He and Yan Mingguang returned to the fourteenth floor.

Yan Wei thought of the two dolls with beautiful eyes placed next to the bed in room 5.

Whether it was the portraits painted by the hotel owner during his early days or the eyeless portraits in that strange studio, it was enough to show that eyes were an important element.

If not handled properly, death would inevitably be triggered.

They must stay far, far away from this element.

Yan Wei didn’t hesitate at all.

After returning to the room, he threw the two dolls into the trash can outside in the corridor.

He and Yan Mingguang together searched room 5.

After confirming that there was nothing else that could trigger death in the room, they went to the thirteenth floor.

The two happened to run into Gao Ming who had just returned to the thirteenth floor to rest after exploring the hotel.

They exchanged information and discovered that Gao Ming and co had indeed been to the studio on the top floor.

It was just that Gao Ming thought that the room was too creepy at the time and only stood at the door and looked in.

It looks like the young woman with the scissors probably saw Gao Ming at the time and then took on his appearance to deceive them.

After listening to Yan Wei’s recount, Gao Ming’s expression was solemn, “It tried to deceive you with illusions…..This difficulty, if it was me, I probably would have lost my life in there.

That was all discovered and cleared by Yan Mingguang Fortunately, you had Yan Mingguang with you.”

Standing to the side, Yan Mingguang’s gaze stirred slightly.

He however didn’t speak and only glanced at Yan Wei.

Yan Wei’s eyes flickered faintly but he didn’t deny Gao Ming’s words.

He only again reminded the other party of what he had managed to deduce so far, “If you encounter an eyeless ‘player’, be careful, it may be an illusion by the people in the paintings.

Also, you guys should remember to clean up everything related to paintings and eyes in your rooms.”

Gao Ming lowered his voice, “Don’t worry, I’ll do it now.

The attendant said your room is the worst.

If anything happens at night, remember to closely follow Yan Mingguang.

Although he doesn’t seem like someone you can easily get close to, but even if you don’t know anything, he seems like he doesn’t mind protecting you.”

Yan Wei laughed lightly, “Okay.”

He didn’t stay too long and went with Yan Mingguang to the other two rooms to remind the remaining four people.

After everything was done, the two turned to head back to their room.

On the way back, Yan Wei rested his arm on Yan Mingguang’s shoulder.

Because Yan Mingguang was half a head taller than him, Yan Wei had to tiptoe slightly to reach him.

He said, “I am now a useless snack in your protection.

Please take care of me.”

Yan Mingguang’s expression remained unchanged.

Yan Wei leaned closer.

When his gaze lingered on Yan Mingguang’s neck, he suddenly noticed a necklace.

The necklace was very simple and not very long.

It was worn on Yan Mingguang’s neck with half of the hanging pendant hidden under his collar.

Leaning against Yan Mingguang’s shoulder, Yan Wei just happened to be able to see the pendant design—–It was a swallow made out of metal.

The swallow’s wings were spread open slightly, as if it was about to fly off.

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“Your necklace doesn’t seem to be your style…..”

Before Yan Wei could finish speaking, Yan Mingguang looked at him rather unpleasantly before pulling his arm off and walking ahead.

“……..” Yan Wei shrugged, “Alright, your useless snack won’t ask about it.”


The sky was now completely dark.

Even in a place like this Yan Wei was still very picky.

He carefully wiped the mattress and pillows and even took a hot shower before reluctantly sharing the same bed with Yan Mingguang.

It couldn’t be helped.

There were too many unknown dangers in this instance and having adequate rest was the basic requirement to ensure survival.

If it were two other men, it would just be a matter of making do for the night but Yan Wei’s sexual orientation was men and lying next to him was someone with an out of the world appearance.

Even if the two didn’t have a relationship in that respect, it was still a strange situation for him.

If it was someone else, he would rather sleep on the ground than getting too close to them, but Yan Mingguang was an exception.

With this person lying next to him, it not only didn’t make him feel uncomfortable, but it also even brought about a small sense of security.

He was clearly an extremely cold and indifferent person, but Yan Wei felt no fear or aversion towards Yan Mingguang.

Having not had someone sleep next to him in such a long time, Yan Wei tossed and turned for a long time.

The couple next door was actually still brave enough to do that kind of thing in a place like this.

Ambiguous voices travelled out from room 4 next to them and because the head of the bed happened to be right against the wall between the two rooms, Yan Wei heard it very clearly.

He originally was someone who was very selective with his sleeping conditions, and this was also a new environment with poor soundproofing so even after closing his eyes for a long time, he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

The night got deeper.

The quiet corridor outside was dimly light with the portraits hanging on the walls looming in the shadows.

Yan Wei had his eyes closed as he laid on his side, thinking about the clues he had gathered today.

Portraits, eyes, painter….What was the connection between these things and ‘stairs’ And this debuff of his, would there be a surprise attack tonight…..

As he thought this, he heard the person next to him roll over.

“…..You’re also not asleep”

A moment later, Yan Mingguang let out a low ‘mhn’.

This feeling was similar to when people find out that no one was asleep after a scary story session in the student dormitories.

Yan Wei opened his eyes and turned to face Yan Mingguang, “I thought you would be able to fall asleep without a care in the world.

Are you scared”

Yan Mingguang at this moment had already taken off his glasses.

Yan Wei was only looking at him from the side, but he immediately understood why this person who clearly had no problems with his eyes wore glasses all the time—–Without the glasses weakening his temperament, Yan Mingguang looked extremely cold.

This man’s handsome profile was cold, and his eyes were fierce.

Yan Wei had seen many people in all sorts of dangerous fields but none of them had such a strong murderous aura like Yan Mingguang.

He was suddenly curious about what Yan Mingguang did before he entered this place, but he knew that this person wouldn’t be willing to say it, so he didn’t ask.

He just smiled and said, “If you’re scared, why don’t I tell you some ghost stories Listening to ghost stories in a place with ghosts would be thrilling and it can also let you work on your courage and make you more sca——-”

“I’m not scared.” Yan Mingguang didn’t mind Yan Wei’s nonsense and just said faintly, “Can’t sleep with the light on.”

Yan Wei understood.

Turns out this person was picky.

But he was also picky too, so he had no right to criticise others.

“Then why don’t you tell me ghost stories” Yan Wei said, “I’m scared.”

Yan Mingguang ignored him.

Yan Wei then said, “Our room is the worst room.

Perhaps the next moment you turn around, you will see a pale ghost lying between us.”

Yan Mingguang still ignored him.

At this moment, the clock on the wall clicked towards midnight.

The ambiguous sounds from next door had stopped at some unknown point in time.

It was midnight.

Yan Wei suddenly heard the tower’s voice in his mind.

[Player’s permanent skill is activated.]

[Current status of the skill: Immortal status.

Lasts for 24 hours.

After 24 hours, it will be switched to normal status.]

Yan Wei could clearly feel a change in his body.

He didn’t seem to undergo any changes but he felt a strange sensation inside—-Even if he didn’t encounter any danger now, he could feel that right now, he…….was immortal.

Why did this so-called Half Immortal permanent skill appear on him

Yan Wei wasn’t given the chance to think about it.

The next moment, a woman’s sharp scream suddenly travelled over from next door.



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