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Sound of the plates beating on each other and creating a lot of noises. Aria was in the kitchen preparing herself something to eat, she was wearing the t-** that she took from Henry and packed her long hair to the back. It was in the morning, and as Aria woke up it was kitchen that she came straight and started cooking. She didn eat yesterday night because of the mood that she was, and this had to do with her mother and her actions at the hospital.

Aria was just dropping the wrappers of the items that she was using to cook down on the floor, left everywhere unkempt and so dirty. She was so comfortable with it and not feeling anyhow, just focused on the food that she was cooking and it was like it could have ready.

"Good morning" Aria said with low voice as Henry got to the living room. Henry didn reply just looking at everywhere and feeling so uncomfortable as he saw everywhere unkempt.

He was zero tolerate to dirty and that was why he used to clean everywhere, even at his house their workers had known him and it was every time that they used to clean his bedroom, study room and other places.

"Why is everywhere like this?" He said with loud voice and looking somehow sad. He was dressing in a lovely outfit and he was planning of going out.

"What happened?" Aria replied back with a question, looking around her and like nothing was wrong.

"This place is dirty, look at everywhere! You just unkempt it and didn brother to clean it up" Henry said and he was burning inside him.

"As how? I am still cooking so it normal and I will clean it when I am done" Aria replied.

"You suppose to be cleaning along as you are cooking not to just leave everywhere dirty like this, even the food that you are cooking won be hygienic" Aria didn say anything, just took a spoon and tasting the food that she was cooking.

"Tired it up, I am feeling uncomfortable about it and this is my house always make it clean" Henry said with loud voice.

"Okay!" Aria replied with low voice and started packing the wrapper inside the waste basket beside her and cleaned everywhere up within few minutes.

"No! You suppose to wash your hands first before checking the food, you just finished packing dirties" Henry said with loud voice and as Aria took the spoon back and wanted to continue tasting the food.

"You have to learn how to be cleaned, you are too dirty" Henry said with anger and sat down on the chair.

"He is so harsh and complain a lot" Aria said inside her mind as she was washing her hand inside the zinc and frowning. She used the wet hands to clean her cloth and went back to her food.

She served the food inside a plate after few minutes, took bottle water inside the fridge and went to sit down at the living room. She put the plate down on the table with the bottle water, and she sat down on the coach opposite to Henry.

"Will you like to eat?" she asked with low voice and starring at him.

"No! I am not" he replied with low voice and staring at the television.

"But you haven eat anything this morning and I cooked for both of us" Aria said.

"I will cook for myself if I want to eat, I can eat food poison" He replied with loud voice.

"Food poison as how but I didn put poison in the food" Aria said and she was confused somehow.

"You made the food in a dirty environment and you too that prepared it is dirty; with that the food would have been contaminated and its poison" Aria looked him as he said so, she just carried the food closer to herself and started eating without uttered a word.

"Eat fast, its you that I am waiting for" Aria raised her head up, looked at him and busy eating.

"We are going out together-----"

"To get clothes for me" Aria didn allow him to complete the statement before she said loudly.

"No! But to go to the hospital that you said your body is and to confirm if its true. Because I haven believed you yet or believe that you are truly a spirit" Henry replied.

"Okay! No problem I will be fast, but one thing I am not a spirit just invisible from some people" Aria said with low voice.

"Anyhow, just be fast" Henry crossed his legs, rubbing his right hands figures together and looking at her.

Aria finished eating after some minutes and took the plate to the kitchen; she quickly washed the plates, returned it back to the plate holder and cleaned everywhere as the Henry wanted it. She returned back to the living room, standing at the front of him and waiting for them to leave.

"Are we not going again" She asked after few minutes of silent.

"Are you going like this? Can you see that this cloth is too short" Henry said with low voice.

"I don have any cloth and also nobody else is seeing me except from you so why you curious" Aria replied and looking at him somehow.

"Oh!!" He said with low voice and he had forgotten that he was the only one seeing her.

"Are you okay?" Aria asked with gentle voice.

"Sure! Let go then" he replied and left the way for Aria to pass first, Aria walked to the front and he followed her. Sound of the door opened and closed, two of them got down to the compound and walked to the car. Two of them entered into the car and sitting together at the front seat; Henry started the car and driving out from the house.


They arrived to the hospital after two hours and some minutes; drove inside the compound and parked beside a blue car as the security guard instructed him. Henry opened the door and got down from the car; Aria pushed the door back as Henry wanted to close it and decided to get down through that place. She didn want to create confusion to people if the door opened and they didn see anyone came down from there.

"I will wait for you here, you can go inside" Aria said with low voice and standing beside the car.

"Are you not going with me?" Henry said with low voice and looking around him.

"To avoid all these, that is why I don want" Aria replied with low voice and said that because of the way he was looking around maybe people weren watching him talking alone.

"Okay! I will take my leave now" Henry said with low voice, looked at her again and turned back. Aria rest her back at the body of the car and looking at him as he was going inside.

"Is that the guy you told me about?" Her spirits friend said with low voice.

"Yes! He is the one, he came to confirm truly maybe my body is here" Aria replied and two of them standing beside each other.

"He is looking so calm and cool" Her friend say and two of them looking at Henry.

"He is but he is harsh and complained a lot" Aria said with loud voice and the man smiled.

Henry entered into the hospital, stopped at the reception and facing the lady that was there. The lady got up and started attending to him.

"She had an accident and she was brought here four days ago" Henry said with low voice.

"What is her name and can I see her picture please?" the lady asked with low voice.

"Her name is Aria but I didn have her picture" Henry replied.

"Aria! Oh that is the girl in comma" the lady said with low voice and closed the book at the front of her.

"Can I see her please? Just want to check on her" Henry said with low voice.

"We can just allow you to walk to the ward of the person in comma, so if I may ask who are you to her?"

"I am her friend, so I came here as I heard of what happened to her. I mean no harm" He replied.

"Alright! But I have to inform her Doctor first, so few minutes please" The lady got down from the chair and coming out from the small counter.

"Thank God, she is even here" The receptionist said as she saw the Doctor and quickly called her.

"The young man here wants to see your patient in comma, Aria" the lady said.

"And who are you to her young man?" The Doctor asked with low voice.

"I am her friend and I am just here to check on her; can I see her please" Henry said with low voice.

"You are the second person that would come here to check on her since she has been here. Come with me" The Doctor said and going at the front; Henry just looked at her and following her.

"How close are you to her?" The Doctor asked.

"We are friends and did you have anything to do with that?" Henry asked with low voice.

"If you are boyfriend, I will plead you to be coming here often and try to be telling her all the fun things that you have had together. Since her mother didn have the time to do that, I think you can" the woman replied.

"I will try" Henry just replied silently. The Doctor stopped walking after a long walk from the reception; she pressed the handle of the door down and opened the door. She entered a little and stopped at the entrance door.

"This is her and I wish she should wake up soon" Henry was just looking at Arias body on the bed and he was short of words.

"The accident is so terrible but thank God for her that no any complication just for her to wake up from this comma" the Doctor said but Henry didn hear anything just busy looking at Arias body.

"Are you okay?" The Doctor asked with low voice and touched him on his shoulder.

"SO SHE IS TRULY A SPIRIT" Henry said out as the Doctor touched him.

"What did you just say?" She asked with low voice and looking at him suspiciously.

"Nothing and I have to go now" he said suspiciously with fear, looked at the body again and going out.

"He is acting weirdly" the Doctor said with low voice, turned back and looking at him leaving.

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