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Chapter 7 – Promenade Hotel (7)

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang sat up almost at the same time.

The scream was very loud, and it also wasn’t short.

It overall lasted for almost seven or eight seconds.

Yan Wei heard it very clearly through the wall.

Although the voice was distorted in fear and pain, he could still more or less tell who it belonged to —– It was the woman in the long dress.

Without even needing to think, he knew that something had happened next door.

“…..I wasn’t targeted on the first night”

He had been given a series of buffs and debuffs as soon as he entered this place so Yan Wei had basically accepted the fact that this instance would be of hellish difficulty for him but instead of something happening to him, he heard screams coming from next door.

For a moment, Yan Wei couldn’t process this.

Yan Mingguang already got up and walked out the room.

It was as if this person wasn’t concerned about what kind of terrible things may be behind this scream.

His eyes only stirred imperceptibly before he strode towards the door, completely fearless of the possible dangers next door.

“Yan Mingguang!” Yan Wei called out to him.

The man looked back at him through the open door.

When not wearing glasses, Yan Mingguang’s eyes were very fierce.

The dim yellow light from the corridor outside and the bright incandescent light from inside the room intertwined, illuminating this person’s profile.

Under such a strange lighting, Yan Mingguang’s expression was still indifferent, and his tone was steady, “There are usually a lot of clues at the first scene of death.”

Yan Wei quickly picked up the glasses Yan Mingguang had thrown onto the bedside table and threw it at the other party.

He raised a brow and asked, “You think I was trying to stop you”

Yan Mingguang raised his hand and easily received his glasses, “Hm”

Yan Wei knew it very well inside —– Yan Mingguang was right.

Regardless of what happened next door, when something happens, many clues would be found if you rushed straight to the scene compared to checking the room during the day the next day.

Even if the person can no longer be saved, there may be some useful clues for them.

And today……..He had the Half Immortal skill.

Regardless of whether this skill was a blessing or a curse, and regardless of why this kind of skill would appear on him, with this skill turned on at this very moment, why shouldn’t he make use of it

Since he cannot die, then of course he should…..go wild!

“I am someone who has the ‘Getting Things Stuck in Your Teeth Even When Drinking Water’ debuff so anything could attack me at any moment.

The longer I stay in this damned place, the easier it will be to die.

Finding clues to find the stairs is most important right now.

The more I know about the current situation, the better prepared I will be.” Yan Wei stood up and quickly put on his windbreaker, “Let’s go together.”

Yan Mingguang’s expression changed slightly, and a brief look of surprise flashed across his eyes.

He didn’t say anything else and just walked to the room next door together with Yan Wei.

The corridor was still as normal as ever.

On the fourteenth floor corridor, there weren’t any abnormalities near rooms 4 and 5.

Even the two dolls Yan Wei had thrown into the bin earlier in the evening were still lying there untouched.

In room 4, the woman’s screams had already stopped.

The two quickly approached the door to room 4.

Yan Mingguang pulled at the door handle, but the door didn’t open.

Yan Wei frowned, “Is the door locked”

Yan Mingguang nodded.

He then took a step back, raised his foot and instantly broke the door lock with a forceful kick.

The thick wooden door slammed open with a loud ‘Bang—-‘.

Standing beside Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei looked into the room and immediately saw the situation inside.

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Blood covered the entire floor, staining the hotel wooden floors red, and the originally white sheets were also completely red.

In the middle of the pool of blood was the woman in a bloodstained bathrobe with her head drooped limply to the side.

Blood continued to drip from her face.

It was clear that she was no longer alive.

On the ground not far away from the pool of blood laid a portrait.

When Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang stopped by earlier to warn the other players, they had seen that painting hanging on the wall inside room 4 and the middle-aged man and his wife had said that they would dispose of the painting.

They didn’t expect the painting to still be in the room.

At this moment, the middle-aged man in a bathrobe was hiding in the corner of the room furthest away from the woman.

He stammered fearfully, “D-don’t come over…..let me go….don’t come over…”

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang walked in together.

After getting closer, Yan Wei finally saw that the originally beautiful eyes on that woman’s face had been completely dug out, leaving only two hollow and bloody holes behind!

