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Chapter 8 – Promenade Hotel (8)

Yan Wei raised his hand and patted the attendant’s shoulder, “Excuse me, sir.”

The attendant ground his teeth and stiffly turned to look at him.

Under the dim lights in the corridor, his extremely thin face and protruding eyes were a particularly startling sight.

Yan Wei continued as if he was really talking to a normal hotel attendant, “Carrying something so heavy is too tiring.

Why don’t I help you carry some…..”

He reached out and politely offered, “Why don’t you give me those cleaning tools I’ll help you carry them.”

As he did this, Yan Wei secretly touched the plain black ring on his finger and his information panel appeared.

Sure enough, in the buff/debuff column, ‘Attendant’s Disdain’ and ‘Attendant’s Favour’ began to light up back and forth.

The attendant’s emaciated face would smile at him one moment and then bare his teeth at him the next moment as it switched between the buff and debuff on his information panel.

——Finally, it stopped on ‘Attendant’s Favour’.

Yan Wei was actually a little disappointed—-He wanted to see the attendant get angry.

This really was Schrodinger’s buff.

“Guest,” The attendant threw him the garbage bag, “you are really kind.

Thank you for your help.”

The garbage bag containing a human body was very heavy.

Yan Wei was originally only prepared to receive the cleaning tools, so he was almost unable to support the heavy bag when he was suddenly given it to carry.

Yan Wei who could feel the corpse through the bag, “…………”

“Shall we go now, guest”

He controlled his expression and smiled, “Let’s go.”

The corridor was very long.

After turning a few corners, Yan Wei and the attendant finally arrived in front of the elevator.

The elevator door opened.

He followed the attendant into the elevator and placed the garbage bag onto the ground.

The attendant similarly placed down the cleaning tools and took out a magnetic card from the pocket of his tuxedo.

The magnetic card was swiped, and the attendant subsequently pressed the “-1” button.

——-An underground floor.

Yan Wei’s gaze hardened.

They had been able to go through the hotel’s fifteen floors without needing a magnetic card and the attendant had never mentioned an underground floor the entire time.

The players had tried to press the “-1” button when they explored the hotel before, but nothing happened.

Turns out it was because they didn’t have the card.

While he was still in thought, the attendant suddenly became angry, “Guest, what are you doing here! Are you questioning my professionalism and believe that I can’t handle something like this”

Yan Wei touched his black ring and checked his information panel.

The debuff ‘Attendant’s Disdain’ was lit up.

The attendant clearly wouldn’t let him follow him any further.

Apart from obtaining the information about the magnetic card, was there anything else he could gain from the attendant’s actions tonight

Yan Wei raised a brow and directly received the attendant’s vicious gaze.

He asked, “Bro, if you’re very angry, do you have the urge to kill someone”

The attendant had already slowly reached out towards his neck.

His voice was hoarse, “Disobedient guests will be killed…..”

He seemed to be wanting to appreciate Yan Wei’s panicked expression.

As he slowly reached out towards him, he stared intently at Yan Wei, as if he was afraid of missing Yan Wei’s look of fear if he acted too quickly.

The young man however just raised a brow, leaned back and walked around the attendant’s thin but powerful arms.

He breathed a sigh of relief, “That’s good.”

The Half Immortal skill.

All fatal injuries are ineffective.

He took a deep breath, forced himself to forget about his mysophobia and then reached to touch the attendant’s tuxedo —–He wanted to see if there was anything other than the magnetic card and whether the magnetic card was the main clue.

The attendant’s voice grew fierce, “Guest, what are you doing!!”

Yan Wei moved his hands up and down, and answered honestly, “Touching you.”

The attendant ground his teeth, “Disobedient guests should just die!!!”

This time, he no longer dragged it out.

He immediately reached out to break Yan Wei’s neck!

The next moment———

Nothing happened.

The attendant’s hand seemed to be restrained by some invisible force.

Whenever he approached Yan Wei’s neck, he would always find himself suddenly coming to a stop.

The more he couldn’t succeed, the angrier he became and the more he wanted to kill Yan Wei.

—–But he couldn’t kill him.

Attendant: “”

Yan Wei had already taken his hands back out of the attendant’s pockets —- Apart from the magnetic card, there wasn’t anything else.

Looks like the main information to be obtained from this incident tonight was about the underground floor.

As for the magnetic card, it didn’t matter whether or not he could take it now.

Even if he took it, the attendant wouldn’t let him go to the underground floor for the time being anyway.

Yan Wei instantly sorted out his thoughts.

He didn’t take the magnetic card and just turned around to pick up the garbage bag containing the corpse and, purely in retaliation, he directly hung the bag on the attendant’s neck.

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Even for someone as strong as the attendant, the weight of the bag was enough to make him stagger a little.

Having successfully retaliated against the attendant, Yan Wei walked out of the elevator contentedly, “Good night.”

After saying that, Yan Wei quickly left without looking back.

The attendant seemed to be bound by the task of handling the corpse and didn’t chase after him.

He just stood in the elevator, glaring furiously at Yan Wei.

