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"Get into the car" Henry said with low voice and going to the other side at the driver side. Aria opened the door and two of them entered into the car at the same time and sitting beside each other at the front seat. Henry started the car and started driving away from the station.

"Thank you very much for accepting my offer, I am so happy right now" Aria said with smiles on her face and she started talking again. Aria was a very laughy girl, free to people and she used to talk too much. Her first approached to people always used to be like she had met them for a long time and that was her own personality. But Henrys personality was so different and Arias personality was opposite to his own; Henry was an introvert person while Aria was extrovert.

"You don know how happy I am that you can see me, I am so happy and I am so luck" she laughed and shaking her body; Henry just focused to his driving and he didn utter a word.

"This really shows that I am a luck girl-----"

"Can you keep silent please and let be silent in this car" Henry said and shut her up.

"Alright! No problem, I am just saying my mind out. But no problem if that is what you want" Aria said and she kept silent.

"Thank you!" Henry said with low voice, used his right eye to look at her suspiciously and he hadn get free with her; even he was afraid of her and he hadn know what to do.

"I just want to say I mean no harm and its my mind that I am saying----"Aria trying to say again after few minutes of silent.

"Can I have silent in this car please? Silent and please let me breathe" Henry said with loud voice and he had been getting tired of Aria.

"Okay!" Aria said with low voice and she felt somehow sad as he shouted at her; she turned her face outside and looking outside. Henry looked at her and he just breathes out.

Henrys phone started ringing after few minutes; he put the Bluetooth on his neck in his ear and picked the call. It was his mechanic that called.

"Hello, I have been expecting your call" Henry said with low voice.

"Sir, I have brought the womans car to my workshop and we have been working on it. We will soon done with it and that is why I called to give you feedback Sir" the man said.

"Oh! Good, thank you very much but hope its not something really serious?" Aria faced him and listening to their conversations.

"Not something really serious, you should not worry about that Sir. I will do it perfectly fine"

"That is so good and thank you very much, I will send your payment when I get home because I am driving now" Henry said.

"No problem at all Sir, but what about your own car? Nothing happened to it?"

"Nothing happened to my own car just only womans own but you can come tomorrow to take it for service, that is just is it" Henry replied.

"No problem at all Sir, I will come tomorrow morning. But hope no problem Sir, because this is so usual of you and I know that you are a very careful person so what happened?" Henry looked at Aria as the man said so; Aria turned her face as he looked at her and looking outside.

"Nothing at all, its just happened and thank you so much" Henry said with low voice and hanged up from the call. He removed the Bluetooth from his ear and focused to the driving.


They got to Henrys house after one hour; he drove inside the compound and parked at the front of the house. He opened the door and got down from the car, Aria too got down looking round the compound and walking behind him.

The compound of the house so free and so beautiful, it was decorated with lovely natural flowers and these were those things that made it to be extremely beautiful. The house too was well decorated and a little big; with the status of that house it had spoke a lot about the person that could be living there and so an average person couldn be capable enough to rent that house.

Henry was a masters student of one popular private university, so it was within the school location that he was living and he was the only one that was living in that house. He didn has a friends so nobody used to come to his house expect from his girlfriend and it was once in a while.

Henry opened the door and two of them entered into the room, he closed the door behind Aria and walked inside. Aria was looking round the room and she admired what she was seeing; Henry just passed beside her and went to the fridge to take water. Took a bottle water, opened it and started drinking. He walking closer to Aria.

"This house is so beautiful and I love it" Aria threw a comment.

"Its so cool and I love all what I am seeing" She started touching the paint and toys, carrying them up and admiring them.

"Ah! Stop that and listen to me now" Henry said with loud voice.

"Okay!" Aria put the toy in her down on the table and faces him, staring at each other.

"You have forced yourself to be in my house so you have to behave yourself, if not I will send you out" Henry said with loud voice and like they were fighting.

"Agreed and anything you want, and also nice to meet you" Aria said with smiles and wanted to hug him.

"Ah! Step back and don try to do that again" Henry pushed her away.

"Alright! Fine, but want about handshake" She said with loud voice and pointing her hand at him; Henry was just looking at her and folded his hand.

"Sorry, fine then" Aria said with low voice when he refused to shake hand with her; she smiled at him and sat down on the chair. Henry entered the kitchen side and wanted to prepare something to eat.

