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Chapter 9 – Promenade Hotel (9)

Yan Mingguang also came over.

There were no lights turned on in the corridor during the day and there were also no windows along this long and narrow path.

Only the rows of lights coming through from the open hotel room doors lit up the corridor, extending Yan Mingguang’s shadow.

Yan Wei stood up and said, “We don’t have much time.

Even if someone can escape the death trigger tonight, if an average of two people die each day, we can only last four days at most.

Not to mention, the longer we drag it out, the more dangerous it may become.”

He repeated his reasoning from earlier, “I originally planned on spending one day at the hospital and another day at the art exhibition but looks like that may take too long.

There’s also the underground floor and room 1 on the top floor….”

There wasn’t much time but there were so many places that may contain clues.

Yan Mingguang’s eyes were deep.

He was still expressionless, as if he didn’t feel any fear at all.

He just said, “Let’s go.

It’s almost time for breakfast.”

Following that, the man turned and went towards the elevator.

Yan Wei didn’t touch those two dolls and just quickly followed after Yan Mingguang.

Walking along the long and gloomy corridor, the footsteps of the two people sounded one after another.

In a strange place like this, it even sounded very carefree.

Walking behind Yan Mingguang, Yan Wei thought for a while and spoke up, “Hey, Mr.


They entered the elevator.

There were no decorative mirrors or portraits inside it.

Based on the clues they currently have, this kind of place that would often show up in horror movies was probably safer than the corridor outside.

Yan Mingguang leaned slightly against the side of the elevator.

With one hand in his pocket, he took out a cigarette with the other.

He didn’t respond to Yan Wei’s words.

“Did you hear me Mr.


“I heard you.” The man suddenly spoke up.

His voice was still as indifferent as before but the words he said weren’t cold, “Useless snack.”

Yan Wei: “………”

While he was in a stunned state, he saw his own figure reflected in Yan Mingguang’s dark eyes.

Those deep eyes that would always look rather cold at this moment seemed to briefly contain some amusement.

It was very brief, but Yan Wei saw it very clearly.

He had actually responded to him with the self-deprecating name he gave himself yesterday.

“……..” He had actually made an error in his judgement.

This person wasn’t cold on the inside just like his external appearance.

Yan Mingguang may seem like he didn’t care about anything but he in fact remembered everything clearly inside.

The elevator slowly approached the first floor.

Yan Wei bowed his head, laughed and then said, “Alright.

This useless snack wants to discuss something with you.”

His expression suddenly became serious, and his smile disappeared in an instant.

He could smile gently and innocently but he could also instantly turn solemn and serious.

“I don’t know why you don’t care much about everything, and I also won’t ask you why you’re not showing any concern despite being put in such a dangerous situation, but as long as you are human, everything you do has a purpose so I’m sure you have a purpose of your own.

We can be considered trustworthy teammates and perhaps we can continue to work together in the future, so I’ll be blunt.

I don’t want to attract any attention —- I also have a purpose.”

His immortal skill also brought along with it a lot of unknowns.

It could easily bring him danger.

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He needed a ‘shield’ like Yan Mingguang.

“Since it’s like that, why don’t we benefit from each other and continue with this cooperative relationship I believe that with my ability, I will be able to provide you with the best ideas and solutions, and you can provide me with your protection that doesn’t draw attention.”

The elevator reached the first floor.

The heavy doors slowly opened.

The man walked ahead.

His footsteps paused for a moment, and he looked back at him from outside the elevator.

Yan Wei had encountered all sorts of people in his life and had never really faltered before anyone, but he seemed to have no resistance to Yan Mingguang’s gaze.

It wasn’t fear but rather, he found himself emotionally softening.

Yan Wei’s expression remained unchanged.

His casual and undisciplined air was slowly stored away, leaving nothing but solemnity.

In fact, he felt a little guilty being looked at by Yan Mingguang like this but fortunately he was mentally strong, and he was able to control his expression.

The next moment, just as the elevator door began to slowly close, Yan Mingguang calmly responded, “Okay.”

Yan Wei blinked a few times.

He then raised the corners of his lips and walked out.

