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Chapter 42 – To the Capital of the Empire (5)

I did not know the pink haired nun’s name.

And if I were to ask, the fact that I didn’t know her would reveal my identity.

So, I was going along with the flow and following along.

“Phew, we made it before it started.”

People were going inside the temple, as if they were still about to start, and we saw some soldiers being guided by a nun as they came outside.

“Then, we ask you to please be on the lookout.”

“Yes, of course.”

The soldiers got outside, peeked at us, then went past.

“You came just in time, sisters.”

The young nun who found us bowed her head slowly.

“Yes, it was close, right”

Because the pink-haired lady bowed, I bowed too.

“Did you hear The soldier said that there is some frightening dual specimen criminal who is going around wearing our robe.”

Oh, so that was why the soldiers were here.

I bowed my head as much as I could.

Although my ears were hidden, if they realized that they didn’t recognize my face, I would be in trouble.

“We met soldiers on our way, and they said something along the same line.”

“Oh my, how could an unholy being dare to act as one of us They will definitely get the anger of the emperor and be executed painfully.”

How could she say such things with a smile

“Umm, we have to go inside soon.”

I thought that the conversation was getting too long and reminded them.

The nuns made an exclamation like ‘ah.’

“Look at me.

Let’s get inside now.”

So the pink haired lady and I were trying to get inside.

“One moment.”

But the nun at the front of the door stopped us.

“I hope that you do not take offense, but there was an order by the director to check every nun for their identity.”

Things got annoying.

Still, it shouldn’t be a big problem with the pink hair around.

“Do we both have to do it”

But the way that the pink hair spoke was a bit odd.

It wasn’t obvious, but it was a voice that was testing the other person.

“Don’t be too nervous.

All you have to do is to memorize our common prayer.”

“Oh, I see.

I thought we had to do something more complicated.”

The pink hair let out a sigh of relief.


All I have to do is copy whatever she says.

“You go first.”



But the pink hair nudged me on.


I looked at the pink hair in shock, but she just smiled. 

“Don’t be so nervous.

Um…you are….”

The nun in front of me made a puzzled face after seeing my face.

I would be caught at this rate. 

“Fine, I’ll do it.

What do I have to do”

From my question, the nun in front made an apologetic face. 

“I apologize.

I don’t recall all the names of the sisters…you know the prayer that we do every morning That’s all.”

Even though she described it simply, there was no way that I would know.

Had the pink hair already noticed that I was not a nun Was that why she made me go first


The face of the nun who asked was turning from one of apology to suspicion.

Should I run No.

I have to think.

It had to be in the novel somewhere.

Also, I remembered one prayer related to the church of the Emperor.

“We thank the emperor today for providing us with the food we eat and for his generosity.”

There was one prayer that was said before meals.

This was unforgettable, since Arje recited it every morning before she ate.

“Yes, you know.

For a moment I thought you were that evil criminal claiming to belong to the church of the emperor!”

The nun in front laughed graciously while covering her mouth.

I would have been caught if I was a second late.

“Haha, no way…”

I tried to laugh as graciously as Arje did.

This was no easy thing to do.

How did Arje smile and talk like this everyday

“Then we will head in first, sister.”

The pink hair went inside as she nudged my back as if she had been waiting for this moment.

“One moment!”

As I felt when she first grabbed me, this pink haired nun was so strong that to prevent from falling, I had to keep moving forward.


That was close, right”

When we got inside, the pink hair removed her hand from my back and laughed as if nothing had happened.

“I thought pink…I mean sister would recite the prayer.”

When I complained, the pink hair winked and made an apologetic gesture.


I forgot the prayer for a moment.”

Forgot A prayer As an actual nun Something that even Arje does daily

“How do you forget such a thing”

I asked with a surprised tone, but the pink lady just laughed.

“I am called the ‘forgetter’ here.

I always get in trouble from the director nun.

So when we recited in the morning, I just sync my lips…oh by the way, this is a secret, okay I will be disappointed if you tell anyone else.”

The pink hair sighed and looked at me.

Her eyes were expecting me to understand, so I pretended to know the infamous ‘forgetter’ and made a ‘ohhh’ exclamation.


This will be our little secret.”

Anyways, since I had got her weakness, I would use this to threaten her if I were to get caught later.

Ring! Ring!

As we were talking, we heard the bell ring.

It was probably announcing the start of mass.

“We are going to be late.

Let’s go.”

When we got inside, there were long chairs densely packed greeting us.

The chairs were really long, but people were still crammed and some were even sitting on the floor from how crowded it was.

Was this the power of the Church of The Emperor

“Sisters, please have a seat.

The bishop will be here soon!”

When we just stood still, the sister who had questioned us pointed towards the altar.

There seemed to be chairs prepared for the nuns near the altar.


But there were no chairs.

I then realized that the nuns kneeled next to the altar and had their hands on top of their knees.


As I sat next to the sisters, it felt like punishment.

And the mass that seemed like it was about to start took forever to start.

I looked around to see if I was the only uncomfortable one ehre, and from how peaceful the other nuns’ faces were, they were probably used to sitting like this in every mass.

How much longer did I have to stay like this My legs were going to fall asleep.

“The bishop is coming.

Please all stand.”

Finally the nun all the way in the front announced loudly and everyone stood up.

Because all the nuns also got up, I was finally able to massage my legs.

“Sister, be still.”

One of the nuns next to be nagged at me while glaring, as if she caught me moving.


This was just too much.

Should I just go outside

“And we thank all who have come to join us for the glory of the emperor.”

In the center of the altar, a middle-aged man with a plump face wearing a white robe with complex gold embroidery greeted the churchgoers as he lightly tapped the staff onto the floor.

“Sister, please stay still.”

What I was still

“Sorry, my whole body is a bit too sore to be still.”

This was not me talking.

It was the pink-haired nun next to me talking.

I mean, I can understand the forgetful part, but could she not even stay still How was she a nun

“Huh After this I will talk to you in the punishment ro..”

The pink hair jumped on top of the altar all of the sudden when the naggy nun was about to continue.


And the speed at which she ran to the bishop was not ordinary, and she was as fast as a bunny.


The pink hair attacked the bishop right away, and he fell backwards.


There was no one who could understand this situation, from the nuns to the guards and all the church goers.


And the bishop flapped as he coughed up blood.

There was a dagger inside his throat in an instant.


The pink hair got up and smiled towards my direction as if she had just taken a great dump.

“Thanks, common species.”

Common species Me Common Rabbitman Was she the same one who lured me out

“Grab her!”

Finally, the guards who realized what was going on ran towards the pink haired nun, I mean the pink haired bunny to catch her, but even as a bunny myself, her movements were spectacular.

It was as if I was watching a circus show.


I had no idea what was going on, but this seemed like the right time to get out of here.

“The nun who came with that murderer is right here!”

At that moment, the nagging nun pointed at me once again.


I pretended to be clueless, but

“She might be an accomplice! Get her!”

People ran towards me right away.

I was going to pull out my sword, but I couldn’t since all the nuns who were next to me grabbed me.

“Ouch! It hurts! Ouch! Be gentle! I said, be gentle!!”

And so I was seized by nuns.


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