"Are you the only one living?" Aria asked with loud voice.

"Yes" Henry replied and brought out noodles from a shelf and a small pot.

"Oh! Why are you living alone, no any family or relative?" Aria asked.

"This is school environment, I am schooling here or can you see" Henry replied.

"Okay! I thought as much, I am a student too" Aria turned her body, put her kneels on the coach and faced Henry at where he was cooking.

"Which level are you? and let talk more about ourselves---"

"Ah! You can do that, sit down or you stand up. You can put your leg on the coach, its dirty" Henry said with loud voice.

"Okay! Okay!! Sorry!" Aria put her feet on the coach, standing on the chair and wanted to jump to the other side that Henry was.

"Oh! No you can do that----"Henry shouted, he didn like dirty at all.

"Oh my God!! Why would you do that?" Henry said loudly with anger.

"I want to come and meet you here so that we can enjoy our conversations, and still walking like that is a stress so that is why I did that. Is anything wrong with that?" Aria said with low voice.

"Listen to me, I don like dirty and since you have forced yourself to be living with me you have to obey my rules. I don like all these" Henry said.

"HE IS TOO HARSH, I DONT LIKE HIM" Aria said inside her mind and frowning her face.

"Okay!" She said with low voice and returned back to the seat, she sat down on the chair and looking calm like she was a gentle girl.

"Huu!" Henry did and he had tired of her behaviors.

Some minutes later, Henry had finished with what he was cooking and he served it inside two plates. He carried the plates to the dining table, put it down and put two bottles water beside it. He called Aria to the table and he sat down and started eating.

"Thank you" Aria said with low voice and sat down on the chair opposite Henry.

"I know that its because of the way we met that is why we don bother to know each others name" Aria said as she started eating.

"My name is Aria, what is your own name?" She asked and starring at him.

"What is your name now or you want me to give you name?" She asked when he refused to talk.

"My name is Henry" He replied with low voice.

"Okay! So which level are you?" Aria asked.

"I am doing my Master, and can we just eat and stop talking please" Henry said.

"Okay!" Aria frowned her face, looked at him and she continued eating.

Some minutes later, they had finished eating and Henry had washed the plates and he had cleaned everywhere including the chair that Aria stepped on. Henry was with his laptop working on it and while Aria was sitting on the chair and looking at him.

"I am going to my bedroom so come with me and let me show your room" Henry said as he stood up and holding his laptop.

"Alright!" Aria said with low voice and got up; Henry walked to the front and Aria going after him. They got to where the rooms were after few minutes and the rooms were opposite to each other; Henry opened the door and entered into the room with Aria.

"This is your room; you will be here still the time you will leave" Henry said with low voice.

"Okay! I love it and thank you" Aria said with loud voice and walking rounds the room.

"Good night!" Henry said and going out, sound of the door closed and Aria continued walking round the room and she was so happy with what she was seeing.

One hour later, Henry had been sleeping when he heard a knocked at his door and the door opened. Aria entered into the room and looking at everywhere.

"Wow! This room is so lovely and cool" she said as she entered.

"What did you want? And as you can see I am sleeping" Henry said with low voice.

"I am feeling somehow with this cloth on me, I need a cloth to change to even I need clothes and I think you should get that for me tomorrow. But give me one to change to now" Aria said.

"Remember you forced me to bring you to my house, so please don disturb me" Henry said.

"Also I don have any female cloth in my house, if you need one go and get it by yourself. Please leave my room for heaven shake" Henry said.

"Ah! That mean its your clothes I will be wearing because I need cloth, or I will go to the shop nearby and take it in your name" Aria said with low voice.

"I need a cloth to wear this night" She said and opened the wardrobe at the front of her.

"Oh! My God, what are you doing? And what gives you the right to my things" Henry said with loud voice.

"I need a cloth, and I have seen one" Aria said and holding a t-shirt.

"Put it down and you can wear my cloth now" Henry got up and with anger.

"I will wear this one this night, tomorrow you will get clothes for me. Goodnight" Aria said with smiles on her face and going; sounds of the door closed.

"This girl is so troublesome, just a day" Henry breathes out and fell on the bed.

"I DONT THINK I CAN LIVE WITH THIS GIRL, SHE IS FRAUSTRANTING" "Huuuu" Henry did and used the blanket to cover his head with anger.

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