The skin and flesh around her eye sockets were very irregular, as if someone had dug out her eyes with their bare hands.

Yan Wei could even see something similar to a brain through that hollow opening.

It was clear that they had dug too deep, even reaching her head.

Most of the blood came from her head.

The two stepped over the blood and arrived before the middle-aged man.

The middle-aged man cried out in even more fear.

Yan Wei bent down in front of him, “Hey, look up.

We’re not ghosts.”

The middle-aged man’s muttering stopped, and he finally raised his head.

Seeing that it was Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang, he rushed over in attempt to hug Yan Mingguang’s leg, “Save me!! Hurry! Hurry and throw that painting away!”

Yan Mingguang coldly stepped back and didn’t speak.

He didn’t even take out the folding knife he carried with him this time and just picked up the painting and kicked a hole through it.

Yan Wei was in thought.

He asked, “Painting Did the woman in the painting drag her in and dig out her eyes” This would be similar to what they encountered in the art studio where the person inside the picture wanted to dig out the player’s eyes and kill the player.

The middle-aged man shook his head, “No! That’s not it! That person came out from the painting!! We were afraid of the painting being strange and took it off and left it face down on the ground but just now….just now…..just as my wife and I put our clothes on and turned around, t-that originally face down painting had flipped around and a man completely covered in blood—-He wasn’t human! He was a ghost! He came out of that painting then dug out my wife’s eyes before going back into the painting!!”

“What did you say” Yan Wei was taken aback, “A man Not a woman And he came out to kill her He didn’t drag her into the painting”

Yan Wei’s pupils constricted.

This was completely different from the woman they had encountered who wanted to drag them into her painting and dig out their eyes!

The middle-aged man fiercely shook his head, “Not a woman, it was a man…..He was completely covered in blood, a-and his eyes were two bloody holes.

It was as if…..as if they had been dug out!”


Among the numerous paintings in this entire hotel, was there one of a man

Yan Wei: “!”

He looked back at Yan Mingguang.

Yan Mingguang seemed to have also realised something and had already taken out the piece of paper from his pocket—–it was the painter’s self portrait they had obtained in the art studio.

He spread out the paper and showed the middle-aged man the self portrait.

Yan Wei hurriedly asked, “Was it him”

The middle-aged man subconsciously glanced at the self portrait.

Perhaps it was because the ghost was clearly no longer human and had lost his eyes and was also covered in blood, the middle-aged man looked at it for a while before finally reacting in fear.

He quickly retreating back against the wall and shouting, “Don’t come here!!! Don’t kill me……don’t kill me…..”

“From his reaction,” Yan Wei slowly stood up and glanced at the dead woman again, “it should be this person—-no, it should be this ghost.

Not only can those women in the paintings be dangerous, there’s also this painter….” He had originally felt that the difficulty of this instance shouldn’t only lie in the paintings on the walls—–It was too superficial and obvious.

“Discuss in our room.” Yan Mingguang slowly put away the self portrait.

Seeing that they were about to leave, the middle-aged man scrambled up, “Don’t go! Save me!”

Yan Wei lowered his head and a hint of sarcasm flashed across his light brown eyes.

“Your wife just died.” He patted the middle-aged man’s shoulder, and said, “Buddy, aren’t you sad”

The middle-aged man froze for a moment.

Yan Wei glanced again at the woman’s terrifying corpse in the room that was covered in the smell of blood.

He gripped unnaturally onto his windbreaker jacket and, relying on the fact that nothing else should happen at a time like this, he checked the room to ensure that no clues had been overlooked.

He originally wanted Yan Mingguang to return to their room first in case anything was to happen here but after some thought, room 5 was actually the worse room and Yan Mingguang earlier had gotten up without any hesitation, so he clearly was confident in his abilities.

Since he didn’t actually need to be worried about him, Yan Wei decided not to say anything.

While Yan Wei carefully searched for clues, Yan Mingguang watched on from the side for a while before suddenly asking, “What are you thinking about”

“Thinking about why the eyeless painter would come out from the painting.

Based on the clues earlier, the things that could pose danger and harm us are the eyeless paintings in the art studio but now, a second person had died, and it wasn’t in the hands of those paintings.

