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Chapter 12

Translated by WuXing

Edited by WuXing


“Still young… So how old is she”

“She’s 23.”


Helios was shocked at the unexpected answer.

He looked again at Marquis Bennett in disbelief.

Among the Marquis families, there were very few people who would even consider hiring a tutor from a Viscount family, not to mention one that is at such a young age.

Education in the Adelio Empire was conducted on a one to one basis.

As tutors mainly consisted of professionals or specialists who had trained for a very long time in the specific subjects, their average age was well over 50 years old.


“A 23 years old tutor This is interesting.

What kind of teacher is capable of reforming the Marquis’ son” Marquis Bennett was surprised when the Emperor asked the question in such a serious tone.

He thought to himself that he should give more details, especially about the unique characteristics of Sera as a tutor.

“It is very hard to find such a tutor in the Adelio Empire.

As Your Majesty has already known, we usually hire tutors based on their specialties, right However Miss Sera claimed that this is inappropriate for children around the age 7-12.”

“Oh, so what did she say”

“She claimed that a tutor should teach all the subjects altogether at once.”


Although Helios had received education from a very young age as the Crown Prince, all his subjects like swordsmanship, magic training, mathematics, history, languages were taught by different tutors.

It was the first time he heard about a system where a tutor teaches all the subjects.


“All of the subjects” Helios asked in disbelief.

“Yes.  She alone had taught Edward  the Adelio Imperial language, mathematics, foreign language, music, arts, history and other subjects, all except magic and swordsmanship.”


At first, the Marquis also thought that the teaching method Sera proposed was ridiculous.

He was confident that it was not proper education at all.

However, after personally witnessing the teaching aids invented and used by Sera, and the curriculum and reports she made, he had no choice but to admit that Sera was indeed a professional teacher.


“I had heard that the ‘teaching aids’ Miss Sera invented were designed to guide children in their education based on their stage of development.

I felt as if I needed to let Edward try it at least once.

My wife thought so as well.”

“So both of you’ve discussed thoroughly about it…”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

My wife and I both decided that we should give it a try.

Even if she runs away like the previous tutors, we can always try to find another one.”


Then, Marquis Bennett heard the most unbelievable news from his wife.


“Edward was running wild that day when Miss Sera visited.

He was yelling and stomping about the room.

Your Majesty knows how children would act when they throw a tantrum, right”


Of course he did.

Every single day, he felt with every cell in his body the definition of a children’s tantrum.

The tantrums that Ferre, who did not want him to leave even for a second, and Rosé, who constantly demanded to be fed, were no small matters at all.

Though he loved his dongsaeng very much, thinking about how he had to deal with the miserable conditions of the palace caused by them had made him want to cry… he subconsciously placed one of his hands onto his forehead.


“Miss Sera had asked my wife to leave her alone with Edward for 20 minutes…”

“Is that so”

“In 20 minutes, Edward became calm, and told my wife that he wanted to study.

It was really amazing.

It’s just 20 minutes!”


Was that even possible The Marquis had previously cried about how Edward did not want to study, even after he had employed famous tutors throughout the empire.


“I wonder what method she used, Marquis.”

“Miss Sera didn’t tell us, maybe because it is her trade secret.

Every time my wife asked her, she would smile and stay silent.”

“Is there anything else I want to know more about this tutor named Sera.”

“First of all, her lessons seem to be interesting, my son really likes her lessons.

Edward always asks ‘when is Miss Sera arriving When is she coming’ and always wait for her to come.

“He even waits for her” Helios asked again.

This is beyond comprehensible.

“Yes, that’s why I thought her lessons must be fun and entertaining.

I have also considered the possibility that she had not taught Edward properly, so I had tested Edward myself and he can answer all the questions properly! I have to admit that she is very talented in teaching.”


The tutor, Miss Sera must be someone who has exceptional skills in teaching children.

Raphael who was forgotten up until now suddenly spoke: “It is time, Your Majesty… to see Marquis Bennett off.” but Helios ignored him while smiling gently.

Helios further questioned the Marquis regarding Sera’s teaching method, the number of lessons she taught per week, the subjects she taught and the quality of her lessons.

Solaire Bennett answered everything he knew about the new tutor.

However,  he had delegated Edward’s education to Marchioness Leticia so he was not able to answer most of the questions.

The further Helios listened to Marquis Bennett’s answers, the more he was convinced of one thing.


‘If it is Miss Sera Popo, can Rosé and Ferre become the Empire’s good role models just like Edward’


Raphael, who had been listening to the conversation which went on further for more than 1 hour, had to finally intervene.

They had to attend another conference with foreign ambassadors, but it seemed that the Emperor was not willing to let the conversation go.


“Your Majesty, I think it is better to just summon Marchioness Leticia to the palace and ask her directly about Miss Sera.” Raphael suggested after failing to stop the conversation.

“That’s not a bad idea, Your Majesty.

My wife frequently meets up with Miss Popo, so she can tell you more about her.” Marquis Bennett nodded at Raphael’s suggestion.


Helios finally conceded to Raphael’s suggestion and arranged for her visit.


“I will provide you the date and details on the Marchioness’ visit to the Imperial Palace later.” Raphael, who usually handles Helios’ schedule, told the Marquis.

“I’ll also arrange a carriage for your visit so you don’t feel inconvenienced, Marquis.”

“That arrangement… you honour me too much, Your Majesty.”


Marquis Bennett bowed down to express his gratitude.

He was moved to tears and was glad that he was of any help to the Emperor.

Helios was very curious about what type of person Sera Popo was.

Silently, in his heart, he made a strong resolve, ‘Sera Popo, I will leave Rosé and Ferre in your hands.’


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