The elevator door slowly closed behind him.

Yan Wan hurried back to room 5.

The door to room 5 was open.

Yan Mingguang was standing by the door waiting for him.

As soon as Yan Wei returned to the room, he closed the door and carefully washed his hands clean before going over the desk and tearing off a piece of paper from the notepad there.

“All okay” Yan Mingguang asked him.

The man had his hands tucked in his pockets as he leaned back slightly against the desk.

His back was very straight, and his temperament was like a snow coated pine tree.

He seemed to be in a state where he could fight back any time and was much more vigilant than most people.

He didn’t seem like someone who had lived a comfortable life until now.

Yan Wei shook his head, “Nothing happened.

I just followed the attendant to the elevator and was later kicked out.” He picked up a pen and began to write out the clues he had discovered onto the paper, “But I noticed something —– The corpse was taken to the hotel’s underground floor and only the magnetic card the attendant carries can allow access to that floor.”

This wasn’t good news.

Yan Mingguang, “Sooner or later, we will have to go against that attendant.”

There was something going on with the underground floor and the magnetic card that allowed access to it was in the attendant’s hands.

If they wanted to find clues in that underground floor, they would have to somehow get their hands on that card.

Yan Wei nodded, “Yes, the underground floor is where we need to go.

But besides that underground floor, there are still a lot of other questions.”

He wrote three words on the paper.

—–Portraits, painter, eyes.

Yan Wei connected these three words into a triangle, and said, “We have now confirmed that the women in the portraits can kill people.

The women in the completed portraits simply want to kill but the eyeless ones in the studio upstairs want to dig out our eyes.

The ones with eyes are the painter’s early works and of his later works, the only completed painting was the painting of the female doctor.

All the others were missing their eyes.”

He spun the pen in his hand and fell into thought, “Is it because the paintings are lacking eyes, so they want to dig out the eyes of living humans to complete themselves”

But what about the painter who came out earlier and killed someone Based on the middle-aged man’s expression, the one who came out from the painting was most certainly the painter himself.

The painter himself was also missing his eyes and, different from the other eyeless women in the paintings, the painter could kill outside of the painting.

“If you want to explain it with logic, it is possible.

This is a case of a painter who for some reason can’t paint, don’t dare paint or is unable to paint eyes and as a result painted a bunch of incomplete paintings in that studio.

It was unknown what happened afterwards, but the painter later died, and he also lost his eyes and since then he could live inside the paintings he painted.

The people in the eyeless paintings also want to dig out the eyes of living humans to complete themselves.

 Everything is related to the paintings and eyes, but what about the stairs…..”

Yan Wei’s words stopped.

Yan Mingguang on the side had picked up a pen and similarly written three phrases.

—–Art studio, room 1, underground floor.

The writing was forceful and cold, completely different from Yan Wei’s exuberant style.

Yan Wei stared at those words for a while and then lightly chuckled.

“I think there are still a lot of questions we have to find the answer to.

Why did the attendant bring the corpse to the underground floor Room 1 is also next to the art studio on the top floor while we are staying in rooms 2-5.

I don’t believe that this room 1 is meaningless.

We seem to have exhausted the clues we have.”

“Tomorrow’s art exhibition.”

Yan Wei shook his head, “The reason why we have exhausted the clues is because we have almost completely figured out the situation with the paintings but there are still a lot of questions that are unanswered that we still cannot find the answers to.

I think that, besides the art exhibition, we need to go to another place.”

He wrote down the word ‘hospital’ onto the paper with great emphasis.

Back in the art studio, Yan Wei had noticed that most of the portraits didn’t have a background or would at most have a few decorative backgrounds like flowers but there were some that shared the same background —– The hospital.

Yan Wei had also specially taken a look outside.

There was no hospital outside the window of the studio, so it wasn’t something that was drawn by the painter by looking out at the scenery outside.

A background that cannot be seen all the time but would appear frequently in the paintings, it must be a place the painter often went to.

And that completed portrait of a female doctor……..

There may be more clues at this hospital.

“Tonight…..” Yan Wei wondered, “would anything else happen”


The quiet night slowly inched forward.

There were only seven living humans staying in this quiet and gloomy hotel.

The dim yellow lights in the corridor didn’t seem to be able to brighten the place up all that much.

In room 5, Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang laid on the bed with a clear boundary between them.

Their breathing was slow and even.

After busying about for an entire day, no matter how picky Yan Wei may be, he would still eventually felt drowsy.

But before drowsiness could completely take over him, he suddenly heard rustling sounds outside the door.

The night light that had been left on had suddenly turned off!

Room 5 was suddenly submerged into darkness.

The windows were tightly closed but the thick curtains swayed slightly, as if something had lightly passed by, bringing along with it a cool breeze.

The sound was very soft.

Little by little, it was like the sound of someone’s footsteps.

But it was also too light, completely unlike the footsteps of a normal person.

The wooden floors made an almost inaudible rustling sound…….

Creak, creak……

The sound got closer and closer to the bed.

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Most of Yan Wei’s drowsiness was gone by now.

