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Along the road side; an extremely beautiful girl keeps walking from one street to another and looking at everyone passing suspiciously. She was wearing a short gown and this gown was white in colour but it had stained so it colour had changed to somehow brownish.

The young beautiful lady was normal in stature, had a very attractive cat eye balls and a pointed noise. She had a long hair and which was brown in colour; her skin was glowing means that she was not from a poor family but a rich and flamboyant family. The name of this beautiful and attractive lady was ARIA; the name was so beautiful as the person bearing it.

Aria was walking to where people were but none of them noticed her or did as if they seen her at all despite all stupid things that she was doing for someone to just notice her. All of them were just passing by and it was like they didn see her. She too didn expect all of them to see her because she was a SPIRIT, but just trying her lucky maybe someone could see her.

Aria stopped walking after a long walk and sat down on the chair at the front of a big mall. She rests her back on the chair and looking so sad.

If you are lucky and someone seems you, hold that person well and don let him or her go. He or she can be the one that will help you and let you go back into your body Aria remembering the conversations that she heard with a man whom was also a Sprit like her.

It may not be easy but you can have the luck. I have been looking for someone or TRUE LOVE from someone for the past eleven years now but I don Hearing the mans voice said.

You should try; leave this hospital environment, go out and you can be lucky Aria breathes out and changed the way she was sitting.

"I have been walking for the whole day, let me return back to my friend and I will continue with this tomorrow" Aria said to herself and stood up.

"I am tired, even I am hungry. Let me start going" she said and started leaving the mall; she just walked a little far from the mall and just got to a restaurant beside it when she saw a little boy eating snacks and also put one beside him on a chair.

"That one too should be enough for that little boy, let me take that one I beg" Aria said to herself and took the second wrapper. The little boy didn see her but he just saw that his second snacks had disappeared and he started crying and shouting.

"Ah! Ah!! Clam down okay, and I will get another one for you now" the little boy heard a guy said and standing beside him.

"Calm down and stop crying okay, I will get another one for you now" the guy pet the little boy and quickly walked to the man that was selling it at the front of the restaurant and bought another one.

"Thank you very much Uncle" the little boy said with joy and as he collected it from the guy. The guy just smiled and quickly left the place, and ran to Aria. She was still walking alone the road side and she had not walked far from the restaurant.

"Ah! Ah!! Look at me and how could you do that to that little boy" the young guy said with anger and standing at the front of Aria.

"How could you steal this from that little boy, a little boy for that matter" the guy said.

"I am hungry and I took it, moreover there is one in his hand that he is eating" Aria said with loud voice and like she didn do anything wrong.

"That is stealing, you should have begged him for it not to steal it" the guy said.

"Ask him first as if he can see me----- No, wait for a minutes. Can you see me?" Aria said with loud voice.

"What did you mean by that? I don get" the guy said with low voice.

"Oh my God! Oh my God, he can see him!! He can see me" Aria jumped up with joy and hugged the guy tightly. The guy was shocked as she hugged him and just separated his hands.

The guy was tall, normal in stature and so handsome. He was dressing well and looking like a rich guy from a billionaire home and his name was HENRY

"What is this, get yourself away from me" Henry said with loud voice and pushed her away.

"I am happy that you can see me, you can see me!!" She said and hugged him again.

"What is wrong with you? Get off" Henry pushed her away again and looking at her suspiciously.

"What is wrong with you and what did you mean by I CAN SEE YOU?" he asked with low voice and looking at her.

"That little boy keeps saying that his snacks disappeared, mean that he didn see me and I am happy that you can see me. This is what I have been praying for since, wow!" Aria was so happy.

"I don get, I don understand at all" Henry said with low voice and looked around him, looked at people passing by.

"I want to confirm something first, go and stay at that car" Henry said with low voice and looking at Aria suspiciously. Aria obeyed what he said and she went to stay at the car, standing beside it.

"I am sorry that I stopped you Brother, I have a little problem with my eye but its like I am seeing a stain on my car. Can you see it too? Help me please" he said with low voice.

"Nothing is there Sir, its clean and looking so beautiful" the boy said with respect.

"You don see anything there, nobody is there too?" Henry asked.

"Nobody is there and no stain, its only the car that is there Sir" the boy said and wanted to go.

"Alright! Thank you very much" Henry said with low voice and he was so surprised and feeling somehow. The boy left, and Henry walked to the car.

"I am so happy that you can see me, I am happy" Aria said and with a lovely smiles.