Moreover, all those earlier inferences about the stairs possibly being inside the painting will need to be rethought.”

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“I was asking about earlier.” Yan Mingguang’s voice was low and deep, and it contained a force that made those who hear it subconsciously want to answer his questions.

Yan Wei blinked a few times.

Only then did he realise that Yan Mingguang was referring to the words he had said to the middle-aged man just now.

“You actually care about these things I thought your head was filled with ice.”

Yan Mingguang, “………”

“I wasn’t thinking about anything.

Just felt that in the face of life and death, human emotions are worth nothing.

I was thinking about what I would do if it was me.” Yan Wei shrugged, “I’m just wasting time thinking about meaningless issues.

A person like me…..won’t fall in love and also won’t get married.”

He no longer talked about this, “There are no other clues.

This man shouldn’t be lying.

At present, it seems that only the painting is problematic—-”

Yan Wei’s words stopped abruptly.

There was a very regular sound of footsteps coming from the corridor outside.

The two felt that it sounded particularly familiar.

Very soon, a thin figure appeared at the door.

It was the attendant.

The attendant’s emaciated face looked even more sunken in at night.

He as usual wore a neat but loose-fitting tuxedo and he held a large garbage bag as well as cleaning utensils in his hands.

The plastic bag was light and fluttery; there was clearly nothing inside.

“I heard that there is rubbish here.

Helping guests clean their rooms is my responsibility.

Sorry for coming so late, I will help you now.”

He completely ignored the blood on the ground and on the woman’s body and just directly approached the woman and picked her up with one hand!

Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang watched the attendant throw the corpse into the big, black garbage bag and soon following that, the attendant proceeded to calmly clean up the blood in the scene.

“Have you noticed a problem here, Mr.


“…….” Yan Mingguang nodded, “Mhn.”

Yan Wei’s eyes moved slightly, and he kept his voice low, “Not to mention his reaction being strange, he seemed to be very familiar with cleaning up the room.

Regardless of whether they’re a human or a ghost, those that encounter dead bodies for the first time would usually be unsure of what to do.

His actions however are very methodical and there’s even order in them.

This is definitely not his first time cleaning up a dead body.

This means that this definitely wasn’t the first time something like this happened.”

When he was done speaking, the attendant had already packed everything up.

Only a patch of blood on the ground couldn’t be washed off.

Seeming to have finished cleaning up the ‘garbage’, the attendant held the black garbage bag in one hand and cleaning tools in the other, and walking steadily towards the door.

Yan Wei nudged Yan Mingguang’s arm with his elbow and whispered, “Something isn’t right.”


“Forget about it not being the attendant’s first time cleaning up a dead body, there is an even bigger problem.” He held his elbow with one hand and used the other hand to support his chin and narrowed his eyes, “Regardless of whether they are a human or a ghost, dead or alive, we all do things with a purpose.

This is the root of everything.

Even if it’s to pass time, it is done in order to ‘pass time’.

Do you still remember Back at the hall, the player who died because he didn’t want to listen to the attendant”

Yan Mingguang nodded.

“The attendant didn’t do anything about that body.” Yan Wei’s eyes stirred slightly.

He took out a one-yuan coin from the pocket of his windbreaker, “But he appeared this time to clean up the body of a player whose eyes had been dug out.

When allocating rooms, he also deliberately said that we shouldn’t leave out rooms unless necessary.

That basically means that we can go out if there is a reason.

Those words must mean something.”

In just a few minutes, Yan Wei sorted out all the important points.

“Cleaning up the corpse is a clue!” His eyes lit up, “Since there is a need to clean up, then there should be a place where the body is disposed.

Why would he only dispose of the body whose eyes were removed Where would he put the body”

Yan Wei’s knuckled moved and the coin in his hand was thrown up before falling back into his palm.


This was his habit —- Heads was to do it and tails was to not do it.

In the room that still smelt strongly of blood, Yan Wei hooked up his lips and then put on a fearful act, “If the attendant tries to kill me later, remember to save me, Mr.


As soon as he finished saying that, Yan Wei quickly walked on and caught up with the attendant who was carrying the corpse.


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