His body tensed up and his hands under the blanket slowly clenched into fist.

That unknown thing stopped by the bed and those sounds came to a stop.

Yan Wei suddenly felt a chill on the back of his neck.

He felt that thing touch his head and neck —–It seemed to be icy cold fingers.

The touch was very stiff, and it also seemed slightly wet.

But this ‘thing’ only touched him briefly and then it seemed to be rummaging around the head of the bed.

Yan Wei did his best to keep his breathing steady.

Under the blanket, he quietly grabbed Yan Mingguang’s hand —- Yan Mingguang must have also woken up.

But Yan Wei felt that they shouldn’t open their eyes.

This clearly non-human thing seemed to be sneakily searching for something and they should be asleep at a time like this.

If they were to suddenly open their eyes, who knows what kind of thing they would come face to face with and what kind of danger they would trigger Although he was immortal, he could still get injured.

If he sustained a serious injury, he may end up dying the moment the immortal status is lifted.

Under the blanket, Yan Wei’s hand rested on top of Yan Mingguang’s.

The warm palm felt completely different from the creepy and cold touch earlier.

Yan Wei could also feel Yan Mingguang’s body’s tense state.

He tapped his palm with his finger and wrote the word ‘don’t’.

—– Don’t open your eyes.

Yan Mingguang seemed to understand.

He lightly tapped Yan Wei’s hand back with his finger.

The cold sensation lasted for a while before the rustling footsteps sounded again.

Once that unknown thing moved away from the bed, the creepy and cold sensation also faded.

But Yan Wei didn’t hear the sound of the door opening.

He instead heard footsteps sudden sound from the corridor outside.

Yan Wei couldn’t hear it clearly through the door, but it seemed to sound like someone or something was rummaging for something.

Not long afterwards, all those sounds were gone.

The dark room was very quiet.

Neither Yan Wei nor Yan Mingguang opened their eyes or spoke —– That thing may have left, or it may still be around.

Yan Wei laid on the bed with his body completely tensed up.

His hand under the blanket was still resting on Yan Mingguang’s palm.

This kind of close contact made the cold sweat on his palm touch Yan Mingguang’s palm.

Yan Wei didn’t dare move.

With his eyes closed, he concentrated on using his other senses to feel out his surroundings.

Fortunately, that thing that had touched him all over didn’t appear again.

Yan Wei slept restlessly the entire night.

When he woke up in the morning, Yan Mingguang was already ready and was sitting calmly on a small sofa by the window.

The man’s back was straight, and his slender legs were rested casually on the ground.

He didn’t look like someone who had just got up.

“Good morning——” Yan Wei moved his eyes away from Yan Mingguang and his early husky voice suddenly came to a stop, “My god!!!”

The remaining drowsiness in him was gone in an instant.

The originally white mattress, bedside tables, walls……They were all covered with bloody handprints!! Those places were clearly the places that unknown thing from last night had searched through!

Yan Wei immediately pulled away the blanket, got out of bed and hurried into the bathroom.

As expected, there was dry blood stains on the back of his neck where he was touched by that thing last night.

It was clearly a trace left from being touched by a blood-stained finger.

It wasn’t thick, and even a little thin.

Yan Wei was disgusted.

He compared it with his hand.

Sure enough, it didn’t look like hands belonging to a living human.

The blood stains didn’t scare him but his mysophobia once again reared its head.

Without another word, he took an early morning shower.

By the time Yan Wei came back out of the bathroom, Yan Mingguang was standing at the door of room 5 holding the doorknob in one hand and looking out.

Yan Wei took a closer look at the horrifying bloody handprints beside the bed and then went over to Yan Mingguang, “What are you looking at”

Yan Mingguang didn’t speak.

He just raised his hand and pointed at a certain place in the corridor outside.

Yan Wei looked over.

It was the bin where they threw the dolls out yesterday.

Just to be safe, they had thrown out everything related to eyes in the room yesterday and had discarded the two dolls in that bin.

But at this moment, that bin had been completely overturned and the two dolls were now lying on the ground not far away from them.

There were also bloody handprints all over the dolls.

Their gem-like eyes which were extremely lifelike had been completely dug out.

There were only stuffing coming out from the two empty holes on their faces.

Yan Wei frowned, “Those two dolls were next to the bed yesterday and the place where that thing searched last night was also around the bed……”

They seemed to have managed to avoid a death trigger.

But Yan Wei didn’t feel relieved at all and instead his heart tightened.

He slowly approached the bin, squatted down and took a closer look at the two dolls whose eyes had been dug out.

If the woman in the long dress who died in the first night had become their target at some point in time unknown to others, then what about these two dolls If they hadn’t thrown those two dolls out and something really happened to them last night, wouldn’t that mean that three people would be killed in one night

Yan Wei originally thought that since the so-called art exhibition would go on for nine days and they had nine people in this instance, it was a time limit set for them where one of them would die each night.

But now, if it was possible for three people to die in one night…..And they currently only have seven people left, they wouldn’t be able to lost more than a few days.

This so-called nine-day duration was simply a way to trick them into lowering their guard!


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