They had been delayed a little by the bloody handprints on the bed and the dolls which had their eyes dug out so when they arrived at the restaurant, the rest of the players that were still alive were already there.

The middle-aged man was also sitting at the dining table with his head hung low as the other players on the thirteenth floor were discussing nervously about something.

Looks like they have found out about the woman’s death last night.

With Yan Wei and Yan Mingguang’s appearance, the expressions of the other players all changed slightly.

A young man dressed like a gangster looked at them sharply, his expression filled with hostility.

Yan Wei recalled this person’s name.

It seemed to be Sun Shi.

As soon as he sat down, Gao Ming who sat next to him frowned and whispered to him, “Where did you guys go Why were you here so late”

“Something happened earlier.

Our room——-”

“Bloody handprints appeared and the dolls that were thrown into the bin outside also had their eyes dug out.” Sun Shi interrupted Yan Wei, “That’s what you told me just now and you even tricked me into going to your room to take a look.

In the end, that room turned into the art studio and a woman came out of the painting and tried to dig out my eyes! If it weren’t for me…..If it wasn’t for my life-saving item, I would have died in there because of trash like you!”

Yan Wei’s expression hardened.

It took him a moment to understand what had happened.

Sun Shi had encountered a similar situation to what they had encountered yesterday.

Someone had pretended to be a player, conjured up an illusion and used it to deceive Sun Shi and lure him into the painting.

It was just that this time, the fake player Sun Shi encountered had taken on his appearance.

But he had clearly warned the others about this using Yan Mingguang’s name yesterday.

He didn’t expect someone to still fall for it.

It was just that…..Sun Shi who didn’t see through this trick still managed to survive because he used a life-saving item But they were beginner players, and no one had any items.

Why would Sun Shi have a life-saving item

When he first came in, the tower had introduced this instance as the first-floor instance, but it didn’t say that all the players in it were beginner players.

Beginner players will start at the first floor, but it also didn’t mean that all the players on the first floor are beginner players.

Yan Wei lowered his head slightly as he realised this point.

His light brown eyes flashed with understanding and then he spoke with a rather casual tone, “You encountered someon from inside the painting.

I have always been with Yan Mingguang, it just took me a while in the morning because I took a shower.

We also encountered a fake Gao Ming yesterday.

If it wasn’t for Yan Mingguang being so powerful, I would have probably died in that studio.”

Sun Shi sneered, “I originally suspected that it might be the case but everything you said was exactly the same.

Why are you saying the same thing as the fake about those bloody handprints and dolls Did you plan this out with them I know ghosts can sometimes deceive players but they will need information to be able to deceive us and their purpose of deceiving us would naturally be in order to kill us.

If the you I met was fake, why didn’t he kill me and instead wanted to run I’m not stupid.

You’re clearly trying to push the fact that you tried to get me killed onto the ghost.”

Yan Wei sent him a look, “You’re the stupid one for falling for it.”


Gao Ming pushed up his glasses and frowned, “Why don’t you calm down.

In a place like this, anything can happen.

It could be possible that the ghost knows what Yan Wei has encountered.”

Yan Wei didn’t speak.

This idiot.

Can’t even see through such an obvious trick.

Yan Wei didn’t want to waste any time on him.

He just picked up the tableware and slowly began to eat the breakfast set out on the table.

Sun Shi saw him nonchalantly start eating and glared at him, but he couldn’t do anything to Yan Wei.

He could only say darkly, “Anyway, trash like you who only have a face that’s worth seeing will end up dying here regardless.”

Before the last of his words could finish, Yan Mingguang pulled out something from his pocket with a cold expression and threw it onto the table in front of him.

“Thunk——” A dagger-like short knife was plunged into the table.

The blade was still trembling, and the table also shook a little from the impact.

It was enough to see how much force was used when it was thrown.

Sun Shi immediately turned pale.

His lips trembled and he didn’t dare say anything else.

The people there ate their breakfast in an awkward and tense atmosphere.

Only Yan Wei and Yang Mingguang seemed indifferent to it all.

Gao Ming was also rather calm during this time.