"Fine! Please I have to go now" He pressed the key to the car and wanted to be going to the driver side.

"I WANT TO BE LIVING WITH YOU PLEASE!" Aria said with low voice.

"That can never be possible, I don know you from Adam so please, and I have to go now" Aria held his hand and didn allow him to go.

"I want to live with you!" She said with loud voice.

"Listen to me and listen good, its can be possible. I don know you, and leave me alone" Henry said with loud voice and wanted to enter into the car.

Aria didn want him to go so she thought of what to do, she grabbed his hand and used it to slap the ass of a lady that was pressing by.

"I am sorry, I am so sorry!!" Henry started saying as the lady faced back with anger. The lady calm down as she saw that he was a handsome and a rich guy.

"Alright, its fine" the lady said with smiles and leaving the place.

"Oh! It doesn go as expected" Aria said with low voice.

"Why did you do that?" Henry said with loud voice and with anger.

"CAN I LIVE WITH YOU?" Aria asked with low voice.

"I said NO! I don you know from Adam and stay away from me" Henry opened the door and as he opened it, Aria had entered the back seat and hind there without Henrys knowledge. Henry started the car and started driving.

Aria raised her head up as she saw that he had been on the road, and she jumped to the front. She held the tarring and turned his hand to hit a car at the front of him.

"What the hell?" Henry said with loud voice and quickly stopped the car.

"What have you done, and how did you get into my car---"Henry was talking to Aria with anger when he saw the woman that he hit his car knocking at the mirror and shouting. Henry breathes in, opened the door and got down from the car.

"I am so sorry Madam, I am sorry madam!" Henry started saying and looking angry.

"What are you saying? Look at my car; look at what you have down. I am sorry I can accept this, what rubbish is this" the woman said with anger.

"When you know that you have drunk, you won drive at all. I can accept this, and please officer takes judgment" the woman said and talking to the law officers and they had got there as it happened.

"I just have to be telling you sorry, because I don know what to say" Henry said with low voice.

"Before we can solve anything, two of you enter into your car and let go to office. You are causing traffic like this, so please let go" one of the law officer said.

"Okay! Its fine" Henry said with low voice and entered into the car with one of the law officer, sitting with him at the front. Aria was at the back seat and looking so calm; Henry started the car and going to their office.

They arrived there after few minutes and drove inside the compound; Henry stopped the car and got down with the law officer and going inside with the woman. Aria too got down, standing beside the car and waiting for them.

As Henry and others entered, they met the head of the officers there and talking to his boss.

"Henry Ryan, what are you doing here?" the man said and he knew him too well. Henrys father was a very popular man and he had a billionaire company; except from his own father their family was a very popular and famous family.

"I accidently hit her car and that is why we are here to solve it" He said with low voice.

"How did you do it?" The man asked.

"Its just by mistake Uncle. On our way coming I have called my mechanic to come here and to fix it for her" Henry said with low voice.

"That is so good and calm down Madam" the man said.

"He will be here shortly, and can I go please because I really have something to do" Henry said.

"No problem, but please just drop your card so that we can call you" Henry dropped his card as the man said and left the office. He came down to the compound and walked to his car.

"Thank God, it doesn go beyond the expectation" Aria said with low voice and Henry looked at her with anger showed all over him.

"Look at me you this EVEIL WITCH, you have done enough so stay away from me" he said with loud voice.

"I can stay away from you" Aria said.

"What is your problem? I said stay away from me you this Evil Witch, I don know you and you keep following me around and causing trouble. What if it goes beyond that and you caused a very fatal accident, what is even wrong with you----"

"Calm down, calm down and remember you are the only one seeing me so don let people be looking at you like you are not mentally okay" Aria said with low voice as Henry was nagging. Henry looked around him and calm down.

"Look at me, stay away from me. Even what do you want from me?" Henry asked.

"CAN I LIVE WITH YOU?" Aria said with low voice.

"And I said No! No is NO" Henry said with loud voice and looked around him suspicious.

"You have to reply me in a positive way, if not I will continue to be putting more trouble on your neck" Aria said and Henry looked at her.

"Are you threatening me? Or what the ** is this" Henry said with loud voice and he had fed up.

"No! But please CAN I LIVE WITH YOU, CAN I LIVE WITH YOU" Aria continued saying and shouting loudly to his ear. She keeps saying it and none stop.


"OKAY, FINE!!" Henry said with loud voice and out of anger.

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