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He Is Warmer Than Time Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Advise Harmony And Not Division

Gu Jinghang was feeling tired. Just as he was about to close his eyes, he was awakened with a start. Enraged, he said in a surly voice, “F***! What do you want”

When he opened his eyes and saw that it was Song Ran, he was so shocked that he started sweating buckets. He was in a daze. How could he forget that it would be Song Ran

“Ran... Ran...” His voice was trembling. He had never used such nasty language in front of her before. Did that scare her or make her feel uncomfortable

Song Rans face was expressionless. Ignoring his sudden outburst, she took two capsules and put them onto his palm and said, “Drink the medicine.”

Gu Jinghang quickly swallowed the pills. Song Ran gave him the water and he took a huge gulp of it. The water had been recently poured out from the thermal flask and it was still burning hot. Yet he did not dare spit the water out, so he forcefully gulped it down.

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His face instantly turned rosy red like a huge prawn that had just been cooked.

Song Ran asked worriedly, “Did it scald you”

She did not have experience in taking care of people, so she did not think of cooling the water first before giving it to him.

Gu Jinghang could not keep a straight face after getting scalded, yet he hid his discomfort by remaining silent. He said, “Its alright. I have thick skin. Im fine.”

In fact, Team Leader Gu had already burnt the inner lining in his mouth, but no matter how much pain he was in, he would accept anything because it was Rans concern for him that pushed away all his doubts and grievances.


Song Ran reprimanded him, “Gu Jinghang, are you a fool Who told you to drink such a big mouthful You are a grown man. Do I have to nag at you”

Gu Jinghang giggled and said, “Maybe I have gotten a little silly from the fever. Dont be angry, okay Please dont be angry.”

Song Ran took the cup that he was holding and put it near her mouth. She blew at it lightly and waited for it to cool before letting Gu Jinghang gulp down everything in one breath.

Song Ran made him drink two glasses of water then asked him to lie down. She covered a thin blanket over him and said, “You will be fine after sweating it out.”

It was completely silent and Gu Jinghang felt that his heart was beating very loudly. He looked at the person beside his bed and said softly, “Where are you going to sleep”

Song Ran waved her hand and said, “Im not tired. You can sleep first. Ill think of something when I get tired later on.”

Song Ran was indeed different. In the past, she would not have been so considerate towards him.

After taking the medicine for fever relief, Gu Jinghang felt the effects of the medication immediately. He wanted to hold on a little longer and have a short chat with Song Ran as he did not know if Song Ran would revert to her old self by the time he got up.

His eyelids started twitching and soon he was fast asleep and dreaming.

Song Ran touched his forehead and realized that it was full of sweat. She wiped off the sweat for him carefully and stared at him for a long time. She ran her fingers through his dashing silhouette, and she was reluctant to let go.

Such a man was just within her grasp. Everything had returned to the start. Maybe she had unknowingly accumulated merit by doing good deeds in her past life.

She stood up to turn off the lights before searching for two books on the desk. She placed them onto the cement floor beside the foot of the wall and sat down joyfully.

The moonlight shone into the room through the squarish windows and onto the person lying on the bed. Song Ran was leaning against the wall while resting her head on the desk beside her and she closed her eyes happily.

Great. This is great.

Song Ran thought that she would not be able to fall asleep. But maybe because it soothed her to have Gu Jinghang by her side, she fell asleep unknowingly and went into dreamland with his scent in her nostrils.

In her dream, there was chaos...

Gu Jinghang was dragging her by the arm and his eyes were filled with anxiety as he said, “Ran, listen to me. It is not how you imagined it to be.”

Song Ran replied with a touch of sarcasm, “Not what I think it is. Then what is it Gu Jinghang, Im so disappointed in you. You are a total villain. A fake gentleman!”

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