He asked the middle-aged man some questions and also discussed his thoughts with Yan Mingguang—-Although it was said to be a discussion, it was in fact Gao Ming speaking the entire time.

Half an hour later, the attendant came.

He only left four tickets for the art exhibition and four maps of the city before turning and leaving.

At the same time, all the players received a notice from the tower.

[Congratulations on reaching the next stage of the instance.

The location of this instance has expanded to include the hotel as well as the entire city in which the hotel is located in.

Players can move freely within the mapped-out areas from 8am to 6pm every day.

Other times, players must be at the hotel.

Violation punishment: Death.]

Sun Shi was the first to make a move.

He immediately grabbed an exhibition ticket and a map.

When the other players saw this, they also realised that there weren’t enough for everyone.

They similarly quickly reached out to grab the exhibition tickets.

Yan Mingguang on the other hand only picked up a map while Yan Wei didn’t move and only smiled imperceptibly.

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He was wondering before how he should search for clues in all these locations in such a short time, especially with the nine-day time limit being a trick to put a veil over their eyes.

To do this, one must notice the issue with the time limit at the very beginning of the instance, realise that there are a large number of locations to check and then split up the team in search for clues.

In addition to all that, they also must ensure that the people searching for the clues don’t run into anything unexpected.

The difficulty was too high.

Moreover, since rules that could confuse players had already appeared once in this instance, it could appear a second time.

The four art exhibition tickets given to them by the attendant further affirmed Yan Wei’s guess —- The art exhibition was constantly mentioned and made to seem like it would contain indispensable clues, but they were only given four tickets.

It didn’t make sense.

What’s more, the rules aren’t there for no reason.

From the very beginning, them coming to see the art exhibition was only something they heard from the attendant’s mouth, and it wasn’t a mandatory requirement set by the tower.

Only the map of this instance had expanded, it didn’t directly say that they should go to the art exhibition.

The fact that there are only four tickets also meant that going to there wasn’t necessary.

That was why Yan Mingguang only got a map and didn’t get a ticket.

In the end, Sun Shi, the middle-aged man and two other players took the tickets as well as two copies of the map, Yan Wei and Yang Mingguang only got one copy of the map and Gao Ming who also didn’t take a ticket got the last copy of the map.

With the ticket in his hand, Sun Shi led the remaining three people.

When he passed by Yan Wei on his way out, he sneered very contemptuously, “You are quite self-aware.

Trash like you should just stay in the hotel and not drag us down.

After I find the clues, if you no longer try to trick people and sincerely admit to your wrongdoings, I can consider taking you out of this place.”

He was in a hurry to find the clues.

As soon as he was doing speaking, he immediately strode out the room.

Yan Wei watched Sun Shi’s hastily leaving figure and said softly, “…….

Congratulations, this player——Oh, that’s not it, this idiot here will soon waste an entire day away.”

Gao Ming, “Yan Wei, did you say something”


Gao Ming asked again, “Yan Mingguang, where are you going”

Yan Wei blinked a few times.

His gaze stirred slightly, and his pair of beautiful eyes revealed innocence and clarity.

He didn’t speak.

Yan Mingguang only answered lightly, “Hospital.”

“Sure enough!” Gao Ming slapped the table.

He was pleased, “You thought the same as me.

When we went to the studio, the hospital has appeared too many times in the backgrounds of the portraits and since the exhibition tickets are limited, I thought it would be better to check the hospital first.

Yan Wei, you should come to the hospital with us.

There probably won’t be any clues to find in the hotel for the time being and it may actually be more dangerous staying here.

Why don’t you come with Yan Mingguang and I and we can take good care of you”

“Okay.” Going to the hospital was originally something Yan Wei had suggested to Yan Mingguang, so he naturally didn’t turn down Gao Ming’s good intentions, “Thank you.”

Next to Yan Wei, Yang Mingguang had already pulled the knife back out of the table and neatly stored it away.

Having had agreed on a cooperative partnership with this man earlier, Yan Wei boldly used a chicken feather as a token of authority and said to Gao Ming, “But before we go, Yan Mingguang wanted me to ask you something.

You and Sun Shi aren’t beginner players, are you”

Gao Ming’s expression changed suddenly!


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